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    The Angela Trout who was a correspondent for the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal from January through April of 2004 was not the now Angela Funk who is involved in the Roseboro murder.  I published that incorrect information on this site several months ago.

    Trout was Angela’s Funk’s name from her first marriage.  I thought I had done a thorough search of Angela Trout’s in the area and based on an email I received, I believed it to be Funk using her old name.  A friend found another Angela Trout in the area over the weekend and I called her this morning. 

    I apologize. 

    Now, I will leave it at that unless the real Ms. Trout, who was unaware of my site and unaware that Funk once had been named Trout, cares to call me back a second time and again discuss my journalism skills and my dragging her good name into something in which she has no involvement.   

    Enough said. 

    I am waiting for a press release and if that comes in before 6:00 pm, I will publish it today.


Please check back later today…



[This is an opinion piece by Proud2BeFromDenverPa.  She is an administrator and major contributor on the DenverPaOnline forum (click here) and knows more about the Roseboro murder than almost anyone.  Thank you very much.]


~ Angela Funk! ~



    So many questions swirl around the events of July 22nd and the brutal beating and drowning death of Jan Binkley Roseboro.

    Even more questions loom about the meeting and affair of Mike Roseboro and Angela Funk. Add in the incredulity of Randy Funk still living with his scheming, deceitful wife; Angie’s delusion that she has done nothing wrong and lack of any remorse or sorrow for her role in the events that ultimately ended with a horrible murder, and you have tangled string art…..

    Angie Funk looks like a normal, common middle-aged and middle-class wife and mother. She works, she raises her daughters, attends church and family functions.

    What lies under her façade should make everyone take a step back, take a deep breath and a few moments the next time we are tempted to place unfailing faith in someone we “thought” we knew.

    As more and more facts are revealed about Angie Funk’s many affairs with married men, her ridicule of her husband Randy, her control of all in her realm, many people have come to realize that they too are Angie’s victims.

    As Angie flits through her day, above the fray, some people struggle to get through an hour, cry, mourn and try to deal with the confusion and pain that she has left in her wake.

    Angie Funk planned a life with Mike Roseboro. Jan Roseboro is dead.

    Angie Funk carried on an illicit affair during her first marriage. A divorce and much pain was inflicted upon the immediate family and others years into the future.

    Angie Funk snatches control of the events and activities around her, ever the consummate hostess and/or attendee. Many precious life moments have been lost to Angie’s need to be the star.

    Angie Funk decided she couldn’t take much more of life with her husband, Randy. Now he has to face himself in the mirror everyday feeling so far less than adequate. And he now takes the blame for her need to lay down with other men.

    Friends who invested themselves in Angie and her life are left speechless and confused. To those who she was supposedly so very close, she lied. She looked right at them and she lied.

    There’s a pattern here.

    Angie Funk is able to glide through her life, leaving devastation in her path. While most normal people would have taken some time to review their actions and ponder just how horribly it has affected others and hurt them, including costing one dear soul her life, Angie has yet to say she is sorry or has any remorse. Not even to those who should expect to be given the right to know her heart.

    Angie is a classic example of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. We all fall somewhere on the continuum but it’s rare to encounter someone so close to the upper end. She doesn’t state remorse because she feels none. Control of her environment and people around her is all she has.

    We don’t yet know if Mike Roseboro truly went off the deep end when he met Angie. Or if Angie was just one of many in his stable. In the past, the women he bedded didn’t matter. Angie’s true meaning for Mike has yet to be revealed. But we do know that Angie runs Angie’s show and everyone else’s. And Angie takes what she wants. Whether it be for money or prestige, she wanted Mike. So she took him.

    She showed no embarrassment at telling the courtroom that she and Mike “shopped but did not buy” a wedding dress only seven weeks into their dirty little affair. She never shed a tear when she told the gallery, the judge and Samuel Roseboro, who attended, how she and his father worried that Sam’s Mom might clean Mike out and the money was discussed.

    Clearly this woman is pathological.

