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     I will take a look at Gil Smart’s non-story on Long's Park along with the Adams family tomorrow.  Today, I thought I would run an oldie but goodie.

    Smart began one of his columns several years ago with the sentence, “So, suppose I was a gay hooker.”  You can imagine my joy and it inspired the below “Dr. Fraud Gets Smart!”  I think Marv should meet the good doctor soon.  After all, it is a Sunday News tradition…




    "Hello, Dr. Fraud.  I'm Becky Holzinger, investigative reporter for LIP News."

    "I’ve never heard of it.  How many readers do you have?"

    "We don't have any readers."

    "This sounds familiar.  Have we met before?"

    "I don't think so.  Do you have coffee?"

     "Oh my.  Oh my, oh my."

    "Whatever is wrong, Dr. Fraud?"

    "I have a new client.  He drinks all my coffee.   I think he might be stealing it, too." 

    "I'm sorry to hear that."

    "It's a very difficult case.  He says he has a large rabbit for a friend."

    "Well, isn't that nice."

    "No, I mean a really large rabbit.  He drinks coffee too."

    "The rabbit drinks coffee?"

    "So my patient says.  The cup is always empty.  It's a very difficult case.  Would you like some tea?"

    "I'd really prefer coffee."

    "Fine, since it's your first visit.  Do you take milk and sugar?"

    "Yes, please.  All that you have."

    "Aha!  You take me for a fool.  I thought you looked familiar.  You're the one who referred that nut job.  It's a very difficult case. The most difficult I've had in my nine months of practice."

    "Really, Dr. Fraud.  You've said that several times already.  I thought you said medication would help."

    "Oh, I think he's already quite medicated.  I offered him drugs but he said he had plenty.  I mean the man has a rabbit as a friend.  I even offered to give the rabbit drugs.  I see rabbits in my sleep you know?"

    "Well that's all very interesting but I'm here for a different reason today."

    "Drugs.  You decided you want some drugs?"

    "No, thank you.  I'm here about a man who is a bad newspaper columnist by day and a bad gay hooker by night."

    "Is there something unusual about that?"

    "Well, he tries to keep the gay hooker thing a secret.  He's married after all."

    "Ah, an older man?" Dr. Fraud asked.

    "No.   He has a young son.  Actually he works at the same newspaper as your very difficult case."

    "Dear God!  What is this world coming to?  Another one from the same paper?  Dreadful."

    "What's dreadful, Dr. Fraud?"

    "I think I know who you mean.  I've read his writing.  He's pompous, overbearing and inarticulate.  He's an awful writer, indeed." 

    "Yes, that would be Smart."

    "So, you want me to see if I can help him with his writing?"

    "Well, no.  I was thinking you could work on the whole secret, bad, gay hooker thing."

    "Well, I think first things should come first.  What about the public who has to read his crap?  I was a bit of a writer in college you know.   I covered the Fraud Club.  I might be able to help."

    "Well, if that's where you think you should start.  Excellent coffee by the way."

    "Does this Smart fellow drink coffee?"

    "No, I think he drinks beer."

    "Excellent.  Does he have any rabbit friends?"

    "I don't think so." 

    "He probably does.  Did I tell you that I see rabbits in my sleep?  It's a very difficult case."

    "Now, Dr. Fraud.  I think you need to pull yourself together.  After all, you are a distinguished psychiatrist." 

    "Well, yes I am.  Did I tell you that I got my degree over the internet?"

    "Yes, you did.  After you address the bad writing thing I hope you'll deal with the whole secret gay hooker thing."

    "Of course.  I'll get the real low-down on him.  Ha. Ha.  I made a joke.  Did you get it?"

    "It was hard to miss, Dr. Fraud.  I'll send him over to see you."

    "I'll sharpen my pencil.  Another joke.  I'm in good form today."

    "Very funny, Dr. Fraud."

    "Did I tell you that I count rabbits to get to sleep?"

