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~ Turkeys Don't Fly ~



    Board members Deb Hall and Laura Douglas, county appointees, refused to vote on several measures until they could see the latest paperwork.
    The developers' attorneys and financial advisers scurried to make copies, carrying two cardboard boxes of paperwork in and out of the meeting room.
    Two of the missing documents were the updated "sources and uses," a breakdown of where the project money was coming from and how it was to be spent.
    Hall admonished the authority staff, calling its work "sloppy."

“LeCrone might be on board long before September,” today’s Sunday News

    Can you even imagine?  A $170 million dollar publicly funded project and they hadn’t seen the paperwork?  This is the first time this has been mentioned in the Lancaster Newspapers.  The Intell and New Era never said one word about this in their reporting of the meeting.  Artie See reported it on his site and on the Talkback forum the next morning.

    On the Talkback forum, under one of the articles about Fulton Bank, there was this exchange:

    So we've know for a long time what Dale gets out of this deal and now we know how Fulton is cashing in but what is LNP's angle. Do they believe their own hype? Do they think that convention attendees will give them added leverage when selling ad space in their rag or is there some other pay off they will receive? 
    This answer was posted:

    Are you serious?
    LNP, will be a 50% owner of the free hotel.
    While they miss out on the outrageous and totally inappropriate fees (I have never seen a more blatant conflict of interest) that High and its subsidiaries have gotten as well as the construction, steel, and concrete contracts, the grand old ladies see more than their share. Actually, I am a little surprised they were absent on Wednesday night. At a big meeting, you can usually count on Jack Buckwalter trotting at least one of them out on display.

    This was also posted:

    This is unbelievable. This, coupled with Artie's other revelation that Wachovia has propped up the worthless junk bonds for the LCCC so that, if the bonds are sold, Wachovia will own the convention center and hotel for the next 40 years and can dictate the operation of everything, including the financing of the CC and hotel (i.e., tax increases to pay for it), when it fails.
    It's like a nightmare. Only it's real.
    Unless this turkey flys, which it won't, the city and county taxpayers are hosed!
    And Fulton bank is gonna clean up - at taxpayer expense!

    None of this, sadly, is an April Fools’ joke.  It’s really real.

    Please click here and read Artie See’s latest articles on Looking at Lancaster.


LIP News will publish tomorrow and briefly on Tuesday and then will take a Spring break until Monday, April 9th.



    The Game Commission said it would work with Brown to tranquilize and capture the deer, then transport it to the rehabilitation facility in the Harrisburg area.
    The deer will be monitored and then taken to another licensed rehabilitation facility, where it will be trained to survive in the wild.
    "It will be specifically trained to reverse the habituation so that it can be released into the wild without posing a danger to the public," Feaser said.

Pa. will capture, free deer into wild,” yesterday’s New Era

    This whole saga with the deer reminds me of the convention center fiasco.  The time and money the Game Commission will spend on a failed project!  Didn’t Oregon Dairies say they would take the deer?  Then give them the deer.  This deer can’t be trained to “reverse the habituation.” 

     You say I’m not optimistic?  No, I’m not.  And to explain why, please click here for Lanco Yokel’s excellent piece, “On a Less Optimistic Note…”  It should be required reading for the LCCCA board.


Please check back tomorrow.


~ It’s Friday! ~



    Well, a deer and how to bag groceries have captivated the public and the New Era won’t stop talking about their “Lost Angels” series.  An international tragedy occurred in Lancaster County and it seems to me they should be winning more awards than just the one Janet Kelley has won so far. 

    Meanwhile a different kind of tragedy is taking place in Lancaster spurred by the Lancaster Newspapers.  I simply cannot understand any of this.  Convention centers have failed and are failing across the country.  Several weeks ago one of the papers referenced Dan Logan, the LCCCA consultant who has been paid over $700,000 for nothing, and he mentioned booking boat shows.  Excuse me?  Can you imagine the trucks hauling the boats to the convention center through downtown Lancaster?  Is he nuts?  Maybe he meant a canoe show.

    Has everyone gone nuts?  It’s almost become too painful to write about and there are just so many lies and so much spin being published by the Lancaster Newspapers, who now have a 50% interest, that it’s almost impossible to keep up, let alone list all of their lies.  But I will try to over the weekend.