    Does she possess the drive to remove a wife when she has her eyes on the prize? Yes.

    Does Angie continue to use people to her advantage? Yes.

    Does Angie have any personal accountability and the self-control appropriate to a female of her age and development? Clearly, no.

    Don’t fool yourself for one moment. This game isn’t over. Not for Angie. She is directing communications from her end, manipulating people in her life to do as she wants. Some of them have yet to know how they are just a puzzle piece in her game.

    There are many miles left on Angie. She hasn’t won yet. And more victims will surely follow.

    Hopefully the trial will expose more facts about her activities and her deceit. Perhaps then those who just can’t face the fact that they were played so skillfully by Angie will find the strength to admit it to themselves.

    Just a thought…would any normal woman, exposed as Angie has been, continue to ridicule and distance herself from a man who has chosen to stand by her despite her abhorrent behavior? Randy Funk has bowed to her so much that many are questioning his mental state. But stand by her he does. Even with the possibility of a Roseboro love child on the way. I wonder if that isn’t frustrating to Angie. She was so close to being rid of him. She was leaving. And now, with all the news of her illicit affair and her mistreatment of Randy himself, he still stands there.    

    Hmmmm….any other man would have left - making it so easy for Angie. No husband to muddy up the Roseboro waters and the future she has planned with Mike. And all those lovely child support checks Randy could write, from his apartment. Which may be all he could afford once  she “cleans him out”….Being exposed was the best thing that Angie could have hoped for. A normal man would have left. Leaving her free to plan a wedding, balance the Roseboro checkbook and check out hairstyles…Since Randy hasn’t made it easy on you, Angie, what’s your next move?

    This game is chilling (thank you for that word)……

    And if anyone is assuming that poor, poor Angie was played, guess again. She is the master of this game and the mistress of it at the same time. And she’s far from done playing.


Angela and Randy Funk   

How much does Angie know?  Was she involved in the murder of Jan Roseboro?  Please check back later today…

~ And Angela Funk! ~



    There was recently talk of her running for Mayor on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum.  Kate, a very long time and prolific Talkbacker, ran as a Republican for the city council in the last election and lost.

    Hey, Kate, if you don’t understand why the Klan was banned – and should have been banned years ago (please see “HATE IS GREAT” immediately below) – let me suggest this:  Run for city council again and state that everyone who lives in the seventh ward is a beast and you will build a fence around them so they can kill each other off and then we’ll be rid of them.  That is what a recent Klan member posted.

    Kate, I would suggest any hope you have of a political career just ended.  

    And to citydweller, a Jewish Talkbacker who thinks he made friends with a Klan member:  You are an idiot.  He is not a sophisticated, well-read, intellectual scholar.  He’s a slightly clever Klan member.  If he had the chance, Whirlwind would turn on you faster than Robotspyder on a fly.

    This is not a free speech issue.  If I have to detail why it’s not, let me know. 

    This was posted by one of the recipe writers.  You are correct:  It says a lot about the area and the Lancaster Newspapers that it took this unbelievably long:

    I am just as happy to not have to read entire passages from VNN.   If I want to do that I will log onto the Klan website. They showed up here about two years ago when the white supremacy groups were going onto many newspaper websites across the country.  Most were banned before this.   I think it says a lot about this area that it took two years for them to ban them.  


    I just want to comment that I have no idea what Mike saw in Angie. She is an absolute zero in the looks category. She has no class and is in fact a bus stop tramp. Why Mike sacrificed all for this dime store cowgirl is beyond my comprehension.
    Jan was so beautiful and truly a nice person. Angie would be at the end of any line Jan stood in.

Posted on the DenverPAOnline forum (click here).

    Ouch!  The Roseboro murder and Angela Funk continue to heat up the Denver forum daily.  Last night I attended my first “live chat” there.  What a great time.  Early on, Jesse played “Super Freak” as we discussed Funk.  What a hoot!

Super freak, super freak
That girl's a super freak
She's a very kinky girl
The kind you don't take home to mother
She will never let your spirits down
Once you get her off the street, ow girl


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