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    What an August this has been.  My amazement and wonder grow every day.  An average of 1,133 visitors came to this site daily this month to find information on the Roseboro murder and Angela Funk.   That number startles and amazes me – and also reminds me of my responsibility to do the best, most responsible job I can.

    They come to this site because there is no where else to get information.  Covering the Roseboro murder was the last thing on my mind – until the Lancaster Newspapers pulled down a photo of Angela Funk they had on their website and closed and censored threads on their Talkback forum.  I ran the picture of Angela Funk on this site and the people and the information began to pour in.

    People who knew her and had information had no where to talk about her.  The birth and growth of the Denver Online Forum (click here) is simply astonishing and has become the place to discuss the murder.  The interest in this case is intense and people need to talk about it.  People have to try to come to terms with it.  A married man with four children allegedly kills his wife to be with his mistress.

    People want information and the Lancaster Newspapers are giving them nothing. Emails began to pour in to me.  It took me several days to respond to one – someone who said they were a family member and never liked Angie and knew a lot about her and wanted to talk more about it.  The email address had me leery.  It turned out to be a false coincidence.  I reread it several days later and contacted the emailer.  Could I call?

    Yes, they said and they sent me their number.  I did a reverse search and found it was a listed number and the name matched a family member I found while researching Funk’s family.  I called.

    They said they knew the day they sent me the email that Angela was pregnant.  The unbelievable information flowed freely.  Funk’s husband had a vasectomy so the child is Roseboro’s.   Angela needed to be the center of attention and had a troubled history of dating married men.  Her first marriage ended because she cheated.  In between her first and current marriage she dated a number of married men.  A member on the other side of the family contacted me and said it seemed like a game to Angela.  They confirmed the pregnancy and that Randall Funk had a vasectomy. 

    Perhaps the most shocking and revealing item about Angela Funk came in this email:

    I also know Randy found out she was pregnant, after your post....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!....Angie never told him anything till she had to.

    I have come under criticism for using “anonymous sources”.  That was my choice and I was never asked to keep their identity a secret (that is not true of the second source – they have asked to remain anonymous and both of them will until that time it is appropriate and if they agree to be named.)

    I have attacked the Lancaster Newspapers repeatedly over their use of anonymous sources.  One famous time was when Helen Colwell Adams of the Sunday news used direct quotes from unnamed “political insiders” and “people in the know” and “important Democrats” at least seven times in one article to attack then commissioner Molly Henderson. 

    The A.P. Statement of Values says this:

    It means we always strive to identify all the sources of our information, shielding them with anonymity only when they insist upon it and when they provide vital information – not opinion or speculation; when there is no other way to obtain that information; and when we know the source is knowledgeable and reliable.

    I believe I have met those standards.  Again, it was my choice not to name one of the family members.  I stand by that decision.  There is no question they are who they say they are – they have vital information – and I believe them to be exceeding knowledgeable and reliable.  This is obviously a difficult situation for all those involved, and to protect the individuals and maintain a flow of information, I am withholding their names.

    I have stated the obvious before - only Angela Funk knows whether she is pregnant.  But she told family members she is and that her test was positive.  And time will certainly reveal whether this unbelievable development in this unbelievable case is the truth.


    Some other updates today – the demise of the Lancaster New Era is imminent.  It began in January with a combined Intell/New Era Saturday edition and in this Saturday’s edition there was this headline on page B1:

    “Young promoted to sports editor of daily newspapers”

    These are the opening two paragraphs:
    Lancaster Newspapers Inc. has announced that Jeff Young has been promoted to the position of sports editor/daily. He will be responsible for the contents of the sports sections that appear in the Intelligencer Journal and Lancaster New Era during the week and the combined edition of the two papers on Saturday. He is currently sports editor of the Intelligencer Journal.
    At the same time, Kevin Freeman, a sports writer for the Intell, and Philip Glatfelter, assistant sports editor of the New Era, have been named assistant sports editors/daily.

    This one is pretty easy to read between the lines - there will only be one daily paper in Lancaster in the very near future.  Yes, afternoon papers are dying in droves – but the Lancaster Newspapers brought this upon themselves (see “WRONGED” below on this site).


    “We expect to be back next week.  We will be bigger and better.  We are planning to expand.”

    That is Chris Hart-Nibbrig’s, co-publisher of the Lancaster Post, response in a phone call yesterday to as to whether the Post will publish again.  They have a note on their site that they were tired and weary and took this week off.  I certainly hope they will be back.  We need them!  Have a good rest and then let's get going guys!  Hey, there's a story the Lancaster Newspapers are not covering...


    I was covering the Faith Mugwe case when the Roseboro case intervened and overshadowed it.  Mugwe is the black New Holland woman who threw a birthday party in her home for a friend.  As a result of an alleged loud music call, Mugwe was thrown to the ground, pepper sprayed twice, taken in her bra to the hospital, tasered and subjected to an involuntary urinary catheterization with Officer Clingan standing in the room at Ephrata Community Hospital, charged with six offenses and thrown in the Lancaster County jail.  The story is archived here.

    She was scheduled to have her arraignment this Wednesday and her attorney, Peter McHugh left me this voicemail on Tuesday night:

    What was supposed to go on this week was an arraignment and we had submitted what’s called a “Waiver of Arraignment” where she just entered her plea of not guilty to the charges and that would preclude her having to show up at the courthouse in Lancaster.

    I will stay with this horrific story.


    LIPNews will not publish tomorrow.  Have a great Labor Day!  I will be back on Tuesday with the announcement of (gasp!) a new contest.  It’s been a long time since the infamous “Find the Grand Jury” contest!  Yes, I am pleased to publish that we will have a “Find a Minority at the Lancaster Newspapers” competition.  Official rules and details on Tuesday. 


~ With Roseboro’s Baby ~



     “Yes, she’s still pregnant,” a close family member of Angela Funk said today in a telephone conversation.  They report that Angela started wearing baggy clothing in July, so time should tell us very shortly with absolute certainty whether Angela Funk is pregnant with Michael Roseboro’s baby.  As reported here previously, Funk’s husband Randall had a vasectomy after their second daughter was born. 

    Several family members have reported that Angela and her husband are in counseling and reportedly the counselor told them they “don’t stand a chance.” 

    “She has no one sticking up for her,” the relative said.  “She has no girlfriends.  Nobody likes her.”

    An “interesting” piece of information I was told before but verified again today, when Angela’s first daughter was born and when she a very young baby, Angela posed her for a picture with her middle finger up.  “It was a family photo.  She sent it to all of the family members,” they said.

     It has also been reported to me that Angela’s only alibi for the night of the murder is being at home with her husband. 

    Angela reportedly works for an insurance company and began that job not long ago because she planned on leaving Funk.  The relative reports that her affair with Roseboro had been going on for some time. 

    The relative said Angela lied to her own mother saying she never slept with Roseboro.  When the news came out in the paper, Angela reportedly told her mother she got pregnant the afternoon of the murder when she and Roseboro had sex.  The relative reiterated today that Angela has told people that she does not believe Michael Roseboro is guilty and that she hopes to be with him one day.


Please check back tomorrow for more on the Roseboro murder, commentary on Gil Smart and his blog post “Obama update:  Still black,” and the demise of the Lancaster New Era.  It will be gone very shortly…and will the Lancaster Post be back?  This is on their site:

NOTE: Friday, August 29th

It's Labor Day Weekend and we took off this week - we are weary and resting just like you!

We will be back September 5.

LIPNews knows!  Did you doubt it for a minute?


Please check back later today…



    Jack, this is Marv! 

    Marv who?

    Jack, this is Marv Adams, your editor of the Sunday News.

    You’re still the editor, Marv?  I thought we took care of that problem.  Oops!  I mean hi, Marv!  What’s up?

    Jack, what should we do?  We’re getting inundated with calls and emails about why we aren’t covering the Roseboro murder.  Our readers want information.

    What kind of information do they want, Marv?

    Well, we’ve never even published a picture of Angela Funk or stated that this is her second marriage.

    Marv, get a grip!  I’ve told you never to mention her name to me.

    Why, Jack?  Why?

    Marv, that’s personal and I’ve told you that. 

    And, Jack, it’s been reported that her first marriage ended because she cheated!

