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     I wish you were doing more to really expose the current DA.  As far as the Grand Juries he has had, check with one of the Grand and Glorius Reporters at the Lancaster News Office and ask her how many times he even called the first Jury to session?  I know that in past questioning she had told it that he never called them together regarding the case he wanted them for............  Is this good planning on his part or just another smoke screen?

    So much for solving Old Murders....................and they never will be solved with his tactics in place.

     It will be a sad day when he is elected to Judge.   He isn't doing the job he now has so, how do people expect any better performance when he is a judge?   He is only looking to take care of his own career and fill his pockets.

     Go after him and SOON!  

     I am told that Lancaster County is a laughing matter.  It is said that if you want to commit a crime, do it or dump the body in Lancaster County as they do not solve the crimes.   Some reputation.    


      This is an email I received on Saturday 20 minutes before the Manheim Township press conference where they announced the arrest of 16-year-old Alec Kreider for the murder of three members of the Haines family.  And I would like to thank the emailer for their subsequent assistance in sending me breaking information from various new sources.

    Who does Totaro think he is?  Who pays him?  What is his job?   Does Totaro know?  Does he care?

    They arrest a 16-year-old “friend” of Kevin Haines because he confessed to his father and Totaro doesn’t think the scared and shocked public who pay him deserve a thing. 

    From today’s New Era article, “DA mum on motive for Haines murders” there is this (click here  for the full article):
    Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro refused to answer any questions today about Kreider's possible motive or provide any additional details about the murder, the murder weapon or whether investigators were closing in on Kreider before his alleged confession to his father last week, which led to Kreider's arrest.
    "This is an ongoing investigation," Totaro said in an e-mail, "and there are many additional interviews to be conducted."
    Totaro also said a search warrant for the Haines house will not be unsealed, despite the fact that police have made the arrest and believe Kreider is the only person responsible for the killings.
    A judge sealed the search warrant in May "upon the showing of good cause" in the case, Totaro said.
    "There are still a number of interviews to be conducted, and we do not want these interviews to be tainted by the public release of sensitive information contained within the search warrant affidavit," Totaro said in the e-mail.
    The warrant was sealed for 60 days and will be available to the public when that time passes, Totaro said. That would be about mid-July.
    Totaro also said physical evidence that has been recovered in the case is being analyzed by the state police crime laboratory.
    More information will be available as the case proceeds through the court system, Totaro said.

    This is not acceptable.  First he goes after Coroner Kirchner and then People Magazine for “compromising” the investigation.  Now, when he claims it is “solved,” he won’t tell the public that pays him anything.  Not one thing.  Not motive or weapon.  He had the warrant sealed.  This is not acceptable. 

    This man wants to be a judge.  He needs to be investigated and fired now.

    We have a right and a need to know.  “Tainted” is his lasted tactic.  The DA is more than tainted.  This is an absolute disgrace.  Can you imagine how much money they have spent on this investigation?  It was/is public money.  We have a right and a need to know.  Now.


    There will be more tomorrow.  And what happened to the bloodhounds that tracked the killer’s trail for two-and-one-half miles according to People Magazine?  Anyone have any theories on that or was it Intell reporter Brett Lovelace exaggerating/lying again?



Please check back late today…


~ Tangled ~




    As I grow older(!), I find so many webs in my life!  So many.  The latest is John (Jack) Kenneff, who did an incredible job for Jessie Wise and saved him from the death penalty.  He is, apparently, the defense attorney now for Alec Kreider, accused of killing three members of the Haines family.

    How do I know Kenneff?  Over twenty-five years ago he was an assistant district attorney and the prosecutor in a rape case I covered that changed my life.  I did a five part series for LIP – RAPE AND JUSTICE IN LANCASTER COUNTY.  And, no, Kenneff didn’t win the case.  The rapist was acquitted.

    And I was in the courtroom in Lancaster at 12:00 o’clock one night when a jury in a trial against a man Kenneff prosecuted came back with a verdict of “death.”  I will never forget it.  It turns out, it was a distant relative of Ron Harper, Jr.

    Please stay tuned…





    Shanda Miller, program director at Conestoga Valley Community Center, across the street from Sharp Shopper, said the community should now focus on how to help troubled teens — not the sentence in this specific case.
    "Personally, I think the issue is much deeper than (the sentence): It is what is causing these teenagers to act in that way," she said.
    "If he was given the death penalty or (had) gone to trial, that would not have solved anything," Miller added.

    “Angry reaction in Leola:  Mass murderer should be put to death,” New Era, June 15, 2007.

