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~ And A Smuck! ~



    This email in this morning with the subject line “Schmuck or Smuck”:

    I am not trying to split hairs with you but were was curious if you were trying to use the Yiddish term for penis, properly spelled schmuck or just a play on his name?
  Personally, I prefer the former.

    Oh, my!  Blush!  I’m not that clever and not very knowledgeable in Yiddish!  It was a simple play on his name.  Lloyd Smucker is a total, lying smuck!


    And this email in today from my grammar coach about my post this morning.  Thank you – and please note my grammar check found an alleged fragment (gasp!) in your email:

    Reporters and editors rely on allege and alleged too much, thinking it protects them.  Most of the time they don't need it.  If the prosecutor said in court that Roseboro is the killer and the reason he killed his wife is that he wanted to be with his mistress, A. Funk, then the reporter can report that, and you don't need any allege or alleged. The reporter is reporting what the prosecutor said in court, during a state-sanctioned hearing or trial. The prosecutor is allowed to say that, and the reporter is allowed to quote or paraphrase what the prosecutor said. If a reporter or editor is writing something else, such as an editorial, he could use alleged to indicate he is not making that judgment, but I think it is better to put the action back onto the official who made the charge. You are protected then. "Prosecutors say/said Roseboro killed his wife." No alleged needed. Do not say, "Prosecutors say Roseboro allegedly killed his wife." They did not say allegedly; they said he did it. As I said, in most cases alleged and allege are not needed. You need to look at it on a case-by-case basis and determine. You need to think it through, not just throw in alleged and hope it protects you.

    Wow!  That was a mouthful but I absolutely agree.  And what cracks me up about the sentence I printed from the Intell story this morning:

    Prosecutors allege Roseboro killed his wife so he could be with his alleged mistress, Angela Funk.

    Is that it is immediately followed by these sentences:

    At a preliminary hearing last month, Funk testified that she and Roseboro had sex just hours before Jan Roseboro was killed. Roseboro and Funk, both of whom were married, had even discussed wedding plans, according to Funk’s testimony.

    She testified under oath on the witness stand that she was his mistress!  What more do the papers want?  “Alleged mistress,” indeed!  They discussed wedding plans!  Maybe they’re waiting until she has Roseboro’s baby!


    Speaking of weddings, a relative filled me in on how Angie met Randy.  It was a blind date set up by a couple.  The female half of the couple met Angie in a bar called Low Places.  Her other half works with Randy.  They set them up on a blind date and were the only two people invited to their wedding in Montana.

    Angie got married in Yosemite National Park because she told people she has a great uncle who performs marriages there.  No relatives or any other friends, except the couple who introduced them, were invited.

    Angie wore a white wedding dress for her second marriage and they honeymooned in the area.

    Regarding her current pregnancy to Michael Roseboro, the relative said Randy’s mom still doesn’t know she’s pregnant.  They also said of Randy’s staying with her:  “He’s dumb as a brick!”






    Is there an editor in the house?  From yesterday’s article on Michael Roseboro (click here):

    Prosecutors allege Roseboro killed his wife so he could be with his alleged mistress, Angela Funk.


    The Lancaster Newspapers need money.  Call Mayor Gray.  We have another gap to bridge (click here):

    With no state help coming to the partnership, Cooley said "we will have to meet as a private partnership and discuss what we are going to do" to bridge the funding gap.


    The Lancaster Post is making a mockumentory, “Big Wigs of Lancaster,” and other major changes (click here). 


    Lloyd Smucker is a lying Smuck.  Vote for Jose Urdaneta in the 13th district race for Gib Armstrong’s seat. 


    You know, if the Lancaster Newspapers need money maybe they should cover the Roseboro murder (gasp)! 

    Wow!  Please check back later today for how Angie met Randy!




    You can be joyous.  You can not be a jackass.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter (don’t you love the name!) quoted about tomorrow’s parade down Broad Street for the World Champion Phils!

    What a hoot!  Lay it on the line, Mayor Nutter.  Yeah, Phils!  How wonderful!


    This is nothing guys. My family and I practically launched her site(sorry). Half the things you can click on on lipnews have something to do with my brother and his trials.
She really takes herself serious. I wish I had a picture of her press pass to show you.

Kyle Stewart, Micah Stewart’s brother, posting on the Lancaster Newspaper’s Online forum about little old me (see “bigstew” below on this site)!

    What a hoot!  I think he’s looking for some of the proceeds from this site.  He’s really going to be disappointed! 

    Yes, I told the story about the press pass on this site during Stewart’s trial.  After attending everyday the first full week, I was informed I needed to have a press pass on Monday when the trial resumed.  The clerk looked at it and said, “That looks homemade.”  And I said, “That’s because it is!”   There was a brief conference and I was allowed into the trial!