    Not with me, Marv. Our affair was later…Oops!  Scratch that, Marv.  Hey, has that private investigator of Roseboro’s called you? 

    No, Jack.  Why do you ask?

    Well, he left me a message to call him.  Tell everyone if he calls again to tell him I’m not in the office.

    Fine, Jack.  Now listen.  This Roseboro thing could sell a lot of papers.  Have you heard that Angela Funk is pregnant with Michael Roseboro’s baby?  That’s big news, Jack.  That's huge!

    I’m just glad it’s not mine, Marv.  Oops!  Scratch that, Marv.

    And people want to know where she was the night of the murder.  What should we tell people, Jack? 

    Tell them the Lancaster Newspapers are above all of this.  Yes, we put Gary Kirchner on the front page with his guinea pigs.  Yes, we ran a picture of a black grandmother accused of stealing a hundred dollar bill from a casino floor on the front page.  And, of course, you put Smart’s story about the Quarryville lesbian on the front page that got us sued, Marv.  But just tell them we’re above all this and we will wait for the trial.  Geez, I hope I don’t get called to testify.

   Why would you be called to testify, Jack?

    That’s why I like you, Marv.  You really pick up on things!  I know what we can do to sell papers and take the readers’ minds off this Roseboro thing!  We can put up a video promo of  Smart!  He looks like Angela's brother.

     Do you think that’s wise, Jack?  Gil has a big nose and no lips.  I’m not sure video is the way we should go…

    Listen, Marv.  This is brilliant.  He’s the newspapers’ great liberal.  We have a black man running for president.  We are being questioned about our minority hiring practices.  This will throw them off the track.  We'll kill two birds with one Smart.  Make sure there are nice pictures of his wife and babies in the background, Marv.  People love that stuff.

    But, Jack, if we run a video promo about his upcoming column, why would anyone buy the paper?  They’ll know he’s going to be saying the same stupid thing he said last week and the week before and the week before that and…

    Marv, I’m the boss here.  Have you seen the sign on my desk?  It says, “Boss.”  Marv, this Angela thing really has me in a funk.  We need to get the readers’ minds off it and why we aren’t covering the murder.  Let’s get Smart and put up a video.  Do you think lipstick would help the no lips problem?

    He looks gay enough all ready, Jack.

    That was a good one, Marv!  Maybe you’re smarter than I thought.  Let me take this other call…Oh, no!  It’s that private investigator…Listen, Al – I never had sex with that woman.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.  You still there, Marv?  Al wants to talk to you next.

    Al, this is Marv.  I never had sex with that woman.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

    Gil, this is Marv.  Do you have any pictures of your wife and kids? 

    Somewhere, Marv.  Why do you ask?

    Put them up pronto and come into my office.  We’re going to take the public’s mind off the Roseboro murder and sell some papers!

    Oh, goody, Marv!  I’ll be there in a minute.  I have to put on some lip…Oops!  I mean I have to comb my hair.



~ Allan Sodomsky ~

    That’s an excellent question but you’ll have to ask the police.  Why don’t you call and ask them?  I would like to hear their answer.”

    That was Alllan Sodomsky’s answer to my question whether the $40,000 in Jan Roseboro’s jewelry he alleged was missing has been found.

    Sodomsky returned a phone call I placed Tuesday afternoon.  He is Michael Roseboro’s defense attorney with a practice based in Reading, PA.  Roseboro has been charged with the murder of his wife, Jan, on July 22 of this year in their home in Reinholds.

    Several weeks ago, Sodomsky held a press conference to declare that Roseboro is innocent and in a prepared statement given to the press said, It would be premature for me to comment on allegations without having the opportunity to more fully investigate. However, it is important in an adversarial system that the playing field be level.  We believe that the extensive coverage of the government’s position has created the potential for community bias.  As such, we believe this statement is necessary.”

    In our phone conversation, Sodomsky revealed very little, repeatedly saying something very close to this direct quote from his statement:  “It is not our intention to try Michael in the polls of public opinion.  To do so would belittle our constitution and freedom that protects all of us.”

    But Sodomsky obviously enjoys the press and their interest and said he has been contacted by reporters from around the country and he knew exactly which press organizations had printed his statement in full and those who have video of his conference on their sites.

    The one question that seemed to catch him honestly off guard was when I asked him if he was aware that Angela Funk was pregnant with Roseboro’s baby.  He said, “I’ve heard a lot of things but not that.  That would certainly be interesting.  It will all come out.  It will all come out at a later date.”

    He would not answer any questions about Roseboro’s prison experience or how often the two are in contact, citing client confidentiality. 

    When asked whether a private investigator had been hired, Sodomsky answered, “Michael Roseboro has gathered a team of professionals to investigate who murdered his wife.”

    When asked whether Roseboro would attend the preliminary hearing scheduled for September 26, or possibly waive it, Sodomsky said, “That decision will be made later.  It will depend on the conditions and status of the case in a month.”

    Sodomsky repeatedly answered questions about Angela Funk and others with the answer, “It will all come out.”

    Questioned about a possible plea bargain in the case, Sodomsky did not rule it out – but did indicate strongly that he fully expects the case to go to trial.

    The opening of his written statement, which has been widely quoted, states this:

     “Contrary to published reports and widespread speculation, Michael Roseboro did not kill his wife.  In fact, upon finding her in their family pool, Michael did everything in his power to seek medical assistance and to revive his wife.  Despite rumors of marital discord, Michael and Jan were married for nineteen years and had four children together. It goes without saying that this tragedy has deeply devastated Michael and his children.  Being separated from his children has made the situation even worse.  Michael is assembling a team of professionals and experts to investigate and get to the truth of what actually took place that evening.”

    One other note - they've started a thread about me (gasp!) on Lancaster Online.  Since I don't have time to respond to everything here - I'm answering them on DenverPaOnline (click here).   Ain't life grand!  What a blast!



~ Tell Us! ~




    I feel extremely sorry for Becky - I think she may be mentally ill. I could go on and on about how her family says how crazy she is and her family says this and her family says that about her…

Posted by “vicky” on the Lancaster Talkback forum yesterday on a thread about LIPNews.

    Before I make my regular post today, I wanted to address this piece of garbage.  Let’s examine this in detail.  What members of my family does this person know? 

    My brother, Tom, whom I haven’t seen in over five years, and who criminally molested his younger brother and molested his foster brother, is in Botswana, Africa and has been for several years.  Is he the one telling you I’m crazy?

    His twin, Emily, I haven’t seen in over six years since the Thanksgiving my memories came back.  She lives in Vermont.  She has known Tom is a pedophile for years and knew about his molesting Steve - but never told the rest of the family.  Is that who you’ve been talking to?

    My brother, Steve, who was criminally molested by Tom when he was 13, lives in Massachusetts and I haven’t seen him in over six years.  One of the last times I spoke to him was on a conference call with all of my brothers and sisters.  My mother had been “ill” for all most nine weeks (long story) and my father was not letting her talk to her children and wasn’t giving out any information.  Steve (who hadn't seen my parents in over three years) said he would drive the eight hours to their house unannounced so he could find out what was going on and personally check on our mother’s health.  The question was raised that my father might block the door and not let him in and what would he do?  Steve said my father was old and he was stronger and he would push my father out of the way.  Does that sound like a normal family to you?  Is that who you’ve been talking to?

    Quyen, my “foster” brother lives in Virginia and I haven’t seen him in over six years since the Thanksgiving my memories returned.  My parents sponsored him as a Vietnamese refugee when he was in his teens.  He was also molested by Tom.  He's lived a heterosexual lifestyle since.  Is that who you’ve been talking to?

    My sister, Anne, lives in Minnesota and has modeled herself after my mother.  She has the most contact and has visited Lancaster many times recently to see my parents.   She is also the only sibling I have had contact with in years and I have seen her several times and she did me a huge favor.  I also wrote about her on my site (click here for “A JOURNEY OF PAIN”).  Is that who you’ve been talking to?

    Have you been talking to my cousin Phil who lives in Lancaster?  He is the son of my father’s brother who also taught at F&M his whole life.  Phil's sister, June, said her father molested her and she committed suicide several years ago.  Her father was known in family circles to have a huge pornography collection – and numerous affairs.  Is that who you’ve been talking to?

