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~ And Dead Horses! ~



    Well, it looks like I owe Smart an apology – not!  Three front page articles!  I guess the Sunday News was out to prove he could blog and report at the same time!

    He rehashes the whole McCaskey prom nonsense and that reminds me that I owe David Porter an apology.  You see I talked by phone with him early last week and he told me exactly what he told Smart – I just never had the time to run it. 

    In addition, Porter told me that he doesn’t think he’s ever made a dime on the photos and I believe him.  He also said that if you look at his 2006 prom pictures there is also a fair bit of cleavage.  And if you don’t think there was cleavage showing at the Manheim Township prom then you are nuts. 

    But as the former LOL Boss posted on the Talkback forum this morning, this is all just beating a dead horse.  Enough is enough.  Once again, thanks to Porter for his interest in the kids and the wonderful pictures.

    Now, I have a lot to say about the coroner and the DA and many other things but they will have to wait until after the holiday.  I would also like to thank the person who contacted me yesterday.  Sexual abuse is rampant and we need to talk about it to stop it.  I think you are very brave.

    Have a nice holiday and please check back on Tuesday.


Well, well, well.  Who knew?  LIP News will publish tomorrow…


The piece below has been edited. 



    Stop brown nosing. The coverage by your company is so blantly one sided.
    It is so disturbing that not one reporter has the spine to report the other side of the story. But what is really disturbing was Peg Steinman’s hair at the ground breaking party. What a rats nest! She was scaring small children. Does she own a mirror?
    Is everyone at the paper afraid to tell her she has a birds nest on her head?

Posted by a new Talkbacker named “Shut up and get to work,” under Gil Smart’s blog entry “On the manipulation of the media” yesterday (click here -  Smart should pay me for advertising!)

    What a hoot.  What I find more disturbing about Peg than her hair, is her matching green shoes and pocket book!  (See Ron Harper’s 5thestate.)  How often does one wear dyed green shoes and dyed to match purse?  This is an astounding waste of the newspaper buying public’s money!

    And of course, all of us figured this poster to be the “Crow” – Steve Markle.  Is it?  Hmmm.  Maybe and maybe not.

    But I do think Gil should shut up and get to work!  How much money does he make the Lancaster Newspapers by “blogging?”  Doesn’t he have work to do for the Sunday News?  And your papers have manipulated the news about the convention center/hotel to the extent that you have lost all journalism integrity and ethics, Gil, and everyone knows it.  And, no, it’s not like the reporting from Iraq, you idiot!


    One quick mention about the two logos below on this site.  Obviously, some genius hired by the Marriott chain “designed” the hotel logo and Godfrey Advertising “designed” the really, really, really ugly convention center logo.  I appreciate the email from Godfrey that is reproduced below – but as one Talkbacker posted, among many:

    I could've done better with a few magic markers and a ruler.

    Yes, it’s that bad.


    And shortly after I published my piece about Smart on Thursday ("A DIRECT LINE TO GOD?"), the Great Gil posted this on his blog (the same link as above):

    So, is there a definitive source for links to blogs written in and/or about Lancaster?

    I have a couple bookmarked. Ron Harper’s, for example, though I’d say - and Harper will probably argue this - that his site isn’t a blog per se, it’s more a news site.  I like LancoYokels, it’s pretty well-written and well-reasoned, as is Artie See’s Looking at LancasterNewsLanc is also more of a news site, fairly well done, I think - and I like the surbversive nature of how NewsLanc hands out paper versions outside of Market periodically, and takes out full-page ads in the Merchandiser.

    What a hoot!  Who's missing?  As noted below, I called Gil and he “admitted” he has mine bookmarked as well, and he did add me to the list of Lancaster blogs on the right of his blog.  He seemed a little nervous.  Maybe it’s the whole “Alsdad” thing?  There will be more on that later…

       And let’s get on that list, Smart, and 


    I apologize for yesterday’s lack of a post – things happen.  LIP News will be on vacation until next Tuesday when we will return to daily publishing on a new schedule!  There will be more on the Lancaster murders, racism, journalism awards, Ernie Schreiber, Smart and forums and…well, lots, lots more.

Have a great Memorial Day!  Summer is here!    Yahoo!


If you click on Becky's site she really likes to quote us here in TB.   Doesn't she have a life??

Posted on the Talkback forum yesterday.

No!  Sniff.  Sniff.  I don’t.  Please check back early this evening…  Does anyone have a tissue?



Thursday, May 24, 2007, 3:33 PM  


    So I’d like to blogroll local blogs, and if you’ve got one, drop me a note. I don’t know that the list can be anything definitive, but the more the merrier. 

Gil Smart on his Smart Remarks blog, posted this afternoon (click here).

    I just got off the phone with Gil!  What a day I’ve had!  I informed Gil that I have a blog (I actually prefer the term “news website”, but what the hay?) - and he said he would add me!  Oh, joyous day!  I’ve never been so happy!  I can’t wait!  Please check back tomorrow… 

    Thanks, Gil!  I’ve never said a bad word about you.  Oh, joyous day! 


bad logos


Here’s Godfrey’s ugly CC logo. (Thank you to Ron Harper, Jr. and please go to his site and see his photos and write-up of this skanky affair!  Click here.)   So who designed the hotel logo?