    Ron Harper, Jr. has offered to make me a very official press pass (isn’t he a great guy!) and I think I will take him up on the offer for the Roseboro trial!  Eat your hearts out, LNP!

    Now, stewy, behave yourself or I’ll have to print our email exchange here.  You certainly take yourself seriously!


    I’m too old to fight in a chat!

Posted in the DenverPaOnline chat last night!

    What a hoot and what fun those chats are.  And you are not too old! 

    Jesse was slapping all the chatters around (again) with a large trout and giving people powers they had no idea what they were or how to use them!  But the growth of that site and chat is simply astonishing and underscores the tremendous interest in the Roseboro murder. 

     The best quote from the chats?  That would be Proud who said:

    Angie is moving up Walnut Street one house at a time.

    Well, she thought she was…

    Tomorrow, a serious look at why the Lancaster Newspapers refuse to cover the Roseboro murder and some never told details about Angela and Randy Funk’s marriage (in Montanta)!

    DenverPaOnline is here.




(1)  The murder was especially heinous, atrocious, cruel or depraved (or involved torture)
 One of 18 aggravating circumstances for the death penalty in Pa.  The complete list is here.  

    Click here for today’s Intell story (you read it here first, folks!)

Please check back later today…



    Michael Roseboro entered a plea of not guilty to the charge that he murdered his wife, Jan Roseboro, on the night of July 22, 2008.  Roseboro waived his arraignment that was scheduled this morning in the Lancaster County Courthouse.   He indicated his plea of not guilty on the paperwork waiving the arraignment.





Murdered.  Mother of four children and wife of 19 years.


  Michael Roseboro                  Angela Funk                     Randy Funk

  Charged killer                      Roseboro’s mistress           Angela’s husband

  of his wife.                              pregnant with his                   and possibly   

                                                          child.                             father of two

                                                                                              daughters with


    Mike enters his plea today to the charge of first degree murder of his wife, Jan.  Did Mike use an electric razor?

Please check back later today…




    I spoke to District Attorney Craig Stedman today by phone at about 4:10 pm.  He stated his office will not purse the death penalty against Michael Roseboro.  There are 18 aggravating circumstances in Pennsylvania Law that provide for implementation of the death penalty.  Stedman said none of those apply in the Roseboro case.  

    He briefly paraphrased the 18 and that will come tomorrow along with Roseboro’s plea in the charge that he murdered his wife at his arraignment tomorrow.  Once again, DA Criag Stedman said today that they will not be filing for the death penalty against Michael Roseboro.





    Bigstew is crying worse than Mike Roseboro pining for Angie Funk.   You want to know the rules, stewy?  You want to know how the game is played?   I’ll be super nice and fill you in!

    Do you think the Lancaster Newspapers will report the plea Mike Roseboro’s lawyer enters in tomorrow’s arraignment?   

    Did you see the Intell endorsed Obama yesterday?  Do you know that Ron Harper, Jr. had to file an Emergency Petition and go to court to be “allowed” to attend an ACLU event on F&M’s campus?  Have you seen NewsLanc's piece on F&M President John A. Fry?  What a hoot (click here)!

    Has the world gone mad, stewy?

Please check back later today…


~ Premeditated Murder! ~



    Michael Roseboro never took a nap the night his wife was murdered.  At least one of his children was watching TV or sleeping in his bedroom.  And Mike had way too much to do.  He had to murder his wife, clean up and prepare to talk to the police.

    Mike didn’t turn off the lights to clean up the blood.  He turned them off to murder Jan Roseboro.  He couldn’t have a neighbor by chance look over and see him choking, beating and kicking, and throwing her in the pool.  Mike was too smart for that.  He had to turn the lights off. 

    And when he turned them off, he knew what he was going to do.

    Form the Affidavit of Probable Cause, paragraph 34:

    …That Malamon [neighbor September Malamon] stated that at approximately 10:10pm on July 22, 228, she looked out of her upstairs window which has a direct view of the pool area and noted that no lights were on in the pool or yard area and the torch lights were not lit.

    She has a direct view of the pool area.  Mike knew that.  He’s too smart a man to kill his wife while at least one neighbor could watch.

    Apparently the police and DA’s office believe that as well.

    From the affidavit, paragraph 36:

    …Based on the information above that significant clean-up efforts were made, it is reasonable to believe that the murderer extinguished the outside lights so that the murder and/or dumping of her body and/or clean-up efforts would go undetected.

    The clean-up efforts were so elaborate and thorough, one can only conclude Michael Roseboro had this pre-planned – right down to the clean-up.

    Mike Roseboro had a plan to murder his wife, and on the night of July 22, 2008, he carried out that plan.

