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    Also coming soon to this website - my incredible recipe for Cream of Dried Beef (yes, there is a “secret” ingredient) and “BeingReal - Get Lost!” 

    You had to go this low to post an article about a woman possibly abusing a man?  Click here for, “Daly Tells Police Wife Attacked Him With Knife.”   

    Those are not knife marks.  Somebody (gasp!) scratched him or maybe this winner did it to himself. 

    Hey, BeingReal, why don’t you tell us your favorite Lancaster pizza joint?  Huh?  Maybe because you’re a total fraud and liar?  Who knew?

~ It’s Not Fine! ~



    “My office is right in the middle of downtown Lancaster, and on Tuesdays and Fridays I’m over at market - Meck’s, mostly - and down to the bank or the drugstore or even the pawn shop at the end of the block down by Prince Street, looking for cheap guitars. And it’s all perfectly safe, I’ve never felt otherwise. My experience of ‘city life’ is, well, fine.”

Sunday News assistant editor Gil Smart in his “blog.”

    Sometimes people are so stupid, blind and arrogant it almost knocks you off your feet.    But when that person should know better and is a “public figure,” it is disgusting and unacceptable.

    Smart walks twenty-five feet or less to go to Market on Tuesdays and Fridays in the middle of the day!  Wow!

    Yes, he leaves the fortified Lancaster Newspaper office and walks across the street!  He even says sometimes he walks one whole block down Prince Street (gasp!) and goes to a pawn shop. 

    And Smart declares the city is “safe.”

    And after his one block foray into city life, Smart returns to his office where you have to be buzzed in or have a card to enter.  But that only gets you in the lobby – to move anywhere else in the building you have to have an access card or be allowed in.

    Does that sound like the city is safe to you?  This is a newspaper office, for heaven’s sake.  What do you suppose they are so afraid of?

    And Smart returns to his editorial room where the Lancaster Sunday News does not have a minority reporter or editor in a city that is 35% Hispanic and 15% black. 

    And then, Smart gets a revelation:

    It’s a race issue to the extent that the blacks and Latinos doing the shootings are of the underclass.

    Gee.  Do you think, Smart?  They certainly can’t get a job at the Lancaster Newspapers, that’s for sure.  Why is that? 

    But his very next sentence, after his amazing discovery that it may have something to do with race and class, Smart says this:

    Essentially, you have a tremendous amount of poor Latino and to a lesser extent black families in the city, you have children having children, you have fathers who are not around and thus kids who are growing up without any paternal role models - Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote about all of this 42 years ago. It’s still happening. We really don’t talk about it.

    So, this doesn’t happen in white families, Smart?  This doesn’t happen in the nice, white, up-scale community where you live?

    What a load of bullshit.  This is blatant, disgusting racism and Smart should be fired. 

     Smart ends his blog entry with this:

    I’m going to write about this for the print edition this week, maybe the perception versus reality aspect. It is the topic du jour, these shootings just keep on happening and the summer’s only just begun. It is going to be a long, hot one.

     I thought the one block of the city you travel was safe, Smart?  Now “these shootings just keep on happening?”

    Oh, I can’t wait to read your thoughts about this tomorrow.  The white, spoiled frat-brat is going to tell us all about the reality of it.  Don’t worry – I’ll be right here.

    Smart is so stupid he can’t see the racism literally all around him - because he is a racist.  On top of that he’s a liar and an arrogant, lousy writer and editor.   I hear the Lancaster Newspapers are in need of a janitor, Smart.

    Please check back tomorrow.


     Argh…  I apologize.  It’s been a crazy day and I just don’t have time to put up a “quality” post.  I don’t want to be like Smart, who as of 4:10 p.m. today, has already made six stupid posts!  Doesn’t he have any “real” work to do?

     Tomorrow – Smart, the McCaskey graduation, Art Morris and the cop who was shot with his own gun…


    “My office is right in the middle of downtown Lancaster, and on Tuesdays and Fridays I’m over at market - Meck’s, mostly - and down to the bank or the drugstore or even the pawn shop at the end of the block down by Prince Street, looking for cheap guitars. And it’s all perfectly safe, I’ve never felt otherwise. My experience of ‘city life’ is, well, fine.”