    Newspapers are supposed to improve their communities.  These are some of the saddest days in Lancaster I have ever seen.


    Three quick items to lighten things up: 

    Under one of the many stories about the deer, this was posted today and seems particularly appropriate:

    The government is awash with chronic wasting disease, something must be done about this epidemic.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve given an awful headline award – there are so very many – how does one chose?  But this New Era headline from March 28 defies intelligent thought:

    1 bar-stool pitcher among DUI arrests

    The story tells us one of those arrested threw a bar stool before leaving a restaurant where he had been drinking.  Wow.  That is just bad!

    Now Becky, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. I have been reading the drivel on your site just for laughs. If you weren't such a coward, you would have a way for people to respond to you there.
    And joy of joys, “Starling,” our “men’s rights” sicko, has returned in all of her old “glory.”  Where's my broom?  She’s right up there with the Penn Square Partners at lie telling.  Trolls always come back!  Is Lent over yet?  There will be much more on this next week.  What a hoot! 

    By the way, I currently have no way for people to comment on my site, but that will change shortly.  However, I doubt if any of her comments will make it past the moderator!




    I am overwhelmed by many recent events.  So I will keep it short and simple today and tackle the other issues tomorrow.

    Regarding the latest installment of the “Arrogant Monster” series I received this email:

    I read your website faithfully and just saw your post today. You mentioned that your father was in WWII.  I KNOW people who ACT just the way you describe - who you see behaving one way but saying the exactly opposite thing about who they are.

   Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of this.  There's a website where you can view people's WWII registrations.  I copied and pasted it, just like it was online.  I have no idea whether the person tells them their civil occupation or if the government assigns it... but the "actor" part was hysterical to me... since you describe his behavior as seemingly "Oscar-worthy."  Enjoy.  By the way, your mother was telling the truth: he did enlist right after Pearl Harbor occurred.

    The full occupation listed is this:  ACTOR (Motion picture actor.) or DIRECTOR, MOTION PICTURE (Motion picture director.) or ENTERTAINER

    I responded with this:

   The funny part is - my father never, ever went to movies.  We were told the reason was that no one could make a movie that was intelligent enough for him (honest).  I think he didn't want to spend the money (I haven't even gotten to the subject of money yet!) but even more than the money - I don't think he wanted to leave his beer!

    No, I haven’t gotten to the money part or the fact that my parents didn’t believe children should play or have fun.  Children were to be seen and not heard and do work.  And both of my parents are excellent actors.  They have been doing it for years.

    The enlistment also shows under “Education:  2 years of college.”  Once again, Franklin and Marshall College might want to find out how, where, when and why he received an undergraduate degree.   

    Thank you very much to the emailer and the link to the U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Record for my father is here.


~ Not Fit To Print! ~



    Cassidy said she no longer has the notebook she used when Kirchner wrote down his password. She said she routinely throws out her notebooks once they are filled.

Former Intell reporter Carrie Cassidy testifying in Coroner Kirchner’s preliminary hearing from the Intell story, “Coroner faces trial on Web charges,” 3-27-07.

    I’ve never heard of such a thing.  You date them and save them in order.  You never know when you might need them later.  What kind of reporter is she?  Her new employer, The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, must be proud.  I still have score-keeping notebooks from when I covered basketball games for the Intell 30 years ago. 

   She said the coroner wrote down the user name and password in her notebook.

Carrie Cassidy testifying  from the same article as above.

    Why would the coroner write it in her notebook?  Was it that long and complicated?  And she didn’t save the notebook?  What kind of reporter is she?

    There will be much more on this farce coming later this week.  This is simply an outrage that the five reporters were given immunity. 


    Penn Square Partners has pledged $36.3 million in upfront cash and debt service. The rest of the budget would come from public sources like the $63.9 million in bonds.

Intell reporter Dave Pidgeon in today’s article, “County to make center board appointment.”

