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    Yes, the website mentioned below makes it sound like a “natural disaster.”  But the flyer with the box doesn’t.  It says, "If a bioterrorist attack happens in Philadelphia, large numbers of people may need medicine to prevent sickness…"




    This is too much.  We are humans.  We need to stop this now!  We can’t live like this.  No wonder there is so much increasing violence in America – because we see the Iraq horror and brutality going on everyday and get “used” to it.  This is not acceptable.

    Today, I came home and there was an empty 2 by 4 inch box and flyer in my mail.  This is Sunday.  The box reads:  “This empty box has been delivered to your household as part of an emergency preparedness test.  This is only a test.  To learn more about this test, please visit or call 1-877-ready-11.” 

    Enough!  This has to stop!  We are humans.  We have to stop killing each other.  We have to stop!

~ Idiots! ~




    "Maybe there are psychological issues. How could there not be? Maybe we'll find other things — the stress of growing up in Manheim Township, for it can be stressful…"

Gil Smart, “Teens and the end of the world,” today’s Sunday News (click here).

    Can it Smart?  What does your secretly driving to Virginia at 18 to see a girl have anything to do with a 14-year-old knifing to death his “best” friend and his parents?  Please.  Is this to let us all know that you’re as heterosexual as they come in light of the “gay rage” theory?

    Enough crap.  There will be more on Smart and yet another front page non-story tomorrow.  Maybe Smart is one of the two “long-time Lancaster PA mainstream media” Steve Huff claims to know?  I’m coming to Huff’s response to my article (see the box below), but first: 

“Put on some panties & lets golf!”

Ron Harper’s 5thestate – click here.

    What was Sturla thinking?  Oh, this is classic and unbelievable!  Where’s the “Idiot of the Year” award? 

    Now, here is Huff’s email to me – word for word – nothing has been changed.  I’ll take a closer look at this tomorrow.  What a hoot – apparently he’s a manly man, just like Smart!



    I'm not supplying my source info to anyone I don't know and trust, particularly someone hectoring me from a screen name and writing a website filled with those breathless 48 point bold headlines.
    At least two members of long-time Lancaster PA mainstream media know my source material, and have seen the evidence. These are people who came to me up front, asked probing questions. They established trust and confidentiality, even when they criticized or questioned what I suggested or wrote. Unlike them, you will get nothing, including any further replies from me.
    Your comment has been published, incidentally. I have to say your paranoia about it not posting immediately tells me all I need to know about you.
    Keep on stamping and screeching, but please, just don't flatter yourself into thinking you are the first to give me whatever crap you think you're giving. Also -- maybe you should learn a little about page ranks and whatnot before you go bragging about your "following." The drop down below an average thousand hits a day in May must have stung.
    Oh, btw -- the "Is Huff Gay?" headline -- *snort*. That was a good try. I've been involved in the performing arts since I was a kid, and I'm pretty sure I got past the reflexive need most straight guys have to somehow set the record straight on my sexuality when I was 15 or so. You picked the least liklely thing to bother me that you could think of. I'm pretty sure my ex-wife, current wife, and 5 children might all find it funny, too. I'm sending them the link to see.


Yikes!  An email in from Steve Huff!  Who knew? 


~ Is Huff Gay? ~




     "As I said, you DO raise some good questions. What would be your answers to some of your own hypotheticals where Alec Kreider may be concerned? About the murderous rage? Or the alleged sexual identity on the part of either boy? If you came up with the query, surely you could pose an answer of your own.
    If Alec's homicidal rage was tied in with sexuality, it could be that he was a straight male confronting something completely unexpected and it triggered a kind of mechanism inside of him that he may have had no clue about (given his age, I'm sure he had no clue). It could also be that something with which Kevin had become comfortable was still a part of an inner struggle for Alec. He may have not even been sure of his own orientation yet. That being Kevin's best friend might peg Alec in the minds of some as gay may have set a lot of carefully set inner dominoes a falling. Both panic and rage grew enmeshed inside of him, and one informed the other -- the panic, the fear of what others might think informed the rage. He had to cut out the secret and preserve something

Posted by Steve Huff on his “Crime Blog” today about the Haines murders (click here).


    I submitted the following comment to his site.  Do you think it will show up? 


    “You are grasping at straws and have nothing to back up your ‘Motivation Theory.’  You should be ashamed.  This will be on my site tomorrow.”


     Who are these internet weirdos?  Who?  Please check back later today…




     …That is, until the police arrived, led by one young-looking female Hispanic officer.  [From a 3-year-old story about this officer.  This was his second encounter!]

