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~ Why Don’t The Papers Tell Us? ~






   “Wise admitted to Trooper Gerard Sauers that he killed his family sometime between 2 a.m. Saturday and 2 a.m. Sunday, according to an arrest affidavit filed in the case.”

    “… Leola District Judge B. Denise Commins arraigned Wise Thursday afternoon.”

    “…The only question Wise asked Commins during the brief hearing was, ‘When will I get a lawyer?’"

“Grandson confesses to slaughtering six,” Intell, April 14, 2006 (click here).


    Wise’s question, “When will I get a lawyer” was printed in newspapers throughout this country.  Was Wise read his Miranda Rights prior to “confessing?”  (Click here for the Wikipedia definition.)  Was he offered a lawyer?  Why is his only question at his arraignment, “When will I get a lawyer?”   Why haven’t the Lancaster Newspapers asked?


    “Grand jury investigations are closed to the public and often secret. By law, everyone — including prosecutors, jurors and witnesses — is forbidden from disclosing details about the probe.”

“Shellenberger testifies before grand jury,” New Era, April 13, 2006 (click here).


    This is now the third or fourth time the Lancaster New Era has printed this lie.  Witnesses are allowed to disclose their testimony. 


    “With all this secrecy, how does information ‘leak’ from the grand jury?  The only legitimate means through which grand jury proceedings can be made public is through the persons who are subpoenaed to testify.  They, alone, of all the people associated with the grand jury, have the right to disclose their testimony to whomever they choose, if they choose to do so.”

 The State Attorney General’s Website (click here). 


How and why does the Lancaster New Era continue to print a dangerous lie?


    “The source, who requested anonymity, said Wise was involved in an altercation at the county prison last spring that sent two correctional officers to the hospital.  ‘If charges had been filed (against Wise), he never would have been out of prison,’ the source said.”

“Killer of 6 hurt 2 guards,” Sunday News, April 16, 2006 (click here).


    Will there be any follow-up by the Lancaster Newspapers on this story?  Why is Vincent A. Guarini still the warden?  Why hasn’t he been suspended pending an investigation into this, the prior beating of Jon Eichelman and having 31 women eating, sleeping and using bathroom facilities in the prison gym?

     The Lancaster Newspapers have never printed that the same could also be said of Micah Stewart and the recent attempted homicide trial that will end up as a mistrial.  If the Lancaster County detectives had done their job he would have been in jail at the time of this alleged incident, charged in the homicide of Cortney Fry.

    Why haven’t the Lancaster Newspapers followed up on the investigation into the shooting death of Renee Binkley, or on Eichelman and the investigation into who really shot the two-year old child?  Why haven’t they asked police why citizens weren’t notified of a serial burglar until after the 58th theft?  Why haven’t they followed up on the unsolved murder of Heather Marie Nunn?  Why aren’t they interviewing witnesses as they leave the grand jury?  Why haven’t they reported on the results of the grand jury which has been in session for over a year now?  Why don’t the Lancaster Newspapers tell us how much this is costing the taxpayers? 


    “The juror went on to describe a hostile deliberation process in which a male juror was screaming and pointing his finger at her and others, while another juror complained about the time and money wasted on the case.”

Will chatty juror force a retrial?” New Era, April 11, 2006 (click here).


    Why don’t the Lancaster Newspapers tell us how much time and money has been wasted?  Why don’t they tell us how a total of 21 bullet holes can be made in several pieces of clothing being worn by several people by one bullet of a .22 caliber gun?  Why don’t they tell us why these three individuals were not arrested for aggravated assault after an earlier beating of Micah Stewart?

    What do the Lancaster Newspapers do?  Back the convention center.


There will be much more tomorrow and also the contest rules for the “I WANT TO BE MARV ADAMS FOR A DAY!” contest and what the lucky reader will win!   (Dr. Fraud, you cannot enter the contest.  It’s a conflict of interest.  Don’t email me again!)




You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and to have an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you at no cost. During any questioning, you may decide at any time to exercise these rights, not answer any questions, or make any statements.

    As far as 'beingreal'--baby, you're going to WISH you were dealing with the real one, if you keep calling me him/her.  I promise.

A portion of another disgusting email I received at 9:36 this morning from

    I will notify the Lancaster Newspapers, police and yahoo.

~ And The Pig Page! ~




If you believe that Jews caused the holocaust, then Senator Joe Biden is your prophet on the issue of domestic violence. America's most dangerous bully is out to destroy every man in America on the vitriolic feminist notion that domestic violence is caused only by men; and secondly, to export America's insanity to the rest of the world.

An article by David R. Usher and posted on Talkback by “BeingReal,” the poster who also sent me the disgusting email printed below and many more like it.

    David R. Usher is on the “Pig Page” and no one deserves this honor more (click here and he’s over half-way down in this illustrious list of men).

    Duke prosecutor Mike Nifong taught America invaluable lessons in the Duke Scandal. Women do lie – repetitively -- for money and power. Police, prosecutors, the Bar Association, psychologists, and testing agencies do lie for them – because it is thought to be politically correct, is an entitled activity, and conveniently profitable.

The charming David R. Usher in the same article.

    Well – why not just kill all women?  Here’s a hint, David, some men do lie – repetitively – for money and power.  You seem to fit that category very nicely.

    And then, like all of these men’s rights sickos (yes, I’ve changed it from nutjobs because these people are seriously ill and dangerous) he goes on to blame all of the world’s troubles on “radical feminism.”

    Maybe I hang with the wrong crowd, but I don’t know any “radical feminists.”  I wish I did.  But apparently to Mr. Usher, radical feminists are women who want to stop violence against women, earn an equal wage and have an equal political and judicial say as men.  Oh, then all of the women I know are “radical feminists!”

    Horrors!  Of course, according to the “Pig Page,” Mr. Usher doesn’t think women should be allowed to vote!

    And this charming article was posted by our happily married mother of two who has a wonderful life but is just so preoccupied with domestic violence against men and states: 

     I maintain that a victim is a victim regardless of gender – why is this such a difficult concept for some to embrace?

    That’s not a difficult concept at all.  But it’s women who are being killed and seriously assaulted every day.  In fact, google “domestic violence fatalities” and see what you find.  Why don’t you make a list of the women and men in Lancaster County who have been murdered or were victims of attempted murder in the last two years by an intimate partner and see what you come up with?

    This poster is a men’s rights troll – plain and simple.  What she posts is extremely damaging and dangerous to women.  Yes, her 12, 13 or 14 other posts a day (who is watching and spending quality time with her two children and when does she get her shopping, cleaning, cooking and laundry done, not to mention that part-time job?) are rational and insightful and sometimes humorous. 

    But do not be deceived – this is a troll – and everything about her life is made up – just the way every thing in Usher’s article is fabricated.  These are sick and dangerous people.


There will be more later.



(I receive emails such as this several or more times a week, sometimes several daily.  They are sexually explicit, vulgar, crude and some of the sickest things I have ever read.  If you aren’t “BeingReal,” why do you email me?)