    Artie See caught this lie and posted this on the Talkback forum under the article:

    NOT TRUE. Only $11 million is in UPFRONT cash. The rest would come from FUTURE PROFITS. And all of this would be for the hotel ONLY.
    Taxpayers are stuck with paying for all but $100 million PLUS INTEREST for the proposed convention center. Plus, taxpayers would be paying for NEARLY HALF of the proposed $35 million hotel.
    What a deal: the Penn Square Partners get to pay $11 million in cash plus $24 million from FUTURE PROFITS for a $70 million hotel.

    Artie also has something to say about the bonds.  Click here for Looking at Lancaster.

    The LCCCA board meets tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Southern Market Center. 


    Whether or not you like what Ron does and how he does it, I have to give him credit for using his own name on here to be subjected to a lot of bashing. Not too many do that. I wonder how many of us could stand up to the scrutiny of using our real names. I see Ron on a regular basis and wouldn't consider identifying my real name with my personna on TB.

Posted by Alyssarah1 on the Talkback forum under the article, “Harper arrested in Norristown.”

    It’s so nice she reads my site, even though in her first ten posts she took three shots at me including calling what I post “junk.”  I recently posted this about her:

    Wow!  You are just so important and know so many influential people!  I’m impressed.  The funny part is - they don’t know you!

    Here is her answer!  To which I say  - yeah, uh-huh, sure and get lost, troll!  How many times do you have to be outed?


SAY WHAT?  “She said she routinely throws out her notebooks once they are filled.”

Please check back later today…




~ Brett Lovelace ~



     Lancaster County Coroner G. Gary Kirchner’s preliminary hearing is today (see the “Breaking News” in the box below).  I wanted to remind everyone exactly what State Attorney General Tom Corbett stated about the Grand Jury investigation and the five Intell reporters who are involved.    Intell editor Ray Shaw should pay particular attention.


February 5, 2007

Attorney General Corbett announces computer crime and conspiracy charges against Lancaster County Coroner

   Corbett said that several reporters from the Intelligencer Journal newspaper were subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury about illegal intrusions into secure sections of the 9-1-1 website, including Brett Lovelace, P.J. Reilly, Paula Holzman, Carrie Caldwell Cassidy and Madelyn Pennino All five reporters asserted their Fifth Amendment right to refuse to provide evidence which would tend to incriminate them, but each later testified after being granted immunity from prosecution for crimes supported by evidence arising from their testimony.

    The grand jury later found that portions of the testimony offered by some reporters were not credible.  According to the grand jury, Lovelace was not credible when he denied knowing that he was not authorized to access secure sections of the county 9-1-1 website.  The grand jury also determined that there was proof Lovelace had used an alternate computer to access the secure 9-1-1 site, something he denied under oath.

    "We allege that Dr. Kirchner knowingly frustrated the security efforts surrounding the 9-1-1 website, disregarded the confidential and sensitive nature of the information included on that website and abused his authority by distributing his user name and password to reporters from the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal," Corbett said. 

    "In addition to the breach of public trust by Dr. Kirchner, the grand jury found that employees of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal violated the security of the 9-1-1 website simply to gain a tactical advantage over a competing newspaper," Corbett said.  "Contrary to the assertions of Lancaster Newspapers in repeated legal challenges that the grand jury was seeking newspaper source information, it is clear that the evidence sought was solely forensic in nature, establishing the direct illegal use of computers at Lancaster Newspapers by its reporters to access known restricted websites."

    Kirchner is charged with one count of unlawful use of a computer and other computer crimes and one count of criminal conspiracy to commit unlawful use of a computer, both third degree felonies punishable by up to seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine.


Click here for Corbett's full report and a link to the Grand Jury report.


The Intell Five!


    According to Ron Harper, Jr., Lancaster County Coroner Gary Kirchner’s preliminary hearing is today and that means Intell reporter Brett Lovelace and the four others will have to testify.  Let’s see what the Lancaster Newspapers do with this!  This is District Attorney Donald Totaro spending your tax dollars wisely.  Harper says he will be there and his buddy, Bennett J. Vonderheide, will be taping!  Ron had a little problem with his video camera if you recall…  Do you have your "Press Pass," Ron?  Wow! 

    Please check back later today for any updates and “Arrogant Monsters.”


    I thought I read back much earlier in a posting, or somewhere, that someone printed "PRESS" on their computer, laminated it and used it as a "Press Pass".   Is it that easy and is that legal?