    "I have to run, Dr. Fraud.  I'll be back to see how the two of you make out.  Did you catch my joke?"

    "It was hard to miss.  Don't be in a rush to come back."




"Dr. Fraud on Clyde" is here.

"A Man on the Sidewalk on Clyde" is here.


~ Investigate Him! ~




    Nothing has shocked me in the last three years as much as District Attorney Donald Totaro.  Grand Juries are highly unusual.  They are also highly expensive and highly secretive.  There have only been three in Lancaster County’s history, and two of those were impaneled by  Donald Totaro. 

    If there is so much criminal activity in Lancaster, why aren’t the Lancaster Newspapers blaring it on their front pages every day?

    Totaro’s second Grand Jury was impaneled, according to Totaro, for the following reasons:

    Examples of the criminal activity which can best be fully investigated using the resources of the Grand Jury include, but are not limited to, the following:  illicit drug enterprises and related activities; racketeering as defined under the Pennsylvania Corrupt Organizations  Statute, and unsolved homicides.

    Instead of doing the above, Totaro used the Grand Jury for six months to investigate a man’s resume.  That’s right.  The DA didn’t know if Gary Heinke had committed a crime by falsifying his resume. 

    Then, for the next six months, he used the Grand Jury to go on a fishing expedition against the commissioners to keep the Lancaster establishment and the Lancaster Newspapers happy.

    One year!  An investigating grand jury is made up of 23 permanent jurors and 10 alternates.  Imagine the expense and time involved.  It is simply unbelievable.  And what about the items the Grand Jury was impaneled to investigate?   Nothing happened.  Nothing. 

    Donald Totaro likes to keep things hush-hush.  That’s why he likes Grand Juries so much.  He doesn’t have to answer any questions about anything.  He can hide flawed investigations and not respond to any questions on anything because the Grand Jury might investigate it.  That is unacceptable in a District Attorney and completely and totally unacceptable in a judge.  This is America, where the legal process takes place in public view and the public has a right to answers.

    Today, with permission, I am reprinting an editorial from  These are reasons six and seven that Totaro should never be elected as a judge.

    Regarding the FBI, I called the Harrisburg office within several days of Totaro saying they had investigated.  I was told over the phone by an agent, who asked to remain confidential, that the FBI never investigated the $7,000,000 paid by the LCCCA to the Stevens & Lee law firm.  Never.  Totaro lied.

    And if the Lancaster Newspapers didn’t have a 50% interest in the hotel/convention center and didn’t always blindly support the “Lancaster establishment,” they would be, and should be, calling for an investigation into Totaro.





Vote No to Donald Totaro for Judge

    On at least two high profile occasions, District Attorney Donald Totaro displayed his unsuitability for the office he currently holds, let alone being qualified for the position of county judge.
    Totaro kept a grand jury in session for almost a year studying whether the county commissioners had violated the Sunshine Act by holding discussions outside of their public meetings of the possible sales of the Conestoga View Nursing Home. Over almost a year, he took numerous interrogations of the commissioners, causing each of them individually to fear that Totaro knew of some shady dealings of which they were not aware and that somehow they would be implicated.
    In fact it was simply a ploy to get them to plead to having committed a violation and to pay a couple of hundred dollars in fines, when in fact the findings of the grand jury virtually exonerated them and castigated the vagueness of the Act itself. And the monopoly Lancaster Newspapers treated Totaro's dubious findings as though it was the crime of the century and succeeded in hounding Commissioner Dick Shellenberger from seeking a second term.
    Just as grievously, Totaro ignored the request by the three minority members of the Convention Center Authority (LCCCA) that he investigate the billing of almost $7 million dollars by the law firm of Stevens & Lee without their submitting any information beyond "For Professional Services Rendered." And this was at the time when Totaro was conducting an investigation of the same law firm for allegedly over billing the county by hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Conestoga View transaction.
    Totaro's excuse was that the FBI had already looked into the situation. The FBI would not substantiate his statement. And with only a single FBI agent for Central Pennsylvania and without any complaining member of the LCCCA being interviewed, Totaro's explanation lacks credibility.
    The public needs a judge who is responsive to the laws and the public, not a tool of the powerful corporate elite. recommends its readers reject the candidacy of Donald Totaro.