    So, according to the rules of Stupid Land--over which you preside--if something is written, it's not slander. 

    Or false information. 

    Or harrassment.

    Or outright lies.

     In that case, you are a cess-pool (!profanity!) swimming in sibling cum that stays full thanks to your family's generous donations.

     Much like I'm 'beingreal' and neglecting the kids I don't even have to post on a board I never visit.

     My (!profanity!) is ready and waiting anytime you're ready for a real ride, baby.  Let me show you what sex outside the family's like.  Totally different, I promise.  No, we don't share the same blood or last name.  But, should that really matter? 

     Think it over.


Please check back later today.




    I am so appalled by the garish front page of today’s Sunday News that I am almost speechless.  We have Smart with yet another puppy mill story - “Kennel owners yelp.”  One more of these absurd dog puns and I’ll howl.

    Marv’s wife, Helen, tackles another church issue – pornography - God no! - and sharp as a tack, Judy A. Strausbaugh, writes about the LCCCA board appointment with the senseless headline “Will it be see you in September?”

    And former Mayor Art Morris has a vicious attack against Commissioner Molly Henderson.  What a piece of s*it this man is!

    None of these articles or yesterday’s New Era articles have been posted online so people can comment.  Hmmm.

    And what does Marvelous Marv write about today?  The comics.  How fitting.

    The article on yesterday’s New Era story about Giblet will come tomorrow.  I need to call the men in the white coats to come for Marv.  We'll see you in the funny farm, Marv!




      “Ethics charges never filed,” today’s New Era by Tom Murse (click here).  Because of this disgusting article, LIP News will publish tomorrow.  Editor Ernie Schreiber needs to resign immediately.  He is a liar and a fraud.  GET OUT, Schreiber!  You make me sick. 

~ And Get A License! ~




Artist's rendering of the new
Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square


Advance Reservations
Brian Sparacino
Vice President, Sales
Interstate Hotels


     Yes, the Penn Square Partners have changed their website and are now offering advance reservations on their home page (click here). .

     One other very interesting development, if you click on the “Latest Local News Headlines” link, there is a new message that reads:

    Articles are available to subscribers of Lancaster Online’s eEditions for 45 days from date of publication. Articles older than 45 days are archived and available for a fee.

     This is a most interesting change.  See, the stories from the eEditions don’t have the Talkback under them, almost all of which is negative, on these articles!  It also reflects that recently, the New Era has not been posting a number of these articles online.  And finally, it’s a push to sell eEditions.  How clever, Nevin and the LNP!


    Notice is hereby given that the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority has hold its rescheduled monthly meeting for January 2007 on Wednesday, January 31, 2007, at 7:00 P.M. (prevailing time) in City Council Chambers, Southern Market, corner of South Queen and Vine Streets, City of Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

From the LCCCA website

    Will this be the big meeting where they reveal a draft of the budget?  For all of the public’s money they have spent (close to $20,000,000), you’d at least think they could keep their website up to date.  The last entry under the “Progress Report” (click here) is from September of 2006.  When will they be posting a draft of the budget?  Please put the meeting on your calendar!


    To county Commissioners Molly Henderson and Dick Shellenberger:

    If you decide to continue in office, I offer my services to help both of you more fully understand the state's Sunshine Act.

Marvelous Marv in his Sunday News column last week, “Sunshine Superman.”

    Marv is such an arrogant fool!  Marv:  If you decide to continue in office, I will offer my services to help you and your reporters more fully understand the American Society of Newspaper Editor’s Code of Ethics.:

    ARTICLE III - Independence. Journalists must avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety as well as any conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict. They should neither accept anything nor pursue any activity that might compromise or seem to compromise their integrity.

From the ASNE Code of Ethics (click here).


    Goslin [Diane Goslin] admits she holds no license and does not have credentials required by the state to get a midwife license, including a registered-nurse degree and a passing grade on an exam.

“’Get your doctors off my birthing’” today’s Intell (click here).

    What kind of stupid headline is that?  Do you think this story will be on the front page of tomorrow’s Sunday News?  You know they love any excuse to run a picture of the Amish on the front page!  And I have one thing to say to Ms. Goslin – get licensed!


Have a nice weekend and please check back on Monday!




Lancaster Newspapers has an ultimate responsibility to journalistic integrity.

Posted under the Intell article, “Commissioners:  No names yet for LCCCA opening,” 1-25-07.

    God love you!  Have you been doing drugs?  Let’s talk! 

    Please check back later today…

~ Couldn’t Be Worse! ~




    “How Do You Make Doughnuts Better?  Add Caffeine”

WGAL-TV (click here)

    This is brilliant and has made my day.  This is truly a better mousetrap.  I will be the first in line to buy one.


    Lancaster County is home to more people than the entire state of Wyoming and is as large geographically as the state of Rhode Island.  Yet, we have only 13 current County Court Judges, and with four retirements and two new Judgeships in 2008, there are SIX POSITIONS to be filled in the 2007 election. You can see the magnitude of this situation; we cannot elect Judges based on “ballot position roulette”.  Our Judges are elected for an initial 10 year term, subject only to a yes/no vote for still another 10 year term after that.  A Judgeship is not intended to be a political plum, or a reward for service to a political party.  The job is simply too important for that.

 Sam Mecum on his website (click here).

    Judges are crucial in this society.  I will have the 15 reasons District Attorney Donald Totaro should be investigated shortly.  I will also list the reasons Assistant District Attorney Christopher Hackman should not be allowed anywhere near the bench.



Posted under the article, “Former legislator eyed for PUC,” Intell, 1-24-07 (click here).

    That and “absurd” and “sickening” just about sum up this situation completely.  Please read the Talkback under the article and click here to send Governor Rendell an email and just say “No way!”  Seriously, please email the Governor.


    …Here's a plan: let people know that three buses currently travel the Harrisburg Pike-Park City route. Promote the hell out of it, spend big bucks on promotion, make the service free, increase the number of buses. Count the customers after three months. Decide if the market will support it. This sounds much like the train to Mechanicsburg scheme.

Posted under “City desires streetcar line to Long’s Park – Tracks eyed downtown and beyond,” New Era, 1-23-07 (the article is not online).

    This has to be the stupidest idea that I can imagine.  Tracks downtown?  Are you just nuts, Mayor Gray?  Please take this poster’s excellent idea.  Promote the existing buses.  Why don’t you get on a bus, Rick?


    On Sept. 15, the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority will turn eight years old.

    With construction of the downtown Lancaster center well under way at that point, the occasion should be cause for celebration.

    But hold the cake and candles. Somebody has different party plans.

“Can authority appointment derail center?” by Jack Brubaker, New Era,  1-24-07 (not posted online).

    Can you imagine any other paper in the country running a story like this?  We are eight years and almost $20 million into building a publicly funded white elephant in which the Lancaster Newspapers have a 44% interest.  I’ll celebrate when Jack Brubaker and Editor Ernie Schreiber get run out of town (maybe we could put them on the trolley?)


