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~ The World Gone Mad! ~




    It has to be Friday the 13th because none of this is possible.  They plan to build a publicly funded $170 – $200 million dollar white elephant in the heart of downtown Lancaster.

    The mayor wants to put a tracked trolley in downtown Lancaster and Jack Tracy wants to put McCaskey students on police patrol duty and the New Era reports it like it’s a valid idea.  One too many valiums, Ernie? 

    Regarding Tracy this was posted on the Talkback forum:

    This guy wants to be a District Judge. God, help us all if he is elected.

    Seriously, this man needs to be institutionalized.

    This was posted about the convention center and I think it sums up the situation perfectly:

    It is, to be blunt, a stupid idea gone wild.

    Gee, I wonder why the Lancaster Newspapers haven’t told us that? 


    Well, Imus is gone and this morning’s Intell editorial says this:

    The NFL action might well have been the talk of the nation had it not been for Imus' potty-mouth description of the Rutgers' women's basketball team that reached the finals of the NCAA women's tournament.

    Potty-mouth?  You are writing for adults, Ray Shaw, or did you forget that? 

    Referring to a Snoop Dogg album and a song with disgusting lyrics, a poster said this:

    I would be willing to bet that at least one of those Rutger's team members has the album that this song is on.
    Yes, and all blacks like chittlings.  I would be willing to bet that not one member of the team has that album.  And whatever happened to chittlings?


    Would someone remind Cindy Stauffer that she is writing for adults?  In her absurd front page article in yesterday’s New Era, “IT’S the BUZZ” she says this:

    And even if the teacher is younger and still has good hearing in addition to, say, all of her teeth, she might not realize that high-pitched sound is a ring tone.

    And this:

    And that is a most delicious thing for high school students struggling with one of the bitterest pills served up by modern life: the freedom of having a cell phone in the prison of the school day, when its use is forbidden.

    And this:

    For Nick Pritchett, a basic part of life is getting phone calls and text messages (old-person translation: those are brief notes typed by a caller that appear on the recipient's phone screen).

    I know what text messages are and so does most of the world, Cindy.  And I’m not old, thank you.  Maybe Nick would like to escape his school “prison” and patrol the streets of Lancaster with his cell phone?


    Didn’t the New Era run this exact same headline a couple of weeks ago that the Intell ran yesterday, “Cabernet with your cup cheese?”  It’s a lousy headline to begin with and what’s the big deal about cup cheese?  I don’t remember ever eating it so I looked it up and now I know why.  You couldn’t pay me to eat this stuff.  The recipe is here.   Do you think the Amish melt it in their microwaves?


    Jesse - My response is that I view both trade names "The Columbia News" and "The Columbian News" and associated domains as a conflict to my trade name Columbia News and  If you decide to use either, I will seek legal advise. I prefer that you come up name that is not "confusingly similar”.
Posted by David Doolittle on the forum.

    Over at ColumbiaPaOnline, David Doolittle (isn’t that a great name!) and Jesse are fighting over the rights to the Columbia name.  Doolittle has and Jesse has  Just tell him to go pound sand, Jesse.  He doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he is obviously easily confused.


     In an update on the Baby story from yesterday, Harper has just woken up after his large meal last night and reports that after some coffee and pie this morning he will be hot on Baby’s trail.

    Does it get any better than this?  Yes, check back tomorrow.  I know how to save the Lancaster Newspapers and you can only read it here!


Harper Doesn’t Give Up!


    On the advice of his doctors, Ron Harper, Jr. is spending the night at the home of a neighbor of the widow Brown and hopes to begin his search for Baby tomorrow.  Harper said today by phone, “His (the pie thrower’s) aim was excellent.  I got cream in my eyes and felt it best to rest up for a day.”

    His gracious hosts are having venison stew and blueberry pie for dinner and Harper could not refuse their kind offer.  “It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a venison stew,” Harper said.  “I hope they add peas.”

     Please check back tomorrow.  Wow!  What a story!  What determination and bravery!  “I will find Baby,” Harper said.


Pickard blowin' his top!

Breaking news!


The neighbor who reported "Baby" to the Game Commission has just thrown a pie at Ron Harper, Jr.  Yikes!  I hope to have Ron's side of this story shortly.  Please see below for the full story of Harper's heart wrenching search for "Baby."







    Here's a unique idea for putting more community police on city streets: Recruit McCaskey students for patrol duty.

“Proposal:  Teens in uniform on beat,” today’s New Era (click here).

    I have a unique idea:  Let’s put my 10 year-old neighbor on the city streets after school and during the weekends.  He wants to be a cop.  Why not let him?  He has a water gun! 