Totaro’s press release regarding the Grand Jury is here. is here.


Tomorrow, Bill Adams, Marv Adams, Helen Colwell Adams and Gil Smart.



     Franklin & Marshall College, a liberal arts college in Lancaster, Pa., annually gives an award named after an incest perpetrator and academic fraud.  The president of the college, John A. Fry, doesn’t care about sexual abuse.  He doesn’t care if your daughter or son is sexually abused.

     Do not send your children to this over-priced college that condones the sexual abuse of children. They will not be safe.  See below and click here for the Incest Story. 


~ I’ve had enough of their shit! ~




    It is too nice of a day and I don’t have the time to address the whole Heidi Wheaton insanity going on – I will do that later.  Let me just say that Jack Brubaker and Ernie Schreiber of the New Era are two of the lowest newspaper hacks known to man.


    And while I’m talking about hacks, this is from the Stuckey Martin website (click here) and this is why not a single person should vote for these idiots and not one person should give them a single dollar:

    We will oppose anything which weakens the integrity and safety of families.

~   We believe in a culture of life.

~  We will assure that not a dollar of County money goes to support Planned Parenthood. 

~   We will stop any attempt to introduce casino gambling into Lancaster County.


    And speaking of newspapers, the Lancaster ones just go lower and lower with every passing day.  This morning’s Intell has a front page story with the headline:  “Story takes a twist,”  (click here.)   This, of course, is about Stacy Snyder.  What’s the “twist?”  It’s in the lead sentence:

    The woman who filed a federal lawsuit against Millersville University after the institution refused to award her a teaching certificate said Friday photos used against her show her drinking alcohol.

   Gasp!  Shock! That’s not a “twist.”  No one ever said it wasn’t alcohol and what the hell difference does it make?  The article quotes Snyder:

    Snyder said she regrets posting the pictures of her drinking alcohol on the Web site, but she said she doesn't deserve to be punished for them. She was 26 at the time of the party, she said.

    "The pictures were taken during a party with less than 20 people at a private residence in April 2006," Snyder said. "We were college students having a party, and people were taking digital pictures.

    "Nothing illegal or lewd happened."

    End of story.  Give her a teaching certificate Millersville University, or pay her huge bucks.  The choice is yours.


    The children of Steinman Enterprises employees and newspaper carriers of Lancaster Newspapers Inc. are eligible for the scholarships.

    No kidding?  What a hoot!  Did you see the article in yesterday’s Intell, “Five seniors receive Steinman scholarships”? (Click here.)   I don’t mean to take away from the winners – but here’s what the article says about four of them:

1.  His father, an 18-year employee of Lancaster Newspapers

2.  Lancaster Newspapers has employed her father, currently the education reporter for the Intelligencer Journal, for 18 years.

3.  a newspaper carrier since 2001

4.  a newspaper carrier for six years

    Maybe they should have said only employees and newspapers carriers are eligible to win the scholarships!


    Hamilton replied, "yes," but when Buser approached to shake hands, Hamilton said, "I have had enough of your (expletive). I am not going to take anymore. Let's go downstairs and take care of this man to man. I'm gonna kick your ass."

“Conduct Board reviews official’s behavior,” yesterday’s New Era.
    Neither the Intell or the New Era would print the word “shit” in their stories about District Judge Hamilton punching Policeman Robert Buser twice.  Can you imagine? 

    This is being quoted directly from the official charge from the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board and they would not print the word “shit.”

    What a hoot!  I’m surprised they printed “ass!”


    Finally, a sad and very strange story that began with this ridiculous headline, “’Perfect citizen’ slain” in Thursday’s New Era (click here).  