    The Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County is now accepting applications from interested persons for the position of County Commissioner of Lancaster County. The position is open due to the forthcoming vacancy caused by the resignation of Republican Commissioner Howard "Pete" Shaub

Posted on the Lancaster County website (click here).

    Please, please apply.  Just keep thinking, “I couldn’t possibly be any worse than Pete Shaub!” and fill out an application.


    It wasn't unusual for him to call me and tell me he had invited 25 business associates for dinner the following evening. He knew it would be handled and handled correctly.
Posted on Talkback.

    We’ve all been in your shoes!  I simply whip up a big batch of tuna salad.  I’m just eagerly awaiting the other shoe to drop with this poster – how long will she keep us waiting?

    I have 25 business associates coming for dinner tonight (yikes!) so I am heading out the door to find one of those caffeine enhanced doughnuts and buy tuna!  Yahoo!






    But hold the cake and candles,” Jack Brubaker in yesterday’s New Era article, “Can authority appointment derail center?”  (Not posted online.)

    Did you mean “coke,” Jack?  Is that what you’ve been putting up your nose?  Wow!  You wonder how low they can go and then they just go lower!   Light the candles!  Please check back later today...



     Today, I have to take care of some housekeeping.  I posted this on the old site about three months after I began in response to an email from someone I didn’t believe (click here):


    "Right now this website is the only thing keeping me going.  I have good days and bad days.  The bad days are when I think about everything too much.  I met a woman in similar circumstances and she said for the first five years whe thought about it every five minutes.  For the second five years she has thought about it every 10 minutes.  I am into my fourth year.  I sobbed when I posted the first incest story (To My Brothers and Sisters). [Click here.] 

    I continue to try and understand how this happened.  I continue to try and understand how this was kept a secret.  I continue to try and understand the parents who could do such a thing.  I continue to try and understand their double lives.  I continue to try and control my anger.  But then I think of what they did to my brother and I get a surge of anger that is hard to describe.  The incest story will never leave the front page of this website."   


    I still struggle every day and this website is still the only thing that keeps me going.  I can not describe the pain.  But I need help.  If you saw this site early yesterday morning – it has overgrown the software program I am using and is about to blow up.  So as I try to survive incest, I need the following:


~ A job in Lancaster.

~ Help with this website.  (I have one kind offer and I will take you up on that.  But I also need to change the software program I am using and the format and a ton of things I don’t even know what they are!)


    If you can help with either of these items please email me at  Thank you.


Other promised stories will come tomorrow.




Are you talking turkey?  The return of the Giblet?  No way!  

Please check back later today…


    I apologize.  Due to technical difficulties LIP could not publish today.  Please check back tomorrow – and be ready to email Governor Rendell about Giblet, Young Gib or The Idiot – whichever name you prefer – this is outrageous!  And then there’s Totaro and Gray’s streetcar desire and the coroner and…


How is one supposed to turn out when the people who are supposed to love and support you, and KEEP you safe, are the ones abusing you?


~ Andy Spedden ~




    This is what happens when you have a father who is the closet about his own sexuality and uses his son as a play toy. I feel sorry for Andy.  I grew up down the street from him and his Father was a creep!  The guy needs help, not a bashing!


    EXACTLY he’s sick. And I don’t disagree with the fact he needs to be monitored and YES we need to protect our kids. I was merely pointing out that the guy didn’t have chance from the get go. And do we really care where he went to school, JPM or TWP didn’t cause this, his PARENTS did. I wonder if his sisters turned out ok or if he tainted them as well.


    I’m no expert, and Andy may not be the brightest bulb of the bunch. However that said. How is one supposed to turn out when the people who are supposed to love and support you, and KEEP you safe, are the ones abusing you?  Even if you knew Andy at school, you never saw his home life. Or the life he endured in his “neighborhood” As one of the boys who picked on Andy I can now see how rough he had it growing up. Kids pick up on “weirdness” and make fun of people they deem weird. Andy had NO friends in his “neighborhood” I’m actually amazed he’s not a serial murderer.



    These comments were posted under the article, “Major child-porn collector sentenced,” from June 9, 2005, (click here).  The article is in archives, but if you page down you will see the Talkback below it.

    Andy Spedden made the news again slightly over a week ago with the article, “Porn offender violated parole, sent back in prison,” Intell, 1-13-07 (click here).

    I wonder if Spedden’s father was ever charged?  We simply have to stop this cycle of abuse.  For Spedden, there is probably no way out.  It is all just so sad.  I am reprinting a letter he sent to me after reading the special incest edition of LIP that is on the front page of the old site.  Obviously he’s not a “former sex offender” as he states.  I don’t think he ever will be. 

    If anyone knows the status of his parents, please let me know. 



(The link to yesterday's New Era article is here.) 

[This letter has been on this site for several months.  I received this email several days after I left a stack of LIP’s in Square One.  I emailed him back and asked if I could use his name.  He said yes.  I pulled his name up in the Lancaster Newspaper archives and found he had had a number of letters to the editor printed.  This letter disturbed me but I ran it as it came.  More later….]



By Andy Spedden


    I perused a copy of the Lancaster Independent Paper at Square One earlier today and this is an open letter to its editor and publisher.

    By way of introduction, I’m a former sex-offender.  “Former,” because I have not offended since I was charged with possessing underage pornography and incarcerated in July 2003, in a “high profile,” much ballyhooed case.

    I’ve since paid increased attention to (a) how sex-offense cases are reported in the media, and (b) the socio-political responses to and attitudes regarding sex-offenses and former sex-offenders.

    Regarding the former, it seems that as many cases as are reported in the local-yokel media – namely the fish-wraps wrongly titled, “Intelligent Journal” and “New Era” – have we yet seen any in-depth reporting about sex-and-love addiction or codependency?  All we have seen is a recent column by Larry Alexander – who appears to be enslaved by food addiction – which made light of a citizen who exposed and pleasured himself in public, to alarmed store clerks in downtown Lancaster.

    Regarding the latter, the foundation of the criminal “justice” system’s response to sex-offenses and accused and former sex-offenders is the motivating factor of fear.  The “helpful, therapeutic” approach ingrained in probation and parole supervision, as well as court-ordered therapy, is to make former sex-offenders afraid.  Afraid that they’ll go back to jail if they violate any of the supervision requirements or restrictions.  Afraid that they’ll be charged with yet more charges when they’re subjected to a polygraph for personal sexual history.  Afraid they won’t be able to make ends meet as a result of paying weekly counseling fees, in addition to monthly probation or parole costs (including court costs, restitution, fines, and administrative and supervision fees), in addition to polygraph fees (around $275 a pop, about three to four times yearly).

    Therapists who therapise(sic) former sex-offenders, who are in recovery, justify polygraphs and their high cost as being “helpful” and “beneficial” to clients.  Polygraphs “weed out” clients “who are snaking their way through therapy.”  So, for example, if a client happens to be of the Christian faith and finds more healing and wholeness through spiritual counseling and they reveal some disturbing item about their past behavior to their clergy, but doesn’t reveal this same disturbing item to their therapist and others in their therapy group, they’re said to be “snaking their way through therapy.”