    …Now, we're not stupid or crass. Of course we were going to take our drinks with us, but we also believe in decorum, so we transferred our cocktails into insulated travel cups with snap-on lids

    …I had imbibed 4 drinks in about 4 hours, sipping, and that after having a decent meal. I was standing still, no wobbling, no slurred speech, clear eyes and steady hands.

    …."Tell you what boy. I'm going to go inside and get my partner. When we come back out in about 30 seconds, if your a$$ is anywhere we can see it you know exactly what's gonna happen."
    She then darted into the bar like a stopwatch had just been started. And I ran.
    ON MY F-ING STREET WHERE I HAVE LIVED FOR 15 YEARS AND OWN PROPERTY AND WORK WITH MY NEIGHBORS AND HAVE A LITTLE F-ING RESPECT, I ran like a little kid, because I knew that crazy b!tch wanted to win her little game and show me that her di¢k was every bit as big as she said it was.
    It was humiliating, disgusting, and just put me one more step towards reevaluating the value of living in this city.



    Yes, that, in essence, is the cop abuse story.  File a complaint and shut the hell up.  Ridiculous!  I’d double check that “we’re not stupid or crass” part too.  There are serious cases of police abuse, one documented by WGAL on video about six months ago.  I will come back to that tomorrow.



New Bohemian Potato Salad


2 ½ – 3 lbs. sm. Red new potatoes, in their skins
3 tbsp. white wine vinegar
½ c. chopped fresh dill
½ c. chopped scallions
1 ½ c. diced celery
1 c. sour cream
½ c. mayonnaise
8-10 slices prosciutto ham, cut into bits
¼ – ½ c. crumbled blue cheese

In large pot of salted boiling water, cook potatoes until tender. Drain and quarter. Sprinkle potatoes with vinegar while still warm. Set aside. In separate bowl, combine dill, scallions, celery, sour cream, mayonnaise, prosciutto and blue cheese. Pour dressing over potatoes and toss to coat. Refrigerate

Posted on the Talkback forum.



      Okay, this sounds excellent and I will make this recipe this weekend - but some thoughts – 1 ½ cups of celery seems like a bit much for 2 ½ - 3 pounds of potatoes.  Maybe for 5 lbs. - but it seems like a lot for what you are calling for.  And where’s the finely diced onion? Yes, scallions are nice, but I think a little diced onion might be good.

     It also seems like a lot of sour cream for 3 lbs. of potatoes -maybe ½ cup of sour cream - the same amount of mayonnaise (as per your recipe) - might work nicely. 

     Wow!  8-10 slices of prosciutto ham?  That’s expensive and seems like a lot for this amount of potatoes.  Maybe four or five slices?

    And I love blue cheese – but the taste can be overwhelming.  I’d stick to the ¼ cup or less.

    Just my theories.  Do not forget some salt and pepper, too!  Be careful, though, because of the prosciutto and blue cheese.  I will try it this weekend and let you know.

    Who knew?  A cook and food critic, too?  I am a woman of many talents.


Please check back later today…  My “Incredible Cream of Dried Beef” recipe is also coming soon…





     I don't think your disrespect of City's wife is appropriate. Actually, it creates in me the same impression as the officer calling City "boy." Hmmm....Is there a connection here???

Posted by “BeingReal” on the Talkback forum today under the “cop abuse” thread.

    Hmmm… He called her “wifey” not a “stupic c*nt.” (See the story immediately below.)  I remember when Sally/Starling were on the forum saying most women are lying whores and you defended their use of the phrase.  In fact you looked up the word whore, printed the definition and said it was appropriate. 

    The thread was about paternity fraud – one of their favorite and most fervent topics as Sally claimed to have had this directly impact her husband.  Oh, memory lane!  That story was a hoot and a half and I’ll retell it soon.  Do you know that one of the “men’s rights” sickos even used to post that “paternity fraud” was one of the major reasons men don’t pay child support!  Who knew it was so rampant!

    Yes, I have a long memory for sickos, liars and frauds, BeingReal – and you are all three of the aforementioned.  Who was watching your children while you posted all morning?


Tomorrow – a serious look at the “cop abuse” story - and it has a Gil Smart angle?  Who could have guessed?



    I've been accused of being Ron -- as well as a few others!

Posted by “BeingReal” on the Talkback forum.

    Learn how to read, lying nutjob.  I never said you were Ron Harper.  But you called him from a pay phone to “prove” you were real.  That’s the most comical and absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

    Whoa. I thought I was confused prior to this, but now I definitely am. “Reverse psychology” from BR ???? She’s as real as a screen door slamming in your face. And often stings just as bad.