    What in the world is going on here and where’s today’s follow-up?  The original article linked to above includes the following:

    A policeman at the scene who did not give his name said Diener had been shot.
    Totaro [Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro] would not confirm that detail this morning.
    "It is a homicide investigation," Totaro said.

    …He would not say how the homicide happened, whether or not it was random, or if neighbors should take extra safety precautions.

    That’s not acceptable, Mr. Totaro.  That’s your job – keeping people safe.  The neighbors have an absolute right to know.  There is no excuse for this whatsoever. 

    And let’s solve this crime, Totaro.


Democrat criticizes Totaro

character, record

By JACK BRUBAKER, New Era Staff Writer

    A Democrat this morning launched the final series in an almost three year campaign to expose the deficiencies in the performance and character of Lancaster District Attorney Donald Totaro, an endorsed Republican candidate for judge.


     Hey, that’s me!  Thanks, Jack!  Check this out,  “No More Political Hacks!”  What about no more newspaper hacks, Harper?  Please check back tomorrow...

~ 15 Reasons! ~




           These are the first five reasons, of fifteen, that Lancaster District Attorney Donald Totaro should not be elected a judge, but rather he should be investigated for criminal activity:


1.                       The Lancaster Lynching Case

                See below on this website.


2.                       Two Grand Juries in four years. 

                How much did they cost?  What did they accomplish?  In 

                his application in February of 2005 for the second Grand

                Jury he said this:


                              Examples of the criminal activity which can best be fully

               investigated using the resources of the Grand Jury

               include, but are not limited to, the  following:  illicit

               drug enterprises and related activities; racketeering as

               defined under the Pennsylvania Corrupt Organizations

               Statute, and unsolved homicides.


               Was anyone charged with illicit drug activities or

               racketeering as a result of these two Grand Juries?  How

               many homicides were solved?  How much did this cost?


3                            The Cortney Fry Case. 

                I posted this shortly before Totaro requested his second

                grand jury in less than four years:


                I spoke on the phone Thursday, February 11 [2005],

                with Chief County Detective Michael Landis who is in

                charge of the murder investigation of Cortney Fry.  He

                stated that there are four detectives working full time

                on this case.  He also stated that Micah Stewart, her

                boyfriend who is in jail on unrelated charges, has not

                been questioned once since her body was found.  This is

                simply an outrage and the detective “work” in this case

                has gone from the absurd into the twilight zone. 

                Everyone in Lancaster County should demand answers

                in this case.  Every detective working on this case and

                the District Attorney, Donald Totaro, need to be held



4.           His investigation into the death of Curtis Lee

              Smith after being tasered twice by police. 

                 I posted this:


                 WHERE DID YOU GO TO

                        LAW SCHOOL?


                In today’s Intell article regarding the death of Curtis Lee

                Smith (click here), District Attorney Donald Totaro is

                quoted as follows:


               “The Taser was used both inside and outside.  In each

               case, it had no effect on Mr. Smith whatsoever.”


               Excuse me, Mr. District Attorney, it killed him.


               The article also states the following:


              “It took about four minutes for the police and parole agents

               to handcuff Smith.  They placed him in the back seat of a

               New Holland police cruiser.  While in the vehicle, Smith

               struck his head several times against a door window.  The

               officers removed Smith from the vehicle and again

               shocked him with the Taser.”


               Excuse me, Mr. District Attorney, that is unnecessary



5.                 His investigation into the death of James

            Sneddon who died after a confrontation with

            West Hempfield Township police.

               Click here.


The remaining ten reasons (or more) to come shortly…






    In the Special Edition of LIP, LANCASTER LYNCHING – 20 YEARS LATER, published in September of 2001, I ran this box before the article that appears below




     This story is reprinted from the May 1982 issue of LIP.  It has been retyped to fit this format.