    Fear is never healthy in the long run.  Was your fear healthy for you in the long run?  Likewise, it’s not healthy for former sex-offenders either.  But in a country where the government leads by example and role-models for us citizens that the “appropriate” way to respond to violence is with yet more violence, can we expect a more reasonable response to former sex-offenders?   

    Former sex-offenders, who are in recovery, regret what we did.  We regret who we were, who we used to be.  For some, the regret comes from having lost people or things or employment or any combination of these things, due to incarceration.  For some, the regret comes from a deeper place, and it’s unhealthy to continue thinking and behaving from this deeper place in the ways we formerly did, just as it’s unhealthy for victims of sex-offenses and former sex-offenders to continue thinking and behaving in a Victim Mentality.  After all, former sex-offenders did what we did in our individual Victim Mentality.

    It’s important to discuss sex-offense issues from the perspective of having been a victim, not from continuing to be a victim.  I’m a former victim, which is why I’m a former sex offender, just as former victims of sex-offenses are just that – former victims.  I hope LIP is a truly therapeutic, healing act.  Anything otherwise isn’t healthy for either you or the former sex-offenders publicized in its reports.



Please check back later today…


~ Morally Bankrupt ~




    We have continually written, in news stories, editorials and columns, about the blunders of the convention center authority in dealing with the public. Or not dealing with the public.
    We have continually taken the board to task for its obstinence in not making public itemized legal bills from Stevens & Lee.
Marv Adams, “So, where’s the logic,” Sunday News (click here).

    That’s a desperate lie, Marv, and every one of your readers knows it.  You have been viciously attacking Commissioners Henderson and Shellenberger for months and never questioning the LCCCA. 

    Who can forget your sexist and disgusting headline about Molly Henderson, “Husband Checks Her Homework,” even though Judge Madenspacher told the PSP’s lawyer to stop implying there was something improper with spouses discussing their work at home. 

    Have you ever mentioned District Attorney Donald Totaro’s refusal to investigate the $6,000,000 paid by the LCCCA to Stevens and Lee that was formally requested by three board members?  Why aren’t you demanding an investigation?

    A Talbacker posted this:

    No Marv, you are the one being illogical. We are not talking about a 'paragraph in an editorial from November 2005.' That’s not good enough - I'm sure the next 20 paragraphs in that editorial ripped the commissioners for daring to stand against the CC.
    What we are looking for is equal bulldog reporting of the questionable actions of the LCCCA, not a little snip every 3 months just so you can say, 'see we get on those guys too.'
    Where are the headlines, the real investigative reporting, where is the energy you have expended on the CC opponents?
    This thing is on a much grander scale you see.


    Marvelous Marv also says this: 

    Despite what the naysayers wail, that’s what we have done.    

    Liar!  Your paper this week proves it – your editorial, a front page article on the convention center and Judy Strausbaugh’s nasty piece mentioned below.  Can you get any more childish and cowardly than the “naysayer” remark, Marv?   Your days are numbered. 

    Such techniques -- the report notes that the state county commissioners' association advocates one called "walking the halls," which was used in the Conestoga View negotiations to get around the law -- are reprehensible.

Marv Adams in his editorial this week,“Sunny side up” (not posted online).

    Here we go again, Marv.  What you fail to mention here is the grand jury report said this:

    “Mr. Espenshade specifically okayed this procedure and indicated during his testimony that it is the preferred method of avoiding requirements of the Sunshine Act across the state of Pennsylvania.”

    Yes, Marv, that’s John Espenshade of Stevens and Lee, the law firm that has been paid $6,000,000 by the LCCCA without detailed invoices who “okayed” the procedure.


    The incumbent commissioner [Henderson] also did not mention her battle to stop the $165 million convention center-hotel project in downtown Lancaster.

    The project is eagerly awaited by many city residents, especially black and Latino business owners who hope to benefit from the predicted economic growth.

Judy A. Strausbaugh in this week’s Sunday news, “No Gray area in mayor's critique of Henderson, ” (click here).

    Prove it, Judy.  Why don’t you name those black and Latino business owners?  The last time I checked, minority company participation in the construction of the project was at about three percent.  What a disgrace.  And your concern is touching – but how many black or Latino reporters and editors are employed by the Sunday News?


    I am not going to repeat the nasty, malicious quotes from Mayor Gray about Commissioner Henderson she begins the article with.  A Talkbacker posted this about those comments:

    Just in case it is not completely obvious that Mayor Gray's opposition to Commissioner Henderson has nothing to do with his ostensible complaints and everything to do with the Convention Center, notice that he only worries about the "Shellenberger and Henderson administration" -- no complaints about convention center supporter Pete Shaub, even though by any rational account Shaub is the source of the vast majority of the problems with County administration. And of course the newspaper's front page printing of the Mayor's remarks five days after he made them, and burying the response on the inside might have a little to do with the newspaper's 44% stake in the hotel.

    Mayor Gray is proving himself to be morally bankrupt and a misogynist. 

    There will be more tomorrow on Strausbaugh’s front page article this Sunday, “Budget to build.”  Marv, your paper is not even aesthetically pleasing.  You are into a run the story into the photograph or run a photograph into a photograph mode, and it’s not working.  I don’t know where you got the idea but it’s ugly and confusing. 

    And your paper, Marv, along with both daily papers, had to run corrections regarding your coverage of the grand jury report as it relates to Commissioner Henderson.  Please click here for her website where she lists all three corrections that were run.


    Regarding Harry Eng’s certified letter to me demanding that I remove an archive page from this website about him (click here) – my answer is NO.  Out of consideration, I have posted a link to a page where your letter and your “FOR THE RECORD” are now published. 

    There will be more on this shortly.




Someone is lying?  (Gasp!)  No way!  Who?

Please check back later today…

~ And Harry Eng ~




    “There’s a lot of opposition to the convention center in the county,” the committee member said. “Voters there may just ignore him.”

“Smithgall says he will run for county commissioner,” this morning’s Intell, (click here). 
    Wow!  How did Larry Alexander get this sentence by an editor?  So Charlie (Cannonball) Smithgall is going to run for County Commissioner and Senator Gib Armstrong and LCCCA chairman Ted Darcus support him?  There’s news!  I can’t wait for another “Dogs for Smithgall” rally.  I think the committee member quoted above says it best:  ignore him and pray that he will go away.

    “…while she stayed and DIDN'T clean the house and DIDN'T do the laundry and DIDN'T go food shoppping! All she has done since Jeff met her is bi*!h and complain about EVERYTHING. Nothing is good enough for her and I am so fed up with everyone thinking Lori is the victim but in truth Jeff has been in hell for the past 15 years with Lori. Yes he is wrong for cheating but if I had her for a wife I'd cheat too!”