~ And A Racist! ~




    "His neighborhood, as with much of the West End, has seen an increase in crime, and the constant presence of a large group of teenage kids, many of them African-American, congregating in the alley behind his house might make some people nervous."
From a Sunday News article last July by Gil Smart about David Porter and his Tornado Alley Hoops.

    I posted the following on on July 23, 2006, under a thread I had begun about racism in Lancaster. 
    How did this sentence make it to print? Because the Lancaster Sunday News does not have one single minority on their staff. The city of Lancaster, PA is 30% Hispanic and 15% African American. This is an outrage. This sentence was written by Gil Smart, who is the subject of a different thread on this board.  He should be fired.

    I was serious then and I’m serious now.  That sentence shouldn’t have, and wouldn’t have, been published in any other paper in this country with a circulation the size of the Sunday News.  Their reporters and editors would see it for the blatantly racist statement that it is.  It wouldn’t have been written, and if it had, an editor would have deleted it and called Smart on the carpet.

    My very first post ever on the old site almost three years ago was a parody of a stupid Smart article about how he became “liberal” and the “Talkback” below it titled, “How I Got Smart..”  My second sentence:

    I am a spoiled, white, frat-brat and I’m proud.    

    Yesterday, Smart posted a piece on his blog, “They got ‘fed up,’ then it got worse.”  No, Smart has gotten worse and I am fed up to here with his racism.  Tomorrow I will take a look at that piece and why the spoiled, white, frat-brat should be fired.


“How I Got Smart” is here.




That did it, Smart!  I am so “fed up” with you, I can’t stand it.  Get lost - you arrogant, pathetic sicko.  Please check back later today…  Get lost Smart!  You bring Lancaster down every single day…  Get lost!

~ And Smart! ~



    It's the old bait-and-switch, compliments of tabloid culture: A newspaper headline grabs my eye, and I start to read the front-page story beneath it. But instead of immediately learning the pertinent facts, I'm treated to something like this: The demure woman in a beige pantsuit gazes from glazed eyes at what used to be her life's dream.

    The lead sentence and paragraph in, “Hey, journalists, enough with the fancy leads already,” The Christian Science Monitor (click here).

    A very interesting, brief read.  Everyone at the Lancaster Newspapers should read it with special emphasis on Gil Smart and Marv Adams of the Sunday News.  I will come back to this and the leads in the three child sexual assault cases last week that are on this website shortly.


    The joy of newspaper forums is that sometimes you get an intelligent post from an angle you never considered – about a story you would never otherwise read.  Such was the case with Ad Crable’s New Era story yesterday, “A question of baiting.”  Now for this kind of story, Crable’s lead wasn’t bad – but I read his opening sentence and read no more.  Not my kind of story unless it’s an update on the missing piebald deer, “Baby.”

    But a new Talkbacker posted this:

    In any other context of life, saying you are "passionate" about killing would raise a red flag of caution about a person's mental stability. Not so with hunters.

    Passionate deer hunter!

    “When man wantonly destroys one of the works of man, we call him a vandal. When he wantonly destroys one of the works of God, we call him a sportsman." ~ Joseph Wood-Krutch - The Great Chain of Life.

    Good point.  And then, of course, I had to read the article to find the “passionate deer hunter” reference and learned more about this topic than I ever cared to know.  But apparently some hunters have been setting others up and getting them in trouble and doing all kinds of outrageous and wonderful things.  The story says this:

    Mohr related several episodes he said he was involved with.  In one, he said a disgruntled employee from Lancaster County put bait near the tree stands of former bosses the night before archery season, then called game wardens.
    Three hunters were busted and the charges stuck even though Mohr said he tried to convince the wildlife conservation officers it was a setup.

    What a hoot!  Can you believe it and where are the names of those involved, Crable?  One Talkbacker said former Commissioner Pete Shaub might have been one of the targets!  Remember when the jerk was caught in the park after dark chasing a deer!!!

    And another Talkbacker saw a quick, but not exactly honest or nice way around all of this nonsense:

    All one need do is place "bait" in the desired spot for several months prior to the "season" and then remove it a day or so before the season!!!!

     Well, all of this is more than I need to know.  “Passionate deer hunters!”  What a hoot!  Is your dear passionate?


    The Intell is about to join the other two papers in the Lancaster Online blogs.  I’m so excited – not!  Yes, reporter Dave Pidgeon has started “Base Camp” and posted his first entry which ends with this ground-breaking question:

    Welcome to Base Camp. The compass has 360 points. Which one will we follow today?