Posted by a Talkbacker protesting at length about a Police Officer regarding the poster “BeingReal.”

    Yes, you know her so well and all.  Maybe you can use her as a character witness in court.  "We’ve never actually met but she calls me and my wife her best buddies and she posts on a newspaper forum!  She must be real."

    You know what? If the "officer in question" wanted to come over and apologize, in private, I just might be OK with that. I'll leave it at that for now.

Posted by the same Talkbacker.

    Yeah, like that’s going to happen after your spoiled, white boy rant for page after page on a newspaper forum you claim is read by the mayor, police chief, etc.!  Maybe you should think about apologizing to her since your charming wife called her a "stupic c*nt."

    Not sure who you are, Totem1, but you might wanna look up the term “actionable”

Posted by yet the same Talkbacker.

    Good luck suing an anonymous poster!  You better get a new lawyer now.

    Next Sunday, bicyclists will be able to "Ride with Floyd" to benefit the Floyd Fairness Fund. It's a 20-mile ride followed by a picnic at the Green Mountain Cyclery.  The cost to ride is $20.

WGAL-TV (click here).

    Are you kidding me?  How pathetic and sad!


Please check back late today…


~ And Junk & Trolls! ~




    Well, this posting schedule is not working well – so next week I will have to change it.  You see, I’m cranky in the morning and it just generally gets worse and worse during the course of the day until I’m ready to scream at idiots and frauds.  Oh, my.

    I've been sitting on this information for some time. I wanted to take care with it because to some, it could be considered explosive, therefore controversial. There is no easy way to tell a story of repressed teen homosexuality playing into a triple homicide.

    Steve Huff on his “Crime Blog” (click here) about the Haines murder I also linked to this morning.

    I think Steve Huff needs to tell us a little more about where this information he’s been sitting on is from.  His blog says he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  Does he have a family member talking to him – a neighbor – a friend – who?  Yes, journalists “protect” their sources but they also should provide some idea of who the source is and how credible they are.

    Obviously this crime strikes everyone as irrational and crazy and sick.  But I’m not sure this is the answer, Huff.  I think it’s why the police should give the public more information.  The public should demand more information.  Because if Huff is wrong, this is an incredibly hurtful theory to throw out there. 

    If this information as to Kreider's possible motivations is as accurate as I believe it to be, then it may also explain police secrecy where certain aspects of this investigation are concerned.

Also posted by Huff in the same article.

    You’re wrong, Huff.  You don’t know District Attorney Donald Totaro.  He doesn’t think the public who pay him deserve any information at all on any investigations.  And there may be some very devious reasons behind that.

    So what else went on today?  Junk about the quints who came home.  Unbelievable junk on the thread about the woman sentenced to jail for killing a cyclist. Unbelivable junk on the thread about a police officer and much, much more.  I’m just too tired and cranky today to deal with all the crap and woman haters and the new and old trolls today.  Don’t worry though - my strength will return.

    A very simple reminder - anyone can pretend to be anyone on an anonymous forum.  And they do it every day. 

    But I do want to thank a poster for the new potato salad recipe.  That sounds good – I will make it this weekend.  Now if only the moderators would allow comments and suggestions and what if someone leaves something out of a recipe?  How can they go back and fix it if a recipe thread is closed for heaven’s sake?  Geez, that recipe forum might get out of control fast – with allegations of misconduct and name calling, race and gender baiting, phony recipes and explosive health claims and more…

    Enough.  I’m taking the afternoon off to see some “real” friends in “real” life.  Gasp!  Should I pinch myself?



Whoa!  Click here.

Please check back late today…





     Is District Attorney Donald Totaro running scared?  He should be.  Are the Lancaster Newspapers feeling competitive heat for the first time in their existence?  They should be.  Click here for the two search warrants in the Haines' case and Totaro’s request to unseal one of them one day after he was quoted in the newspaper saying it would remain sealed.  Why do you think the Lancaster Newspapers posted these?  Why do you think Totaro changed his mind?  Freedom of the press and competition are wonderful things for the taxpaying and newspaper buying public!

    Please check back tomorrow.





    May 14 – Police make first public announcement that residents should lock their doors saying “a killer is out there in the community.”

Today’s Intell

    Wrong!  That was on this site on May 13 at 10:00 in the morning.  Please check back late today…





     Lancaster Newspaper moderators – could you please delete “c*nt” from your forum?  Do you think you could do that?  What if I called someone a d*ckhead?  Would you let it sit on a newspaper forum?  Especially if I was referring to a male police officer?