~ No News! ~



    I was talking to a friend yesterday and she wondered if there would be a change in venue for the Roseboro trial.  She thought for a second and said, “There’s no need.  There’s been nothing in the Lancaster Newspapers about this case.”

    That is one-hundred-percent correct!

Please check back later today…




    Michael Roseboro planned to kill his wife on the night of July 22, 2008.  It was premeditated.  It wasn’t an argument that got out of hand.  Michael Roseboro turned off the pool lights and the tiki lights and went out to kill his wife and clean up.  Roseboro had a plan and a weapon.  And he had an hour and a half to kill his wife, clean up and dial 911 at 11:03 p.m.




Sunday News editor Marv Adams found out where Governor Palin slept on her visit to Lancaster but he “missed” the Saturday night arrest of Michael Roseboro for the murder of his wife, Jan, and Roseboro’s first night sleeping in jail.




     I am going to come back to the unsolved murders in Lancaster County tomorrow – and the common thread that binds many of them – Lancaster County Detective Joseph P. Geesey. 

    Today, I am publishing another piece by Proud2BeFromDenverPa.  This is not part two of yesterday’s piece.  This is a post she made on the DenverPaOnline forum (click here).   Her part two on Angie Funk will come next week.

    We have learned recently that Mike Roseboro may have had a drinking problem and has a temper.  His relationship with Angela Funk began when he asked her to lunch.  Angie lied to a friend and told her she told him no – it was not the right thing to do – but she did, in fact, go. 

    And Mike’s wife and mother of his four children, Jan Roseboro, was brutally beaten to death within two months.  



    Mike Roseboro is clearly a cheat and a lousy husband. And lacking the real stuffing it takes to be a good father. You can train a monkey to run bath water and hand a child a sandwich or a $50 bill.
    While he sits in jail getting his 3 squares a day, there are families in turmoil, kids lost and missing their Mom, and Dad, for that matter. And two little girls on Walnut Street don't even know that they're in the waiting period to see how the rest of their lives turn out.
    The Roseboro kids will never see their Mom again. Or see her smile. All because Mike couldn't keep his pants on. His wife and family weren't enough to convince him that he was a success. He needed Angie and all the other women to tell him how sexy he was, how much he meant to them. He's as evil as Angie. 
    He's been a lousy husband for years. And a bad father to boot.  What kind of man is he? It's simple. Mike Roseboro, father and husband, sees a woman walking down the street. Does he nod and move on? No, he asks her out to lunch knowing that sooner or later he'll make a move to have sex with her. That is all we need to know about his true character.   

    He disrespected Jan and those kids every time he fooled around or wanted to. Several women took him up on his offers in the past. But only one is bold and uncaring enough to have no shame. And to make sure everyone knows that she's still waiting for him. They're both pathological and loony as bed bugs. There aren't enough meds in the world for these two.

    Mike is a louse. He's more but I try to speak like a lady.




    "It was Mrs. Mirack who got the call from Christy's principal that her daughter hadn't arrived at Rohrerstown Elementary School the morning of Monday December 21, 1992. Did Christy visit Shamokin that weekend, the principal asked?
    "She had not, and a worried Mrs. Mirack started calling Christy's East Lampeter Township townhouse. Her daughter never answered but, after three hours, someone with the police did - the family does not know to this day who that was - and told Mrs. Mirack she needed to come to Lancaster.
    "The man would say no more. Mrs. Mirack persisted, as concern gave way to a mother's worst fears. There was an 'accident,' she was told. Christy was dead."

(Click here).

Please check back later today.


~ While She Was Having Sex! ~


[This is part one of a two-part piece by Proud2BeFromDenverPa and this is the first time this breaking information has been published.  Part 2 will come tomorrow along with a look at “Cold Case Files” and the bread has arrived!  Eat your heart out, Ernie Schreiber!]




    Angie Funk and Mike Roseboro spent three hours having sex on the afternoon of the day of Jan Roseboro’s murder.
    Angie needed someone, again, to watch her little girls. She frequently had people babysit for her so that she could go about her various and sundry errands, illicit affairs, ad nauseum.
    But Angela Funk sunk to a new low that afternoon. She chose someone to watch over her little girls who was very important in the lives of those girls and who loves them. And thought well of Angie and loved Angie’s husband.
    While Angie was disrobing and getting steamy with Mike Roseboro, her little girls were in very capable and loving hands.
    They were with their Grandmother.
    Randy’s Mom.
    Randy Funk’s Mom was watching her two precious little granddaughters while Angie was having her dirty, contrived, sexual affair with Mike Roseboro.
    Now I encourage anyone to tell us that Angie has any morals. Please tell us all again how she is a good mother. A good person.  She made a few bad choices is all…..
    Angie Funk stared into the face of her husband’s Mom knowing where she was going and what she and Mike were doing.  She betrayed her own husband and used his Mom to do it.
    Did she turn that car around and go back, not able to pull off her dirty little session?  No.  Did she tell Mike she can’t do this anymore - that it wasn’t right and she couldn’t go on lying and cheating anymore?  No.