Posted on Talkback under the 1-15-07 Intell article,Police: Man tried to kill family,” (click here).

    Yes, it’s getting good.  And, if true, that is certainly cause to try and kill your wife and three children.  Divorce might make more sense and be legal, but why not just kill all of your family members?

    Talkbackers are saying this “insider info” (possibly supplied by the woman he was cheating with) should be saved for the trial.  Nonsense.  See, saying your wife is a bad housekeeper is not a defense for trying to kill your wife and three children.  There is no defense except for self-defense – and since they were sleeping and he set the house on fire, that would not appear to be an option.

    The whole thing is deeply disturbing and tragic.  Today we have news of two other cases of women being killed by their boyfriends:  Marisa Peach –  “Police nab man suspected of killing fiancée,” (click here) and Jennifer Kruszynksi - “Body Found Thought To Be Missing Woman,” (click here).

    There will be more on all of this at a later date.



    Neither Mayor Gray nor City Hall in Lancaster called me a con man.  (You can be charged additionally with fraudulently doctoring articles in your efforts to defame my character as well as slander).

    If you keep up with the news in Lancaster, you will see that I have NOT been charged with any wrong doing and that the Con Man is my ex-partner Kevin Gleaton who presented a false financial bank instrument as my financial backer for the redevelopment of the Lancaster Press Building that was exposed by Mayor Gray at a public hearing.

    Kevin Gleaton in now under arrest for the many con games he solely has orchestrated on all innocent parties.

    I am an innocent victim that went into Lancaster with a real world class team with all GOOD intentions to turn a dilapidated old eye sore building in a great location to a world class mix-use trophy site that all residents of Lancaster can be proud of while creating thousands of NEW jobs and improving the security of the neighborhood through urban renewal vision.

    I myself was in the dark just like all parties in Lancaster until Mayor Gray exposed my ex-partner Kevin Gleaton for whom he really is.

    As far as my past incident 21 years ago, I have already paid the ultimate debt to society with 8 years of my life and who are you to judge me?

    You have already caused me much embarrassment, pain and financial losses on significant real estate projects based on your 100% baseless allegations and I can prove this in a court of law with facts as these individuals pointed to your written articles and your website.

    You can comply and remove all the malicious, false accusations that you have written and altered on your website or I will press charges without hesitation.

Harry Eng in a certified letter to me dated 1-11-07.

    I will have my response to Harry on Monday.






    The return of Charlie (Cannonball) Smithgall?  Horrors!  And we learn the “other side” in the story of the man who tried to kill his wife and three daughters?  Hint – she was a bad housekeeper!  That explains it!

    Yikes!  Please check back later today…

~ Schreiber ~


Citizens:  GET OUT


    Those were the huge, blaring headlines in the Lancaster New Era last Friday and Saturday written by its editor, Ernie Schreiber.  It was his last ditch effort to save the convention center for his boss.  It didn’t work.

    Schreiber should be the one to step down and get out - now. 

    A newspaper should serve, protect and improve its community.  It should work for social justice and hold public officials accountable at all times.

    The Lancaster Newspapers haven’t done that for years and years.  They bleed every cent out of the community and give nothing back.  They are in league with the police, the District Attorney’s office and the Judges.  They never question a thing they do.

    Their attempt to gag the commissioners is unconscionable and goes against everything the press stands for in this country.  And then Schreiber went even lower with his reporting, headlines and editorials on the grand jury report:

    In this case, Shellenberger questioned the ‘motivation behind those persons who led this investigation in the first place,’ a remark aimed at the district attorney's office.

    But that's not ham coming from Shellenberger, a former restaurateur. That's baloney.

    The grand jury already had been impaneled by the district attorney, and was investigating some very serious crimes. They obviously considered this case to be serious, as well.”

Schreiber’s editorial in yesterday’s New Era, “Grand jury gets to heart of matter.”

    That’s baloney and you are a liar, Schreiber.  What very serious crimes were they investigating?  The grand jury didn’t want to investigate the hiring of Heinke, Totaro did.  And he spent a year and tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it for the Penn Square Partners.

    His second grand jury in less than four years was supposed to investigate unsolved murders, drugs and racketeering.  Charges were brought in the Cortney Fry murder and one other unsolved murder from 2000.

   That’s it.  That’s all they have done in very close to two years.  Where are the results for the other unsolved murders, the drugs and the racketeering Totaro said needed to be investigated.?  Why haven’t you questioned him about that?  According to the District Attorney, there is very serious criminal activity going on in Lancaster and he has done nothing about it.  A newspaper should be demanding answers to protect their readers.

    Totaro needs to be investigated immediately and Ernie Schreiber needs to resign immediately.


    Again, please contact the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association (click here) and other news organizations and tell them what Ernie Schrebier and the Lancaster Newspapers are doing to disgrace their profession and destroy Lancaster County.


There will be more tomorrow along with Harry Eng’s certified letter to me.



    "Grand jury gets to heart of matter," the editorial in yesterday's New Era, is one of the sickest and most disturbing things I have ever read.  Ernie Schreiber needs to resign immediately, before he hurts the citizens of Lancaster more than he already has and disgraces journalism any further. 






Please check back later today…


~ And Ego ~




    The Keystone Press Awards reinforce excellence by individuals in the newspaper profession by recognizing journalism that consistently provides relevance, integrity and initiative in serving readers, and furthers First Amendment values. The goal is for the "Keystones" to stimulate journalists to improve their craft and ultimately improve their community.

“2007 Keystone Press Awards - deadline to enter Jan. 26,” Pennsylvania Newspaper Association website (click here).

    I imagine the Lancaster Newspapers are busy getting their entries ready for the awards.  I intend to contact the PNA and let them know what these papers have been doing and how they tried to gag the commissioners.  If you get a chance, why don’t you send them an email too?

    In the wake of a blistering grand jury report outlining how Shellenberger, Henderson and outgoing Commissioner Pete Shaub secretly plotted to sell Conestoga View nursing home in 2005, the calls from critics and local newspapers for Shellenberger to resign have grown.

Dave Pidgeon, this morning’s Intell article “Shellenberger ‘at peace’” (click here).

    Will you be submitting this article to the PNA, Dave?   I hope Molly Henderson sues your paper.  Who would those “local newspapers” be, Dave?  Gee, could they be the three all owned by your boss who has a 44% interest in the convention center, Dave?   Why don’t you review what the Keystone Press Awards are for, Dave?

    The mayor reserved his harshest words for Henderson, calling her a “dismal failure as a minority commissioner,” who defied her watchdog role and became complicit in the secrecy surrounding the sale of Conestoga View.
    To call the grand jury report a vindication, which Henderson has done, betrays a “Nixonian standard of ethics,” Gray said.
    “If your standard is ‘I didn’t violate criminal law,’ that’s no standard at all.”

“Local leaders urge commissioners: Step Down Now,” New Era 1-12-07 (click here).