    I don’t care what this female officer did.  File a complaint already.  But don’t have your wife come on a newspaper forum and refer to her as a c*nt.  DELETE IT AND WARN THE POSTER, moderators!

     Oh, and “Reader70,” “Alyssarah1” and “BeingReal” – GET LOST.  Geez, how many times do I have to chase you off…

    Please check back later today…


~ A Step Backward? ~




    Well, District Attorney Donald Totaro had a change of heart and unsealed the search warrant.  Hmmm.  Maybe the public that pays his salary actually does has a right to know?

    The story gets more and more bizarre with an alleged suicide attempt the week before he was arrested and this from the neighbor who told reporters about the incident:  The neighbor asked to remain anonymous because one of his family members is a notable person in the community.  Hmmm.  There are just so few notable people in the community.

    And he apparently didn’t throw out his shoes Totaro, despite People Magazinge, although I hope those sneakers were a very unique brand if you hope to rest your case solely on bloody sneaker prints.  I am being sarcastic, and if everything is true, the police should have a great deal of excellent evidence.

    These emails in:

    Becky, you have to realize that this investigation is still on going. The kid may have confessed but the investigators still have to back up his confession with the physical evidence at the scene and other factors, to show that he is telling the truth. The courts have ruled that publicity of a high profile case must be kept to a minimum. The facts of the case have to be kept secret until the case comes to trial. This is basic police procedure. I am no Totaro fan believe me but he is handling this case the right way. I didn't vote for him, in the primary and I won't vote for him in the general election. I don't think he should be a judge, either.

    My response:

    Ludwig and Wise didn't go to trial and I find it very unlikely this one will.  He can't get death - but if all of this is true - Kenneff has nothing to work with - it's life.  Don't you think the public has a right to know if Alec and Kevin had a falling out?  Don't you think we need to know certain things to try and prevent this in the future?  I mean a 16 year old knifed to death three people - one his "friend."  This doesn't make sense (and no, neither does Ludwig and Wise) - but don't we have a right to know some things to try and prevent this in the future?

    His response:

    Sure we should know what happened. Only problem is that he can have a trial, so they have to keep things secret until the trial. He might try some type of insanity thing so that would mean a trial. Too many unknowns right now and as much as I want to know what happened, I will have to wait like everyone else. It should all come out in the trial or when he pleads guilty.

    This email in:   

    Hi Becky:
    Obviously the dog tracked scent was a crock...which we knew. Just not possible.
    I've heard that Kevin and Alec had a blowout about something back in January. Then just recently went on some sort of camping trip together with one of the dads. Possibly scout related, but I'm not sure.
    Wasn't the backslapping by the cops at the news conference a bit ridiculous?  I mean, it almost sounded like they believe that they solved this crime!!! And you don't like Totaro. This Steadman seems like a huge step backwards.   

    And this email in:

    Hey - Where do you get your information for this site?  I am just curious with the Lancaster connection.  Thanks CB

    My response:

    I don't know what information you mean and which site?



    I haven’t heard back from the last emailer.  But actually, I get all my information from Gil Smart.  There will be more tomorrow and thank you very much to all who emailed me and my apologies to those people I have not had a chance to respond to.

“I wish you were doing more to really expose the current DA.”

Please check back late  today…


~ A Life Lesson – And A Passion ~





    You know, so much has gone on in my life for the last six years ( that I thought I would tell a story.  A true story.

     I was a part-time reporter for the Sunday News many years ago, brought in on Saturdays to cover breaking and front page news.  Dave Hennigan was the city editor.  He once told a fellow employee and friend of mine that I was a “diamond in the rough.”  I never had any formal journalism training – nor had it ever occurred to me to pursue such a career.

    Anyway, on this Saturday night, Hennigan sent me to Columbia.  You see, a little girl, aged four or five, last seen wearing a pink bathing suit, had been missing all week.  It was a huge story.

    There were numerous members of the press there and we congregated around the young girl’s house.

    The Columbia Police, said “No, no.  We have tracking dogs a mile away.  Follow us.  We might have something.”  We were not given a choice.  I followed them and nothing was going on.  My gut said no, something big is going on and this is a diversion.

     I went back to the victim’s house.  The Columbia Police threatened to arrest me and I said I was leaving.  I snuck back and literally hid in the hedges outside the victim’s house.

