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~ Dirt & Rocks! ~




    Here are the answers to yesterday’s answerable questions (please see the box below this story).

1).    Marv is dumber than dirt. 

    Regarding their “columnist” and former Mayor Art Morris, Marv says the new LCCCA Board member will continue to write a monthly column – just not about the LCCCA or convention center.  Marv says this:

     “That is part of our ethics policy.” 

    Yeah, right.  Let’s see that ethics policy, Marv.  A Talkbacker said this:

    LOL!!! Ethics policy???  I guess they only dust that off as it suits them.

    Yes, but they have to find it before they can dust it off.  It's been missing for years.

    Now, because I’m a nice person, I will help Marv answer his “unanswerable questions” from his column this week:

    1.)  The Phillies can and do win in April.

    2). When an auto mechanic does something with the electrical system on your car, you lose your radio settings, Marv.

    3). The Democratic Party endorsed Molly Henderson because she is a hard working, decent Commissioner who is looking out for the taxpayers of Lancaster County and people like and respect her. 

    We certainly hope Art Morris will do the same on the LCCCA Board and demand an immediate investigation into the almost $20 million that has been spent to date.

2).   Gil Smart is a columnist because Marv is dumber than dirt.

    And let me tell Gil something (because I figure he wrote his own stupid headline, "Cho Seung-Hui is you and me"):

    I am not Cho Seung-Hui.  Thank you.  And hopefully not one other person is.

    Why is Gil Smart a reporter?  No one knows.  In yet another front page story about roads (that will sell papers, Marv!), Smart starts his “story” with this lead sentence:

    Stop us if you've heard this one before.

    So, is this a news story or an editorial or a column or what?  Oh, who cares?  Stop Smart!

3).   Helen Colwell Adams and Judy A. Strausbaugh are equally stupid and have a combined intelligence score that is below a pet rock.

   A Talkbacker posted this under Adams’ front page story “Are you in on ‘The Secret?’”:

    I don't know the secret! I have never known the secret.

    I couldn’t agree more, and I could care less besides.  Helen ends her article with this:

    So is "The Secret" true?
    "I think," Epperly says, "life is more complicated than that…
    "It's not about us."

    Now, I’m really confused.  If life isn’t about us, then who’s it about?  Let me guess - Helen the divinity student – it’s really all about God?  Please.

    Judy A. Strasubaugh wrote a feel good article about GibArmstrong (how’s that ethics policy, Marv?) in which she goes on and on about how he is supporting a judicial candidate and then she drops da bomb:

     Robinson is black.

    Gasp!  Shock!  Are you sure Judy?  Have you seen a picture of him?  Have you ever met a black person?  How about some diversity at the Lancaster Newspapers?


    Well, the “Crow” found a computer and posted on the ColumbiaPaOnline forum yesterday.  Ron Harper, Jr. posted this:

    Considering the cops took all his equipment and he can't resist, I suggest the following website:

    When you go to the website, Dr. Orzack is sitting in front of – you guessed it – a computer!  What a hoot!  (Click here for the site.)

    Unfortunately, I know very little about computers and received this email about the list of seized items from the “Crow,” (see the box below on this site):

     It's a "cooler" NOT a "copier"  That's a device to keep a laptop from over heating.
    It's a "router" not a "Ratel "  That's a device
that allows you to have more than one item hooked up to a common internet source. IE you get to network them.
    The "MAC" afterwards refers to a number that is similar to a serial number and doesn't mean anything without the number.

    I apologize and thank you to the emailer.  I tried to post the scanned copy of the two pages of the “Receipt/Inventory of Seized Property” and could not. 


    Finally, a brief note about an ABC News story about Alec Baldwin and his tirade to his daughter – the article ends with this quote from a lawyer:

    Then what she did is almost as bad as or perhaps worse for the child's welfare: Would you want the world to know that your daughter was called a "pig" by her father? That's not doing your child a service to let the world know that.

    I could not disagree more.  Alec Baldwin is a pig and the world now knows it.  (The article is here).


The Answerable!


    These, I believe, are the three most important unanswered questions in our world today:


1).  Is Marv Adams conflicted, constipated or just dumber than



2.)   Why is Gil Smart a columnist?


3).  Who is stupider:  Helen Colwell Adams or Judy A.



    Please check back tomorrow for the answers!




Please check back later today…





April 18, 2007

Cheryl and Steven Markle

Detective Jan Walters


Item #  Quanity



1            1          HP Pavilian Eentertainment Notebook PC

2            1          Targus Copier

3            1          Compaq Presario

4            1          Comcast Modem

5            1          Microsoft Ratel Mac

6                        Susquehanna Bank Statements

7            1          Thumb Drive

8            1          File Containing talk back chat Documents

9            1          Thumb Drive (Verbatim)

10                      1 CD and 3 Floppy Disc

11                      3 CD’s Bottom Desk Drawer

12                      42 Disc. (DVD-CD’s) Black  Office Max Case

13                      5 CD   4 DVD


~ The Crow! ~




    On February 13, 2007, I posted the below article regarding “The Crow.”  Yesterday, I spoke by phone with Lancaster County Detective Jan Walters who has been working on this case diligently since then.  He told me a search warrant had been served about 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening on Markle’s home and a lap-top and desk computer were seized.  They will be examined for evidence of the crime noted in the story below.   The warrant is public information and I am working on obtaining a copy.