    This is just mean spirited and unbelievably nasty.  You are a dismal failure and betrayed those who voted you into office.  You met with the Penn Square Partners for two weeks behind closed doors to fill a $20 million dollar gap, remember, Mayor Gray?  The PSP threw another $1,000,000 into the pot.  What wonderful folks!  They received $7,600,000 for a building appraised at $3,000,000.  Gee, don’t you think they could have tossed in two million for their $170 million dollar publicly funded white elephant?  Was that too much to ask, Mayor Gray?

    Of course, at my house, I’m not permitted to have an ego.

Marvelous Marv in his column this week, “Sunshine superman,” (click here).

     Trust me buddy, you have no reason to have an ego.

Posted by a Talkbacker under the article.

    This is my favorite post out of this whole absurd affair.  I’ll give you a lesson in the First Amendment, Marv, how would that be?  I think Marv’s days are numbered. 

    And I worry about Jack Brubaker.  What will he write about now?  For months and months he’s attacked the commissioners over the sale of Conestoga View on information supplied to him by former Mayor Art Morris.  What will he do now?  Do you think he will investigate how much the year-long grand jury investigation cost?  Do you think he will investigate why District Attorney Donald Totaro used a grand jury that was convened to look into unsolved murders, drugs and racketeering to investigate a man’s resume?  Do you think he’ll investigate the $6,000,000 paid by the LCCCA to the Stevens and Lee law firm without detailed invoices? 

    Do you think he’ll win a Keystone Press Award?





~ And Liars and Frauds! ~




    A Brianna Pratt Fund has been established.  Donations can be made here:


Citadel Credit Union

20 W. Orange St.

Lancaster, PA  17603

Attn:  Patty


WGAL-TV (click here).

    While a mother has to put out a desperate plea for help finding who shot her seven-year-old daughter in the back, the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal prints a huge, huge headline, “Shellenberger won’t seek second term.”  What an absolute disgrace.  They never even published the above fund in their article about Brianna Pratt this morning.


Dear Becky,

     You are hereby formally notify to cease and disist all slander, lies, deception and defaming my character on your website and to remove all malicious altering of news articles depicting my name as a "CON MAN".


Harry Eng

    This email came in from Harry yesterday.  He included two PDF documents.  One contains what is printed on this archive page on this site under the title, “Harry Eng,” (click here).

    The other is a formal letter on Atlantis letterhead which reads:

"Dear Ms. Holzinger,

    It was brought to my attention that you have been defaming my character, written false information and altering news articles regarding my bid for the Lancaster Press Building to assassinate my character, calling me a con man on your written articles and outright slander.

    Your lies, false information, character defamation have already caused my company and I to lose 2 significant real estate projects that I can prove and that is absolutely NOT acceptable.

    This is a formal legal notice to cease and desist, remove all harmful and malicious false written articles or I will press legal charges immediately on Slander and defamation of character. 

Harry Eng, Executive Managing Director

Atlantis New York Group, Inc."

    It’s libel, not slander, when it’s written, Harry.  And Commissioner Molly Henderson has a much better case against all three of the Lancaster Newspapers than you do against me.  Please point out the “false information” I have printed.


    Any more questions? I'd be happy to answer them for you...especially to you closet misogynists out there who always want to blame the woman for everything. Or to you judgmental women out there who like to use children as an excuse to verbally bash other women, just to make yourselves look better to those same misogynists who downgrade women.

Posted on Talkback by someone who states she’s a close friend of the victim under yesterday’s Intell article, “Police:  Man tried to kill family,” (click here).

    Good for you.  The comments under the article are preposterous and disgusting and so is the Intell article.  "BeingReal," get the hell off the board and take care of your children.  I am so sick of this phony and fraud that I will devote a column to this person yet again shortly.  You are the reason the police might not take the allegations seriously.  Why don’t you post another “men’s rights” article?  Who is watching your precious children while you post all day and night?

    A man was charged in Lancaster last week with pouring gasoline and setting his ex-girlfriend on fire, which killed her after eight days in the hospital.  What is wrong with these sick posters?




    Harry Eng sends me an email threatening to sue!  Yikes!  Me, Harry?  Nice Becky?  I’ve had better people than you threaten to sue!

    And Jack, did you call your boss Ernie to see if he is going to quit?  The public is calling for his resignation…

Please check back later today.  Yikes!  (Does it get any better than this?)


~ And D.A. Totaro ~





     The coordinated campaign to discredit Lancaster County Commissioners Dick Shellenberger and Molly Henderson sunk to its lowest point in the past week.
    It was a week that ended with the Sunday News publishing a total of nine separate items – including three front page articles and the lead editorial – rehashing and spinning the Grand Jury report on the Conestoga View sale and trashing Shellenberger and Henderson. The editorial asked both to resign.
    Some argue that because the Sunday News ran one item on the online discourse and a few critical letters to the editor that they have now balanced the coverage and should serve as an example to its sister publications.
    I do not agree.
    One article all week showing dissent, and a few letters to the editor does not compensate for the vicious saturation of anti-Shellenberger/Henderson coverage all week.
    Although the grand jury report recommended against further prosecution -- a one-day story, at best -- all three of the monopoly Lancaster Newspapers devoted its most prominent space all week to coverage of the "scathing" report and the District Attorney’s personal comments on the commissioners’ behavior. The fact that the "crimes" amounted to $500 in total fines didn't get much ink. It was the "betrayal" that mattered. What a joke.
    The public has long become accustomed to the disproportionate treatment this issue has received compared to other more substantial and relevant matters. But when Lancaster Newspapers appears to work hand-in-hand with a powerful state senator and a politically ambitious district attorney in a synchronized attempt to force the resignation of sitting commissioners, it has stooped even lower than I thought they could, which is saying a heckuva lot. Its desperation shows.
    And what makes Lancaster Newspapers so desperate?
    The savage treatment Shellenberger and Henderson endure is principally based on their opposition to the convention center/hotel project, of which Lancaster Newspapers is a 44% shareholder. Right now, Lancaster Newspapers and the other sponsors of the project are desperately trying to thwart the current board's appointment of the pivotal fourth (and majority) seat to the convention center authority board in September. The coarse strategy is to relentlessly bludgeon Shellenberger and Henderson until one steps down.
    That's it. This is what these attacks are all about.
    Those who suggest this are marginalized as conspiracists. Perhaps we are. But the personal attacks do not explain away the glaring absence of investigative coverage of the $180 million publicly funded project by Lancaster Newspapers' "reporters." Stevens & Lee alone has been paid roughly by the convention center authority what Conestoga View sold for, yet LNP hasn't investigated its bills despite a complete absence of itemization for the invoices. Millions of dollars of other unexamined invoices have been paid by the LCCCA. Hello,LNP, anyone home? Honestly, this is pathetic.
    Until Lancaster Newspapers provides its readers with credible coverage of issues that truly affect them, e.g., the cc/hotel project -the biggest capital project in the county's history -- it will be vulnerable to charges of using its monopoly position for monetary gain.
    They have a word for that: greed.  It's just not usually applied to newspaper publishers.