     There was activity and I saw the police bring a black trash bag out of the neighbor’s house.  They took it to a morgue van that had just pulled up.  I heard someone in the van say, “We have a body.”

    I called Hennigan.  “They have a body,” I said.  Hennigan called someone in the Lancaster morgue  later and they confirmed a little girl’s body. 

    We were the only news source with that information.  The next morning, I watched as the Sunday News literally flew off the shelves of a Turkey Hill

    I don’t have a copy of that article.  Hennigan wrote it – I was in Columbia  (before laptops) – and I think he gave me credit in passing at the end of the article.

     The next door teenager was charged and convicted of her murder.  He is long since out of jail.  I forget the name – but I have the notes in a closet somewhere.  I once sent him a letter wanting to interview him in jail.

    I distinctly remember that his father was illiterate – he could not read – not even road signs he said – though he drove.  And I distinctly remember that his family moved – interestingly to a brand new house that was being built.  They had money.  I interviewed them but never asked where the money came from.

    I have always wondered about this case and the little girl in a pink bathing suit whose body sat in a black trash bag for almost a week in a neighbor’s house.    Maybe someone at ColumbiaPaOnline could help me with names?  I’d like to do a follow-up.

        I left the Sunday News shortly thereafter and went to LIP, because I got another gut feeling, about a drug informant named Daniel Krushinski.  And the Lancaster Newspapers wouldn’t touch it…





     I wish you were doing more to really expose the current DA.  As far as the Grand Juries he has had, check with one of the Grand and Glorius Reporters at the Lancaster News Office and ask her how many times he even called the first Jury to session?  I know that in past questioning she had told it that he never called them together regarding the case he wanted them for............  Is this good planning on his part or just another smoke screen?

    So much for solving Old Murders....................and they never will be solved with his tactics in place.

     It will be a sad day when he is elected to Judge.   He isn't doing the job he now has so, how do people expect any better performance when he is a judge?   He is only looking to take care of his own career and fill his pockets.

     Go after him and SOON!  

     I am told that Lancaster County is a laughing matter.  It is said that if you want to commit a crime, do it or dump the body in Lancaster County as they do not solve the crimes.   Some reputation.    


      This is an email I received on Saturday 20 minutes before the Manheim Township press conference where they announced the arrest of 16-year-old Alec Kreider for the murder of three members of the Haines family.  And I would like to thank the emailer for their subsequent assistance in sending me breaking information from various new sources.

    Who does Totaro think he is?  Who pays him?  What is his job?   Does Totaro know?  Does he care?

    They arrest a 16-year-old “friend” of Kevin Haines because he confessed to his father and Totaro doesn’t think the scared and shocked public who pay him deserve a thing. 

    From today’s New Era article, “DA mum on motive for Haines murders” there is this (click here  for the full article):
    Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro refused to answer any questions today about Kreider's possible motive or provide any additional details about the murder, the murder weapon or whether investigators were closing in on Kreider before his alleged confession to his father last week, which led to Kreider's arrest.
    "This is an ongoing investigation," Totaro said in an e-mail, "and there are many additional interviews to be conducted."
    Totaro also said a search warrant for the Haines house will not be unsealed, despite the fact that police have made the arrest and believe Kreider is the only person responsible for the killings.
    A judge sealed the search warrant in May "upon the showing of good cause" in the case, Totaro said.
    "There are still a number of interviews to be conducted, and we do not want these interviews to be tainted by the public release of sensitive information contained within the search warrant affidavit," Totaro said in the e-mail.
    The warrant was sealed for 60 days and will be available to the public when that time passes, Totaro said. That would be about mid-July.
    Totaro also said physical evidence that has been recovered in the case is being analyzed by the state police crime laboratory.
    More information will be available as the case proceeds through the court system, Totaro said.

    This is not acceptable.  First he goes after Coroner Kirchner and then People Magazine for “compromising” the investigation.  Now, when he claims it is “solved,” he won’t tell the public that pays him anything.  Not one thing.  Not motive or weapon.  He had the warrant sealed.  This is not acceptable. 

    This man wants to be a judge.  He needs to be investigated and fired now.

    We have a right and a need to know.  “Tainted” is his lasted tactic.  The DA is more than tainted.  This is an absolute disgrace.  Can you imagine how much money they have spent on this investigation?  It was/is public money.  We have a right and a need to know.  Now.


    There will be more tomorrow.  And what happened to the bloodhounds that tracked the killer’s trail for two-and-one-half miles according to People Magazine?  Anyone have any theories on that or was it Intell reporter Brett Lovelace exaggerating/lying again?



Please check back late today…