Posted on the Talkback forum under “Harper arrested in Norristown.”

    Hey, that’s me!  You forgot the yellow part.  It’s a stunning press pass - bright yellow, laminated and clip-on.  Wow! 

    What do you think of the five Intell reporters who were named “co-conspirators” in two felonies by the State Attorney General’s Grand Jury?  Do you think they should have their fancy press passes taken away?  Is it legal that they still have “Press Passes?”

    Please check back later today…

Lancaster County is more than just a place.”

Jon Rutter’s opening sentence in his front page Sunday News article, “Route 23 is followed far and wide.”

    I am so overwhelmed by this thought that I need to take the day off.  It makes you wonder how Rutter graduated from grade school.  Can you image he and editor, “Mad-Dog” Marv, having a conversation?


Mad-Dog – “Yes, it is just a place.”

Rutter –  “No, it’s also a state of mind.”

Mad-Dog – “Have you been taking your pills?”

Rutter –  “No.  Have you?”

Mad-Dog – “I can’t understand the instructions on the bottle.” 

Rutter – “Me, either.”

Mad-Dog – “Did you see any goats when you did your story?”

Rutter –  “They were everywhere!  It’s not called a ‘goat path’ for


Mad-Dog –  “Abigail loves goats.  We’re going for a ride on Route

                     23.  See you later.”

Rutter – “Can I come too?  I've never been on Route 23.”   

Mad-Dog - "Come along!  The more kids, the merrrier!"                


~ Rights and Freedoms ~



    My brother, Tom, lived in Lancaster many, many years ago and worked the second shift.  He walked home through Lancaster very early in the mornings.  He was often stopped by the police and asked for identification.  He always refused.  The police have to have a reason to stop you and ask for identification and they never had a reason for stopping my brother. 

    This, and other safeguards, are basic to our individual rights and freedoms in this country.  Which, of course, leads me to Ron Harper, Jr.’s recent run in with sheriff’s deputies and the police in the Montgomery County Courthouse.  The very brief and inaccurate Intell article, “Harper arrested in Norristown,” (click here) has an astonishing 98 posts and over 3,400 views as of this morning.  It is the hottest topic on the Talkback forum.  Harper, uncharacteristically, has remained silent.

    I spoke to Harper yesterday on the phone at approximately 9:00 a.m. and obviously my piece below on this site is his side of the story.  I would like to thank him for the “exclusive.”  That will teach the Lancaster Newspapers to have their attorney send him ridiculous, threatening letters.

    To answer one major question that has been raised – this occurred inside the courthouse according to Harper.  The Intell quotes a Norristown Police Captain as saying “outside.”  I do not know if he was there, but his information, according to Harper and all other sources, is incorrect and it did in fact happen inside the courthouse.

     A longtime Talkbacker posted my entire story and then asked this:

    This is Ron Harper's side of the story. I have a few questions for Mr Harper.
1. When an officer asks you not to film, why is your first reaction to turn on the camera instead of asking what the problem is?
2. If you told your child not to do something, would you expect his/her first reaction to be to listen to you or go ahead and do the opposite?
3. Why on earth can't you be civil?
4. Why are you so confrontational?

    I think many of us feel this way about Harper from time to time.  The question is, however, does any of the above justify what Harper alleges was done to him?

    By the way, as of our telephone call yesterday morning, his video camera was in the hands of the police and again, according to Harper, it is severely broken.

    There will be more on this and a news round-up tomorrow.



Ron Harper, Jr. has a new post on (click here).   There will be much more later today...



~ Ron Harper, Jr. ~


[Editor's note:  Ron Harper requested that I add that he turned on the camera "for my protection" in the story below.]


     “I left sick to my stomach,” Ron Harper, Jr. said by phone this morning.  “It’s horrifying that you can be assaulted in a courthouse in America.”

    Harper, of, had his video camera broken yesterday, was handcuffed and denied a call to his lawyer in the Montgomery County Courthouse.

    Ron said he was there to take video for his new website,  He went through security with the camera, they were aware of it, and then he began to view what he would film.  A deputy came up to him and told him he was not allowed to film.  Harper said he turned on the camera at that point and told him he wanted to capture his “pretty face.” 