    This, and the following story that is reprinted on Page 6, are the last stories I ever wrote.  It had been over a year.  LIPs circulation was small and mostly suburban.  Nobody cared.

    I was tired and scared and broke.  I hit only brick walls.  I never wrote again.  I took the photograph, the clippings and my notes and I put them in a box.

     I reopened that box shortly after Thanksgiving.  It’s an important story.  People need to know.  Maybe twenty years later someone will care.


    I opened the box because I was hunting for letters that involved the incest story.  I always knew the box was there.  It haunted me for years.  After almost 20 years, I opened it:



One Year Later

By Becky Holzinger

- Dedicated to Alice Johnson and Ruth Cooper -

(Reprinted from LIP, May 1982)



    “We have now totally ruled out the theory of racial motivation,” said Captain Luther Henry, head of detectives.  “He’s [Henderson] admitted that whoever did this acted out of retaliation.  There’s a pretty good indication that he knew his assailants.”


(Luther Henry, quoted in the Philadelphia Tribune, May 12, 1981.)


    It was one year ago on the last evening in April.

    Robert Henderson was working on his car in an alley behind Garden Court Apartments.  He left around 9:30 and by 11:00 he was walking south on Prince Street in the vicinity of the Wonder Bar.

    A van with three men inside pulled up beside him.  The men asked for directions.  At least one, and possibly all three, pulled guns.  One was a .44 caliber revolver.

    The men forced Henderson to enter the van.  They asked him his name. 

    When he said his nickname was “Sonny,” one of them said, “You’re the right one.”

    They called him a “black nigger.”  They told him all the obscene things they were going to do to him as a black man.

    They drove down Prince Street to Hazel Street and made a right.  Halfway down the first block of Hazel, they parked the van somewhere near the Miller Trash and Waste Yard.

    Henderson was forced into the trash yard and down to a shed.  He was forced to undress except for his shirt and shoes.  His clothes were neatly hung on a hook in the shed.

    The men greased the hook of a nearby crane with cream from a container of Jergen’s hand cream. 

    They tried to hand Henderson from the crane hook by his rectum.

    Henderson managed to get away.  He hit one of the three men with a piece of metal he picked up.

    He ran out of the junkyard and up Hazel Street towards Prince Street where the Friendly Greek was open.

    He didn’t make it.

    The men caught him and took him down Mill Street to the Henry E. Martin and Sons trucking company lot.

    Henderson doesn’t remember all that happened next.  He blacked out for a time.

    In a dark, remote corner of one of the buildings is a fuel tank surrounded by old tires and trash.  It stands less than knee-high, located where the ground slopes down to the railroad tracks.

    With the same Jergen’s hand cream they greased the seven inch long, three inch round vent pipe of the fuel tank.

    They forced Henderson onto it by his rectum.  The men pounded and pounded Henderson down on it.  He was fully “impaled.”

    At 6:30 on the morning of May 1, 1981 he was discovered by a passerby who heard moans.  He was removed from the pipe to St. Joseph’s Hospital by their ambulance crew. 

    He was operated on for five hours.  A colostomy, the creation of an artificial anus, was performed.

    It is one year later.  The trees are turning green and the nights are warm.  The winter chill is finally gone.  The barefoot season has returned to the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

    And one year later this crime would be gathering dust in the ever growing Lancaster Police file of unsolved crimes except for a Philadelphia editor who recognized the brutal racial assault for what it is.

    The Philadelphia Tribune, a twice-weekly newspaper, gave the “Lancaster lynching attempt” more coverage than all three of the Lancaster Newspapers combined.

    In an editorial in their May 19, 1981 issue, the paper stated, “The Lancaster lynching attempt has been practically blacked out in the local media.  A Lancaster newspaper, in reporting the incident, started out by detailing Henderson’s previous arrest and conviction as a blatant attempt to cover up the racial attack on a Black man.”

    “The Lancaster Police have been trying to keep the attack as quiet as possible.”

