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~ Unbelievable ~




    The District Attorney of Lancaster County, Craig Stedman, personally told me over the phone yesterday that his office is definitely considering requesting the death penalty for Michael Roseboro.  Stedman’s closing statement in the preliminary hearing certainly points to the murder being premeditated. 

    And the Lancaster Newspapers have not said one word.  They have not even raised the question.  They have written as little about this murder and Michael Roseboro and Angela Funk as possible.

    Once again, the Sunday News could have doubled their circulation this week with a story about Friday’s preliminary hearing and the bombshells we heard from Angela Funk on the witness stand.  If the Sunday News had run a picture of Funk, they would have tripled their circulation.

    There was nothing.

    This cover-up began with the Sunday News somehow “missing” Roseboro’s arrest late on a Saturday night.  With his arrest came the release of the Affidavit of Probable Cause which named Angela Funk and gave some details of her affair with Roseboro and their having sex the afternoon of the murder and exchanging two phone calls on the night of the murder.

    What was the reaction by the Lancaster Newspapers?  They immediately pulled down a picture of Funk they ironically had on their website.  They closed threads on the Talkback forum about the murder and they deleted links to my site where their picture of Funk was running.

    They have never published her picture.  They have never said this is her second marriage.  They have never published she lives half-a-block from the Roseboro Funeral Home.

    They did not do one basic bit of reporting that any newspaper would do in a murder case of this magnitude and scandal. 

    I thought they were protecting Funk, but it turns out they are protecting everyone involved in this brutal killing of a mother of four children.

    Who knows who?  Who are the Roseboro's connected to very high in the Lancaster Newspaper organization who has demanded a black-out of this story?

    This is the most dishonest, unethical and irresponsible journalism I have ever seen – possibly with the exception of their coverage of the convention center and former Commissioner Molly Henderson.

    This is also an extremely scary and perverted picture of the power of the press.  If you were Michael Roseboro or Angela Funk, would they be protecting you?  Or would there be pictures and blaring headlines and stories with the very disturbing facts that are emerging almost daily?   

    Who do you have to know to get this level of “protection?”   

    A cover-up by the press.  It is simply unbelievable.




    Austin Nissly and Rachel Rooney – you can not live in the back of a truck!  Winter is coming!

    What happened to the judges we elected?  Are Donald Totaro and Christopher Hackman still in “judge school?”  Are they drinking at the Hamilton Club?  Where are they?

    Mayor Gray, I need to talk to you.

    This email in:   

    I am dying to know....what is up with Lancaster newspaper not providing better/more coverage of the Roseboro murder????  My parents live in Reamstown and know less then I know and I live in Missouri.  Of course I am keeping up on things through the internet but good grief, they get the LNP DAILY and know nothing!!!!  Can you tell me why and what’s really going on????  Just being nosey I guess.

    This question posted about Michael Roseboro on the DenverPaOnline forum:

    I also would like to know how many wedding dresses he has put on layaway.  LOL!!

    And this email in (thank you, you made my day!):

    Hi Becky,
   I just discovered your news website and I LOVE it. It's about time somebody called it like it is in this county!!!
    Keep up the great work!

    Wow!  It’s going to be a busy day!  I’m charging my phone!  Please check back later…






    I spoke to Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman by phone this afternoon.  He said his office has not made a decision whether to request the death penalty in the Michael Roseboro murder case.  Stedman said, “We are definitely considering it.”  He said the press will obviously be notified when a decision has been made.

    I also asked about the possibility of bail – which would absolutely be ruled out if it becomes a capital case.  Stedman said Roseboro is not eligible.  He said Roseboro’s attorney could petition for it but Pennsylvania law would preclude bail for someone facing life in prison if found guilty of committing the crime they are charged with.

    Stedman did note that they must bring Roseboro to trial within six months – 180 days.  The defense could seek a continuation beyond that time limit but not the prosecution.

    When asked if his closing statement in the preliminary hearing indicated the murder was premeditated, Stedman declined to answer saying he would not comment on substantive issues in the case.

     This opens up a whole new facet of the case the Lancaster Newspapers have not even touched on. 

    Thank you very much Mr. Stedman for returning my call and being so gracious. 

    The Rachel Rooney case and more on the Roseboro case will come tomorrow.




    Yes there’s a financial crisis going on and a Presidential election.  When I want information on national news, I go to national news websites.  When I want local news in Lancaster, I should be able to turn to the Lancaster Newspapers. 

    Yes, I know better than that.  They obviously decide what to cover and how, and they have been pleased as punch with the police, the D.A. and the courts for years.  But I am simply astonished by their refusal to cover the Roseboro murder and Angela Funk.  Be assured - we will, somewhere down the road, find out why - and I can’t wait for the answer.

    In the meantime, an unbelievable crime story is going uncovered.  And everything I have published here has turned out to be true.  In fact, I think I’ve been too restrained in my coverage.

    And I think I’ve been fooled several times now – thank you Melissa Hoffer in the D.A.’s office  - and I don’t think Sodomsky is as off the mark as the preliminary hearing would seem to indicate.  What does he have up his sleeve?  Is he going to turn on Funk?