    I just received this email with the subject title, “This is the logo developed by Godfrey”:




Chuck Manners
Executive Vice President/Partner
N. Christian St.
Lancaster, Pa.
717-393-3831, ext. 126


    I can not reproduce the attached logo here, but folks, this one is really, really, really ugly.  And how do both logos have an arc if they were done by two different firms?

    I called Chuck Manners at 12:00 noon today and he said of the hotel logo shown below on this site, "It’s absolutely not our design."

    Okay.  Who designed it?  Stay tuned…



    Over the weekend I was trolling “the Internets” to see what was being said about the ...yada yada yada...
    ...Now, OK, I spend a considerable amount of time on the Internets, post to a couple boards (though not LOL) and, you know, ugliness happens. People get a little wrapped up in the issue at hand, say things they’d never say in person, you know how it goes. Nothing to get all worked up about, because it’s not like the LOL board is any worse than any other board.
    Or is it?
Portions of Gil Smart’s blog - “Amazing, and not in a good way,” - article on the McCaskey Prom quoted on the Talkback forum.

     After quoting the above the poster said this:

     So how does this work? Gil doesn't post on LOL but many of his 'rants' are directed at 'us' posters, in a special section marked blogs to generate activity and responses and there is a user 'gsmart' with 0 posts since May 8th.

    Maybe we can e-mail and pm him directly, haven't tried it, but it'd be like a direct line to god.
    Anyway, as I tried to post in the blog section, which I didn't have permission, I conjectured with fair certainty that 'blogs' don't count as posts sort of like the old 'playground' forum.
    Trolling you say Gil? I think that your blog may fit that bill.
    How is Gil's blog any different than say Becky reporting about what goes on within the confines of LOL?  No wonder Markel has a fixation with you Mr. Smart, you’re so darn cute. Would you look at that mug.

    Thank you BB - but you forgot advertising revenue!  And there is no difference, excerpt I’m better – and nicer – and smarter - and have a prettier mug!  But you are right - this is just weird.  Smart apparently can only post to his own blog and not on the actual Talkback forum.  How stupid.  Don't they trust him?

     And Smart, you did post on the LOL forum, as “Alsdad,” so don’t even try it. 

    There will be much more tomorrow on forums, Smart (Alsdad), the CC logo, the skanky CC party and more and please see the boxes below which are new today.  Missy Martino from Godfrey Advertising says their firm didn’t do the hotel logo – only the convention center logo.  Hmmm… She is double checking and said she would call me back….



    Oh, this is rich!  Oh, this is so rich!  While everyone talks about one McCaskey prom dress, nude pictures are on a Lancaster Online blog!  Click here.  Oh, this is rich!


bad logos


Are you kidding me?  From  Don't pay Godfrey Advertising for this crap!



Please check back later today…



Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 5:03 PM  


    Ron Harper, Jr. just reported by phone that the protestors at the Fulton Theater for the party for the publicly funded hotel and convention center are closing up shop.  “We saw Peggy [Steinman] and Dale [High] and everybody,” he said.  Harper reportedly had a large, sheet cake with black icing with dollar signs inscribed on it.  Hopefully, he will post  pictures of the party goers later today or tomorrow and I will link to his site.

    Talkbackers, for God’s sake, the four men who were just arrested for the murder of Ray Diener, were arrested from a Crime Stopper “tip.”  Let’s look at the evidence against them before we take them out and shoot them!!  One is 16 years old, for heaven's sake.

    Smart, you can’t out-blog me!  Rumors are swirling in the Haines’ murders (click here), also about a possible sixteen year old perpetrator.  Nothing so far has been confirmed by police. 

    Please check back tomorrow. 

~ It’s Your $$$! ~



    Yes, I had a column-and-a-half for you today.  Smart has sex on his prom night (did we need to know that?) and I spoke to David Porter and the York Daily Record and more…

     But all of that has to wait until tomorrow because of today’s skanky – oops! – I mean - swanky - soiree being paid for by us.

    Please see the “Breaking News” box immediately below and meet Ron Harper, Jr. at the Fulton Theater today between 3:30 p.m. and 3:45 p.m.  This site will have a picture and full coverage later today!

    What will the convention center logo be?  A dead white elephant is my best guess!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

[This email in from Ron Harper, Jr.   Call him at 717-471-6520 for more information and PROTEST!]


Convention Center Celebration?

Peasants Protest Publicly Paid Party


    Various citizens and citizens’ groups will gather in front of the Fulton Theater on Wednesday May 23 at 3:40 p.m. to greet sponsors of the publicly funded downtown hotel and convention center project as the sponsors arrive for a reception held in their own honor.

    "This party – taking place for no apparent reason – is a slap in the face to the taxpayers, who are footing the bill for the majority of the expense," said Ron Harper, Jr., editor of organizer of the demonstration.

    "It seems these people who are spending the public’s money on this project, including this party, are treating us like peasants; like we should just ‘eat cake’ and be satisfied with that." Harper said, "Well, maybe if we ‘eat cake’ then we can forget about the $200 million taxpayer-funded project they are shoving down our throats."