    Dave, “we” won’t be following any compass points together.  Argh…  The upside?   Maybe it’s better than reading his totally skewed and slanted convention center articles.  Is his blog a payback by Buckwalter for a job well done?

    Let’s see if any of the “Intell five,” those involved in Coronergate, get blogs!  I doubt it.  Brett Lovelace is a loose cannon and a liar.  Hey, Ron Harper, Jr., when are you going to publish what Lovelace did?


    I just got done reading Becky’s site and then Shut Up’s post.  As much as I disagree with Gil, I am beginning to feel sorry for him.

Posted under Gil Smart’s blog yesterday.

    Oh, for heavan’s sake, Goldi.  Are you kidding?  Don’t feel sorry for the man!  He gets paid very well to do nothing.  He surfs his favorite sites and posts quotes from them all day long!   I’d take his job in a minute!  “Yes, Jack [Buckwalter], I’ve been watching and listening to music on youtube all day - but it’s for my blog, Jack!  I have to do it!” 

    And the poster “Shut up and get to work” just continues to harangue Smart.

    Golilocks feeling sorry? Please, Gil and the rest of the "Journalists" at LNP don't have an ounce of credibility between them.  The biggest county rip-off in years happens under their noses and not one of them can type a word.  That's pathetic.
    I'm actually embarrassed for them. I'd quit my job before selling out my integrity.
    This just shows you the quality of "Journalist" we are dealing with at LNP. Y ou don't even have to be an investigative journalist to report on the convention center, Hell even the Obituary writer could put together a story on it.  Again, in the meanwhile we'll see the easy pot shots at Bush whaahhhh.

    Well, I don’t agree with this poster’s politics and I still think it might be the “Crow” – or a Crow plant.  But I am enjoying some of his posts.

    And thank you, Goldi, for reading my site!   Have I ever said anything bad about you?  Never.  I’m quite sure…



    Journalists would help many of their readers immensely if they would recognize, as they once did, the clear distinction between hard news (the timely, front-section information) and feature material, the less timely reporting that's more creatively structured.

    “…I fell under the spell of New Journalism when I was a 20-year-old reporter in the Marines. I began turning in copy with ‘alternative’ leads and distracting details. Soon I was standing tall before ‘the man,’ whose pithy advice was actually an order: ‘Ames, just get in, tell 'em what you gotta tell 'em, then get the hell out.’”

    Who knew?  LIP News, of course.  Please check back later today…


~ Investigate Totaro ~



    Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro must think the general public is dumber than dirt - or maybe it's really him that is dumber than dirt..  Last week I published this quote from a Talkbacker and underneath it said, “You are dumber than dirt!”:

    Shame on People magazine and the big mouth who blabbed this. This is exactly the kind of information that should be kept quiet. If those shoes weren't already gone, you can bet they're gone now.

    Today, the Intell printed this almost identical quote from Totaro about the information in People Magazine in their article, “Reward in Haines case hits $17,000” (click here).

    Lancaster County District Attorney Don Totaro expressed displeasure with the article over the weekend.

    "While I am not in any way confirming the accuracy of People Magazine, this article will certainly encourage the killer to get rid of the shoes they wore to the crime scene if they had not already done so," he said. "And if the story is accurate, a critical piece of evidence connecting the killer to the scene will now be destroyed."

   Please!  Is there anyone who thinks that with all the blood in that house the killer didn’t leave a bloody shoe print (or prints)?  Is this news to anyone?  If the killer didn’t throw the shoes out long ago, they’re pretty damn stupid. 

    Next there will be a news report that the killer’s clothes must have been bloody and Totaro will allege this compromises the case because the killer will now throw the clothes out!  Please!

     This man is running for judge!  This is an outrage.  And, of course, the big information in the article was that the bloodhounds tracked the killer’s path to a Freez & Frizz over two miles from the crime scene.  That drastically changes the nature of the crime.

    And as several Talkbackers posted, if the DA had told the public this earlier, residents along the track might have seen or found something relevant they could have revealed.

    Investigate Totaro.  This man is a disgrace.

    Tomorrow – the coroner and the DA.