    We will see if the Lancaster Newspapers cover this story.  It involves this website, Ron Harper, Jr. and former Intell reporter Justin Quinn.  This has to be their absolute worst nightmare.  As much as “The Crow” has hacked the Lancaster Online site, this must put them in a real bind and I think it’s hilarious.

    “The Crow,” however, is not.  Jesse, from ColumbiaPaOnline posted this yesterday on his forum about his struggles with “The Crow”:

    It just happened like a few weeks ago, it was the only thing I forgot to change my old password from. You see Markle once hacked our site, and got my password in the beginning. Then I got smart, and figured out how he exploited me. From there the battle began. For months I was banning proxy servers. He must have at least 50 locked accounts on this board that I have retained in case someone asks about them. If you are interested, and involved I will be more than happy to forward the list once I compile it to you. The only reason he stopped attacking us was if I agreed to add his blog site to Lancaster County Website. So I agreed, and the attacks stopped on everyone, except LNP's Talkback, in which I suspect he was under the name "Stupid Talkback People".   All I really have to say about the whole thing is that I hope the truth sets this all free, and the one responsible party learns a very valuable lesson in the game of life!

    This is a most interesting case in many respects.  There will be much more at a later date and thank you to Detective Jan Walters for all of his continuing hard work.


(Click here for the ColumbiaPaOnline website and click on “Community Forums” to read their forum.)



~ “The Crow” ~




    Well it’s a snowy day so I will tell part of a wild tale.  We are awaiting the Lancaster Police and the District Attorney’s office to make an arrest.

    It involves “The Crow,” infamous to posters on the Talkback forum.  The Crow is a man named Steve Markle who is 32 and lives in Leola.  He is currently on probation for harassment.

    Markle started out as a seemingly harmless poster years ago who is very conservative and hates Sunday News columnist Gil Smart.  This would appear to be the only thing we have in common, although I don’t hate Smart, I just think he’s a lousy writer who is loose with the facts.

    He was banned from the Talkback forum months and months ago and since then keeps resigning up and posting.  It’s also been reported that he has been harassing other posters on the forum.  He also has a website that I absolutely recommend you do not visit.  He basically uses it to spy on people.

     About a month ago, I received an email from an unknown address but one that obviously was not spam.  It contained a bunch of links about a poster on the Talkback forum.  I sent this reply:

    I am slow - and can't figure out what you are trying to tell me.  Help?

    His answer came several days later and I immediately knew it was “The Crow.”  I forwarded it to the Lancaster Online staff in case it would help them in their battle to keep him off their forum and so they could alert the poster being targeted.

     Several days later, I received another email from the same address with a link to a forum Markle has started and that was also forwarded to the Lancaster Online Staff.

     Last Wednesday evening, I received a third email from the same address.  It contained a document that surprised me and that I wasn’t expecting.  The next morning I contacted the author and the mystery deepened.  He had not sent it to me – he had only sent it by email to two other people.

    It turns out that Markle had illegally accessed one of those party’s emails and had forwarded it to me. 

    The District Attorney’s office was notified.  Let’s just say the situation and what Markle did later got much worse.  So the Lancaster Police and the District Attorney’s office need to make an arrest and seize his computer now.  A very serious crime – or many – have been committed.

    I will keep you up to date on this story.


             *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    A search warrant was executed on Steve Markle’s home in Leola last night by the Lancaster District Attorney’s office and two computers were seized.  Markle is known as the “Crow” on many forums in Lancaster.  There will be more tomorrow.


“Otto Frank recovered from typhus thanks to German treatment.”

Posted today by a Klan member on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum.



You can comment on the story below here.  If you have any knowledge of Klan literature ever being printed in Lancaster County, please contact me.  Thank you.




    [This was my first story for the Tribune on the lynching attempt nineteen days after Henderson was assaulted.  I didn’t own a car - so I took the train to Lancaster and I walked and I walked and I walked.  I walked from Ruth Cooper’s house to Alice Johnson’s house to the Garden Court Apartments to the Wonder Bar to Mill Street to the Friendly Greek and back.  I walked it over and over and over again.  And very early on, I realized several key elements of the case from the crime scenes.

     I remember having a very heated phone conversation with Lancaster Captain of Detectives, Luther Henry, from the Tribune office as everyone listened and I told him that everyone most certainly did not use the word “nigger.”]


Police drag feet in Lancaster lynching case


By Becky Holzinger

(Special to the Tribune)

May 19, 1981


    LANCASTER, PA. -  Police here have made no arrests in the vicious lynching attempt on 37-year-old Robert Henderson even though he described his assailants to detectives and police confirm that the three white men knew the area well.

    Eighteen days after the attack, Captain of Detectives Luther Henry also stated that police have no strong suspects despite the fact that police have a detailed description of a van and three men.