    Taxpayer revenue fully funds both the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority (LCCCA) and the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors’ Bureau (PDCVB), organizations that will pay for two-thirds of the cost of the swanky soiree.   Lancaster Newspapers, and High Associates -- each 50 percent stakeholders in the city-funded hotel -- will split the remaining one-third of the cost of the party.


Smart Sex?  Yikes!  Who?  Why?

Oh, my gosh!  Please check back later today…


~ And Christians ~



    I also have to ask, considering the frequency with which racism rears its head on various threads: Would the same comments have been made about girls at county high schools other than McCaskey?

Helen Colwell Adams on her blog this morning ‘Why are Christians so mean?’ (click here).

   Good for Helen.  Finally, she says something sensible.  Lancaster Online closed and deleted two threads dealing with the McCaskey prom pictures by David Porter (see the boxes below). 

    The remaining open threads are under Adam’s blog and under Gil Smart’s blog where he also came out yesterday blasting some of the comments being made on the forum in his post, “Amazing. And not in a good way,” (click here).

     I am in agreement with Adams and Smart?  Yikes!  But yes, I most certainly am.

    Most of the posters said the girls looked like streetwalkers, they didn't call the girls streetwalkers. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.

Posted by a very Christian lady under Adams’ piece this morning.

    There is no difference and as I posted a long time ago – you give all Mennonites a bad name. 


     I think this board is a great idea, not only to help others in the healing process but also to throw around theories that the police never thought about. I am sure they are monitoring this board as well as many other places. It may look as if we are playing *Clue* to you but I think it makes people feel better to discuss this sad tragedy and it brings the community together.

Posted today on the Talkback forum regarding the Haines’ murders.

    Yes, that’s what forums are for and they serve an excellent function.  While the discussion of the McCaskey prom goes on – all eyes are now pointed at Manheim Township.

    I had numerous calls and emails over the weekend and everyone pointed to either an acquaintance/”friend” of Kevin or Maggie as the perpetrator.  It would seem that is playing out with the emphasis on Kevin.

    WGAL has an interesting interview with Sgt. Thomas Rudzinski of the Manheim Township police who tells us his daughter attends the high school (click here and then click on their link to the “raw video.”)

    Sgt. Rudzinski seems like a very nice man but I think the video also indicates a complete lack of any solid leads in this murder.  I’m curious as to why students are being interviewed at the school and not in their homes.  Couldn’t their home environment tell investigators a great deal more about them?  And how deeply disturbing this must all be for the students in that high school.

     My daughter is a student at the high school and I have to chuckle when she comes home because she comes home with some really far-out theories.  And they’re not all true.  Certainly somewhere in there is some truth but we don’t know what the truth is at this point.

Sgt. Rudzinski on the WGAL video.

    Ron Harper, Jr. has just posted a layout of the Haines house from the Lancaster Assessment Office on the Talkback forum.  We have been told so little.  The police must have theories on the order of the killings and how the killer entered and left the house.  And how and where did the killer go?   There are no reports of a car in the area – either arriving or leaving and apparently police dogs picked up a “trail.”  Did the killer park a car several blocks away?  Did he walk to where ever he was going?  He must have had a great deal of blood on his body and clothes.

    It just doesn’t add up.  Or maybe it does – and that’s why the police are currently centered on the high school.

    We want to put a face on this crime.

Sgt. Rudsinski on WGAL.

    We must put a face on this crime.  And everyone is doing their utmost to try and help the police put a face on this crime.  We need answers.  We are human.  We need answers. 


There will be more on the Quakers later this week.

Quaker school faces bleak future

Headline to an article in the Intell, May 19, 2007 (click here  for the full text).



Please check back later today…


~ And Racism ~



    Where the white women at? Yeah, very classy, but what do you expect? Dad is not around and mom works a job where she makes $7/hour. Sad to say, but we should maybe just be glad that these girls will actually graduate.

Posted under David Porter’s McCaskey Prom pictures (click here).

    This is racism, plain and simple.  It’s disgusting.  The pictures are beautiful and so are the young people in them.  Yes, one or two of the girls have dresses on that could be described as "tacky."  Tough.  That was their choice and their style. 

    If you saw pictures of Hempfield’s or Solanco’s prom would you ask, “Where the black women at?”  You don’t think anyone looked “tacky” at Hempfield’s or Manheim Township’s or any other school proms?   Why?  Because they are predominately white?  Right!  Think again.

    I can assure you these girls are not "hookers"... What a way to think! Judging teenagers who are having fun by dressing up for their prom is just plain silly! It may not be your taste (OR mine)--but let's not label them so negatively. As I said in earlier post--many of these girls will go on to become nurses, teachers, etc. And they won't be wearing their prom "get-ups" for job interviews. Get real! Give them a chance! We're all different and we come from very varied backgrounds. If everyone was judged and then dismissed by their apparel...what a sad world it would be.

Posted under the same Talkback thread.

    Thank you for some reason.  The whole discussion is simply amazing and shows how deep racism runs.