    “He lunged at me,” Harper said.  “He said I was not going to take pictures.  A sergeant came over and told me to turn it off.  I said,  ‘No.’  The guy pulled at my camera and it crashed to the floor.  It’s broken.”

    Harper asked if he was under arrest.  He was told, “No.  We’re detaining you to question you.”  Harper at this point was sitting on a bench.  He pulled out his Blackberry and they asked him what he was doing.

    “I’m going to call my lawyer,” he said.  “No, you’re not,” he was told.  Harper said, “Yeah, I am.” 

    “I was assaulted,” Harper said.  “I found myself in a headlock.  They threw me on the ground and assaulted me.  Five Sheriff’s deputies.  They had my head crushed into the granite floor with a knee on my neck and they handcuffed me.”

    Harper, who was in an auto accident in December, suffers constant back pain.  He told them and they let him up and took off the handcuffs. 

    They let him go at that point and said they would be mailing him a citation for disorderly conduct.

    “I was assaulted - that’s what I want people to know,” Harper said.  He said action against the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office and the Norristown Police would be forthcoming.



~ Get A New Client, George! ~



     …You then accept and print as “fact” an undocumented, unsubstantiated story from a bitter, disgruntled ex-employee.  Your reporting, if that is what it can be called, demonstrates a flagrant disregard for even the most basic journalistic standards and violates every norm of journalism ethics.

Attorney George C. Werner of Barley Snyder LLC, in a February 9, 2007 letter to Ron Harper, Jr. regarding the story on titled, “Inside Lancaster Newspaper.”

    Werner is not a smart man.  He has the audacity to talk about “the most basic journalistic standards.”  The Lancaster Newspapers, as has been pointed out repeatedly by this site and many sites, break the most basic journalistic standards every day with their 44% interest in the convention center and their reporting of it.

    I questioned Harper’s story on this site.  I said he didn’t attribute any of his “information” to anyone and some of what he wrote had to be supposition on his part.  Does that mean he can be sued?  No.

    Werner says this in his letter:

    To ensure that you are quickly on notice to cease and desist, I will not be cataloging a list of everything that is wrong with the article.  In general, the article:

~ Inaccurately accuses a reporter of criminal conduct.

    Excuse me?  The State Attorney General’s Grand Jury accused the reporter, Brett Lovelace, and four other Intell reporters, of criminal conduct.   Sue Attorney General Tom Corbett.

    This is just absurd.  Or why doesn’t Werner sue his client, Intell editor Ray Shaw, over his front page editorial regarding the Grand Jury Report?  Remember, Shaw wrote this:

    But, after a probe lasting more than 18 months and consisting of repeated subpoenas for computer hardware and software used by Intell staff members and repeated subpoenas to compel testimony by staff members of the Intell, no criminal charges were lodged against the newspaper or any of its staff.

    This can only be taken as a clear indication that no criminal activity was engaged in by the staff members. That's an important fact to keep in mind.

    This is a flat-out lie.  The reporters were given immunity.  Remember, the last sentence of the Grand Jury report says:

    Kirchner and the reporters, working in concert, bypassed LCWC’s 9-1-1 website security and committed the offenses of Criminal Conspiracy to commit Unlawful Use of Computers, 18 Pa. C.S. & 903 and Unlawful Use of Computers, 18 PA. C.S. & 7811 (a)(1)(2).

    Werner ends his letter with this sentence:

    …Any legitimate, any semi-legitimate, news reporting organization would immediately retract this article.

    Ray Shaw, I demand that you retract your front page editorial now and apologize to the public. 

    In a second letter, dated May 9, 2007 Werner writes this:

    On behalf of Mr. Lovelace, I demand that you immediately remove from your web site the untruthful, inaccurate and defamatory article entitled, “Lovelace Lives @ Newspaper!” as well as the article entitled “Lovelace Lie Update!”  Concurrently, we demand that you post on your web site a retraction of both articles.

    Wow!  That’s good writing.  Did you learn that in law school?  Why don’t you demand that Ernie Schreiber post a retraction and apology for his March 15, 2007 editorial, “‘Open’ appointment plan:  cynical again?”