    Well, the great Gil Smart has deleted the link to this site and another site on his blog (see the box immediately below). What a hoot!  But actually it’s also very sad.  Those details I’m not at liberty to go into at this time.

    But what a sorry little man Smart is.  I consider it an honor not to be on your blog, Smart.  Beware the company you keep and I want none of yours.  Smart also falls into the dumber than dirt category.

~ Don’t Smear Me! ~



     Bullshit Becky. You'd smear her in order to smear me.   

    An email from Sunday News assistant editor Gil Smart yesterday.


    My reply yesterday:


  You're pathetic.  You have one website exposing you for the terrible reporter/journalist that you are and you are crying.  You wouldn't last one day in Philadelphia.  You don't know the word "smear."  I still remember the deer caught in the headlights look in your eyes when I handed you a copy of the Lancaster Lynching Story of LIP years ago.  Yes, some papers actually have competition!!! 

    Yes, some towns actually have independent, competing presses, and if you think I can smear you, imagine what a true, competitive news organization could do to you in one day.  You and more than half of the reporters/editors at Lancaster Newspapers would be laughing stocks and fired immediately.  Probably more likely every one of you.

     Hey, what's two grand juries in less than four years?  And what did they accomplish?  How come People Magazine got info your papers didn't?  (I have actually had people email me that question and I howl in response!)

    You are not a journalist.  You are not a columnist.  You have absolutely no where to go.  I would continue to kiss Buckwalter's butt repeatedly and often if I were you.  You have no talent and nobody wants you.  (But I'm sure you've been testing those waters for years and already know what I'm saying is true.)

     You're nothing but bullshit, Smart.


Please check back late this afternoon…


~ And Writing! ~



    Well, well, well.  Angry emails and IM’s are flying!  I will try to make some sense of all of this over the next few days. 

    A man shoots five people in Lancaster.  Jesus.  This is simply unbelievable.

    I still have a great deal to say about the Haines case, the DA, the coroner and the People article; the journalism awards or lack there of by the Lancaster Newspapers, Smart’s article and the fact there were three major child sexual abuse stories in the papers last week; journalism integrity and objectivity; Professor Eller and my parents and more. 

    I am just too tired today.  So I’ll tell you some happy things.  On Saturday I saw an excellent band recreate the Sergeant Pepper album including all the songs and done in full costume.  It was quite an event.

    Last night I saw an excellent band that came together after months of being apart.  The reunion was spurred by a member who emailed the others – “I will die if I don’t play soon.”  I understand.  That’s me and writing.  I’m just so dang tired…

   I also saw a number of other excellent musicians including a woman who is going to hit the big time.  If you ever want to know about the music scene in Philly – contact me – I have an “inside” line.  I cook at the bar where they play!  Yes, my life is changing in so many ways – but it’s getting better – a little bit better all the time.

    Hey, Jake, you guys were awesome.  That San Antonio song rocked!  I hope you won’t die now or anytime soon...

    Please check back tomorrow.   




   These are the lead sentences in three child sexual abuse stories from the Lancaster Newspapers last week.  Please check back late this afternoon…


    An 82-year-old Morgantown man was sentenced today to at least five years in state prison for a string of sexual assaults on a child 20 years ago.
”Man, 82, jailed for molesting girl in ‘80s,” Anya Litvak, New Era, June 1, 2007.


    Everyone deserves a second chance, said Gary Smith.

“Charged actor back on stage,” Gil Smart, Sunday News, June 3, 2007.


    Friday was David and Barbara Eller's 28th wedding anniversary.
”Child-sex sting:  Ex-prof jailed," Janet Kelley, New Era, June 2, 2007.


~ Babies ~



    Today’s Sunday News is an absolute disgrace on many levels.  The article choices, the photo choices and the layout are dreadful. 

    But Editor Marv Adams and Assistant Editor Gil Smart have gone to an all new low this week with Smart’s front page “news story,” “Charged actor back on stage” (click here).

    It will be the first time Spiese has been onstage since being charged in Lebanon County with three felony counts of sexual abuse of children for possessing more than five dozen pictures, and two movies, of underage boys and girls in sexual scenes.

    …Spiese is charged with downloading 63 photographs of nude or seminude preteens, along with two movie files, including one that showed pre-school-age children.

Quotes from Smart’s article.