    Which brings me to forums and the liars and frauds who lurk on them.  It was this month last year that I finally chased the “men’s rights” sicko off the forum and I will have a look at that later this week. 

    But what really makes me mad are the people who draw other people in and those people think they have an “actual” friend – when in fact – everything the person has posted about themselves is a lie.  They are nothing but trolls with an ulterior motive.  There will also be more on this coming…

    Great job, David! You show a real interest in the kids! They look terrific!

Posted on the Talkback forum.

    Yes, thank you David Porter.  You make these kids feel important and special and they are.  Great pictures! 



    Wow….I knew I was of touch, but didn’t realize how much until I looked at some of those dresses. How sad that these girls don’t realize that people won't get past their half exposed breasts and midrift pudge to actually see inner beauty or brains.

Posted on the Talkback forum.

    Are we looking at the same pictures?  Click here for beautiful McCaskey Prom pictures by David Porter.  The girls at my son’s eighth grade graduation party wore more “revealing” dresses than these.   Please check back later today…. SAY WHAT?


~ It’s About Time! ~

Former President Carter Blasts Bush


    Former President Carter says President Bush’s administration is "the worst in history" in international relations, taking aim at the White House's policy of pre-emptive war and its Middle East diplomacy.

    …"We now have endorsed the concept of pre-emptive war where we go to war with another nation militarily, even though our own security is not directly threatened, if we want to change the regime there or if we fear that some time in the future our security might be endangered," he said. "But that's been a radical departure from all previous administration policies."

    …Carter also lashed out Saturday at British prime minister Tony Blair.  Asked how he would judge Blair's support of Bush, the former president said: "Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient."
    "And I think the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world," Carter told British Broadcasting Corp. radio.

Click here for the full text and please check back on Monday.




    I have found the one and only interesting item in the new Lancaster Newspaper “blogs” and it’s a mystery/mistake.  You see, Jeff Reinhart’s “View From The Press Box” blog says it has had 39,938 visitors to date.  And Jason Guarente’s “Barnstormin’” blog has had 36,904 visitors.

    Consider poor Gil Smart.  His blog says he has had only 1,112 visitors and Helen Colwell Adams’ blog has had only 394.  Mike Gross and his “The Jockstrap Chronicles’” blog (I’m not making that up) has had only 265 visitors.

    Now, something is amiss here.  This can’t be.  Lancaster Online needs to check their “counters” and correct them.  There is no way that 36,904 people visited a boring blog about the boring Barnstormers in a little over a week.  No way.  I think Gil’s number is more in line with reality.

    Are these blogs exciting?  Are you missing something if you don’t go there every day?  Are you missing out on breaking news or updates?  The answers are no, no and no. 

    I was going to tell you that I would be your “blog resource.”  I was going to offer to read them every day and alert you if there was something interesting posted. 

    I have bailed.  I cannot put myself through that torture.  They are too hard to navigate and too boring to read. 

     I am so under whelmed and saddened by them that I am taking the rest of the day off to clear my thought processes.  “Potholes and Road Apples?”  Only in Lancaster County.

    The Lancaster Online blogs are here.


~ And Coffee! ~



    Took the baby girl - now 7 months old, thanks for asking - up to the Warwick Township health campus Monday, to an audiologist.

Posted by Gil Smart on his “Smart Remarks” blog yesterday under “Insurance Hell.”

    I didn’t know we were supposed to keep track of your children’s ages, Gil.  I honestly don’t give a damn. 

    Smart continues to blog at an amazing rate.  He’s like a man who was marooned on an island for years with no one to talk to.  How long can he keep this up?   Hopefully, not long. 

    Tomorrow – honestly - I will take a look at the new Lancaster Newspaper “blogs.”  (This will require outrageous amounts of coffee and sweets on my part, so I hope you appreciate my suffering!)


    However, Totaro did say West Donegal "residents should take the same precautions that are being taken in Manheim Township."

District Attorney Donald Totaro quoted in today’s Intell article, “Suspects wanted in 2 killing cases.”

    That’s nice, Totaro.  Two weeks after the murder of Ray Diener, you advise residents of the neighborhood to take precautions. 

    They are now offering a $25,000 reward in that case.

    Something keeps bugging me about this....... if a random burglar finds a house with the doors unlocked, wouldn’t he grab what he could from the downstairs and get out of there as quickly and quietly as possible? Why would he even go to the upper level of the house and take the chance of waking someone up? If the bodies had been found downstairs I might believe that it was a foiled burglary, but GIVEN THE INFORMATION THUS FAR I believe that this was an intentional act that had nothing to do with burglary. What do the rest of you think?

Posted today on the Talkback forum regarding the Haines’ murders.

    I agree.  Something is very, very bizarre here and hopefully the police can put all of the pieces of this puzzle together. 

    For all of you who went out and bought guns as a result of these yourself a favor and get some training with your firearm. The only thing more dangerous than not having a firearm to protect your home and family is having one and not knowing how to use it. Additionally, if you bought a gun for protection, are you committed to using it to kill someone? If not, get rid of it now because when you hesitate, the bad guy will take it from you and you'll be on the wrong end of the barrel. Just a word for the wise.