    He’s the only “close” relative I have in Lancaster except my parents.  Is that who you’ve been talking to?  How do the (fraudulent) anthropologist and the Radcliffe graduate explain what went on in their family?  By saying I am mentally ill?  And that explains the whole thing?

    I figure, Vicky, you are a complete fraud who wants attention or you are an incest loving Lancaster Quaker.  Have some guts, "vicky," and tell us who you’ve been talking to.





    I received the below email at 3:33 pm today.  Thank you so much.  Everyone who comes to my site immediately sees the link to the incest story above.  It will never come down.  Look at what sexual abuse did to a ten-year old girl (see "CALL THE DA" immediately below on this site).

    I've had several grueling days, but have much more time in the next week and I will pick up on the Roseboro case and much more beginning tomorrow.  The subject of, and the book, “A Murder in Paradise,” has been raised on several threads on (click here).  I will have something to say about that this week as well.  Thank you again to the emailer for writing.


    I took some time and read through some of your site, but concentrated most on your story of incest. I can't say how touched I was and I am so sorry you have gone through this. I don't recall any incest in my family but I am a survivor of being with a man with severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I survived six years of abuse. I slowly lost my self esteem, my power, my self-trust. When you wrote about having to validate what is normal with your therapist, it brought tears to my eyes. The world I was living in was so dysfunctional I had to write it all down and then bounce it off of others to make sure I wasn't crazy in how I felt about it.
    My experience in no way is as deep and hurtful as yours. But I have to send you my utmost respect. You've done what you need to do to let the dirty secret see the light of day. And you've endured people disregarding you.  After all, "They'll never believe you." The wrong ones never will, Becky. And the right ones will never let you fall.
    I've been thinking about you and your experience all day and just had to say this to you. Some of us "get it". Keep going, and keep healing.


(717) 299-8100


    I am in the process of contacting every major news station. Please do the same.

Posted on the Lancaster Talkback forum today under the article “When children face charges,” (click here),

    Please do the same.  Contact everyone you know about this story.  Call the District Attorney’s office and tell them this is sick and disgusting and outrageous.  Call (717) 299-8100 and ask for District Attorney Craig Stedman.

    When are they going to help this girl?  Ten-year-old girls don't molest other girls unless they have been molested themselves!   Get this child help!

Please check back later today



    A few quick notes today:

    Randall Funk turned 40-years-old this weekend and a planned surprise birthday party organized by Angela Funk for Saturday was apparently cancelled.  There was no activity at their Denver home where the party was to be held.

    An excellent source states the Roseboro children are living in their family home in Reinhold’s with Jan Roseboro’s sister, Sue.  They say the younger Roseboro children will continue to attend Denver Elementary School – the youngest going into the first grade.  This is the same school where the Funk’s oldest daughter will be attending kindergarten this year.

    It’s reported that Michael Roseboro’s attorney, Allan Sodomsky, has hired the Private Detective Firm of Schade Investigative Services in Reading to investigate Jan Roseboro’s murder.  Allan Sodomsky returned a phone call I placed to him last week this morning, but so far we have not been able to touch base.  Hopefully we will do so tomorrow.

     This email in from a close family relative of the Funks:

     When I first was told that Angie was the other woman, I was actually surprised but that emotion was short lived and then it was like "I guess some things never change".  She cheated on her first husband with a married man and of course we all know that ended in divorce.  She then had a few more husbands -just not her husbands.  She then met Randy which was probably the first single guy she had dated since her divorce.  The relationships she had with the married men always seemed like a game to her.  After she married Randy, who by the way had a little bit of money stashed away, and they bought their first house, which was paid for with cash, so that when they had children she could be a stay at home Mom and raise their kids.  Randy was 31, never left home, quiet guy who never really spent any of his money and had saved up about $400,000.00.  A very nice thank you.... you buy a house, I stay home to take care of the kids, and then I decide to cheat on you and get pregnant at the same time.  Geez, nice wife.

     Finally, thank you to everyone for your emails and I am so sorry that I have not had a chance to respond to so many of you.  My schedule today is crazy, but tomorrow and Wednesday it will lighten up and I hope to get back to all of you.  And that includes Carl!  Carl, how the heck are you?  I’m so glad you wrote.

Please check back tomorrow…


~ Angela Funk! ~



    I know she was at the beach when the police came to her. I understand she has been cooperative since that point. I don't know why it was reported that she came forward on her own. She did not come forward. She doesn't believe Mike committed this murder or that she has any part in the murder so why would she come forward? There was another question as to whether she reads this forum. I am assuming she does since I know for a fact she has been reading lipnews.  I don't think you can read one without reading the other. :)  Bigdenverguy has her down to a tee.  Bigdenverguy, do you also think a small part of her is enjoying the limelight?.... because I do. I bet she is also wondering why people aren't calling her and consoling her after all she has been through.

Posted on the DenverPaOnline forum under the "Roseboro case" thread (click here).

    Wow!  Hello, Angie!  Would you like to make a public statement?  I think it might be a good idea and I’d be more than happy to publish it for you.  Let’s talk…

Please check back later today…


~ Bye Ad & Marv! ~


Angela Funk



    Maybe you've heard. Maybe you've taken satisfaction in it. The newspaper industry as we know it is on the ropes.

Ad Crable of the New Era in a column on August 18, 2008, “In changing newspaper industry, fear of job loss.”

    Marv Adams gave his readers the middle finger this week.  He knows what they want to read.  He knows the story that has people intensely interested, and rightfully so.  He knows the story that would have doubled his circulation today.

    And Marv Adams could care less.  Marv Adams is not fit to be the editor of an 8th grade newsletter.  Don’t buy his Sunday News this week.  There’s no news in it.

    Newspapers are trying to hold onto subscribers and to make the conversion to the Internet profitable, but it's not been easy.

    In the meantime, the owners of newspapers across the country are cutting loose talented writers who love their communities and have important things to say, who dig up information and wrongs you ought to know about.

Ad Crable from the same column referenced above.

    A brutal murder was committed in Lancaster.  A funeral director is charged with killing his wife and mother of his four children.

    The motive for the murder?   Michael Roseboro wanted to leave his wife to be with his mistress, Angela Funk, who lives less than a block down the street from his funeral home.  They had sex on the afternoon of the murder, although where they had sex has never been made public.  They shared at least two phone calls that evening.  Funks whereabouts on the night of the murder have not been made public by anyone, the police, the newspapers or by Funk herself.

    The story takes a number of nasty turns.  It’s reported by many that Roseboro had a number of affairs.  It turns out that Funk is married with two daughters.  This is not her first marriage.  Her first marriage ended because Funk cheated on her husband.  There are disturbing reports from relatives of a history of Funk having affairs with married men.

    And in a story that can’t seem to get any more riveting, it does.  Two very close family members have reported that Funk is pregnant.  Her husband, Randy Funk, had a vasectomy after their second daughter was born.  That means Angela Funk is pregnant by Michael Roseboro, her lover and the man in Lancaster County prison charged with the murder of his wife, Jan.

    This is about as ugly as it gets.  It is simply astonishing.  And the Lancaster Newspapers have not told you one word of this. 

    Gone are many journalists who write incisively about what is human and what makes our community different from any other on this earth.

Ad Crable

    That’s what newspapers do.  They tell us about the human condition and what makes us act and react the way we do.  They look for the reasons behind murders and tell us as many facts as possible as everyone looks for answers.  They probe the human mind and spirit.

    The Lancaster Newspapers have two photographs of Angela Funk on file.  The Lancaster Newspapers have never run one picture of Angela Funk.  They have completely blacked-out one of the most sensational stories in Lancaster for years.

    Until recently I was sure I could finish my writing career at this newspaper, if I wanted.

    Now, because of the sweeping upheaval in the industry, I am not so sure and it scares the heck out of me.

Ad Crable

    I’d be scared too, Ad.  Sadly for you, it will come sooner rather than later.  Your editors don’t know the meaning of the word “news” – and far worse - they could care less what their readers want.  That’s doesn’t sell in any business.  They brought this upon themselves.  Bye, Ad.  You are one of their better writers.  Good luck to you.


To talk about the Roseboro case without LNP censorship, click here to go to DenverPaOnline.





     A second very close source to the Funk/Rudy family has confirmed that Angela Funk is pregnant.  They have also confirmed that Randall Funk, Angela’s husband, had a vasectomy after their second child was born.  That means Michael Roseboro is the father of her child.  His four children and her expected child will be half-siblings.