    I have heard from reliable sources that Funk has hired an attorney and before the preliminary hearing met with the D.A. three times and that confirms the information from a blog I am reprinting below today.

    There is so much information on this story coming out it is hard to keep up.  I have asked an excellent writer and someone more on top of this story to take it over on this site for me.  It was a serious offer and please, please consider it.   

    There is so much else going on I want to cover – trolleys and former Coroner Gary  Kirchner in court trying to get his worker’s compensation benefits and Amish children dying and racism and Gil and Marv and...  Well, you get the idea.

    I received an email this weekend with a link to this blog and the story that is reprinted below.  The pictures are from my site – I can tell because the professional cropping is identical to mine - so I am reprinting their story!  Please note this was written on September 16, a week before the preliminary hearing.  Hey, I like your headline!  (Please also note that the place to keep current with this story is - click here).

Roseboro case could get very Funky


    Angela Funk, you may already have heard, has hired an attorney.
    But did you know why?
    Word is that Lancaster DA Craig Stedman has been leaning on her hard.
    By leaning we mean she's been called in several times for questioning.  Seems to me, if you need a statement from her you call her in once, get her locked down on the facts of the case, where she was, etc... and let her go

    If you're going to try to impeach her, you only need one statement. Unless you're first line of questioning wasn't thorough.
Anyway, the point is, Stedman musn't like what he's hearing from Angela. She has hired a lawyer either because the DA has threatened to charge her, or because she's being intimidated by heavy-handedness by the prosecution team.

    The preliminary hearing is about a week away.
Stedman knows he's up against one of Berks County's finest. Surely Allan L. Sodomsky is a candidate to replace Emmanuel H. Dimitriou as dean of the Berks County defense bar.
There are others we simply chose not to alienate by dubbing Sodomsky, but he's certainly on the short list.
    Getting back to our story, the Denver Nugget reports that Angela knows what happened the night of the murders and Stedman wants to squeeze it out of her prior to the preliminary hearing.
    Also, Angela is a very physically fit woman as evidenced by this photo of her taken during a recent volleyball game.
Michael Roseboro proponents are floating the idea that she might have been lurking in the darkness. When Michael chickened out and didn't tell Jan he was leaving her, she took matters into her own hands.
    How hard would it be for one woman to blitz-attack another woman, konk her on the head with an as-yet-to-be-found weapon, toss her into the pool and disappear into the night.

    Maybe Angela, tired of waiting for her rich lover to leave his wife, stole the jewels as payment for the sexual favors she had granted Michael. The missing jewelry is a nagging factoid.
Could have been a straight out robbery, a blitz attack by Angela, or Michael could have taken the ring and other items to make it look like a robbery. That's one of the oldest tricks in the book.
    My money is on Angela. After living right down the street from it all those years she was now so close to it she could taste it. She was tired of waiting and she took matters into her own hands.
    Everybody who knows Michael has said they don't see him killing Jan. He's not the type. Maybe that's what was driving Angela nuts.
    In any event, we'll find out at the prelim what Stedman has been asking Mrs. Funk.


Please check back later today…

~ A Most Ugly Affair! ~




    Under cross examination from Allan Sodomsky, Roseboro's defense attorney, Funk said Michael Roseboro had never mentioned killing his wife nor shown her any type of weapon.
    "Did he talk about taking out any big insurance policies?" Sodomsky asked.
    "No," Funk said.
Michael Roseboro’s attorney Allan Sodomsky questioning Angela Funk in Friday’s hearing as reported by the New Era (click here).

    Is this the best you could do, Sodomsky?  There is only one reason you proceed with a preliminary hearing - to plant doubts in the public’s - and future jury pool’s - minds.   That’s it – the bottom line.

    Sodomsky succeeded in doing the exact opposite.  Michael Roseboro’s mistress, Angela Funk, provided an urgent motive for the killing from the witness stand in these quotes from the same New Era article:

    They talked "about the day, how it was a good day, and our future together ... like getting married and all that stuff," Funk testified late this morning. She said she and Michael Roseboro had planned to leave their spouses, and that she worried about his financial situation — specifically losing part of his family's longtime funeral business in Denver.
    "One day she could probably take him for a lot if she ever found out about us," Funk recalled telling Michael Roseboro during the phone conversation, between 8:45 and 9 p.m. on July 22.
    Roseboro responded that "he didn't want to lose it ... in the divorce if she wanted any part of it," Funk said. She said Michael Roseboro "talked about putting the home in his dad's name so she (Jan Roseboro) couldn't touch it."

    The phone conversation is within one hour of Jan Roseboro being killed.

    Who are these two people?  They meet, have a seven week affair, Roseboro has four children and a 19-year marriage to Jan; Funk has two children and an eight-year marriage to Randy, but they are out looking at wedding dresses and discussing how she will wear her hair for the wedding?  Are you kidding me?

    A poster on said this:

    I think we all are looking at it from our perspective, what most normal people would do or think. Clearly these two are not normal. It's just scary and sad that they ever bumped into each other. If one of them would have been more on the normality spectrum, maybe things wouldn't have gone where they did.