Posted today on the Talkback forum.

    Excellent advice.  And the fastest way to stop the rampant fear is for the police to make arrests in both of these recent, horrific murders.


    The Floyd Landis hearing has taken a chaotic twist.

    Fellow American Tour de France champion Greg LeMond revealed he had been sexually abused as a child and claimed the Landis camp tried to use it as blackmail to keep LeMond from testifying.

WGAL website, “Landis Hearing Takes Strange Twist,” (click here).

    This is also very bizarre and let me say one thing about Floyd Landis and be done with it.  I don’t care.  That’s right.  I don’t care.

    Well, I’m off to buy massive amounts of coffee and donuts for tomorrow’s undertaking.  If Landis had stuck to coffee, he wouldn’t need a “defense fund.”



~ Too Bizarre & Brutal ~



     Additionally, the suspect may have injuries to their hands, arms or other parts of their body.

From the text of the Manheim Township Police Department’s news release yesterday on WGAL (click here).

    It would seem that’s a little late in coming out as some wounds would be healing four or five days later.  That’s what we have at this time – someone who is unaccounted for for two hours and may have visible injuries. 

    Oh, my.  WGAL tells us this morning that the FBI is using a profiler.  That may shed more light on the suspect.

    If she was awakened by shouting and her mom told her to get help there is nothing inconsistent with her leaving the house to call the cops given that there was someone in the house.
    If she recognized the voice maybe the cops are trying to give that person a false sense of security because they left the area and do not want to alert them so they fly off to South America but want them to return thinking the cops believe it was someone else.

Posted today on the Talkback forum  regarding the daughter who left the house and went for help,  under yesterday’s Intell article, “Police follow leads in slayings.”

    Sorry, but this can’t possibly be.  If  “she recognized a voice” the name would and should be plastered all over the news and the police would not be desperately asking for the public’s help.

    "On the surface, it strikes me so much like 'In Cold Blood' by Truman Capote," he said. "The family is murdered by intruders, and no one knows what happened. There is no motive. It's all not clear."

A quote from Joel Eigen, an F&M sociology professor in this morning’s Intell article, “Killer may be hurt,” (click here).

    When in doubt, call a Franklin & Marshall professor for quotes!  I think “In Cold Blood” jumped into everyone’s mind. 

    Eigen said weapons used in killings — in this case, a knife — can often be telling for investigators.

    "Knives are very curious," he said. "Most burglars would be armed with a gun in fear of someone surprising them.

    "It's unusual for a burglar to carry a knife. Perhaps (the killer) was surprised and ran to the kitchen for a knife."

Professor Eigen quoted again in the same Intell article cited above.

    Well, there’s nothing new here and I’m sure one of the first things they asked the daughter was if any kitchen or other knives are missing from an inventory they would have taken.

    No, the professor offers nothing new except the possibility that this crime may not be solved. 

    I disagree.  This crime will be solved.  It’s too bizarre and brutal and out of the “ordinary.”  It will be solved.



Is coming later today…


~ Judge This! ~



    District Attorney Donald Totaro (“The Don”) was far and away the top Republican vote getter for judge in yesterday’s primary.  I’m not surprised.

    He has name recognition and the Lancaster Newspapers have never questioned a thing this man has done.  And they should.  Oh, yes, they should.

    If you read below on this website, you will find seven very valid and important reasons why Totaro should never be a judge.  The eight additional reasons will be coming shortly.

    Well, all those ads for Democratic judicial candidate Stephen Cody on Lancaster Online and WGAL didn’t do him any good.  I wonder how much he paid?  Good for Sam Mecum who deserved to be elected last time he ran and lost by only slightly over 5,000 votes.   Interesting for Republican Lucy Longo on the Democratic side.  There will be more on a personal conflict that was brought up during her campaign and also the personal past of Republican judicial candidate, Assistant District Attorney Christopher Hackman.


    Just what we need, a republican "lifer" and a governmental neophyte. One who lost track of, what was it, $1.3million; and one who feels we need to provide more government "service" to the people. Hold on to your wallets, if they let us actually keep our wallets.

Posted under yesterday’s New Era article, “Stuckey/Martin edging out competition in early polls.”

    My feelings exactly on the Republic commissioner’s race.  At least we were spared the return of Charlie (Cannonball) Smithgall.


    Congratulations to R.B. Campbell, who won in spite of Charlie Smithgall's attempts to keep him off the ballot.

    … Congratulations to Kathleen Harrison, a community activist who is willing to stand up and speak out for better local government.

Posted under today’s Intell article, “Campbell among GOP city council nominees.”

    Indeed, congratulations to both!


    “Police follow leads in slayings.”

    This morning’s Intell’s front page headline on the Manheim Township triple homicide.

    The Intell continues with their “common sense” headlines.  What else would the police be doing? 

    "Today we've got investigators from all over the place going literally all over Manheim Township and beyond to try to track down some leads that we actually did get from yesterday's press conference. We're chasing those down. We're doing everything we possibly can to try figure out who did this and why," said Sgt. Tom Rudzinski of the Manheim Township Police Department.