    This was posted under the Sunday News article, “D.A. fires back” and it’s one of the best posts I have ever read.  It is by a new poster named “monopolywatch” and I have no idea who the person is but they should be a journalist (and maybe they are)!

    I cannot pull up the article to link to it and so, of course, I smell a conspiracy.  It also was the lead story on the “Sunday News” page online and no longer appears there.  Could it be because almost every post slams District Attorney Donald Totaro and the newspapers?  I am simply going to publish other comments that were posted under the article.  It is far better writing than anything I could do.


    Having seen something similar to this elsewhere, wherein individuals fought back physically through the use of their official powers, I wonder how long it will be before your District Attorney begins to strike out in defense.
    It appears that he will be coming under increasing attack for his behaviors, choices and apparent self-serving political cronyism, such as:
    His failure to focus on important issues such as requested by three members of the Convention Center Authority (follow up on the almost $7 million of billings by Stevens & Lee).
    Instead, he appears to have chosen to be led by local political and business interests to empower a Grand Jury for the purpose of investigating possible impropriety in the hiring of a county employee and the sale of a county property.
    Did he have sufficient information to indicate the importance and likely outcome before he committed these resources?
    Why is he not showing the same interest in the fight on drugs, on theft, on wrongdoings by fellow members of the Hamilton Club?
    How can he be considered seriously as a candidate for Judge in Lancaster County? He cannot even be considered an honest, intelligent District Attorney.
    A Judge should be intelligent, knowledgeable in the law and above reproach.


    The DA might have looked at all the points you make and said, "you know I want to check this out and see if there is any public corruption."
    But if that were the case the Grand Jury report (and make no mistake, that report is written by the DA's office, not by a group of citizens sitting around in the Courthouse) WOULD have said "We know the public was worried, we checked it out, and guess what, there were no payoffs, there were no violations of the crimes code, the sale complied with the County Code, as did the hiring and payment of the attorneys -- and since we are in the business of investigating crimes, our work is done, thanks very much"
    Instead, we have a DA coercing elected officials into "pleading guilty" to citations that are no more crimes than your average traffic ticket.
    And since there were no crimes, the grand jury writes a 37 page (count 'em, 37 pages) report which recommends that the Legislature change the law and the County HR dept changes a policy or two (and throws in a bunch of irrelevant innuendo and snide comments for fun).
    Meanwhile we have unsolved murders, rapes, and drug crimes running rampant.
    My hero and your next Judge.
    The grand jury report is a purely political document. And maybe the Commissioners deserved to be hammered POLTICALLY for Conestoga View --
    but not by abuse of the most powerful criminal tool available.   If it can happen to them, it can happen to you -- and of course, surprise, surprise, Totaro's friend
    Ernie Schreiber then writes, not one, not two, not three, but four consecutive front page top of the fold headlines (with photos) about this "report" (I think Pearl Harbor got three front page headlines).
    Can you smell the Lancaster Newspapers' sweat? They really don't want that fourth LCCCA Board member looking into the Convention Center.


    It appears that Dick has struck a nerve. Actually, he has hit the nail right on the head. The grand jury was a witchhunt designed to oust Dick and the same can be said about Totaro's self-serving statement. The most ridiculous part of this is that the Republican party will guarantee this guy a seat on the bench when he is not really fit to serve the office he currently holds. Nothing like small town politics!


    Be assured that anything Totaro does is for his own personal gain. He will not do the job he is there to do if it will hinder his own future accomplishments. There have been contacts made with the Atty. Genl's office, nothing happens, The FBI has been contacted and they don't clean him up either. The word is that Totaro "goes to bed with Ernie Schreiber" so, you won't see anything printed against him in the LNP either. It is a no-win situation. Maybe outside investigative personnel need to be brought in to really get to the root of his actions.







~ By D.A. Totaro ~




~ Dee, the very nice Chief Deputy in the Clerk of Courts Office, confirmed yesterday that the application completed by District Attorney Donald Totaro is public information and it will be published here on Monday.  What is incomprehensible is that the Lancaster Newspapers have chosen to ignore it.  In the only article in all of the Lancaster Newspapers on the convening of an investigative grand jury, “Target:  unsolved mysteries” in the New Era on March 15, it quotes Totaro as saying he believes it is the best way to pursue certain “criminal activity within Lancaster County.”  Earlier in the article it says the mission of the grand jury is, “to compel witnesses to tell what they know about unsolved murders, drugs, racketeering and other serious crimes.”  Well, what is going on in Lancaster?  How much crime is there?  Should citizens be worried or taking precautions?  Don’t the papers have a duty to their readers to publish his application?  Isn’t that news?  This is just an absolute disgrace.  They aren’t worthy of being called newspapers.

Reprinted from, 4-7-05, (click here  and go down to the “Thursday”)


    For almost two years I have screamed and hollered about Totaro’s second investigative grand jury in less than four years.  Now we find out that for six months it was used to investigate a man falsifying his resume and then for another six months the sale of Conestoga View. 

    Ironically, in the state grand jury’s investigation into Intell reporters allegedly accessing the county website illegally with a password allegedly provided by County Coroner Gary Kirchner, at the request of Totaro, the last development was the State Attorney General had to write a response to the newspaper’s attorneys stating why a statewide grand jury was being used to investigate such an insignificant and one-county matter.

     Donald Totaro has betrayed the public’s trust again and again and again and wasted huge amounts of the taxpayer’s money.  He, along with his County Detectives, needs to be investigated.

    I will print the fifteen reasons Totaro should be investigated later this week and I am also going to reprint some of the numerous articles I have written over the last two years - starting with this one from (click here).  This may not seem serious - but think about it – this happened during the exact same time that Totaro requested his second grand jury but had not yet made it public.  Why weren’t his detectives doing something about those unsolved murders, drugs and racketeering?

    This was a total waste of the public’s money and I believe something else was going on.  I was in Lancaster within two weeks of this article and published that I saw one of these machines with an “Eagles” jacket you could win hanging behind it in a very public and popular spot.  The machine, as of two weeks ago, was still there with a new prize.  Someone posted on Talkback several times that there was a machine in a pool hall within two blocks of the police station that had never been confiscated.  I cannot confirm that information – but I do know something just ain’t right with this whole story.





"Gambling crackdown:  DA's office leads raid on five county businesses, detectives seize 21 illegal gaming machines" by Larry Alexander,  Intell, 2-23-05


    "No criminal charges have been filed, Landis [Michael Landis, chief of the Lancaster County detectives] said, but the investigation is ongoing.  Landis said police are most interested in finding the distributor of the machines."

    "The Friday raids ended an eight-week investigation ..."

    "'In one case, we had a bar owner call us to say he had been approached by a distributor who told him the machines are legal,' said Michael Landis, chief of the county detectives."

    "During the investigation, led by county detective Donald Snyder with the assistance of police from Lancaster City, Ephrata, West Earl and East and West Lampeter Townships, officers visited each establishment and played the games."