    Schreiber says this:

    Does anyone really believe that Commissioners Molly Henderson and Dick Shellenberger, who live, eat and breathe to kill the convention center project, will appoint anyone but a fellow opponent to that authority?

    Everyone knows that the Commissioners don’t “live, eat and breathe” to kill the convention center.  Why does Schreiber tell outrageous lies and make such vicious personal attacks?  Can he be sued? 

    Yes, it’s in an editorial, but that makes it worse.  People assume the author is a seasoned journalist who has a high regard for journalism ethics and integrity. 

    Sadly, neither the editor of the Intell or the New Era has an ounce of either. 

    Good try, Werner.  Shouldn’t you be doing something more important than sending absurd, threatening letters to the owner of a website?  How much did they pay you for these letters?  However much, it wasn’t enough to make a fool of yourself.  Maybe you should get a new client or go back to law school.


~ Ron Harper’s website is here.   He provides a links to the two letters from Werner.

~ The website for Barley Snyder LLC and the page with George Werner’s information is here.




~ The Bonds Are Junk! ~



    You could feel the desperation in the Lancaster Newspapers yesterday as the morning’s front page story reported, “Field wants spot on board.”  That of course is Robert Field, owner of NewsLanc, an “anti-convention center” website (links are posted below this story). 

    Very soon thereafter, it was reported that Ron Harper, Jr. was also applying.  There was terror at the papers.

    This morning, the Intell hid the article titled, “14 seek convention center board seat,” on page A4.  Actually, if you count on the county’s website it’s 15.  And (gasp!) according to the article, only three of those support the convention center.  One of those three, Stanley Caterbone, is a nutcase.  If you pull up his resume on the county site, it begins with this:

    “This Submission Was the Subject of Computer Hacking, and was not edited or proofed as warranted.”

    Say what?  Call the men in the white coats.  Caterbone, of course, was banned from the newspaper’s own Talkback forum for spamming every thread one morning!

    On the county website you can click on each name (except Tom LeCrone) and view the complete application for each candidate.  There are some excellent people in the running. 

    This is going to be exceedingly interesting and we won’t have to wait long to find out who is appointed.  Several of the candidates will be chosen to be publicly interviewed next Tuesday and the Commissioners will announce their choice the following day. 

    In yesterday’s Intell article, they quote Dave Hixson, the LCCCA’s executive director, saying this:

    Hixson said construction can't be stopped once financing is in place and walls start going up, even if the county's appointee is determined to scuttle the project.

    "You can't (stop it)," he said. "It's not practical."

    Nice try, Hixson, but wrong.  Ron Harper, Jr., who is serious about being appointed to the board, says this in a new post on his site:

    Do you understand that the authority is pouring foundations when they don’t have the financing for the project?!?! Rather than print the damaging fact that the change in leadership will hurt the selling of the bonds, the Lancaster New Era printed that the foundations were being poured! They left out the FACT that the authority is doing this without the money to pay for the building!! Who builds without having the mortgage in place?!?

    And he also says the first thing he will do after being appointed is have coffee and pie:

    I would immediately invite the current county board members (which number 3) to the Lyndon Diner for pie and coffee to discuss how to either “kill” or “curtail” this project. (I wouldn’t be a board member so there would be no violation of the Sunshine Act but frankly I wouldn’t care who came along!)  

·  After deciding what to do, I'd make an announcement that the project would be killed or curtailed in September and that any money spent on the project knowing that is going to happen would be a waste of taxpayer’s money and irresponsible.

·  Next, I would make certain the bond market knew that there was a change in leadership coming to the authority. Unlike the incompetent folks who have managed to spend nearly 20 million dollars and don’t even have the financing in place, the new leadership was going to act and any bonds would be JUNK.

    I wish I could see Ernie Schreiber’s and Jack Buckwalter's faces right now!  Hey, Ron, are you paying for the pie and coffee?  I’ll come.


    The Intell  buried the above article on page 4 and yet on the front page of the Local Section they unbelievably have a story titled, “Shaub:  Better leaders needed.” 