    Well apparently they did know they had some hurtles to face.  From a Reading Eagle article there is this from Funks testimony (click here):  

    "We were talking in the three- to five-year time frame," she said. "We knew we had issues. Like our families, his business, my job, getting divorced.
    "He had talked about throwing a 40th birthday party for me and that's about 18 months away."

    So, Angela, was it 3-5 years or a year-and-a half or three months or three weeks or the night of the afternoon you had sex and talked about marriage and “all that stuff” and then had a phone conversation with him that same night worrying about his financial future and losing the funeral home - within one hour of Jan Roseboro being killed?

    These two are simply unbelievable.

    I figured when I heard the preliminary hearing would be held, Sodomsky was going to place the blame on someone else – the oldest Roseboro child, Angela Funk or someone specific Roseboro’s private investigators had found.  I thought there would be fireworks.

    Well, there were – but not in Sodomsky’s favor.  We learned that Funk and Roseboro are “pathological shells” as a poster on DenverPaOnline so concisely nailed it.  I wouldn’t trust either one of them with a penny.

    From the same Reading Eagle article cited above, Sodomsky is quoted as follows:

    "You can't build a case on guesswork, conjecture and suspicion and I can't refute smoke," Sodomsky said. "And that's all the prosecution has."

    Is that all you have, Sodomsky?  And, yes, you can refute smoke, Sodomsky.  You’re a defense attorney.  That’s your job.  If all they have is smoke then it should be easy.

    But the best you can do is to lay this murder off on a random intruder who killed Jan Roseboro for her jewelry and then cleaned up the blood before leaving?

    You’ve got to do better than that, Sodomsky.  You just gave the prosecution a huge, huge advantage.  What the hell were you thinking?  Were you hoping to build sympathy for your client and his mistress?  Let me be the first to tell you - that certainly did not happen.  Talk about having issues!

    And what about the baby, Allan?


Please check back later today…

~ Is Funk Pregnant? ~



    The way I read her testimony, she was as concerned about him losing money as he was. It wasn't like "we are so in love--damn the money and prestige, we have to be together." It was more like, Jan can't find out or we will lose the house and business and the money, we can't have that! Plus, does anyone think it is true that they were only having an affair for 7 weeks? I don't believe that one for a minute. Although I'm sure the authorities have all the email exchanges and can tell how long that was going on. I just can't believe that two grown adults would be looking at wedding dresses and talking about how she was going to wear her hair at their wedding after 7 weeks of being together. That just makes no sense to me at all.

Posted on the DenverPaOnline forum today about Michael Roseboro and Angela Funk (click here).

    The death of Paul Newman has overshadowed the presidential debate today on most national news sites.  And with the Lancaster Newspapers, the presidential debate completely overshadowed remarkable testimony from Angela Funk in Michael Roseboro’s preliminary hearing yesterday.  The story was relegated to one column on the bottom right of the front page of the “combined” Intell/New Era edition today. 

    People want local news from their newspapers.  If I want to read about the Presidential debate, I can go on any number of national websites I respect and read about it.  I will get much more and up-to-date information than from the Intell/New Era.

    The black-out of the local Roseboro murder and the Angela Funk connection/motive by LNP remains astonishing.  They have still not published a photograph of Angela Funk (they have two on file).

    Is she “still” pregnant with Roseboro’s baby?  Yes, I have heard from three closely connected individuals today that she is.

    I have admired Paul Newman since my teens.  He struck me as such a decent, down-to-earth. wonderful actor and human being (not to mention, sexy as hell!).  Should his death over-shadow a presidential debate?  Should Angela Funk be front page, top-of-the-fold news in the Lancaster Newspapers?  Why hasn’t she been?  Who decides what's on the front page?

Please click here for the Reading Eagle coverage of the Roseboro preliminary hearing and Angela Funk.

Please check back tomorrow.


…they’re both pathological shells.

Posted on the DenverPaOnline forum about Michael Roseboro and Angela Funk (click here).

    Funk said the two had planned to divorce their spouses and get married in three to five years, but that their relationship had grown very serious, very quickly. She said she and Michael had already been shopping for, but did not yet buy, a wedding dress and talked about how she would appear on the day of the nuptials.
    "We looked at them but didn't buy. We talked about how I would do my hair," Funk said. "We talked about a couple of locations."

“Roseboro ordered to stand trial,” New Era report (click here).

    Wanted to let you know Angie was getting paid to clean up the Mount Joy apartments her stepfather owns and rents out.  Funny thing is we were all wondering why it was taking her so longggg to finish...guess we all know why now.

From an email I received early this morning.

    What was Angela Funk wearing when she testified?  Is she “still” pregnant? 

Please check back later today…




    Angela Funk testified today in Michael Roseboro’s preliminary hearing.  According to a WGAL-TV video report close to 2:00 pm today, the reporter said the “other woman” testified that she and Roseboro were both going to get divorces and planned to “eventually get married.”

    The Lancaster Newspapers have a breaking news banner across their site that says “Roseboro ordered to stand trial.”  That would mean it is over.

     Please click here for the WGAL story and then click on “Video.”  Please note this may have been/or will shortly be updated.


Or did we all just dream it?  Please check back later today…