    I have called the men in the white coats to come and take New Era editor Ernie Schreiber away to the closest mental ward!  Stay tuned.

    In an update on the “Baby” story, Harper is now having “coffee and pie” with a neighbor of the widow Brown.  He reports he should hit Baby’s trail shortly…


~ Talk About It ~



    I will say to every rapist who will violate a child this very night with acts so unspeakable her mind will be forced to leave her body, your child my be mute today, but someday your child will speak your name.

    The children will speak every single name.  And as we take away the children’s secrets, we will take away the rapist’s power. 

 Marilyn Van Derbur, “A Story of Hope”

    I printed this is the special edition of LIP:  INCEST – A Family Tragedy; The Holzinger Story.  I don’t think I have given Van Derbur enough credit.  She was Miss America in 1958 and has written two books and lectured extensively on the incest she survived by her father from age 5 to 18. 

    In the tape, quoted above, Van Derbur says she was physically paralyzed and hospitalized, and when her physicians could find nothing physically wrong with her she found the psychological cause – incest.  Believe me, I understand.

    And I haven’t given her enough credit for speaking out.  Earlier this week I took you to the Survivors of Incest Anonymous website and there are two things that struck me:  first, the pervasiveness of incest and secondly, the incredible emphasis on staying anonymous.   And it seems to me, the one enables the other. 

    I am in contact with the organization and will have much more on all of this later.  But what simply is incomprehensible to me and absolutely inexcusable, is Franklin & Marshall College continuing to annually award the Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award.  And to be honest – I’m fed up and angry and if they want to ignore me and hope I’ll go away – well, they’re in for a surprise.  A liberal arts college should be the first to recognize the horror and criminality of this and remove the award my father established and funds in his own name to feed his arrogant ego.

    Van Derbur also exposes another horror decent people refuse to realize.  Her mother knew.  My mother knew.  Most spouses of abusers know – they live in the same house for heaven’s sake. 

    This is a quote from Chapter 2 of her book, “Miss America By Day,”:

    Click. She was on the first step. Then, slowly, very slowly, click, down to the second step. Then even more slowly we heard the third click as she stepped down the third step. My door was less than six feet away. Finally! My mother was coming. Finally it would be over. At the sound of the first click, my father had frozen. I had frozen. We remained motionless at the second click and the third. It was a dramatic moment in time when each of us knew what the other was thinking. It seemed like minutes, but I'm sure it was only seconds. Then we heard another click, but she wasn't coming to save me, she was going back up the steps. She knew.

    Once again, this is a quote from the Survivors of Incest Anonymous website:

    There is, on the average, a visitor to this site every 7 minutes…24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are a lot of survivors in the world
    Yes, there most certainly are, and it’s time, as Van Derbur states, that we all talk about it and name names and stop this horror.

There will be much more to follow.


The Survivors of Incest Anonymous website is here.

“Miss America by Day” is here.


For something much lighter, please see the exclusive breaking news below.  LIP News has learned that Harper is now having "coffee and pie" with the widow Brown before he hits the trail! 





    There is breaking news into this site.  Ron Harper, Jr., investigative reporter extraordinaire, has just set out to find “baby,” the piebald deer. 

    He left for Conestoga this morning and said, “I will not rest until I find Baby and return her to the widow Brown.”  Harper kissed his family goodbye and has taken equipment and food to last him three days on the trail. 

    He plans to record the event on his new video camera and has been in contact with Governor Rendell.  “The Governor was pleased,” Harper said by phone this morning.  “He said he has tossed and turned every night worrying about Baby since she disappeared.”

    Please stay tuned to this website as we bring you breaking news on this incredible saga and sacrifice by Harper. 

    This just in – Harper has stopped in a diner for “coffee and pie,” but should be on the trail shortly.




Man passes pennies for dimes - twice
By JOHN M. HOOBER III, Staff writer


    Hoober, a long, long time police reporter and one of the stupidest human beings on the planet has written this story (click here).   Actually, let's take a mental evaluation of everyone involved in this story!  I need a tub of butter - or two! 

    Oh, and Kathy Clark of the Franklin & Marshall Anthropology Department, don’t hang up on me again.  Who the hell do you think you are? 


~ I’ve Had Enough! ~



    "If there was ever a poster child for how not to do a project of this magnitude, this is it," Lehman, Lancaster city's controller, said.

Democratic County Commissioner candidate Craig Lehman quoted in this morning’s Intell article, “Convention Center slammed.”