    This is a disgusting, sick outrage.  This demonstrates how little our society cares about sexual abuse and children.  While the papers run stories about an 82 year-old man and an ex-Elizabethtown professor being jailed for sexually molesting and attempting to molest children, the Sunday News runs this absurd, horrendous piece in which Smart apparently thinks that all of this is just fine and dandy.

    “Pre-school-age children.”  Babies.  The man was viewing naked babies for sexual gratification.  Can you begin to even imagine this?

    Maybe Smart will offer him naked pictures of his new baby?  Smart, of all people, should be aware of the tragedy and cost of sexual abuse on individuals and our society.  He has a family member who is a direct victim.  This is simply disgusting.

    Gil Smart and Marv Adams should be fired immediately. 

    (Please note in the box immediately below, I was having fun with Adams' incredibly stupid column this week.  It was before I read the above article.  Adams should not have one single day left as editor of the Sunday News.)

    There will be more tomorrow.


~ But Is It Near Enough? ~



By BECKY HOLZINGER, Editorially Speaking
LIP News


Published: Jun 03, 2007 12:01 AM EST


Notes, quotes and an observation:

Whoever said time flies wasn't watching the countdown (on this site) for the number of days left in the  “job” of Sunday News editor Marv Adams.

It's less than 215 days and dragging.



Really, really dragging.   (Hey, do you suppose both Marv and Smart are gay hookers?  Whose end is not near enough, Marv?  What do you want to do to their “end?  Do you dress in drag, Marv?) 


Yikes!  What a story!  Who knew?  LIP News, of course.  Please check back later today…



    Shame on People magazine and the big mouth who blabbed this. This is exactly the kind of information that should be kept quiet. If those shoes weren't already gone, you can bet they're gone now.

Posted today on the Lancaster Online forum by my “favorite” poster.

    You are dumber than dirt. 

    Please check back tomorrow…



This email in:


Hello Becky,

     As you know, I enjoy reading your website. (memory refresher: I was the person who sent the copy of your father's registration for WWII where he was described as an 'actor').

     I've been reading your posts about Richard Gehman's book Murder In Paradise. I found the story compelling and did some online hunting around. Were you ever able to find the book? The reason I ask is because it looks like you could get it on interlibrary loan.

     Also, in some of the reading I've been doing - this is a fascinating case - the farm where the summer cottage where Marian Baker's body was found was on the farm of a man named Martin H. Harnish. A little girl by the name of Dorothy Henrichs was interviewed who was a neighbor of Marian's and she said that she saw her get into a coupe and drive away with an unknown man. Apparently the police followed the lead of Marian being last seen at the post office because her watch was found there, broken.

     If you have found the book, you probably already know this information. But I thought I'd pass it along. It's a fascinating case and the man they convicted is an interesting 'read' as well.



My response:


    Hi.  I recognize your email address by now!

    I do have the book.  In an incredible twist, it turns out my best friend's father was best friends with Gehman and she has a signed copy.  There are so many strange twists in all of this that it is hard to believe - which is why I am taking it very slowly. 

    I find Gehman's book extremely painful to read - I think a young man confessed to a crime he didn't commit to get attention - and lost his life because of it.

    Anyway.  Thanks for writing...



    What I didn’t include in my email is that this is also the friend who refuses to take a DNA test…  When I look in the mirror I see her looking back.   

    Another twist, Mayor Rick Gray is fascinated with this case and has studied it at length.  On the 50th anniversary of the crime, the Intell  and New Era both had articles quoting Gray.

    Shortly after my memories returned, I called him.  “I know who did it,” I said. 

    There will be more later...





    I was telling the story of how my parents met.  A story I learned more about from reading an Intell story by Susan Lindt when she interviewed them during a peace vigil against the war in Afghanistan, than they ever told their children. It was after they knew the incest story was about to break.  As a friend of mine said at the time, these people are unbelievably good actors!

    Anyway, my father “forgot” to meet my mother’s train.  They were married before a Justice of the Peace in Lancaster with a few family members attending.  My mother would tell me at a very young age - flat-out -  that my father and she wouldn’t pay for their daughters’ weddings – “You can elope like your father and I did,” she said.  “It was good enough for us.  It should be good enough for you.”  She was deadly serious.  But that’s another story and, of course, they didn’t really “elope.”