From the WGAL website (click here).

    This, District Attorney Donald Totaro, is why you have press conferences and release as much information as you can without compromising the investigation.  Why didn’t you do the same on the murder of Ray Diener?  It has been two weeks and those neighbors have to be as worried as the Manheim Township neighbors.

    Mr. Haines and his son had both been stabbed multiple times in the chest. Mrs. Haines was stabbed once in the abdomen, investigators said.

    … Kirchner provided some details Tuesday about the slayings.

    "These killings are violent and brutal," Kirchner said. "This is not a sterile hit."

Kirchner said the term "sterile hit" is used to describe a homicide scene with little blood, often a sign the crime was done quickly.

    This was done "up close and personal," Kirchner said.

From the Intell article cited above (click here).

    This gets more and more brutal and I think the reaction and postings on the Lancaster Newspaper’s Talkback forum have so far shown tremendous restraint and common sense.  Let’s hope for an arrest today.


    You wake up and the intruder is already standing over you with a knife, or with his gun: You are screwed.

Posted by Gil Smart yesterday on his Lancaster Online blog, “Smart Remarks.”

    Somebody stop Smart (again)!  He made six posts yesterday and one already today.  Doesn’t he have some work to do for the Sunday News? 

    I keep promising a report on these new blogs and it will be forthcoming.  Maybe the Lancaster Newspapers could attach electrodes to his brain and maintain a constant, 24 hour blog of Smart’s thoughts and brain functions. 

    Yikes!  I have scared myself!  That was a joke, Lancaster Online!    Am I screwed?  


~ And Hidden Talent ~

“Police say killer

still on the loose”


    This is the huge, lead headline in today’s Intell.  What kind of stupid headline is that?  Of course a killer is still on the loose.  If someone had been arrested don’t you think they would have reported it? 

    This case gets stranger and more bizarre with the detail that they were stabbed.  As one Talkbacker noted, stabbings are considered “personal” in nature and obviously more defensible than an intruder with a gun.

    And then there is the daughter.  Doesn’t she have a cell phone?  Do you know any college student without one?  Is there a land phone in her bedroom?  Which door did she use to leave the house and get help?

    Is it one killer or more?  The Intell headline points to one and although the police aren’t saying, most signs seem to point in that direction.  In the press conference video on WGAL, Manheim Township Police Chief Neil J. Harkins says of the killer:

    “He’s in the community someplace.”

    And District Attorney Donald Totaro was at the press conference looking concerned. His main ability seems to be to wear a suit and tie fairly well.  Totaro said:

    "This has been a top priority since Saturday morning.  We will spare no expenses, manpower or resources."

    That is stating the blatantly obvious and Totaro has never spared any expense when it comes to the District Attorney’s office. 

     Chief Harkins did say he thinks the case will be solved by someone in the community who has information on “someone in the Haines family or the person who committed this crime.”  If you have any information you are asked to call the Manheim Township Police Department at (717) 569-6401.


    This is going to be the first of a periodic series of what I call “Rock and Roll Archaeology.” Which is to say that I don’t listen to a whole lot of the music being made today, I prefer to go digging in the dirt of yesterday and unearth fossils - gems - that I, and maybe you, missed.

Gil Smart from his Lancaster Online blog, “Smart Remarks.”

    Spare us!  Oh, please spare us!  Not more Smart!  There will be more on the new newspaper blogs tomorrow, but if you want to read someone who has real talent regarding the music industry - surprise, surprise – Tom Knapp, reporter for the Intell, has an excellent website which he describes as:

    Your best source on the web for reviews of folk, roots & traditional music, plus speculative fiction, folklore, concerts, movies and more.

    And he’s not lying.  Imagine covering Columbia Boro Council meetings and then writing this!  Talk about hidden talent.  Click here  for 


And check back later today…


~ For Us! ~



    It is everyone’s worst nightmare.  An armed invader in your home in the middle of the night.  And apparently that’s what happened in Manheim Township early Saturday morning and three family members are dead.

    It is a horrific and scary tragedy as we await more information.  And the public has a right to know that information as it becomes available.

    Yesterday morning I picked up the phone and called the Manheim Township Police Department.  I was transferred to Sergeant Jeff Jones.  I said I was a reporter for the Lancaster Independent Press.  I then clarified, as I almost always do, that I am not affiliated with the Lancaster Newspapers.

    Jones was open and honest.  It’s what I expect from the police and rarely find in Lancaster County.  He told me information the public needs to know to protect themselves – there is a killer, or killers, on the loose.  And he suggested the public take common sense precautions, as they should. 

    Jones did his job – protecting the public.

    At the end of the conversation, he asked for my website address. 

    I would like to commend the Sergeant - and District Attorney Donald Totaro should take a lesson from him. 

    Last week I published this about another very disturbing and unsolved, recent murder:


    Finally, a sad and very strange story that began with this ridiculous headline, “’Perfect citizen’ slain” in Thursday’s New Era (click here).  