          This was an eight week investigation that netted 21 machines from three gas stations and two bowling alleys.  Apparently, they still haven't found the distributor(s) even though what began the investigation, according to Landis, was a call from a bar owner about a distributor.  Why didn't they ask the bar owner who the distributor was? 

    What was the point of these raids?  How much money was spent on this eight week investigation to find five locations?  Not even "difficult" locations, for heaven's sake.  How much did it cost the Townships who assisted the Lancaster County Detectives? 

    Is this public money well spent?  Five locations required an eight week investigation and they still couldn't find the distributor(s) of the machines?

    Why didn't the Intell ask any questions?  They ran this as a great detective piece when no one was charged and the distributor(s) not found after an eight week investigation. 

    Who is holding these detectives accountable?   Why wasn't their boss, Lancaster District Attorney Donald Totaro asked about the cost of this operation?  Don't they have something more important they could be doing, like solving the Cortney Fry murder?  They have had fifty days since her body was found and the autopsy done to investigate and charge someone with murder.  Why haven't we had any updates in the Lancaster Newspapers on this story?  How many suspects are there?  How many enemies did she have?





Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro

Please check back later today…




For more lies by New Era Editor Ernie Schreiber read this astonishing article, “Lancaster publisher among investors.”


~ Betrayal of Public Trust ~

Citizens:  GET OUT




These are the things that Ernest Schreiber, editor of the Lancaster New Era, has done to embarrass himself, disgrace this county and betray its citizens:


One – He has broken every code of newspaper and journalism ethics.

Two – He referred to Commissioner Dick Shellenberger as the “Angel of Death” in an editorial he had to retract because Shellenberger opposes the convention center in which the Lancaster Newspapers have a 44% interest.

Three – His newspaper failed to cover the Fox43 Poll which found that about 80% of the population had an opinion of the convention center project, and approximately four out of five (79%) opposed taxpayer guarantee of bonds for the project.

Four – His newspaper failed to cover Common Cause’s request to Governor Ed Rendell that the $6,000,000 paid by the LCCCA to the Stevens and Lee law firm with no detailed invoices be investigated.

Five – His newspaper failed to cover or provide a link to the PKF Consulting report which found that a convention center in Lancaster will fail.

Six -  His newspaper has never demanded an investigation into the $6,000,000 paid by the LCCCA to Stevens and Lee.

Seven – His newspaper has never demanded an investigation into the $700,000 paid by the LCCCA to “consultant” Logan.

Eight – His newspaper has never demanded an investigation into Mayor Gray meeting behind closed doors for two weeks with the Penn Square Partners to “fill” a $20 million dollar “gap” in the publicly funded convention center.

Nine – His newspaper has lied to us about the cost to the public if/when the convention center fails.

Ten – His newspaper filed a lawsuit to “gag” the county commissioners.  This is simply unconscionable and goes against one of the founding principals of this country - freedom of speech.

Eleven – His newspaper has never questioned the District Attorney’s use of an investigating grand jury for over a year to investigate summary offenses.

Twelve – His newspaper has never covered the District Attorney’s refusal to investigate the $6,000,000 paid by the LCCCA to Stevens and Lee and Totaro’s lie that the Harrisburg office of the FBI has done so.

Thirteen – His paper has attacked Commissioners Shellenberger and Henderson for over two years on every issue possible while printing every thing crybaby and liar Commissioner Pete Shaub said.

Fourteen – His paper lied about the grand jury report as it relates to Commissioner Molly Henderson.

Fifteen – His newspaper hid the fact that they have a 44% interest in the convention center until it was revealed under oath in a courtroom.


Schreiber, your reporting and editorials are “not truthful” and “unworthy of belief.”  You are a liar and a disgrace to the county, your readership and to the journalist principals you profess to operate under.  You should resign now.  GET OUT!


(If you have any items to add - I know there are many - please email them to me and I will update the list.  Thank you.)



    All three papers have had to print a correction regarding their reporting on Commissioner Molly Henderson and  the  Grand Jury report.  Please click here for her response posted on WGAL-TV’s website.  There will be much more on the monopoly newspapers tomorrow and their $170 Million dollar publicly funded white elephant.  And Rep. Katie True calls my website “malicious!”  Hang in there, Molly!  The three newspaper editors need to resign, not you! 



Soon Every Town in America Will

Have an Unused Convention Center


There are, quite simply, not enough conventions in this country.

That’s not to say that we are for some reason an antisocial people.  Most of us like to get together in big groups and hear uplifting speakers and chat with our colleagues from other cities and eat the standard rubber chicken and squishy peas that are the staple of lunch for 1,000 people, when the facility’s banquet kitchen is the size of a suburban bathroom.  Well, maybe we don’t like that part, but we do like to get together, and we’ll suffer all the considerable indignities of travel to get there.  And increasingly, we don’t have to travel that far, because an increasing number of groups sponsor regional meetings and conventions all over the country.

But that’s also part of the problem.  It seems like every city, town, village or hamlet in the country is planning a “convention center.”  If your hometown is big enough to have a McDonalds and a Wal-Mart, I guarantee someone on your city council is planning a convention facility to “put this town on the map.”

It’s already on the map, of course.  What they really mean is, “We have the all-county quilting bee here every second weekend in June.  It’s getting too big to fit in the high-school cafeteria.  There are always empty rooms at the Bates Motel out on the highway.  If we had a proper convention center, we might just get big conventions with people spending big money at Ed’s Drug Store.”  Mind you, this town is likely to be 49 miles from the nearest airport, which is only in operation when the runway’s been freshly mowed, and is only accessible by a two-lane highway when it’s not falling-rock season.  But a committee is formed and a consultant is hired, and by George, the momentum starts for building a proper convention center.

The resulting consultant’s report starts by pandering to the town council, reciting what a wonderful little town they have and how visitors from all over would sure enjoy the beautiful spring weather and the natural waterfall just 7 miles to the east and the historical spot where General Lee’s horse died.  Then there are charts and graphs that to any objective reader would clearly say “The lights will be on three days a year.  If you build it, they won’t come.”  But there is no objectivity on the town council, and the bond issue passes, and yet another totally unnecessary convention center becomes a burden on the taxpayers of yet another small town.

If you are a meeting planner, you can rent this facility for a weekend, for less than the cost of a CD of elevator music.  Some towns will even pay you to send your group to their center, so they look a little less silly having built it in the first place.  But you know that the meeting will be a bust if you schedule it in such an out-of-the-way place, so the new convention center gets the quilting bee and the high-school prom and the semiannual Hereford auction and not much else. 

Soon every town in America will have an unused convention center, and the new city council will be hiring consultants for recommendations on what to do with a huge, empty building.  I foresee a bright future for indoor go-kart racing tracks, paintball courses and climate-controlled storage.  Or, it could be subdivided and all of the local residents could simply move into it.  They paid for it, after all.

Larry Mundy for HotelOnline, May 2006 (click here).