    A 16-year-old.  It is incomprehensible.  What is going on?  Micah Stewart, David Ludwig, Jesse Wise and now this.  What is causing teenagers and very young men to kill? 

    Ron Harper, Jr. was at yesterday’s press conference – click here.

    Have a happy Father’s Day.

    According to WGAL-TV’s live stream of the press conference, the police have arrested a 16-year-old, Alec Kreider, for the brutal murder of the Haines family.  Please check back tomorrow…




   The Manheim Township Police are having a press conference at 5:30 p.m. today.  It is most likely regarding the Haines murders.  I spoke to the officer in charge, Greg Buchkoski, today at 4:08 p.m.  He would only state that there is a press conference scheduled for 5:30 p.m.  Please stay tuned…


~ Where’s LNP? ~




    I’m going to take a break today (“Say what,” you ask?  “You’ve been taking a break all week!”)  Guilty as charged.  Today I will recharge my batteries, redirect my focus and obtain renewed strength to fight the insipid and dreadful Lancaster Newspapers and the never challenged Lancaster elite and powerful!

    So, today I’ll direct you to other sites.  Ron Harper, Jr. has an “Amish Ninja” on his site and a new story about the cop who shot himself.  Click here  for “Amish Ninja in East Earl?”  What a hoot!  Harper was on this story in an instant – saying immediately something was mighty fishy about a “man in black.”  Where are the Lancaster Newspapers?  Oh, what a silly question.  Go get ‘em, Harper.

    Lanco Yokels has an update on his piece on the opening date of the hotel/convention center project.  Click here  for “Groundbreaking History.”  It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.  Where are the Lancaster Newspapers?  Oh, I forgot.  They’re a 50% partner in this $200 million publicly funded white elephant.

    I find to be all over the place – and I certainly don’t always agree with them.  But click here and then click on Lancaster's Real Scandal of the Century.”  It’s an “interesting” look at District Attorney Donald Totaro and his second grand jury in less than four years.  Where are the Lancaster Newspapers?  Where are they when a District Attorney doesn’t bring charges against a District Judge who punched a police officer twice?  Oh, I forgot.  They never, ever, ever say anything bad about Totaro.

    Artie See just continues to post excellent information about the convention center.  Click here  for “Manipulating the (anticipated) money.”  Where are the Lancaster Newspapers?  Oops – forgot that little pesky conflict of interest thing again.

    Finally, Jesse in Columbia has some interesting new posts on ColumbiaPaOnline.  You have to be a member of the forum to read it, but the sign up is quick and easy.  Click here  and then click on “Community Forums” for Columbia’s Most Accurate Rumor Mill.”

    Please check back tomorrow.  And, no, I don’t care about Smart’s extremely obvious internal demons with his own male sexuality – no matter how often he cries for help!  Call me cold and callous!  I just don’t care… 


~ I’m Your Woman, Jack! ~




    I am beginning to think that Gil is like the attention seeking naughty little school boy, who chases after little girls with a dead mouse in hand, just to hear them scream. He writes all these loony blogs about conservatives, Republicans, and Christians, just to see if some of the TalkBack posters will rant and rave. It appears like Gil has the same mentality and is loving all the attention the posters are giving him.
    Maybe we should all boycott his nutcase blogs and refuse to respond.

Posted by a Talkbacker under Gil Smart’s latest and incredibly stupid post on his blog.

    I don’t always agree with this poster, but, God love her, she hit the nail on the head this time.  Smart is an attention whore and a fraud.  He’s an armchair, dough-brained, arrogant, tie wearing, baloney spewing liberal nutjob, fraud and liar.  I will come back to Smart once again and then I think the best thing to do is what the poster suggests - ignore him and his blog.  It’s the only thing that works with attention whores and nutjobs. But don’t worry Smart, your Sunday News “articles” and columns will still provide me with great material - as long as you hold onto that gig before they can your stupid butt.

    Smart is also getting a repeat lesson today.  Everyone posting on his blog reads my website. Poor Smart!  Who knew?  And thanks for reading.

    And no, I’m not on their forum and as I told an emailer last week (thank you for writing!), I won’t be back until they pay me to post!  Hey, my rates are very reasonable considering the kind of high quality writing and posts I would produce!  Especially if I was targeting Smart (the man who’s too busy mowing his suburban yard to protest the war or the great leader).  LNP, let’s talk!

    Tomorrow - the Wise plea bargain, (outstanding job Jack Kenneff), David Ludwig, District Judge Hamilton, LNP, the DA and much more.