     I just got off the phone with Marv Adams and Barbara Hough Roda of the Sunday News.  Don’t expect to see a Roseboro story tomorrow.  So - don’t buy their paper.  They apparently are “above” all of this!  Yeah, right.  What a hoot!  Tell it to Gil Smart who was sued by a woman (lesbian) in Quarryville. ..

Please check back later today….



~ That Angela is Pregnant! ~




     I also know Randy found out she was pregnant, after your post....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!....Angie never told him anything till she had to.  See what I mean about her?

An email in today from a close relative of the Funks I spoke to by phone on Sunday (see “I’M PREGNANT” below on this site).

    That is simply unbelievable.  I can’t believe it.  This story just gets more incredible by the hour.  Who is Randy Funk and what is he thinking?

    The place to discuss this story is DenverPaOnline (click here) and it seems most of Denver is doing so.

    Angie’s biggest defender on the board, someone who says he’s a neighbor, posted this:

    Becky, you've used my statement on Lipnews already. It was sarcasm when she said "yeah, I'm pregnant." How do I know?  Because she said it the exact same way to me when it came up.  Complete with the "don't believe everything you read" part.  One could say (with a tone of sarcasm) "yeah, and I can fly". Would your next headline scream "Man can fly! Seeks Lois Lane"? But, regardless. Time will tell this story much better than any of us here could.

    There’s only one problem with this – when Angela said the “Yeah, I’m pregnant” it hadn’t been published or posted anywhere that she was was pregnant.  So, I believe her immediate reference to not believing everything you read had to do with other aspects of her personal life that had been published or that she knew were coming - along with a pregnancy she can't hide.

    Someone with the name “InTheKnow,” who seems to be in the know, posted this:

    I was not standing next to her with the pregnancy test. I don't have a grudge against anyone. Facts are facts though. She will NOT get an abortion. Her test was positive and we all know you can have false negatives but very, very rarely a false positive. If the EPT test is positive, you are pregnant. I repeat, I know for a fact she is pregnant. I do know she will not get an abortion. I guess everyone can believe in about 8 months.

    And then added this:

    I can definitely tell you it is not hogwash. Angie IS pregnant and you will find out in about 8 months. That is a fact. This is an opinion.... I think it happened on purpose.  She is 38 years old so she knows how to prevent it.

    Wow!  This is all amazing.  Did she get pregnant on purpose?  Did she tell Michael Roseboro?  Did that add to the urgency for him to leave his wife?

    A poster stated this about Randy Funk:

   Randy must have a HUGE heart and is a bigger man than most I know!

    This excellent reply:

    Who knows what motivates a man to do what he does? I do know that my parents instilled in me a sense of value. I am worth being treated fairly and well. I can be tolerant of mistakes but I am no ones doormat and do not ever have to take being grossly mistreated. I have legs, and they can remove me from that at any time. We teach people how to treat us.
    I couldn't remain with a partner that is chronically deceptive. There's no trust, no foundation. Everyone can make a mistake, but to live a life of lies, cheating and deceit? Nope, thankfully we all have the right to choose to be around that. I couldn't do it. I'd be dusting her off my shoulder. I'd do it for the kids. It's better to be from a broken home than in one.
    And finally this was posted late this afternoon.  Was it a sloppy murder?  I’m not so sure.  I think the questions about phone calls are dead-on and I’ve been saying it for a while now.  Yes, I’m quite certain both are looking out for # 1 now:

    I myself do not believe that this was a premeditated or planned murder. I cannot imagine he or they both would be so foolish as to think they could get away with it. I think it must have happened in the heat of the moment, an act of passion. It was sloppy at best.
    Mike called Angela at 7:30 to tell her that he was going to tell his wife. Then he ended up murdering her. At what point does Angela call and ask 'how did it go'? Does he say 'I murdered her'? Does he call her first and tell her 'something went awfully wrong'? Does he call her before he calls 911? Or does she find out in the news the next day like the rest of us? Having been in such frequent contact, I would imagine that if he did not call her back that evening, she certainly would have called him to get the details of his heart-to-heart with Jan. I wonder what the phone records reveal...the police know. Also, how much were they in contact the week before he was arrested - before Angela's name and the details of their affair became public knowledge?
    Are they in contact now?...I would imagine not. If they were selfish before in deciding to have this affair, then they are definitely looking out for #1 now.

    Please check back tomorrow for much more on this, racism at the Lancaster Newspapers (they are now reportedly telling people that - gasp! - they do have minority editorial employees.  I guess they’re keeping them down on Peggy Steinman’s farm) and poor John A. Fry -  F&M slips in the college rankings.  Gee, there’s a surprise – not!


Please check back later today…


~ Sickening! ~


    Becky - 10 year old girls don't do this unless they have been abused themselves! 

This email in today with the subject line, “Stedman is a bad man...” referring to Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman.

    Yes, you know that and I know that, but apparently the District Attorney’s office does not.  Please call their office at (717) 299-8100 and express your outrage. 

    They are charging a 10-year-old girl with two counts of aggravated indecent assault.  She doesn’t even know what that means.  All she knows is that she saw this being done or it was done directly to her and she was repeating the behavior.  Babies don’t come out of the womb knowing how to read or write – or sexually molest another human being.

    This is absolutely disgusting.  Find out who molested her and charge them.  Please call the District Attorney’s office today.  The link to this gruesome story is immediately below.

There will be more on this and the Roseboro murder tomorrow.

Girl, 10, charged in sexual assaults

Police say victims are 4-year-old girls

Front page headline and story from today’s Intell (click here).

    Excuse me?  Excuse me?  Could we please arrest and charge whoever molested this ten-year-old girl and get her some counseling and help?  Is the DA’s office completely deranged?   Do they have an ounce of compassion and common sense?  This is horrific.  Help this girl!  Oh, my God!

Please check back later today…


~ And Knows Too Much? ~




    What exactly is it that you stand behind, Becky? You stand behind quoting Angie as saying "I'm pregnant" in your headline when in fact you only heard it third party? A party who in fact has a grudge against Angie and will say anything to make her look bad...yes I know who it is. You stand by printing the Dr Funk connection before you found out for certain about it...oh, I guess not since you had to retract it after he let you know you had it wrong and he wasn't related. You've printed so much third party info and so many lies that I don't know where to begin with your little gossip rag. As an example from the front page of lipnews:
    “Yeah, I’m pregnant and don’t believe everything you read,” Angela Funk told a family member over the phone according to a close family member in a phone interview this Sunday.
    I know you can't read sarcasm very well in print...but I assure you she was being facetious when she said that she was pregnant.

Questions posted to me on the DenverPaOnline forum today.

    Let me restate what I stated to you before:  I stand behind everything I have published on this website.  This is a legitimate, huge news story.

    I did not say Angela Funk is pregnant.  I quoted a family member who stated they were quoting Angela saying it.  I thought long and hard before running that story.  Long and hard.  But I questioned the relative I spoke with at great length.  You are correct, they don’t like Angie, but I also believe they have good reason not to.  The relative was sensible, reasonable and smart and completely open with me and as a reporter I absolutely respect that.

    We will find out shortly whether Angie is pregnant.  You can hide affairs but you can’t hide a pregnancy.  And how in the world would you know she in fact did say it and that she was being “facetious?”  Are you Randy Funk?

    I barely mentioned the Roseboro story on my site until it got to ten or so days after the murder.  With the Cortney Fry and Heather Marie Nunn murder cases heavily on my mind (Nunn’s has never been solved,) I posted that if the Lancaster County detectives couldn’t figure out who murdered Jan Roseboro, then they needed to call in outside help.

    My real interest in the story peaked when the Sunday News missed the arrest of Michael Roseboro late Saturday night.  I assumed it was the result of their usual terrible contacts and reporting skills.  Maybe I was wrong – maybe it was the first step in the Lancaster Newspaper’s complete blackout of this story.

    WGAL ran his arrest early Sunday morning.  It wasn’t until 3:00 pm that Sunday that Lancaster Online ran a small “Breaking News” feature at the top of their site about his arrest.

    For the past two Sundays, the paper could have doubled their circulation with a photo of downtown Denver on their front page and a regurgitation of the story.  They have carefully avoided all but the briefest of mention.