     I once asked my mother, as a young, curious child, what her honeymoon was like.  In one of the only few honest responses I have ever probably gotten from my mother, she said with a very wry look on her face, “Your father drank a lot of wine and smoked his pipe a lot.”

    And where did they “honeymoon?”  In a cabin by the Conestoga Creek that had no heat and no running water.  They married in the month of January.  They “honeymooned” there for several months. 

    It was either the same cabin, or the neighboring cabin, to the one where the body of Marian Louise Baker was found in 1950only a few years later.

    How do I know this?  Not from family stories – there were none.  I know this from a memory that came back – and it’s why, when my memories did come flooding back, that I desperately searched for a book titled, “A Murder in Paradise.”


There will be more later… Tomorrow – a news round-up.   


~ Can I Play Music? ~



     I thought I would take a different tack today.  I have been working as the “front desk receptionist” in a large apartment complex for several weeks.  It has been enlightening on a number of levels…


    “I just got home.  Something in my kitchen stinks.  I think it’s the sink.  I need maintenance right away.”

     “Umm. Tony” – I said over the walkie-talkie – “a woman just got home and says her sink stinks – she needs you at apartment 333A immediately.”

    “What,” he asked?” Tell her to run water down her drain.”

     I called her back – “Run water down your drain.”

     “My sister is doing that now.  It hasn’t helped.  Something stinks and I need maintenance now.”

    Five minutes later I got a call.  “This is apartment 333A.  I think it’s the garbage that smells.  You can tell maintenance they don’t have to come.”


    This is apartment GA.  Apartment GB is playing loud music again.  I called and complained yesterday.  This is unacceptable.  Do something about this now.”

     I had received his call the day before and the leasing agent checked it out on her way home.  “I didn’t hear a thing,” she said.

    On this second day, they sent the maintenance man.  “It’s a car in the park across the street blasting his music,” he reported back.


    “This is apartment 200.  I have a problem.  I have a golf date with a guy on this floor tomorrow but I don’t know his phone number can you give it to me?”


    “Why not?”

    “Why don’t you go knock on his apartment door and talk to him?”

    “I don’t know his apartment number.  But you have to help me here.  I have to confirm with the country club.  His name is  ------.  Can’t you look him up and give me his number?”


    “He’s a Temple professor.  He’s tall and has a beard and lives with his wife.  I really need to know to confirm our reservation for tomorrow.”


     “Becky, you aren’t helping me!  I’m a tenant here.  Who can help me?”

     I explained the situation to the rental agent.  “No,” she said. 

    “He says it’s a Temple professor and…”

    “I don’t care,” she said.  “No.”

    “That’s what I thought,” I said.


    At the end of a ten minute conversation there was this exchange with an unknown caller…

   “Can you play your music in your apartment?”

    ‘Excuse me?  Of course,” I said, “It’s your home.”

    “Can you play your music really loud?”

    “Excuse me?  You can play music in your apartment.  If you play it really loud and neighbors complain, that’s a different story,” I said.

    “Oh,” she said.  “Is your building safe?”

    “Yes,” I said.  “You need a key to get in and the front desk is open from 8-6.  After 6 they have a guard at the front desk.  The desk is manned 24 hours a day.”

    “Do guards patrol the halls?”

    “I’m new here but I don’t think so.  Why would you want to live in a building where guards patrol the halls?”

    “Thanks,” she said and hung up.


    The exterminator comes once a week.  Last week he had a special request with an apartment that has bed bugs.  “I saw one climbing the wall,” he told me.  “They have bed bugs.”

    Last week, even though they requested the exterminator and knew when he was coming, they had an excuse and didn’t let him in.

    Now, the exterminator is a chatty, gossipy fellow and it’s not my idea of a fun time.  He had me in a ten minute conversation the first week and I was praying this week he would hand me his work slip and leave.  I ignored him.

    He came to the desk.  He said, “I went to the apartment with the bed bugs and they wouldn’t let me in again.”

     “Big surprise,“ was all I said.


     “Hello, we just moved into apartment 608.  The apartment is not ready.  There are no knobs on the water faucets in the bathroom and no shower head.”

    I called the maintenance man and also the manager.  They spoke over the radio and agreed to meet at the apartment.

    Several minutes later I learned it was a couple who lived in California and made the move without ever viewing the apartment. 