    LNP, let’s talk!  You know Jack Buckwalter is secretly dying for someone to go in and bloody Smart good!  I’m your woman, Jack!




“Board Says Judge Should Be Disciplined For Punching Officer”

WGAL-TV (Click here).

Who knew?  Investigate Totaro!


~ Sickening! ~




    I’m not the protesting type, for one. I’m a suburban dad with two young kids, a mortgage, a lawn to mow and a Pony League team to coach. That’s really not your protest demographic, is it?

Posted by Gil Smart today on his blog under the title, “Silly liberals.”

    Smart, you are a total and complete fraud. You are an embarrassment to the Lancaster Newspapers, you are extremely hurtful to the men and women, and their families,  who have lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq and you are truly a spoiled, white frat-brat who doesn’t have a clue.   Get lost.


Please check back late today…




    I have been reading your web-site & I have to say you evidently don't know what goes behind being a GREAT D A.  Before you dig a hole you can't get out of, I think you better think before you print.  I understand that when people as yourself have web-sites, you can speak your piece, but what I have a problem with is how you feel you can keep saying trash as you do about the D.A.'s office & certain detectives.  I feel we have one of the best D.A. ever & it was a long time coming.  The ones before him you might be able to say something about, but not Totaro.  What are you going to do when Craig Stedmen gets in as D.A.??  He runs neck to neck with Totaro in my book.  Keep up your trashing & you just might have to go in front of Totaro as a judge & Stedmen will be the prosecutor. 
An email I received on June 8.  I have corrected numerous grammatical and spelling errors – but not all of them – too many and too time consuming.

    Keep the happy thoughts and letters coming!  My response to this emailer was:

    What a hoot!  Are you nuts or what?  Have a nice evening.

     I enjoy feedback of all kinds.  And, no, I don’t have the ability to put comments on this website as it now stands.  Which all brings me to several things.


    Jesse at reports he suffered a major hardware problem, lost all the contents to his previous forum and was redirecting his site to another site he owns,  Hmmm.  Sounds familiar.  But I don’t think CIP has quite the catchy note that LIP does!

    That may also be the reason the name has disappeared from the top of this site – Jesse designed it for me and a link may be broken.  I will investigate this weekend and hopefully fix it and also hopefully have a report from Jesse about how it’s all going.


    Jesse has started a new forum and who should show up but the “Crow.”  Big surprise!  Markle, you are not “Corvus the Crow” or Eric Draven.  Stop living in old movies and get in touch with reality.  Reality may hit you harder and sooner than you think.  Try telling the fellows in prison you’re the “Crow!”  What a hoot!  You can also tell them you’re a “smart troll.”  Not.


    Which, sadly, brings me to Gil Smart.  I am so, so sick of Smart.  Why don’t the Lancaster Newspapers make use of his incredible need to write (well, actually cut and paste from other sites) and move him to a daily paper?

    I just can’t imagine what these idiots are thinking to pay him to surf the web and post junk on his “blog” all day long for no other purpose than to get people stirred up.  And not in a good or thoughtful way!

    Reporters and editors having “blogs” is nothing new.  The Reading Eagle has had them for several years, for heaven’s sake.  But they have dignity and accountability and good journalism and are informative.  Smart just posts crap – to get attention - like the “gay bomb” urban legend he posted this week that went around Philly well over a year ago.

    Basic rule of thumb is this: If it's civil enough to be published in the print newspaper, it will be more than fine here.

Smart, explaining his ability to delete comments on the Talkback forum.

    Why don’t you follow your own rule, Smart?  Do you think Marv Adams would have let you publish “YOU SUKKKK!” in the Sunday News?  Do you think he would have let you publish “Not bloody likely?”

    Not bloody likely, Smart.  Don’t you have any dignity or sense?  And why have they given Smart “moderator” powers?  Can’t the regular ones handle the job?  Or is Smart so spoiled he’s offended easily?  Yes, there’s advertising on the blogs but he can’t possibly be making LNP money.  They have so discouraged “non-members” from reading their precious forum and blogs that they have at most 50 regular posters.  It’s a shame.  And it doesn’t produce advertising revenue.

    About several of the other newspaper blogs – the moderators announced that the writer of the blog has to “pre-approve” posts before they show up.  Apparently they are too lazy to do that because none have been posted even though several people said they tried.

    The whole thing is just a disorganized mess and boring as hell to boot.

    It’s the moderators that make or break a forum – and Lancaster Newspapers has some of the worst I’ve ever seen. 

    There will be more tomorrow.