    Not only did the police keep it quiet, they barely lifted a detective finger to arrest the three men responsible.

    For 21 days following the assault, not a single description of any of the men was released by the police to the newspapers, except that the three are white.  A description of the van has never been printed in a Lancaster Newspaper.  The police will only reveal that it was a two-toned, dark green van.

    Artist’s sketches of the three men were only produced following pressure from the Philadelphia Tribune, WDAS-FM, a Philadelphia radio station and State Representative David P. Richardson of Philadelphia.  They were finally published by the Intell and the New Era 22 days after the assault.

    So what were the police doing all this time?  They were busy putting out the word that the assault was “drug related.”  They were quick to point out Henderson’s “long” criminal record (although none were drug arrests).  The police said there were “discrepancies” in Henderson’s story.

    The police said the victim was not cooperating.  They implied that he may have known his assailants.

    The police sealed off St. Joseph’s Hospital so that no reporters could get through to Henderson.

    LIP has learned that several in-staff meetings were held at the hospital.  The staff was told that the matter had to be hushed up for Henderson’s “own security.”  Nurses at the hospital were unwilling to discuss the case for fear of being fired.

    But one reporter did reach Henderson in the hospital.  Karen Warrington, currently News Director for WDAS-FM radio, got lucky.  She got someone on the switchboard who wasn’t aware of the hush order on Henderson.

    Henderson was more than willing to be interviewed by the station.  He said it was strictly a racial assault.  He stated that he did not know the three men.  Henderson said the police and local newspapers were trying to say it was drug related.  He said that was untrue.  He said he understood the attack as a racial attempt to emasculate a black man.

    Needless to say, the Lancaster Police, who were fully aware that a tape of Henderson was playing on a Philadelphia radio station, were not pleased. 

    He was quickly and quietly released from the hospital.  Apparently, Henderson left almost immediately to stay with relatives in Florida.  Then the police were quick to say that Henderson was “impeding” the investigation.

    So exactly what investigation was being done by the Lancaster Police?

    In an Intell article on August 1, 1981, Luther Henry is quoted as saying, “I felt all along that we conducted a thorough investigation.”

   That is blatantly untrue.  On May 18, 1981, Luther Henry was asked if the police had questioned the people who work in the Hazel-Mill Street area where the crime occurred.

    He was specifically asked if the workers at the Henry E. Martin and Sons Co. had been questioned.  Henry replied, “Oh sure, we talked to all of them.”

    On two occasions, Jim Martin, president of the company told LIP that to his knowledge, “Not a single one of my employees has been talked to by the police.”  Other workers at the company confirmed that.

    Frank Fetrow worked all night in Ben and Frank’s Garage on Mill Street the night of the assault.  The garage is less than a block from the fuel tank.  The police never showed up to question Fetrow if he had seen or heard anything that night.

    Did the police try to locate where the men had purchased the hand cream?  “No,” said Henry, “There are too many drug stores in that area.”

    Did the police try to track down the .44 caliber revolver?  “No,”said Henry, “There are hundreds of thousands of handguns in the country.”

    A month after this crime occurred, Detective McComsey, one of the two detectives assigned to the case, responded to questions about how many vans had been stopped and how many people had been interviewed with anger.  He said, “Everywhere we go, you’ve already been there.”

    This is from a detective a full month after a brutal murder attempt.

    Who watches the police in Lancaster?  Who insures that they follow the law and conduct full investigations?  Legal investigations and legal arrests?

    Ten years ago that responsibility fell to Robert Henderson.  He went into Federal Court and had a Lancaster burglary conviction overturned two and one half years later because of an illegal search warrant obtained by the Lancaster Police.

   The story does not end there.  In 1972, Henderson sued Lancaster Detectives Walter T. Goeke and Joseph P. Geesey for $30,000 apiece, for violation of his civil rights.


        "Becky," Paul asked me over the phone during Spring Break our first year at college, "Does your bedroom door have a lock on it?"