    There was much activity and many meetings.  I finally asked the woman I worked with what happened.  “They let them out of the lease,” she said.  “They were that bad,” I asked?  She nodded.  Later the leasing agent said, “I tried every legal means to refuse to rent to them and couldn’t find one….”


     Yesterday, a man came to the front desk.  “My wife and I haven’t heard from our daughter in two weeks.  Can I go to her apartment?”

      “Yes,” I said.  “Sign in and you can go.” 

    “I don’t know her apartment number,” he said.  “Can you give it to me?”

    The manager was walking by.  “No,” he said.  The man talked to him.  He and his wife were very upset.  She had traveled to Las Vegas and they had not heard from her since.

    The manager and he were gone for a long time.  I don’t know what happened.

    The man came back and said he wanted to know if she had been picking up her mail.  Luckily, the mailman was in the building and after the manager agreed, offered to open her box and let him see how long the mail had been collecting.

     I don’t know the result.  The man left after leaving a note for his daughter at the front desk… 



~ And Iraq! ~



    A true friend is someone who tells a person where they need to improve. If you feel strongly about me in a negative way...I suspect there is some chord inside yourself that needs twanging.
Posted by a longtime Talkbacker on the McCaskey prom thread.

    You need to improve.  You feel negatively about everyone and it’s gone beyond absurd.  I think there is a chord inside you that needs a great deal of twanging.

    You are now making an absolute fool and worse of yourself.  You also went after Stacy Snyder relentlessly, the woman suing Millersville College for not getting her teaching certificate, because of several innocent pictures posted on her MySpace page.

    You have posted that one of your parents was an alcoholic and you had a bad childhood.  Fine.  So did I.  One of my parents was also an alcoholic and my childhood was much, much worse than yours unless you were also sexually abused by a parent(s). 

    You need to get a grip on reality. 

    I witnessed two public school teachers this weekend behaving very, very “badly” in a highly public place.  One announced she teaches at Octorara High School – which borders and might even include a very small portion of Lancaster County (no, I’m not going to google it)! 

    Compared to Snyder, these two teachers should be fired immediately and possibly jailed, according to your posts.
Those of you who accept lessening of good taste and moral character are perpetuating the rise in the belief in personal entitlement and rise in the rate of the incidence of crime. Using the old Lancaster County Mindset argument is hogwash. What happened to ethical principals? I am thankful that there are still some people left in the world who are objective and not merely group/popularity oriented.

The continuation of the same Talkbackers post.

    Who the hell do you think you are?  So, you are now the arbiter of good taste and moral character?  Can you tell me who named you that?  You call high school girls you know nothing about “slutty” on a public forum because of what they wore one night to the prom?  What happened to your good taste and moral character? 

    I hope you dress in nothing but turtlenecks and flannel shirts even in summer.  Otherwise, someone might call you slutty and skanky, and stupid and small-minded and just a down-right nasty individual who needs to get a life and stop projecting her own sad life and failings onto others.


    Do you think that America has just become apathetic? People just don't seem to really care or don't think they can do anything, so why bother. What drove the people to march in the 60's against the Vietnam war? Is it just easier to just sit at home and talk about stuff on the computer? I don't know. Seriously, I wish someone who was protesting back then could tell me how people are different today.
Posted on an interesting thread on the Talkback forum.

    I think this is a very interesting question posed by a poster I used to hold in great respect.  My question is – if you are so liberal and so well educated – why did your daughter enlist in the Navy directly after high school?  I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound judgmental - and I know she’s 18 and can do as she pleases – but why? 

    There’s a war going on!  If you don’t think your daughter will feel the effects of that – and have her life changed by it – or be involved in the actual fighting – then I’m sorry but you are not thinking straight.  Why didn’t she go on to college first and then, if she still wanted, enter the military?    Everything you have posted would indicate you and your husband have the means to send her to college.  Eighteen is too young to make that kind of life-altering/threatening decision.  It is.

    But I am judging and I shouldn’t do that – well, sometimes I shouldn’t.


     Friends of mine got tired of their son, who seemed to have no ambition after high school and who dropped out of the community college he was attending half-way through his first year.  They told him he needed to either get a “good” job (he was working at WAWA) or leave their house.  They encouraged him in his decision to sign-up with the marines, who were constantly calling him to recruit him.