    What in the world is going on here and where’s today’s follow-up?  The original article linked to above includes the following:

    A policeman at the scene who did not give his name said Diener had been shot.
    Totaro [Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro] would not confirm that detail this morning.
    "It is a homicide investigation," Totaro said.

    …He would not say how the homicide happened, whether or not it was random, or if neighbors should take extra safety precautions.

    That’s not acceptable, Mr. Totaro.  That’s your job – keeping people safe.  The neighbors have an absolute right to know.  There is no excuse for this whatsoever. 

    And let’s solve this crime, Totaro.



    Compare theses two situations in which the public’s safety was and is at risk.   

    We pay the police to protect us.  They work for us.  Sergeant Jeff Jones understands that.  District Attorney Donald Totaro does not.

    Let’s hope that in the coming days more information will be released on both of these tragedies and the killers arrested.  The public has a right, and a need, to know.


Tomorrow - Blogs R Us?




     I spoke to Sergeant Jeff Jones of the Manheim Township Police by phone at 9:45 a.m. today.  He stated, “There is a murderer on the loose.”  He confirmed the deaths of Tom, Lisa and Kevin Haines were not a murder/suicide.   They are advising members of the community to take “standard” precautions – lock your doors and watch your children.  He said at this time they do not have a motive and cannot say whether this was a random act or if the family was targeted.  (See the box immediately below.)



    What is going on?  (Click here.)   A Talkbacker posted this:

    Either a family member snapped, or this is yet another middle of the night home invasion.

   I don’t know which would be worse…



     Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts college in Lancaster, Pa., annually gives an award named after an incest perpetrator and academic fraud.  The president of the college, John A. Fry, doesn’t care about sexual abuse.  He doesn’t care if your daughter or son is sexually abused.

     Do not send your children to this over-priced college that condones the sexual abuse of children. They will not be safe.  See below and click here for the Incest Story. 



    "Justice Department studies show that 80 percent of victims never report," Stein said. "The same study reported that 20 percent of girls under age 18 are sexually molested.

    "These are very hidden crimes."

Lancaster psychologist Robert M. Stein quoted in the May 10, 2007 Intell article, “Pa. sex-offender law changing.”

    We have to stop hiding these crimes.  It’s the only way to stop them.

    As I type, Franklin & Marshall College is having their graduation ceremony and awarding a student the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award.  President Fry never had the common decency to return my phone call.

    This has reached a ludicrous level.  I have not only proven that my father is an incest perpetrator, but also that he is an academic fraud who never had the credentials to be a professor in the first place. 

    I will have much more on all of this later.  But do know, President Fry, that I will not give up and I did email CNN’s Wolf Blizter, today’s commencement speaker, and I will contact every possible person I can regarding your deeply disturbing avoidance and ignorance on this issue.


    A lack of employment opportunities for young minorities living in Lancaster city is contributing to the recent wave of violence, a panel of city church leaders said Friday.

    "Economic background breeds gangs," said the Rev. Gerald Simmons, of Faith Tabernacle Church of God in Christ on South Ann Street. "Our young people are employable and they need a life that's productive and meaningful.

    "If our alternative is to lock people up, then we demand the business community help. We need alternatives, not just talk.

    "We are beyond the point of business as usual."

‘Beyond the point of business as usual,’ today’s Intell.

    Twenty-five years and nothing has changed.  I hold the Lancaster Newspapers directly responsible for the huge racial divide and lack of progress in Lancaster.  Once again, click here for an article I wrote for the Philadelphia Tribune in 1981.  Nothing has changed. 

    And Lancaster Newspapers, get the Klan off your forum!  There will be more on this later.


    A jury Thursday acquitted a 26-year-old man accused of selling $450 worth of cocaine to an informant in a Lancaster Township restaurant parking lot.

    After deliberating for about an hour, the jury found Alejandro Rafael Yens not guilty of delivery of cocaine.

    Yens, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, spent 14 months in Lancaster County Prison while awaiting trial.

“Man not guilty of selling cocaine,” Intell, May 11, 2007.

    The “informant” in this story is never named.  Who is it and how many times has this person been used?  This reminds me of Danny Krushinski!

    One of my least favorite Talkback posters (“Starling” the men’s rights sicko) posted this:

    Ever sit on a jury? It’s hard to find that much stupid in one room. The cops do their job and if the jury members don’t understand the evidence, they dismiss it.

    Get lost!  What a sicko!  You claim to be a lawyer (again).  Sometimes the cops don’t do their job and sometimes they arrest the wrong person and sometimes they don’t have enough evidence.  That’s why we have trials in America and people are presumed innocent until found guilty. 

    This was a drug task force.  Another Talkbacker posted this:

    The guy wasn't arrested at the scene, the true identity of the man wasn't made until 3 months later, and now 4 years later the only thing linking this man to the crime is the word of an informant and the ID of a detective sitting in a car 40 feet away. Oh, and an audio tape that the jury for one reason or another was not confident that it was the voice of the defendant. Finger prints and photos have been a part of detective work for decades and isn't something only seen on CSI.

    Who is the “informant” and how was this botched so badly?


    After an uproar erupted about killing an old widow’s beloved pet…

“Handfed doe still on the lam in Conestoga,” today’s Intell.