    There are a great many things going on of great importance.  But once again, the convention center stands first and foremost.  I am reprinting a column from this week in April last year below.  It’s well past time to tell the greedy Lancaster Newspapers “NO.”  It’s time to tell these unethical, lying newspapers “NO.” 

    It’s well past time someone complained to the EEOC about their failure to hire minorities.  It’s illegal and simply an unbelievable disgrace.  They need to be investigated now.

    It’s time to investigate District Attorney Donald Totaro for refusing to investigate the $6 million paid to the law firm of Stevens and Lee. 

    There will be much more on all of this including Intell reporter Brett Lovelace and the absolute scum of the earth, New Era editor Ernie Schreiber, to come. 


    My son received an award from Temple yesterday that was named after the founder of his particular business major.  This was a brutal reminder to me that Franklin & Marshall College gives an award every year in the name of an incest perpetrator and academic fraud.  And I’ve had enough, now.  The gloves are coming off and there will be an update on this story very shortly.


    To anyone wondering, what Don Imus said is inexcusable and it’s also inexcusable that Lancaster Online has allowed the Klan to take over their forum.  The Lancaster Newspapers are responsible for the huge racial divisions and inequalities in Lancaster.  These newspapers are a disgrace on every level – they need to be investigated and shut down. 

    Please pay special attention to Russ Eshleman’s quote in the story below regarding the press:  “the journalistic mission of  ‘comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.’”  The Lancaster Newspapers abandoned that mission years and years ago. 


Pull the Plug on the Convention Center!



     The LCCCA meets tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. in the Southern Market Center.  Stop the convention center project tomorrow night!  Pull the plug! 

    “Speaking of my friends, the commissioners, the letter last week from famed attorney Richard Sprague, demanding a retraction for their comments about the county’s former law firm, Stevens & Lee, sounds like more billable hours to me.”

Marv Adams, Sunday News, 4-6-06, “Litigations ‘R’ Us,” click here.

    Now he’s a “famed” attorney, Marv?  I don’t think so.  And as noted on this website previously, that letter is a ridiculous threat and nothing more. 

    “We have been informed that the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority (LCCCA) has paid more than $6 million to a single law firm for ‘professional services,’ despite receiving invoices that are devoid of any itemization whatever.  When Board members or the public ask to review itemized time sheets which might explain or justify such large expenditures of public monies, they are ignored.”

Common Cause Executive Director, Barry L. Kauffman, in his letter of May 4, 2006 to Governor Rendell asking for an investigation into the LCCCA.

    I spoke to Barry Kauffman by phone this morning.  He said they have not gotten a reply. He said he will give him several more weeks to respond and then will follow up with the Governor.

    Of course, the law firm mentioned above is Stevens & Lee.  Why haven’t you asked for an investigation into where $6,000,000 of the public’s money went, Marv?  Why, Marv?

    “My guess is that in a couple of years we will know if the independent watchdog function of the press – the journalistic mission of  ‘comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable’ – will continue to exist and, perhaps more importantly, if customers will be willing to pay for it.”

    “…This is important, because if the newspapers are viewed as mouthpieces for groups or causes rather than fair and unbiased journals examining difficult issues, why would anybody buy them?”

Russell Eshleman, Penn State Journalism Professor, Sunday News, June 4, 2006, “The news from here.”  (The editorial was not posted online).

    The only problem is the Lancaster Newspapers have not been a watchdog for years and years and years. They don’t comfort the afflicted but they do comfort and protect the comfortable.  I don’t think they will continue to exist much longer.

    “I believe if our company were not involved, we would have taken a harder look at those who oppose the project.  And why.”

Marv Adams, Sunday News, May 28, 2006, “Counting their days,” click here.

    That is the lowest, most contemptible lie and threat I have ever read.  It’s disgusting.  Marv, you are an absolute disgrace.

    “Lancaster Newspapers Inc. should have withdrawn as a venture sponsor when the project became controversial, and it was apparent you faced an ethical dilemma.  The Fourth Estate has a duty to be, like Caesar’s wife, above suspicion.”

A letter to the Sunday News responding to Marv’s comment above and signed by Luis A. Mendoza, April Koppenhaver, Bonnie Miller and Bruce L. Clark

     I disagree.  The Lancaster Newspapers Inc. should have never, ever gotten involved in this project in the first place.  Never.


    End this tomorrow night.  Stop the hotel/convention center project.  Don’t let the LCCCA spend one more cent of the public’s money.  Investigate the LCCCA and the PSP.  Pull the plug!


Who’s a nappy-headed ho?

Please check back later today…





    This has to be very short today because my son is receiving a prestigious award from Temple University as he prepares to graduate and I have a luncheon to attend.  Wow!  Congratulations to Chris!