    That’s right, better leaders than Shaub are needed.  Where’s the fact that he pled guilty to two violations of the Sunshine Act?  They mention that about Shellenberger and Henderson every chance they get.  Where’s the fact that the grand jury report indicated Shaub was a liar and a conniver and he had to resign?   What a disgraceful article.  Artie See posted this on the Talkback under it:

    Pete Shaub was the single most combative, argumentative, and self-aggrandizing County official in recent memory. Shaub has no room to talk about better leaders, he was one of the worst.


Robert Field’s  NewsLanc is here.

Ron Harper, Jr.’s  5thEstate is here.

The County website and listing of applicants is here.


Tomorrow – a look at George Werner’s ridiculous and hypocritical letters to the 5thestate and the changing world of journalism.



~ Werner’s An Idiot! ~



    First off you accuse me of altering documents. This is another malicious, actionable lie on your part. As an officer of the court, you have a greater accountability to do the proper research before accusing an upstanding citizen such as myself of such a heinous charge.

Ron Harper, Jr. on addressing a letter he received from Attorney George C. Werner of Barley Snyder LLC.

    What a hoot and what a stupid lawyer George is!  This is classic Harper.  You must go to 5thEstate and read his comments and the two absurd letters from the Lancaster Newspaper’s lawyer (click here).  There are two more classic quotes from Harper below and I just love it when he tells George he should “shut up!”


    And now I must address your most outrageous accusation regarding me breaking the law! Were the charges not so serious I would laugh at the silliness. The fact that you would commit this to writing after I gave you such a serious warning about false allegations makes me question your competency and shows your malicious and actionable intent with regard to the charges.

    And what is the point of this anyway George? Are you trying to argue that Brett voted in Maryland even though he lived in Pennsylvania? Are you denying that Lovelace registering to vote at the newspaper's office wasn't illegal? Seriously George, you client has broken various laws, the best thing you can do as his lawyer is shut up – not make lame attacks on impeccable documentation!


    Harper is putting in his application for the LCCCA Board this afternoon and it is available on the County website.  Harper said by phone this morning that he is very serious and said, “No one has been there longer than me.  I deserve to have this position.”  Harper believes the convention center should be killed or greatly reduced. 




    Ron Harper, Jr. and Robert Field have both applied for the LCCCA Board!  Yeah!  Does it get any better than this?  Please check back later today…



    "If people show up Saturday, we're having a bee," Ann Marie Steele, education and community services manager for Lancaster Newspapers Inc., said Friday.

“The word on the bee is: Tonight,” today’s Intell

    Well, thank goodness the bee is on!  Will immunity be one of the words? 

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m off to shovel about six inches of solid sleet so I can buy some bread...and maybe some beer...

Please check back on Monday.



Please check back later today…SAY WHAT?


~ Your Career Is Over! ~



    Does anyone really believe that Commissioners Molly Henderson and Dick Shellenberger, who live, eat and breathe to kill the convention center project, will appoint anyone but a fellow opponent to that authority?

New Era editor Ernie Schreiber in yesterday’s editorial, “‘Open’ appointment plan:  cynical again,” not posted online.

    It’s well past time for Ernie Schreiber to resign.  He gives journalists everywhere a bad name.  You cannot believe a single word this man says.

    Why don’t you ask their spouses, their families and their friends if they “live, eat and breathe to kill the convention center project?”  That is one of the sickest things I have ever read.

    Where’s your disclaimer in this editorial?  Where’s the fact that your employer has a 44% interest in this $170-200 million dollar publicly funded white elephant?

    Where’s your disclaimer that your paycheck is reliant upon editorials such as this?  Where’s the fact that Penn Square Partners has put up a paltry $11 million of the total funding? 

    Where’s the fact that the commissioners were elected to work for and protect the interests and pocketbooks of the citizens of Lancaster County?  Where’s the fact that Henderson and Shellenberger are trying to make this an open, honest and public process?

    Where’s the fact that this is the largest monetary project in Lancaster’s history and it’s being funded by the public?   Where’s the fact that the PKF Consulting study said it will fail?  Where’s the fact that the public could face dire monetary consequences for years? 

    These opponents view the appointment as their final opportunity to undermine the project -- even though the convention center should be well underway by September.

    And, by trying to keep this dead issue alive, Henderson hopes to keep her re-election prospects alive as well. Opposition to the convention center is her primary campaign pitch.

Schreiber in the same editorial.