     He trained for two years and then he learned his unit was headed to Iraq.  He went AWOL.  He knew the consequences of his actions and accepted themand actually they weren’t so bad at all.  He spent several months in a military prison – watching a lot of TV- and received a dishonorable discharge.  Yes, that may be hard for him to overcome in life but he’s alive.  Seven members of his unit have been killed to date in Iraq. 

    His parents now support his going AWOL and are glad to have him home.  And he seems to have a new purpose in life.

    That’s a true story and it is all just so sad.  But thank goodness this bright, funny, caring young man I’ve known since he was a toddler is still alive.  What would this country have “gained” by his death?  What are we “gaining” by any of the deaths in Iraq?


    Finally, today, to the poster I quote below on this site about my quoting Talkback a lot and “getting a life” – in case you never noticed - I’ve been doing it for almost three years now and the rest of the journalism world is catching up to me.  Note Gil Smart’s front page non-news item on the McCaskey prom which centers entirely on his own newspaper’s “Talkback forum.”       

    I also never used to criticize posters – I only went after the “men’s rights” sickos, who were and are total frauds and liars and seriously dangerous to women.  But, with several of the recent volatile and excessively nasty, cruel and just plain stupid threads, that may change.   

    Of course, that’s why all but a few of the posters are anonymous.   I respect the posters who use their real names and don’t hide behind monikers.  But remember folks, if you’re posting “anonymously,” you don’t have a chance in hell of suing me.  What a hoot!  I can see the lawsuit now - “She said bad things about Goldilocks and damaged her reputation!”

    Forums are public domain and they are being quoted more and more by the “mainstream” media.  In fact, reporters at the York Daily Record sometimes use their forum to “gather” input for news stories – and I mean that in a good way.  There will be more on that later…

    But that poster was right in one respect.  No, I haven’t had much of a life since my memories of incest, and much more, came back to me six years ago.  It’s been a nightmare.  Actually, because of the incest, I haven’t had much of a life at all prior to that I have come to realize.  There will be much more on all of that coming later…


Tomorrow – the continuation of my parent’s “love story”…


~ And Pornography ~



     “Aren’t there any family stories,” my therapist asked?  “Families tell stories.  They get handed down from generation to generation.  That’s tradition and history,” she said.  “That’s what families are about.” 

    No, there were no family stories passed down in my family, no stories at all – except two vague and disturbing ones.

    One was that my father’s brother, Uncle Joe, was a dirty old man.  And he was.  He had a very large pornography collection – verified by my sister among many others.  Yes, this son of a preacher man was extremely sick and twisted.  And it was whispered about in my family for years.  The meaning – he was not a good man - but my father, by comparison, was.

    My brother still talks about the time we were driving by the adult book store in Lancaster and saw my uncle leaving it with a brown bag.  We never questioned this or what it meant – we were just told, in whispers, that he “was not a good family man.”  It meant our family was “better” than his.

    And, no, he wasn’t a “good man.”  His daughter, June, committed suicide not long ago.  She revealed shortly before her death that her father molested her at five years old.  Of course, her brother, Phil – there’s another story – didn’t “believe” her.

    The second story?   My parents say they met on a boat bound for the Pacific in World War II.  My father was heading for the Pacific front and my mother was a Red Cross volunteer.  The story gets very, very fuzzy after that.

    Apparently they were on the same boat for about two weeks and struck up a friendship – and more.  They exchanged letters (although they apparently stopped) and it was more than a year later that that the war ended.  A week after arriving back in Lancaster, my father (the girlfriend he left behind had married someone else during the course of the war) suddenly showed up on my mother’s New York state doorstep and asked her father for her hand in marriage.  One of the most famous “lines” from this story was told by the only aunt on my mother’s side I have ever really known - my grandfather said, “Her hand?  you can have the whole carcass!”  (Charming – his wife died young and it is a known fact that men in that generation who lost their wives often turned to their daughters for sexual gratification.)

    So, my mother said yes and later she boarded a train for Lancaster to be married.  My father “forgot” to meet the train.  Yes, the woman he loved madly, the woman who would be his wife, the woman he would spend his life with and the woman he would have children with, arrived on a train in Lancaster and he “forgot” to meet it.  The story is that he was raking leaves or something and it slipped his mind.  My mother had to call him. 

    But the story gets better – or worse – depending on how you look at it…


Please check back tomorrow…