        "No," I said.  "You were here.  You go through the middle room and up the steps.  There's no lock."

        "Why don't you put something on the steps to let you know if someone is coming?" he asked.

         "Why should I do that?"

         "Becky," he said, "why don't you just do it?"

         "Okay," I said.

         And I did it.


         “You told me something once.  Someday you might want to know,” Paul said three years later at Hartwick College.

         “What are you talking about,” I asked?

         “You told me something.  Someday you might want to know what you told me.  If you ever do, ask me and I’ll tell you.”

         “Okay,” I said. 


~ 26 Years! ~




    Sometimes in life, you expect people to do the “right” thing. 

    You expect Mayor Rick Gray will tell people the truth about convention centers and Lancaster, you expect  Franklin & Marshall President John A. Fry to withdraw an award named after an incest perpetrator and academic fraud, you expect Millersville University to grant Stacy Snyder the Teaching Certificate she deserves, you expect Lancaster Online to get the Klan and their dangerous hate off their forum and you expect that District Attorney Donald Totaro and the Lancaster Newspapers would look into allegations of an attempted lynching and attempted homicide by a man still currently employed as a Lancaster County Detective.

     Sometimes in life, we are disappointed. 

    I am going to return to the Lancaster Lynching story today because this week is the 26th anniversary of the horrible lynching attempt that was never solved.  This is reprinted from and the Lancaster New Era:


    (This is the first article in the Lancaster Newspapers.  It was published on May 1, 1981.  It began on the front page with a one-by-two inch photo of Henderson.  It continued to an inside page with a 5-by-6-1/2 inch photograph.  The photograph is of the Miller Junk Yard and shows the crane hook over a large pile of trash and tires.  This was a full size crane with a very large hook.  The caption under the photograph reads:  “Detective Ralph B. McComsey Jr., right, examines the site where an attempt was made early today to impale a 37-year-old county man on a crane hook, shown in photo.  The victim, Leslie L. Henderson, Quarryville R3, was found critically hurt, impaled on a length of pipe projecting from a fuel oil tank, less than a block away on Mill Street.”)


Claims Three Men Attacked Him



Man Assaulted in City,

Impaled on Oil Drum Pipe


New Era Staff Writer


    A 37-year-old man with a lengthy criminal record, including bank robbery, was found calling for help early this morning, his partially clad body impaled on the vent pipe of a fuel oil tank.

    The man, who gave the name of Leslie L. Henderson to police, was reported in critical condition at St. Joseph Hospital this morning, an apparent victim of attempted murder.

    Police have since identified the victim, however, as Robert Leslie Henderson, a man listed in their files.

    According to Officer James R. Zahm, the battered man was found around 6:30 a.m. today in the unpaved lot at the north side of the H. E. Martin & Son auto body paint shop, on Mill Street, between Hazel and Conestoga Streets.

    When he arrived, Zahm said, the victim still was atop the 100 gallon oil drum, his body impaled on a seven-inch length of three-inch-round pipe.

    The man was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital, where he was taken into emergency surgery in critical condition.

    Late this morning a hospital spokesperson said attempts were being made to locate members of the man’s family, and that he still was in surgery.

    Capt. Luther Henry, detective division commander, and several detectives were summoned to investigate what Henry said appears to have been an attempted murder.

    Henderson, he said, gave an account of what happened.  Some aspects of the account itself, however, are being investigated.  Police do not as yet have independent confirmation of the full account.

    The victim told police he was walking on S. Prince Street toward the Wonder Bar, which closes at 2 a.m.  He did not say what time the incident occurred.

    According to Henderson’s account, a van, thought to have Maryland plates, pulled up beside him, and he was forced to enter the van at pistol point, Henry said.

    The victim said the van was occupied by three males, all armed.

    The victim said he was driven to the Miller Junk Yard, on the south side of Conestoga Street, just east of Mill Street.