    P.S.  To the emailer - I will keep up the “trashing!”  Totaro should not be a D.A. and should absolutely not be a judge for many legitimate and legal reasons.  And there may be a surprise or two coming…


Basic rule of thumb is this: If it's civil enough to be published in the print newspaper, it will be more than fine here.

                                             Gil Smart posting on “Talkback” yesterday.

    My basic rule of thumb is this:  Smart is an idiot.  Please check back late this afternoon.




    Investigators in Lancaster County are using a unique new tool to help them solve the Haines family killings.

    Just about every day, Sgt. Tom Rudzinski goes online. The Manheim Township police officer is charged with checking out blogs that mention the case.

    Police say they're also scanning online message boards for tips and theories that might lead to an arrest.

    If you would like to join our online discussion about the Haines family slayings, click here.

WGAL, “Police Scour Blogs, Message Boards in Haines Investigation,” (click here).

    Hmmm.  I suppose it works under the same theory as firemen who show up to fight the fire they set.  They can’t stay away from their crime. 

    But a “unique new tool?”  I think that’s pushing it.  And then WGAL asks if you would like to join their discussion about the Haines murders.  Hmmm.

    Tomorrow – forums.  I have a lot to say on the topic.  Who knew?

    Speaking of tools, the LCCCA meets twice tonight…






    The LCCCA Board meets twice tonight, at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the Southern Market Center.  The below is Looking at Lancaster’s coverage of their last meeting (click here).  Unbelievable.  Please check back late today…


    At the LCCCA board meeting on June 7, 2007, Tom LeCrone - who has been appointed to the LCCCA board effective September 2007 - spoke at length about his inability to gain access to any LCCCA documents, so he can be prepared to take his seat in September. Mr. LeCrone related how he was told he must file a Right-To-Know request to get any LCCCA documents; ten days later he received a letter stating the LCCCA doesn't have the staff to provide him with that information! SIX WEEKS LATER he received a SEVEN PAGE letter from LCCCA solicitors Stevens & Lee, demanding a $750 deposit for duplicating documents. Mr. LeCrone noted that letter must have cost the LCCCA several thousand dollars in legal fees to have written.
    All through Mr. LeCrone's talk, Executive Director Dave Hixson looked increasingly sick to his stomach.
    At the end of Mr. LeCrone's talk, LCCCA board member Deb Hall publicly offered to GIVE her documents to Mr. LeCrone, at which time Dave Hixson looked like he was going to lose his lunch.


~ And Then There’s (Not)Smart! ~




    Wow!  We had an incredible storm that seemed to be concentrated in the three blocks around my house…there are two parks…huge trees are down and the electricity was out for four hours. 

    I don’t know how they brought it back so fast.  A huge limb of a sycamore tree totally knocked out the top of an electrical pole around the block.  Asplungh is there removing the tree and there are four “bucket” PECO trucks with men up in all the buckets.

    News helicopters have been flying over.  I honestly believe it was a flat wind or mini tornado or something.  I have never seen anything like it.  Thank you to PECO.  It is simply amazing that we have our power back.  I will never cuss out PECO again…well…maybe not...depending on my bill and all…


    Lancaster Newspapers, in its infinite wisdom, has provided me with the ability to delete comments that, roughly translated, equate to: YOU SUKKKK!

    This ought to be amusing…

Posted by Gil Smart on his blog today…

    Get lost, Smart.  The blog will be the end of you and what a joyous occasion it will be for Lancaster!  You don’t have a clue…and nothing you post is “amusing.”  It's pathetic and everyone is seeing you for the spoiled, white frat-brat that you are.  YOU SUKKKK!

    And, no, folks, I’m not the troll.  I was banned from their sorry, ridiculous forum in September of 2004.  That’s why I have this website!  Thanks Lancaster Newspapers!


Please check back tomorrow and, once again, PECO you are amazing… 

~ Klan, Get Lost ~




    What used to be called plain speaking now has to go through a PC filter. Some groups are responsible for an inordinate amount of crime. Readers want to give Gil the boot for the things he says now, can you imagine if he hit the nail on the head?
    Ignore inconvenient truths at your own peril. But be aware myself and a growing number are not happy that your choosing ignorance is affecting our future, and the future of our children.

Posted on the Talkback forum today by a member of the Klan.

    Get lost, sicko.  You don’t scare me one bit.  Threaten me again, sicko, and your ass is grass!  The Klan doesn’t scare me!  You are pathetic little scared men and women hiding behind sheets whose own lives are so pathetic the only thing you have going for yourselves is to put others down and to feel superior to others because of your supposed “pure” white skin and “religion.  You are the ones with a documented history of violence.  You are not a growing number!  You’re one pathetic person posting as two. 