   Henry also said police have not made artists sketches of the assailants because, “We did not feel it was appropriate in this case.”

    Henry still contended Thursday that the attack was not racially motivated although he did reveal that Henderson told police the men called him “Nigger and made other racial slurs.”

    Robert Henderson Sr., father of the victim disagreed.

    This is no more racial than anything else happening in the country.  This has been going on for 200 years.  We live with it everyday,” he said.

    Henderson said his son was walking on South Prince Street in Lancaster about midnight when the van carrying three white males stopped to ask him for directions.  He was then forced into the van at gunpoint and taken several blocks to Miller’s Junkyard where the first attack occurred.

    It would sure seem that they knew where they were going,” stated Henry.  “It’s remote and the crane (on which they tried to impale Henderson) is way down in there.  They knew exactly where it was.”

    The father said the men asked his son several times for his name and asked him if he knew someone else they named.  Henderson stated that his son did not know the three men.

    Henry believes the attack was planned in advance.  According to police, the men had a tube of Jergen’s hand cream that they used to grease both the crane and later the seven inch vent pipe of the fuel tank on which he was impaled by his rectum.

    Henry stated that both crime scenes were dusted for fingerprints but none were lifted.  The police did recover the tube of hand cream, however, Henry stated that it was still in the crime lab and police did not know if there were fingerprints on it.

    Henry said Thursday that police are “not randomly stopping vans,” but a description of the two-toned, dark colored van with a bubble window and occupants was given to all police officers.

    Lancaster District Attorney Michael Ranck said he believes the police are actively investigating the case.  He said, “The police have not dropped every other responsibility to work on this.  I do believe there has been an intense effort to solve this case.  We aren’t closing the file on it.”



“Sex Abstinence Programs A Waste Of Time And Money” Click here.

Please check back later today…





    [This article ran in the Philadelphia Tribune on May 8, 1981, a week after the murder attempt. It was accompanied by a very large, 7-inch by 9-inch, photograph of the Miller Junk & Waste Company lot and the crane with a boxed close-up of the hook.  The caption reads, “The crane used in the lynching attempt on 37-year-old Robert Henderson lies dormant in the junk yard at the Miller Waste Co. in Lancaster, PA.  A close-up view of the hook the assailants attempted to use to hang Henderson by the rectum is shown at right.”  

    I saw the headline below on a newsstand at Broad and Allegheny Streets in Philadelphia.  It changed my life.]


Man critical after

Lancaster lynching try


Crane hook, vent pipe

used in vicious attack


By Gwen McKinney

(Of The Tribune Staff)


    Lancaster police are investigating the brutal assault of a 37-year-old Black man who was forced to sit on the vent pipe of a 100-gallon oil tank by three unidentified white assailants.

   Robert Leslie Henderson, a Lancaster resident, remains in serious condition at the intensive care unit of St. Joseph’s Hospital.  He reportedly suffered extensive internal injuries from the assault last Friday (May 1) that police have termed an impaling.

    Henderson was found at approximately 6:30 a.m. by an employee at the Mertan Truck Repair Service Center, where the assault occurred several hours earlier.  Police said the man reported that he was abducted at gunpoint by three white males.  Henderson’s assailants made him disrobe and attempted to hang him by his rectum from a crane hook in a nearby junkyard, police said.

    The victim was then taken to the truck service area.  Still held at gunpoint, the assailants forced Henderson to sit on a vent pipe, approximately seven inches in length and four inches in diameter, of a large oil tank, police said.

    Capt. Luther Henry, head of a detective unit, said no suspect has been arrested in the case.  Although police initially suspected racial motivation, Henry stated that the investigation suggests other motives.

    We have not ruled out racial motivation, but we’re moving away from that theory,” the captain said.  “We now believe that the case may have involved retaliation of some kind.”

    The victim has been questioned by investigators, who have found many discrepancies in his story, Henry said.

    Attempts to contact Henderson for comment were unsuccessful.

    The possibility of racial tension in the Lancaster area as a result of this incident is being closely monitored, according to Lancaster Human Relations Director Patrick Kenney, who stated that the assault has not spurred other racial confrontations.

    “As we can observe, Lancaster does not appear to have a tension situation,” Kenney noted.  “The relationship in the community is as good as you can expect.  Until we can gain more information from the victim, there is not much we can do.”

    But the proximity of Lancaster to Harrisburg and York, neighboring cities on the southern fringe of central Pennsylvania, is cause for concern according to Frank Tyler, regional representative of the U.S. Justice Department Community Relations Office.

    “Sometimes situations can be transferable,” commented Tyler of the Lancaster assault.  “If you draw a total profile, there is a lot of uneasiness in the Harrisburg-York area.”

    Informed of the Lancaster incident by the Tribune, Tyler announced that the situation there would be investigated by his agency.  Law enforcement officials in the York area, some 20 miles south of Lancaster, are monitoring Ku Klux Klan activity and rumors of an upcoming rally, Tyler added.

    Tyler also noted that there is still a great deal of community concern over unresolved complaints involving Harrisburg police officers who were distributing KKK medallions within the police force.