    It’s not a dead issue, Schreiber.  It’s far from being dead and Henderson’s re-election prospects are excellent.

    Your career, on the other hand, will soon be over and the sooner the better.  I have spoken to many people who have stopped subscribing to the Lancaster Newspapers.  Cancel your subscription to the New Era now.

    Ernie Schreiber lives, eats and breathes as a liar and a fraud. What an absolute disgrace.

    Resign, Schreiber.  Do us all a favor and do it now!


~ For Lanco Yokels’ take on the selection process, click here.

~ To apply for the voluntary position, click here.


Tomorrow – a news round-up.


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~A Dangerous Editor! ~



    Another day, another bad New Era.   Ernie Schreiber, the editor, began his “career” at the Lancaster Independent Press (LIP) – that’s right – right here!  Thankfully, he was there a few years prior to me and our paths never crossed to my knowledge.

    Someone involved with the paper explained that he has just become a “complete hack.”  I’m not sure that fully explains it.  There is no explaining this man – other than possibly drugs or mental illness – or, of course, both.

    This man is a member of Lancaster Friends Meeting (Quakers).  Now, you know how I feel about these frauds but Ernie is the topper of the cake. 

    You see, if the Quakers are known for anything, it is peace and liberal causes.  And Schreiber is the editor of one of the most conservative papers in this country fully backing Bush and his Iraq horror.  While his fellow Quakers are standing against the war in Penn Square every Saturday, Ernie is writing editorials supporting every conservative cause known to man.

    And Ernie consistently puts out a lousy paper – I mean really, really bad.  On Tuesday, his front page story was “PETS on PILLS.”  Excuse me?  Buried on page C5 was the article, “NRA takes aim at Mayor Gray.”

    Now I know Ad Crable, the author, edits and writes for the Outdoor Section among other things, but what is this story with two large pictures doing there?  Isn’t this more important than pets on pills?

    And I don’t trust Schreiber for one moment.  When the story broke about Intell reporter Justin Quinn being fired for posting on their Talkback forum, I posted here that Janet Kelley did as well – and I received several emails from people who were honestly concerned that Schreiber was extremely angry and in a “lather.”

    I wrote this:


    Let me be quite clear – I don’t care if New Era editor Ernie Schreiber is in a “lather.”  Many things I have posted prior to stating that Janet Kelley was posting on the Talkback Board should have put him in a “lather” because he has a lousy newspaper.  I mean a really, really lousy newspaper. 

    I talked to Ernie by phone this morning.  He told me she did not post on Talkback.  In fact, he told me that she “wouldn’t know how to do it.”  I told him that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.  He said, “She never, ever would log on.  That would not happen.”  He said what I posted was “unfair, untrue and inaccurate.”  He said he has “100% confidence in her.”  He said “It can’t be true.”  He said, “I dare you to put up proof.” 

    I wasn’t going to – but I don’t have time for an editor who is either that stupid or pretending to be that stupid or just a flat-out liar.  I wasn’t going to post it because I didn’t want her to lose her job.  But she won’t.  Schreiber will deny it and say it’s not proof and all will return to normal at the New Error where Kelley will write questionable stories (see “Kelley and Cooley Lie” below on this website) and Schreiber will continue to write “Angel of Death” editorials.  And you can certainly argue it’s not conclusive – but it absolutely is to me.



    How can you trust an editor of a newspaper who tells such outrageous lies?  As I stated before, if Kelley is that stupid she wouldn’t know how to log onto their own forum, she should be fired immediately.  This is, in case Schreiber doesn’t know it, the computer age.

    I think Schreiber is taking as many pills as those pets.  How can you live your life as a complete contradiction?  You can’t.


The full article quoted above is here.   There will be more on this at a later date.


Coming today – Does New Era Editor Ernie Schreiber need more or fewer drugs?




       LANCASTER COUNTY, P.A. -- With aging and increasing dementia, it has become a routine faithfully endured by the Schreiber family.   Each day starts with a mental health check and his first shot of many powerful narcotic drugs for Ernie. Then a couple of pills, maybe mashed into his dinner.

       Ernie takes more drugs than any other known human on earth.


Please check back later today.  Wow!


Check back later today…  WHO?