    And the daily papers’ coverage of Angela Funk?  They printed her name, they “had” to, it’s in the Affidavit of Probable Cause.  The papers did not say that she was married and lived in Denver until Roseboro’s attorney had his press conference.  When, with the simplest of internet searches, I found the Funk’s address, their phone number and the fact that they lived less than a block from the Roseboro Funeral Home, I literally could not believe it. 

    I still cannot believe this news blackout and there will be more on that tomorrow.  Today a sampling of some emails from the last two weeks (thank you to everyone who writes!):

    This when I could not publish this weekend:

   When will your site be back up?  You have the best coverage on the Roseboro case.

    This couple doesn’t like my coverage one bit:

    Don't you think you're going a little too far?  It is now in the hands of our justice system.  Let the judge and jury decide on Michael Roseboro's fate.

    Do I agree with Angela Funk's decision to have an affair with a married man while she herself is  But get over it already.  People do it every day.  She has committed no crime, for which we know of...
    Let her family alone.  Think of her children and her husband.  I don't think we need to have pictures of Angela Funk sitting on her porch.  What is the purpose?
    Sometimes I think people like you have too much time on their hands.  If you want to play detective, go get a job as a PI or a cop. 
    Find a hobby.  Quit invading the lives of the innocent.  Would you want someone to do this to you?

    This email in and I agree the Montana connection is very strange.  It is also strange how no one seems to know anything at all about Randall Funk:

    Do you know if anyone knows where Randall is from?  It's kind of strange that they were married in Montana, unless he's from there. 
 …As with everyone, I am eager to have things confirmed.  I feel it is a disgrace to totally cover up the story (as though it never happened).  Even if the press even said we are doing it for the sake of the children, I could at least know that they are showing some concern.  I also wonder if Randall's employer might be somehow involved and or the Roseboro Funeral Home in keeping the newspapers hush!

    This email in and now I know why my traffic went through the roof!  I publish twice a day – once in the morning and once in the late afternoon:

    I am totally addicted to the Roseboro case updates...And it seems like your website is the only place to get them. I realize there's not a ton of "legal stuff" going on right now, but it seems this case has disappeared, except for on here.
    When are more updates coming? Is there a normal schedule to your updates? I click on your site every couple minutes looking for new
    I’m think this emailer made a typo?: 
    Since you started running the Roseboro case on your sight,  I keep myself from it.  Myself I live in Ephrata, Pa and I think Poor Sweet Angie Helped good old lover Mikey clean up the blood. Also the cops should use that crap to show where the blood stains are.  Trust me the cops are so stupid to think Angie had nothing to do with it.  Keep the updates coming.  Also where does Angie work???

    And this email in and we now know that Dr. William Funk is not related to Randall Funk.  It still is a an extremely bizarre and twisted little circle:

    Thanks for your coverage on the Roseboro case - I got your LIP news site address from a friend, and since things in Reinholds are quite tight-lipped these days it's nice to see information regarding the case. As you already probably know, the Roseboro's have removed any mention of Mike from their website.  I'm guessing they're going to distance themselves from him in order to save the family business.

     I was wondering if you knew if Randy Funk is related to Dr. William Funk of Cocalico Dental Offices? Dr Funk's office is located up 6th street from the funeral home, and his partner John Voler is married to Melissa, Mike's sister. What a bizzare little circle this is turning out to be. Considering Mike's parents live near the funeral home (on Walnut St, I believe) as does Jan's sister, I can't imagine how Mike was able to conduct an affair literally in his own backyard.

    Just some thoughts.




Please check back later today…

~ Where Was She? ~



    “She’s not telling.  She not telling anyone where she was that night,” a relative of Angela Funk’s told me Sunday in a phone interview when asked about Funk’s whereabouts the night of the murder.

    “Angie’s mom said, ‘She better get a good attorney or she will go to jail,’” the relative continued.

    Where was Angela on the night of the murder?  She stated to the police in the Affidavit of Probable Cause that she received two phone calls from Roseboro, one at approximately 7:00 pm and one at approximately 8:45 pm “at which time Roseboro stated to Funk that he was going to leave his wife so that he could be with Funk.”

    Did she get any other calls?  Wasn’t she curious how it all turned out?  Did she call him?  Where was she and where was her husband Randall when she was getting these calls?  Does she have an alibi for that evening?

    In the Affidavit, Roseboro “stated that the children went inside the residence at approximately 9:15 pm.”  The oldest child left the house at approximately 9:30 pm with a friend and “advised that when they left the residence the victim was lying by the pool and everything appeared normal.”

    In an hour and a half, Jan Roseboro was dead, the blood was cleaned up without a trace, any signs of a struggle had been removed and an apparently composed Michael Roseboro stated later to the police “that he had a good relationship with his wife and despite being asked to account for his activities on the day of the murder, he made no mention of his affair with Angie Funk or that he had sexual intercourse with Funk hours before the murder.”

    Also from the affidavit, “That Officer Firestone observed a closed flip-type cellular phone and a pair of eyeglasses lying at the bottom of the south western edge of the pool.  Roseboro told Officer Firestone that the items belonged to the victim.  Officer Firestone also observed two small stones in the pool located near the phone and eyeglasses.”

    What does the prosecution know?  Where there more phone calls between Michael and Angela that night?  Where was she?  What was used to clean up the blood?  Why were there two small stones?  Were the three children at home during the murder asleep?


    The interest is this case is simply amazing.  Please check in on to read the lastest or leave a comment yourself (click here).  Jesse, who owns the site, reports he is getting hits from all over the country.  I exceeded my traffic limit on this site this morning and had to increase it.  The interest is absolutely amazing.


Please check back later today…


~ Angela Funk ~



    I am so deeply, madly and completely in love with you baby.  I have never experienced feelings like this in all my 41 years…and I know the best is yet to come.

An email dated July 22, 2008, the day of the murder, from Michael Roseboro to Angela Funk quoted in the police “Affidavit of Probable Cause.”

    “Yeah, I’m pregnant and don’t believe everything you read,” Angela Funk told a family member over the phone according to a close family member in a phone interview this Sunday.

    A deeply disturbing picture of Angela Funk is emerging. She is a woman who seems to have no conscience and no moral boundaries.  Someone with extremely close ties to the family of her first husband stated that Angela’s cheating caused the dissolution of that marriage.

    According to the family member I spoke with on Sunday, Angela Funk “bragged all over the Buck that Randy was a virgin.”  Her second husband, Randall Funk, was 31 years old at the time.

    There is little known right now about Randy or his side of the family.  Reportedly he is an architect with a Lancaster firm.  He is dominated by his wife, according to the relative who described him as “dorky, manipulated and spineless.”

    That Funk would be free to have sex with Michael Roseboro for three hours on the Tuesday afte noon of the murder didn’t surprise the relative.  They said, “Angie farmed out her daughters all the time.” 

    “Angie is a bitch.  She has to be the center of attention,” the relative said.

    The relative also says that Angela Funk absolutely did not go to the police about her relationship with Roseboro.  “The police came to her while she was at the beach,” they stated.

    But is Angela pregnant?  The person I spoke with was adamant that she is and said Randy Funk had a vasectomy after their second daughter was born.  If she is pregnant, and Randy did have a vasectomy, that would make his odds of being the father extremely, extremely low.

    When I asked whether Angela might have an abortion, they said Angie would not do that because she is from an “off-beat Mennonite society” that would prohibit her from doing so. 

    Is she pregnant?  Time, of course, will tell...


    Please check back tomorrow as I try to catch up.

    As many of you know, my webhost had a severe problem all weekend and I, and all their other website owners, could not publish.  They are on the West Coast and as I expected, probably walked in this morning to a slew of angry emails.  I received this response from them at 12:46 pm today:

Access to SiteStudio has now been restored.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your support of

    It does not happen often but it is so absolutely frustrating when it does and I have no way of letting people know why I am not publishing.

    Thank you for the many emails I received expressing concern and thank you so much to all of the emailers for all of your information.  The original photo of Angela Funk, from the website, was sent to me by a very smart Talkbacker who captured it before the Lancaster Newspapers took it down.  The picture of Angela with the Millersville Bible Church Volleyball Team was also sent to me in an email.

    And a very special thanks to the relative I spoke with on Sunday and everyone else who has sent me information.  It is invaluable.  Please continue.