    America isn’t a “social experiment.”  This is life.  America is a mixed society and it will only get more so.  Get used to it or find a country where everyone has “white” skin and no one is Jewish or Catholic. Good luck!  Gee, we’ll really miss you when you’re gone. 

    This country will just get better because variety is the spice of life.  It’s a glorious thing!   It’s getting better every day.

    Lancaster Newspapers – get the Klan off your forum!  Don’t threaten me again, jerk.  I don’t like to be threatened and you disgust me. You don’t scare me one bit.  You're a coward.


Please check back later today...

~ And Stupid Cats! ~




    "They had the poor cat," explains Esh, "but it was dead as last year's turkey!
    "And then they had to go and get checked out for rabies!”

“Bold effort to rescue cat in tree results in feline tragedy,” by Jack Brubaker, New Era, 6-8-2007 (click here).

    How, how, how did I miss this story?  I have let you down!

    Please be patient as I try to adjust to changes in my life and publishing schedule.  I will not let this happen again.

    Brubaker begins this important article with this lead sentence:

    If you ever wonder why many fire companies no longer respond to calls to remove cats from trees, here’s your answer.

    Wrong, Jack, yet again!  It’s not even because most firemen don’t strangle the cat they’re trying to save.  It’s because, Jack, the damn cat will eventually come down by itself.  It’s a total waste of their time and energies, Jack. 

    A Talkbacker asked this excellent question:

    Seen any cat skeletons in trees lately?

    On top of that, I would ask:

    Seen any cat skeletons at the bottom of trees lately?

    What an absolute hoot!  The article has this quote about one of the firemen:

    "So the guy panicked and mistakenly strangled the poor cat!"

    Uh huh!  Sure!  These kinds of mistaken stranglings happen all the time.  Hmmm.


    You know, someone should take that idiot Gil Smart and shake some sense into the spoiled, white frat-brat.  After his previous - and very short-lived - revelation about race and class and crime, today he posts on his blog that the answer to urban crime is more police officers:

    That’s not to denigrate the cops; rather, it is to say that in Lancaster, by anyone’s measure, there are too few police officers, perhaps far too few. This, at a time when I’m told several grants that allowed the department to hire more cops over the past few years are about to run out. Meaning there soon may be even fewer police.

    But while we might agree the city needs more officers, where’s the money coming from?  City taxpayers?  Not bloody likely. Or maybe people in the county would be willing to pay a special tax to hire city officers. Not on your life.

    Smart, I don’t agree and you’re right – after paying for your employer’s $200 million dollar white elephant, the city and county taxpayers won’t have a dime left.  They’ll have a huge, empty building in the heart of downtown Lancaster and a “business” that isn’t employing anyone. 

    Tomorrow – Smart’s Sunday News "news article" and column.

    Please be patient as I try to catch up with the McCaskey graduation, the Lancaster Newspapers and racism, the convention center, the cop who shot himself – oops, I mean the cop who was shot with his own gun – the sad state of the Sunday News and more.  Thank you.


Advertising inserts:  A.C. MOORE-BOSCOV’S-CVS-EYEMART-GIANT…

Please check back late this afternoon…





    Someone opened fire at the Blue Star. There is a person shot in the head on Marietta Ave. Police said they have near riot conditions. This happened around 1:05AM County units are on stand-by!

Posted on the Talkback forum at 1:25 this morning.

    Someone put a lid on Gil Smart this Sunday.  The spoiled, white frat-brat didn’t tell us about race and class and crime.  Instead, inexplicably, he begins both his front page “news story” and his column with almost the exact same sentence, “Another day, another shooting,”  and "Another week, another shooting."  Does anyone edit his work?  This is not acceptable journalism.  And both his "news story" and his column are pointless and stupid.

     I will come back to these tomorrow and also District Attorney Donald Totaro.

    In the meantime, it is another day and apparently there were several shootings and serious incidents last night. The Lancaster Newspapers need to get with the times and update these stories now.

    “Abigail needs special care.” 

    This was the Pet of the Week headline in the Sunday News, but of course, the name got everyone’s attention and Ron Harper, Jr. posted this:

    I am so glad this isn't about Marv's daughter.

    What a hoot!  With parents like Marv and Helen, one day it will be! 


Please check back tomorrow…

LIP NEWS – 1:   SMART – 0


Please check back later today…