     Which sadly brings me back to the incest story and the very first thing my parents did when all of this came up – threaten to, and then cut off, the small contribution to his college education they made for all of their grandchildren.  That is what these wonderful “educators” did.  But this is a happy day so I will come back to the incest story and the perpetrators later this week.

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    Wow!  Jesse at  is doing wonderful things for Columbia and he has started a new website to bring some of the alternative presses in Lancaster County together.   It is called the Lancaster County Website (click here) and if you click on “Community Forums” you will see one for LIP News!  Thank you, Jesse, and thank you again for designing my logo and everything else you’ve done.  I’m not even sure how the forum works so I will touch base with Jesse and keep you informed.  What an excellent idea and a good thing to bring a fresh outlook and news to the county! 

    Have a nice day and please check back tomorrow!




There is, on the average, a visitor to this site every 7 minutes…
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What site could this be? 


     Hey folks, this is not funny.  Enough is enough.  Yes, I was on vacation last week and so was Marv Adams, editor of the Sunday News.  So what?  It was purely coincidental!  Honest.  There is now a rumor afloat that we had a secret rendezvous/tryst at a home in North Wildwood owned by an LCCCA board member.  Just because it was reported in the New York Post does not make it true!   

     I will not have my reputation or the reputation of this site besmirched in this manner.  I was not in North Wildwood and that is that.  Now if the rumor had been about R.B. Campbell - single, attractive…well that might be another story.


     They fly horses, don't they?

     Note to every copy editor everywhere.  If a reporter hands in a story with this as their opening sentence, this is what you say, “Are you nuts?!  This is completely unacceptable.  Why did we hire you?  Rewrite this story instantly.”

    Say nay to high horse over Lititz

    Note to every editor everywhere.  If a copy editor ever hands in a headline such as this, this is what you say, “Are you nuts?!  This is completely unacceptable.  Why did we hire you?  Rewrite this headline immediately.”


     Tomorrow, I will catch up on the news and, wow, is there a lot of it.  Ernie Schreiber gets hung up on the word “killer” and I intend to personally arrange an intervention to try and save his sanity before it’s too late.  Did you see what the New York Post reported about Ernie?  Well, never mind, it’s just gossip.

    Now, I need to go wash the sand out of my hair and celebrate my birthday, so on with today’s main topic.


    What is the site that averages a visitor every 7 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?  It is “Survivors of Incest Anonymous.”

    Today, I am going to quote from the home page and later this week I will have several things that really stuck me anew about this site I hadn’t visited in over a year.


    We welcome you to Survivors of Incest Anonymous and hope you will find here the hope, camaraderie and recovery that we have been privileged to experience.


    …The only requirement for membership is that you are a victim of child sexual abuse, and you are not abusing any child. We define incest very broadly as a sexual experience by a family member or by an extended family member that damaged the child. "Extended family" may include an aunt, uncle, in-law, step-parent, cousin, friend of the family, teacher, coach, another child, clergy or anyone that you were led to trust. We believe we were affected by the abuse whether it occurred once or many times since the damage is incurred immediately.

    We learn in SIA not to deny, that we did not imagine the incest, nor was it our fault in any way. The abuser will go to any length to shift the responsibility to the defenseless child, often accusing the child of being seductive. We had healthy, natural needs for love, attention and acceptance, and we often paid high prices to get those needs met, but we did not seduce our abuser. Physical coercion is rarely necessary with a child since the child is already intimidated. The more gentle the assault, the more guilt the victim inappropriately carries. We also learn not to accept any responsibility for the assaults even if these occurred over a prolonged period of time. Some of us are still being sexually assaulted.

    In SIA we share our experiences and common feelings. We realize that we felt we had to protect our caretakers from this horrible secret, as if they were not participants. We felt alienated from the non-abusive family members. Often, greater anger is directed toward them since it is safer to get angry at people we perceive to be powerless. We became caretakers in order to maintain an image of a nurturing family. Our feelings of betrayal by our families are immeasurable. We need to mourn the death of the ideal family that many of us created in our own imaginations.

    In dealing with this pain, it feels as if we are pulling the scab off a wound that never healed properly, AND IT HURTS. However, it is easier to cry when we have friends who are not afraid of our tears. We CAN be comforted - that is why we are here. Our pain is no longer in vain. We will never forget, but we can, in time, end the regretting that accompanies destructive remembering. We can learn, One Day at a Time, that we are incest SURVIVORS, rather than incest victims.


Survivors of Incest Anonymous is here.