    I have never seen a story generate so much interest and it is certainly understandable why this one does.  Last month I wrote that I set a record with over 10,000 visits to this site in a month because of Ron Harper’s abuse by F&M security.  That has been shattered.  I’ve had 15,744 visitors to this site in August as of yesterday’s traffic report.  Thank you.  Thank you all very much.   I’m as fascinated as you are.





    I heard directly from a family member that Angela Funk is pregnant with Michael Roseboro's baby. They report that Randall Funk had a vasectomy after his second daughter was born.
    There is obviously no way to absolutely confirm this other than directly from Angela Funk's mouth - although time will ultimately tell. But I have it on the second best authority that she is pregnant.
Please check back after 4:00 pm today for all the details.  My webhost had a problem all weekend – they have finally restored service!


~ Dr. Funk Is Not A Relative ~



    Dr. William C. Funk, a dentist in Denver, returned a call I placed to him today at 4:30 p,m.  He said he is not related to Randall Funk, the husband of Angela Funk, and that there is “absolutely no connection between us except for sharing a last name.” 

    It turns out that Ron Harper, Jr.’s father is a deacon at the Millersville Bible Church where Angela and Randall funk are members of the congregation (see the photo below).  He confirmed that today in a phone conversation but said he would not talk about them saying, “It’s the Biblical thing to do.”  He was critical of all the public interest and discussion of the murder.

    Ron Harper, Jr., of course, is a co-publisher of the weekly paper, the Lancaster Post, and his father is listed on the masthead as a “contributor.”  Junior apparently is not listening to his father as LIPNews has learned that Harper showed up at Angela Funk’s first husband’s home in Quarryville yesterday with a video camera! 

    What is known about Angela Funk?  She graduated from Solanco High School in 1988.  She married her first husband on April 11, 1992.  He filed for divorce on July 28, 1993 stating the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

    On July 1, 2000, she married Randall L. Funk and they purchased the house on Walnut Street in Denver the same year.  She has two daughters, one born in January of 2003 and the other in September of 2004.  

    She briefly was a correspondent for the Intell between February and April of 2004.  Her husband is an avid racer and she and her daughters were pictured in a photo on the Lancaster Newspaper’s website,, watching him run in a race until her name was released in the murder affidavit and the photo was immediately taken down.

    There was an interesting column in the Reading Eagle about Mike Roseboro’s attorney, Allan Sodomsky yesterday (click here).  Yes, this is all going to be very interesting.

    Tomorrow – a time line of the crime and the ages of the Roseboro children.  Were they asleep while their mother was murdered?




Angie, Angie, when will those clouds all disappear?
Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You can't say we're satisfied
But Angie, Angie, you can't say we never tried
Angie, you're beautiful, but ain't it time we said good-bye?
Angie, I still love you, remember all those nights we cried?
All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke
Let me whisper in your ear:
Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?
Oh, Angie, don't you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet
I hate that sadness in your eyes
But Angie, Angie, ain't it time we said good-bye?
With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You can't say we're satisfied
But Angie, I still love you, baby
Everywhere I look I see your eyes
There ain't a woman that comes close to you
Come on Baby, dry your eyes
But Angie, Angie, ain't it good to be alive?
Angie, Angie, they can't say we never tried

“Angie,” the Rolling Stones.

Please check back later today...



Angela Funk (lower right) and other members of the Millersville Bible Church’s Volleyball Team in 2007.



    An anonymous source very close to the situation confirmed today that Angela’s Funk’s cheating lead to the dissolution of her first marriage.

    Also, a phone placed to Dentist William C. Funk whose practice is located on 6th Street just down from the Roseboro Funeral Home was placed today.  Is he related to Randall Funk?  It’s beginning to look like he is.  His partner is the husband of Michael Roseboro’s sister, Melissa.

   Please check back tomorrow…



    Someone stole a gas grill Friday night from the rear of a home in the 400 block of Walnut Street owned by Randy Funk and left tracks from rolling the grill through the front yard, East Cocalico Township police said.

Police log published in the Sunday News, November 20, 2005.

    Who are Angela and Randy Funk?

Please check back later today…


~ How Low Can LNP Go? ~


Angela Funk



    Angela Funk was a correspondent for the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal from January 28, 2004 to April 7, 2004.  Her byline was Angela Trout, her name from her first marriage and in 2004, not her legal name.

    That’s the reason she’s been given a free pass by the Lancaster Newspapers in the Roseboro murder.  She obviously also has close friends there and that’s why the above picture was on their own website,, and why it was immediately taken down. 

    The Lancaster Newspapers have barely mentioned this woman who had sex with alleged murder Michael Roseboro on the afternoon of the murder and received two and possibly more phone calls from him that evening.

    This is irresponsible reporting at its worst.  This is despicable.  The Newspapers should have immediately stated she was briefly a stringer for their company and then covered this story with pictures and information the way it should and would have been done with anyone else.  Instead they did everything possible to protect this woman.  This is simply outrageous.

    Newspapers use correspondents, normally young people with little writing or reporting experience, to cover small town meetings and other items they don’t want to send a regular reporter to.  Often these correspondents, also called stringers, are paid by the word and many hope to eventually become employees of the paper.

    Angela Funk covered Providence and East Cocalico Townships and in a story she wrote on February 11, 2004 titled, “East Cocalico police warn of phone scam,” she quotes Police Chief George Beever who is now investigating the Roseboro murder.  Why was she using the last name of Trout, when she had long since remarried and her legal name was Funk?  Why did the paper let her lie?  Why did she wish to remain “anonymous?”

    Was the paper in need of someone to cover rural meetings and someone called on a close friend?  That will all come out.

    Right now the Intell is using a correspondent named Michael C. Upton to cover the area and he had a piece this morning on Chief Beever to counter the live video Jesse has on DenverPaOnline.  Click here to read his piece of nonsense, "Police chief grateful for assistance in Roseboro case."

    And speaking of Jesse, his site was taking forever to load today and he sent me this email response along with some exciting updates and possible developments in the case:

    The website has gotten over 1000 page views today, and has been very busy!  I am working on the issue!  Also. I found out that Angela’s father is a dentist in town, and there is new speculation that the evidence could have been burnt in the funeral homes crematory that is rumored to be onsite.  Thanks!  Also I saw 3 police cars, one detective, and 2 black and whites heading to Denver today? Could it all be related?

Please click here for DenverPaOnline (and be patient as Jesse works out the kinks). Thank you very much to Jesse and the emailer who alerted me to the Intell articles.  Please check back tomorrow…


Angela Trout, now Funk, wrote for the Intell in 2004.




26.  That on July 25, 2008, Detective Kerry Sweigart and Lt. Ed Tobin of the Warwick Township Police Department interviewed Angela Funk, W/F/38.  During the interview, Funk admitted that she was having an ongoing extramarital affair with Michael Roseboro at the time of the murder.


27.  That during the same interview, Funk advised that on July 22, 2008, she engaged in sexual intercourse with Roseboro between 2:00pm and 5:00pm.  She stated that she received a phone call from Roseboro at approx. 7:00pm on July 22, 2008.  Funk further stated that she received a phone call from Roseboro at approx. 8:45pm on July 22, 2008 at which time Roseboro stated to Funk that he was going to leave his wife so that he could be with Funk.

From the Affidavit of Probable Cause for the arrest of Michael Roseboro for the murder of his wife, Jan Roseboro, on July 22, 2008.

    Were there any other phone calls from Roseboro that evening?

Please check back later today…

~ The Roseboro Murder ~



    Anglea Funk, sitting on her front porch in Denver today about 2:00 p.m.  The photo credit goes to Jesse from DenverPaOnline who reports that many of her neighbors were also out on their porches and there were four or five children playing and riding bicycles in front of the houses on her block.

    Jesse, who also has a tape of Cocalico Police Chief George C. Beever talking about the Roseboro murder (click here), believes they have something major they are not sharing and points to this quote from Beever:   “Our sole purpose is to determine what really happened and bring some closure to the matter.”

     Jesse said by phone this afternoon that possibly it is the involvement of a second person.  He noted, “The murder is too clean – too nice and tidy.  How was the blood cleaned up without leaving a trace?”