    Eventually, Angie put her clothes back on, picked up her girls and went home. 
    And Jan Binkley Roseboro was dead before the eleven o’clock news.



is the lead story in this week’s Lancaster Post (click here).   Lancaster County has more unsolved murders and crimes than almost any county in Pennsylvania – but the Lancaster Newspapers never tell you that.  Why are there so many?

Please check back later today…


~ Like Everyone, He Was Played! ~


Angela & Randy Funk

[This piece was posted on DenverPaOnline by Proud2BeFromDenverPa (click here).   I have tried to get this wonderful woman to cover the case for my site – but everyone is busy and she is extremely so - but I'm still working on her!.  This is so good, I thought I’d just steal it.  Proud knows more about the people involved in the Roseboro murder than almost anyone – and she’s a better writer than me.  Argh!]




    Randy Funk is a very shy and private man. Angela Rudy Trout was his very first serious relationship and he was a virgin when he met her.
    It's been posted here that he is a mystery man, and that is, I believe, simply because he just was quietly living his life, no bells or whistles, until he met HER.
    The fact that Angie was his first serious relationship speaks volumes to what we all see as inaction on his part. I can't fathom his position right now.
    It took years for some reason for him to be able to connect with someone deeply enough to commit to marriage. The risk had to feel enormous to him by that point in his life. Perhaps he believed up to that point he'd never be lucky enough to find love. And when he took that leap, for a while it all seemed ok, except for the extreme controlling nature of Angie...until all hell broke loose with the murder of Jan Roseboro.
    He is a very simple and shy person who never saw this train wreck coming and, I believe, has no idea what to do. Most of us have experienced things prior to a crisis that teaches us how to react, what to do. He hasn't had that chance.
    To be sure, he was a "live one" for Angela Rudy Trout. A lamb waiting to be led to slaughter. And slaughter him she did, for all intents and purposes. I believe she discovered he was frugal and had saved his money, he was vulnerable and she could manipulate and control him.
    If you really think about that scenario, and what Angie is really capable of, it's more chilling than ever.
    She saw a good, shy man, not wise to the world, but one who she could totally deceive and control, with a healthy bank account.
I firmly believe, with not a doubt in my mind, that this a plan from day one. She had a plan and she worked it.
    Randy and his family aren't as close as some, but they do care very much for him and love him. They have to be reeling as well. I am sure they were elated to think that he finally found love and had a happy, secure family with those precious little girls.

    They were played like everyone else Angie comes in contact with.....



Is coming later today…

~ And Hair Salons! ~



    I am waiting for a Lancaster Newspaper headline that reads:  F&M poll:  Time running out for Fry.  His latest actions are so outrageous he is going to be the laughing stock of college and university presidents everywhere, the press and the public.  I will come back to this unbelievable story tomorrow (see below on this site for the Judge’s Order and Harper’s statement.


    This was in the log from the live chat last night on DenverPaOnline (click here and the link is at the top on the left-hand side of the page).

julianna37 : Good - I just got done telling everyone I ran into the DA at the hair salon today - and I was talking with the stylist about the Roseboro case - when I rounded the corner and there he sat. I felt REAL stupid!
julianna37 : But I was absolutely dieing to ask him questions (I refrained!).
Proud : lololol that had to be a shock!
Proud : I'd have had to be taken away lolol
julianna37 : Well I was specifically telling the stylist about this website and Becky's site. Giving him the web addresses to check out the picture of Angie!!!
Proud : very cool!!!
julianna37 : "Cool" wasn't exactly how I was feeling!!
Proud : nothing works like word of mouth advertising LOL
What a hoot!  I hope you were listening, Mr. Stedman!  Ummm…could we know the name of this hair salon please?


    These are my last words regarding the Klan on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum unless/until they post their hate again:  A Talkbacker posted the below and it’s dead-on – except it’s not “offensive drivel.”  For blacks, Hispanics and Jews, it’s a true, real and violent threat to their lives.  Got that, Kate and Joe?

    Give me a break. It's clear to see why he was banned and you are reading way too much into this. The guy posted voluminous amounts of incendiary dreck that was simply inappropriate. If I ran this board, I'd have axed his arse a long time ago. Allowing someone to repeatedly and persistently do whatever he could to foment racial discord and pi$$ people off is just not good policy and allowing it to continue would have been in bad form on the part of LNP. Free speech or not, he crossed over a line one too many times with his Nazi agenda and got banned. Call me a communist, but as far as I"m concerned, his BS falls outside the borders of "free speech" and into the category of "offensive drivel".