    Yes, Baby the piebald deer, is back in the news.  I never did finish my story about Ron Harper, Jr.’s heroic mission to find Baby.  He, of course, failed.  And I feel foolish. 

    You see, it was pointed out to me that after Baby went “missing” and the Game Commission suddenly reversed everything they had said about first killing and then capturing the deer and sending it to two rehabilitation centers, that all of this was just to try to restore their public image.  They only did that because they knew Baby was already dead. 

    Hmmm…  Conspiracy theory or true?


    What a crock of sh*.
    The related articles are full of bull too:

Posted by a Talkbacker under the New Era, May 10, 2007 article, “The sweet smell of manure.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Have a happy Mother’s Day and please check back on Monday.


    Oh, this is rich!  Oh, this is so rich!  Gil – I’d talk to you but I was banned in 2004.  Oh, this is rich!  Gil, you need me.  You really, really need me.  Click here.  Please check back tomorrow...

~ Vote No To Stuckey-Martin! ~



    And while I’m talking about hacks, this is from the Stuckey Martin website (click here) and this is why not a single person should vote for these idiots and not one person should give them a single dollar:

    We will oppose anything which weakens the integrity and safety of families.

~   We believe in a culture of life.

~  We will assure that not a dollar of County money goes to support Planned Parenthood. 

~   We will stop any attempt to introduce casino gambling into Lancaster County.


    I printed the above last Saturday from their website.  That page has now been taken down.  Their site has been updated and made “fancy” with pictures and lots of “issues” all of a sudden a few days before the primary.

    Now, under their “Issues” page there is this:

Note: Views are not listed in order of importance.

Abortion- We are pro-life, and we believe that every child deserves a chance. We believe that protecting the sanctity of life goes much further than the womb.  Not a dollar of county tax money will ever go towards the funding of any abortion activity in Lancaster County.

    This is 2007.  It simply amazes me that these idiots can say that not a dollar of County money should go to support Planned Parenthood and then carefully disguise that message under the hot-button “abortion.”

    Planned Parenthood does more to prevent abortions than any agency in this country.  The Lancaster office does not perform abortions – but, yes, they will counsel their clients regarding the option.  Abortion is a legal right for every woman in this country and every woman has a right to be made aware of that. 

    A pregnant woman has three options:  give birth and raise the child; give birth and give the child up for adoption or abortion.  These are their three legal rights.

    And I can’t believe, and I’m sick and tired of the thought, that these two arrogant men think they can deny women access to proper health care.  From the national Planned Parenthood website:

    Planned Parenthood health centers offer high-quality sexual and reproductive health care, including family planning, gynecological care, STI/STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, and abortion services.

    And they do the above for women who could not normally afford such care.  Once again, pay attention to their name.  They do more to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, and thus, abortions, than any agency in this country.

    This is 2007.    Keep Stuckey and Martin out of women’s private lives and legal decisions and maintain quality health care for women. 




Tomorrow – the death of the New Era, Wolf Blizter, F&M and more…



The Lancaster New Era is toast!  Please check back later today…


~ Perfect? ~



    Police are still looking for the men, who shot Diener, a 65-year-old "perfect gentleman," multiple times a week ago outside his brick ranch home set in a pleasant slice of the West Donegal Township countryside.

“E-town murder still a mystery,” yesterday’s New Era (click here).

    Something ain’t right here.  Something just ain’t right.  If you recall, this story broke last Wednesday with the New Era headline, “’Perfect citizen’ slain.”  Do you suppose the papers would ever run that headline about a black or Hispanic man?  And now he’s being labeled a “perfect gentleman.”

    His family released one of the strangest statements I have ever read, which included in part:

    He had a gift for inventing games and starting competitions among any group of people. He was known for changing the rules to benefit his play and could argue the point with such grace and passion that you simply had to agree so the game could continue.

    He could truly make every person know they were special.

    Because of Ray, his family is together and just as strong without his physical presence. We know completely that we are truly blessed to know and love him, and that we are loved by him.

    If you knew Ray, you know all this to be an absolute truth.

    It is with real sadness that Elizabethtown will never be the same.

    I believe you – well, maybe.  But something ain’t right. 

    The big question is the motive for the killing.
    Did the two men target Diener for a reason?
    Did they follow him home from his business, thinking he may have collected money there, and they could rob him of that?
    Or did they simply randomly show up at his home, planning a robbery there?
From the same New Era story cited above.

    Oh, I don’t think this was random.  If they were going to rob him, why didn’t they?  If they were going to rob his home, why didn’t they?  No offense, but I don’t think his wife being home would have stopped them.  They shot him in cold blood.  These aren’t nice men.  And it appears to me that they had one purpose and one purpose only – to kill Ray Diener.

    Why?  Maybe Ray wasn’t a ‘perfect citizen’ after all?   I predict some strange twists coming down the pike in this case.   And let’s stay on the police and the District Attorney, Lancaster Newspapers, and get this case solved, unlike Jonathan Luna’s and others…

    This is not to take away from the gun violence in Lancaster City which is escalating out of control.  A look at that and other news tomorrow.