    That is one of the pivotal questions in this case along with where Angela Funk and Michael Roseboro had sex on the afternoon of Jan Roseboro’s murder and Funk’s whereabouts that evening while Roseboro was being killed and then the murder scene cleaned. 

    For more on this story and comments involving it, click here to go to DenverPaOnline and then click on “Community Forums” to read the latest.

    Thank you, Jesse!


~ Blood & Money ~



    Click here for the Cocalico Police Statement at the Denver Boro Council Meeting regarding the Roseboro murder last night (turn up the volume!).  Click here to follow the case on DenverPaOnline and click on “Community Forums” to read and talk about the latest news.  Who cleaned up the blood?   There will be much more this afternoon…

    This email in yesterday:

    I was reading your latest article about the Lancaster Newspapers and the Turkey Hills selling them.  Were you aware that the Sunday News that sells normally for $1.75, sells at the Turkey Hill on Duke Street in town for only $0.99.  I asked the cashier about that one day and he said it was to get minority readership.  This is the only store that sells them for that price.  Something doesn’t seem right about that.


     Oh, and cityloser, your lawn is full of old weeds and vines and beggar’s purses!

Please check back later today…


~ What You Read! ~



    I have always believed if he was Gil Smith he wouldn't have a job.  You are correct to call him and LNP on the grotesque characterization.  Smart is a dumbass; this seals it.

An email in yesterday regarding “RACISM” below on this site.

    In Philadelphia, Smart would be fired.  It’s that simple.  Actually, any decent paper would have fired him years ago – for making up stories, miss-quoting and representing individuals, for getting basic facts wrong, for cutting and pasting on his blog all day when he should be working, for his lack of any depth of understanding and ability to think and reason, and for his just plain terrible writing.

    But the racism displayed in his blog post quoted below is so extreme and offensive, it is simply astonishing.  It is also reflective of the Lancaster Newspaper’s racist hiring and reporting practices.

    How long did they think they could keep this up?  How long did they think they could keep breaking federal law?  How long did they think the people of Lancaster would put up with this?

    The Turkey Hill Minit Markets refuse to carry the Lancaster Post because it is “too controversial” by putting a cartoon of newspaper heiress Peggy Steinman on their cover – but it’s okay that the Lancaster Newspapers blatantly discriminate and break the law?

    Turkey Hill should refuse to carry the Lancaster Newspapers.  I’m sure they value their minority customers and wouldn’t want to lose them.  I’m sure they value their minority employees.  They should honor their customers and employees by refusing to carry the Lancaster Newspapers.

    On the Talkback forum, under a discussion about journalism and unbiased reporting, a poster once said something to the effect of every news organization is biased – because they decide what stories are the “news.”

    Absolutely.  And in Lancaster, the Lancaster Newspapers and the conservative, elitist, powerful, wealthy and racist Steinman family, have controlled what and who is the news for years and years.  That is ending.

    Tomorrow – their refusal to cover the Roseboro murder case and Angela Funk.



Jan Roseboro at the Denver Fair in 2005 (click here).  Thank you to Jesse at (click here).  Please check back later today…


~ Fire Smart ~



    One of the reasons I wanted to study history is that I was fascinated by the way in which rich, southern planters managed to convince ordinary southern men - men who, financially and socially, were not that much better off than the slaves - to go and fight for the “peculiar institution.”

Gil Smart, associate editor of the Sunday News, in a blog post on August 7, “To reap a foolish wind,” (click here).

    Fire Gil Smart.  Seriously! I was going to do a long review of the Roseboro murder today but happened upon the above.

    This is so shocking that nothing but the unemployment line is appropriate for Smart. 

     “Not that much better off than the slaves.”  Except that they weren’t owned by other human beings, weren’t held in chains, couldn’t be killed or regularly whipped and beaten, couldn’t be sold, couldn’t be separated from their family, could marry who they wanted, didn’t have to worry about their owner raping their wife and daughters – and sons – and they were allowed to vote and own property and receive an education.

    This is more than rampant stupidity by Smart.  This is one of the most racist, sickest things I have ever read.  Smart should be fired immediately.

Please check back tomorrow for the Roseboro murder.



    Hey...maybe your blogs will help you get to the big town THAT's funny!

Posted under a blog post by Gil Smart, associate editor of the Sunday News, on Tuesday of this week.

    That is funny!  I am on record stating that Gil Smart will end up as the music reviewer at the Columbia Ledger!  And Marv Adams?  Obituary writer and sports reporter for the Ledger!

Please check back later today…


~ The Roseboro Murder ~



    I know very little about Angela Funk except that she must have had too much time on her hands and an inactive conscience. How she could enter into something like that knowing there were children involved on both sides baffles me. Did she think her husband and Jan would gladly and conveniently step aside so Mike could see her in her "wedding gown" (gee, he's romantic!) and they could finally find true happiness together? I am quite sure that Jan was a beautiful bride, and if Mike would have been a real man, he might have given her the time and respect she was well worthy of. Angela seems to be bored, selfish and really stupid. Does she think in a neighborhood like hers no one noticed a thing? Does she not know of Mike's reputation? Did she think she was really so very special that it was all right to disrupt the lives of all those long as she found true love at last? Would Mike have had so much luck with the ladies if he hadn't had a little money and influence? Angela will pay dearly for what she has done, but sadly, plenty of innocents will also. Did she feel the smallest bit of guilt when she saw Jan's sister right down the street from her house? If not, then yes, she probably is a Narcissist. I was amused at how quickly she threw Mike under the bus and surrendered those timeless odes to love that he sent gag reflex was tested to the max! But a Narcissist puts self preservation above all else, so maybe that is what those two disgraceful, soul-less creatures have in common, besides their complete stupidity.

A second post on by the same person who wrote “THROWING IT ALL AWAY” below on this site.

    This person has an amazing ability to put words together.  This is better writing than anything I have read in the Lancaster Newspapers.   But then, of course, for some reason, they have not touched this story that literally has everyone talking.

     How long had this affair gone on?  Was it a year, six months or several months?  Reportedly, Michael Roseboro had several affairs during his 19 year marriage to Jan Roseboro.  It would not surprise me if Angela Funk also strayed before – possibly on her first husband causing their marriage to be “irretrievably broken” according to court documents. 

    I think “soul-less” describes these two individuals perfectly.  But to murder – brutally – one’s spouse and mother of four children takes it to a new – almost unfathomable - level.

    How did these two individuals become so entirely soul-less?  How did at least one of them move from cheater to brutal killer?  How could two people be so stupid and cruel?  Another poster said: “It is a very tragic and sad tale of lies, deceit, adultery, and murder, almost like a Danielle Steele novel.”






    Over 2,350 visitors came to this site on Tuesday for the picture of Angela Funk.  That number astonishes me.  How did they find out about my site?  Yes, there were numerous links to this site on the Lancaster Online forum for several hours until they were all carefully deleted – but even so I don’t think that accounts for over 2,350 visitors!  I am amazed and it makes me wonder even more about this exchange I had on the DenverOnLine forum (click here).  I posted the below question yesterday morning: 

    What I don't understand is why are the Lancaster Newspapers protecting this woman? There's another picture of her on Lancaster Online from an article in 2005.
    Who knows her at the Lancaster Newspapers? Why are they going to this level to protect this woman? How many kids does she have? Just the two daughters? Who is their father? Randy? Did she have any children with her first husband, Kenneth Trout?

    This response was posted:

    IMO, they are protecting because she is pretty and white. Were she black or Hispanic, her picture would be splattered all over the news.

    To which I replied with this:

    I completely agree but I think there is also something deeper here. A picture would sell thousands of papers! They have two on file! It's a legitimate news story. Absolutely legitimate. No, something deeper is going on here...

    Maybe I am wrong.  Yes, they have always protected the white, wealthy and powerful in Lancaster – at least the ones who tow their line – former Coroner G. Gary Kirchner and former Commissioner Molly Henderson challenged the papers and the powers that be in Lancaster and felt the strength of their wrath.  But this deception and failure to cover anything about this woman who is deeply implicated in a nasty, brutal and messy murder is simply shocking and scary.

    Today, one more post that I think is particularly insightful and moving from the Denver site.  Perhaps I relate to this because it also describes my father to a tee.  I grew up with this person:

    When it is all said and done, I think we will learn that Mr. Roseboro is a classic Narcissist; they present one face to the world, but a darker side exists, they care deeply about their reputations, are deceptive liars, and have difficulty with intimate relationships once they pass the "honeymoon" stage. Thus, they have one affair after another. When they are thwarted or challenged in any way, they fly into a rage. I ache for what Jan suffered; not only that night, but probably many, many times throughout that marriage. He is a sham, and now he selfishly chooses to drag his family through the mud and subject his children to more torture. And as for Angela? I hope she thinks it was worth it. When my kids were little I didn't have time to cheat, but then, my priorities were obviously different than hers. As for his emails to Angela?  So pathetically cheesy. Mike and Angela threw away more than most people ever have.

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    This email in last evening from someone who always seems to be in the know:

    Just read your website and the question you posed.......Where did Angela Funk and accused murderer, Michael Roseboro, have their tryst the afternoon of the murder?........rumor has it that they were at the Roseboro house and Jan Roseboro found them in bed.

    Remember it is a rumor…....and if anyone asks…...shshshsh… didn’t hear it from me.

    Wow!  That would explain a lot. 

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Walnut Street in downtown Denver, PA.  On the left is the Roseboro Funeral Home and on the right, the home of Angela and Randall Funk.  Jesse, from, who took the photos said, speaking of Randall Funk, “This guy can literally look out his door, and see the funeral home down the street,” (click here).  Where did Angela Funk and accused murderer, Michael Roseboro, have their tryst the afternoon of the murder?  Who was watching Funk’s children?





    There’s been another photo of Angela Funk on the Lancaster Online website since January 10, 2005 (click here).  Who is this woman and why are the Lancaster Newspapers protecting her?   How did her picture (see below) get on the very new and hardly visited website, owned by Lancaster Newspapers?  Exactly how many children does this woman have? 

    According to Ron Harper, Jr., co-publisher of the Lancaster Post, who attended the news conference with Roseboro’s attorney, Allan L. Sodomsky yesterday, he said the following several times with heavy emphasis on the word “credibility”:

    “We will honor the District Attorney’s request to give Angie Funk privacy as she struggles to gain credibility with those she is closest to.”
    Good luck with that, Angie.  Contrary to some reports in the Lancaster Newspapers, Ms. Funk did not come forward with information about her affair with Roseboro.  The police had to go to her.

    Harper, who also attended the D.A.’s press conference on the case, asked Stedman whether Funk has an alibi other than her husband for the night of the murder.  Good question, Harper.  The D.A. did not answer the question.

    From the Affidavit of Probable Cause there is this (click here):

    “…it is known that approximately 45 minutes before Roseboro was alone with the victim, he told Funk that he was leaving the victim to be with Funk.”

    How did Funk respond?  Where was she when she got the phone call?  Where was her husband?

    Ms. Funk is in a heap of trouble – both personally and legally.  There will be much more tomorrow. 


    Honest to God, this is prominently on the website today as the “Question of the Week” (click here):

    Here's the scenario ... our friend went to her local pool and ran into a familiar mom with her 5-year-old son. The boy was wearing a bikini. When asked about the bathing suit, the boy's mom explained that he really liked the bikini, and in supporting his freedom of choice and expression, she purchased it for him. What would you do if your son or daughter made a similar request? What issues here - freedom of expression, teaching social norms, concern for potential ridicule, etc. - are important to you?

    I have friends who run into this problem all the time….NOT!  What a bunch of sickos!  Who are these soccer moms and what are they up to?  I bet Ephrata Community Hospital is proud to be the "sponsor" of this site.  Please check back tomorrow...




Angela and Randy Funk’s house in Denver, PA – just a stone’s throw away from the Roseboro Funeral Home.  (Photo credit to Jesse from DenverPaOnline – click here).  Thank you Jesse and please check back later today!



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~ Cover-Up by LNP! ~


Angela Funk



    The Lancaster Newspapers had this photograph of Angela Funk the whole time.  It was up on their advertising revenue site – – until yesterday when someone linked to it on their Talkback forum and they immediately took it down.  Who does she know at the Lancaster Newspapers?  Why are they protecting her?

    Today they took down every link to my site that was posted on the forum and they closed threads about the murder – yes, some had disintegrated into trash – but others had not.

    Why are the Lancaster Newspapers protecting Angela Funk?  This is an absolutely legitimate story.  She was the mistress of an alleged wife killer who slept with him on the afternoon of the murder and then received two phone calls from him that evening!  She is deeply implicated in this murder and at this time appears to be the main prosecution witness – unless things change and they most certainly could.

    What about his emails to her saying he wanted to get married?  Did she agree to that?  He told her by phone the night he murdered his wife that he was going to divorce her.  Was she going to leave her husband?   Did she have plans to marry him?

    If there was more than one newspaper in Lancaster County (and actually, now there is!) her picture, her house, her two marriages, where she lives, where she and her current husband work and go to church would all be splashed on the front page.  And if Ron Harper and Chris Hart Nibbrig want the Lancaster Post to have a huge readership this week, I suggest they go get some pictures and background on Angela Funk and do a front page story.

    People want to know.  People have a right to know.  This deception - and that’s what it is – by the Lancaster Newspapers is despicable.

    Last week they ran a picture and a story about a black grandmother accused of “stealing” a hundred dollar bill from a casino floor on their front page (see “BLACK AND WHITE” below on this site). 

    The Lancaster Newspapers have been doing this for years.  Protecting those they want to protect and putting minorities on their front page only when they commit a crime.

    A picture of Angela Funk should have been on the front page of both today’s Intell and New Era.  Why are they protecting this woman?


    Regarding the unbelievable censorship on the Talkback forum – my friend Jessie, who began, has also begun (click here and then click on "Online Community"at the top on the left) and there’s no better place to talk about this.  I might see some of you there later today…

It’s been confirmed: This is a photo of Angela Funk, the mistress of Michael Roseboro who lives a block from the funeral home with her husband Randall.  Please check back later today…



Is this Angela Funk, mistress of Michael Roseboro?  The Lancaster Newspapers have had this on file all the time.  (Thank you very, very much, to the Talkbacker who sent me this – yes – 99% odds it’s her, otherwise, why did they take this picture down?)  Why did you take the picture down, Lancaster Newspapers? 

Please check back later today...



~ Roseboro’s Mistress Pictured? ~



    If it’s the correct Angela Funk, mistress of alleged wife killer Michael Roseboro, she is an average looking brunette with short hair.  The photo caption named her as “Angie Funk” and she was shown with two young daughters watching her husband run a race. 

    The photo was on the Lancaster Newspaper’s own website for moms – (click here).

    The photo was linked to on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum and the picture was almost immediately deleted from the website.

    According to a Talkbacker, her husband’s name is Randall and there is an Angela L. and Randall L. Funk shown as living at 436 Walnut Street in Denver, PA, according to the MSN white pages.  The Roseboro Funeral Home is located at 533 Walnut Street in Denver, PA.

    It’s a very small world after all...

Click here for today’s New Era story, “Affair called motive for Roseboro murder.”



    Upon further review, WGAL posted their article at 8:55am long after LNP's article deadline for the Sunday News.
    Sorry Becky - your criticism of Gil is off base this time.

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under a thread a Talkbacker had to start yesterday, “Arrest Made in the Jan Roseboro Murder.”
    Sorry, you are wrong.  My criticism of Gil Smart is dead on.  They made a
huge mistake. 

 Please check back later today…

~ Smarty Pants! ~



    He was arrested late Saturday night and is being held in Lancaster County Prison without bail.

WGAL-TV - “UPDATE:  Arrest Made In Roseboro Homicide – Police arrest Michael Roseboro Late Saturday Night With His Wife’s Death,” (click here).

    At 5:30 a.m. Paris time - 11:30 p.m. here, an hour and a half before our deadline - we watched the press conference on CNN announcing that she was dead.

Gil Smart, associate editor of the Sunday News, bragging on his blog on August 31, 2007, “The night Diana died,” (click here).

    Okay, Gil, if you’re so damn good and your deadline is 1:00 a.m. Sunday, how the hell did you miss this huge story?  How?  I say take that big chair away - permanently!



Michael Roseboro is finally arrested for the murder of his wife and mother of his four children (click here) and the crack editors and reporters at the Sunday News missed it.  Amazing! 

Please check back later today.