    There he said his clothes were partially removed.  An attempt was made to impale and hang him on the greased hook of a crane in the junkyard.

    The victim said he struggled and escaped.  When he was caught, he was taken to the location near the paint shop, about a half-block away, where he was impaled.

    Evidence found at the two locations - junkyard and paint shop lot - confirm part of what happened.  Police are also looking into others items of evidence they said was found at the scenes.

    Newspaper files show that Robert Henderson, in March, 1967, was sentenced to a state prison term of 5 to 10 years after his conviction on two counts of burglary and three of theft committed about three months earlier.

    In 1971, he pleaded guilty in federal court to a charge of bank robbery in connection with the June 1970 holdup in which only a bag of worthless food stamps were taken from the Fulton Bank at Duke and Chesapeake Streets.

    He last was arrested locally in August, 1978 for forgery in an attempt to pass a stolen check and for possession of stolen money orders according to newspaper files.


    “Her rights and privileges, due to her through performance and fully documented, have been arbitrarily denied her because a group of otherwise thinking people bowed, for whatever reason, to a nitwit with a stick up her butt. And based on their response so far, they will stubbornly refuse to admit they were idiots right up until it's time to write the check.
    Welcome to Lancaster county.”

Posted on the Talkback forum under "Web photo haunts graduate."

“Idiots” is coming later today…


    I spoke with Mark W. Voight, the attorney for Stacy Snyder in her lawsuit against Millersville University by phone at approximately 11:00 a.m. today.  He said he was on the Fox & Friends TV show this morning and said he has been contacted by media from around the nation.  He is aware of what is being posted on the Lancaster Online forum and is enjoying it.  He did say that Stacy appreciates the attention but she hopes the furor will die down.  He said she has had numerous members of the press show up at her door and she has two young children.  She is referring all media contacts to her attorney.  Voight said Millersville University has 60 days to respond to the lawsuit.

    Click here for “Web photo haunts graduate” and see below on this site.



~ And Professionalism! ~



    College is probably the last, best hope to enlighten young people, which means the faculty has central importance as teachers and mentors, particularly outside the classroom," said Bonchek, a retired local doctor who founded the cardiothoracic surgery program at Lancaster General Hospital.

    Mrs. Bonchek is a retired psychologist.

“Couple’s donation will bring F&M students together,” today’s Intell (click here).

    Well, I guess this is why F&M President John A. Fry didn’t return my call yesterday.  He was busy getting his picture taken for the Intell!  And yes, the faculty does have central importance, particularly outside of the classroom.  That’s why you don’t give an award named after an incest perpetrator, Mr. Fry.  Mrs. Bonchek is a psychologist, so I’ll ask her what she thinks about my family “history” and the award.


     Dennis Trotter, vice president for enrollment at Franklin & Marshall College, said admissions counselors don't check the Internet for background information on every candidate. However, if something in their essays or transcripts raises questions, counselors will see what they can find online.

    "A student who demonstrates a significant lapse in judgment may make the difference between admission or not being admitted, despite academics," Trotter said. Admission to college is as much about students' judgment and their ability to live in the community as it is about academics, he said.

“Colleges, employers also look at Web sites,” today’s Intell, (click here).

    Here’s F&M in the paper again!  What about the faculty, Mr. Trotter?  Should they show good judgment and the ability to live as decent, law-abiding individuals in the community?  Do you think an award should be given in the name of an incest perpetrator? 

    And Mr. Trotter is right, people from Franklin & Marshall do go online. They have been busy looking at my site,  All of these IP addresses showed up on my traffic report in April: 

    And these three IP’s which are also F&M:

    So why is there still a Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award?


    When I compare what Millersville University did to Franklin & Marshall giving an award named after an incest perpetrator, I am simply stunned and unbelieving.

    Is this article intended to change people's minds about the ridiculousness of the Stacy Snyder's "drunken pirate" incident?

Posted on the Talkback forum under the Intell article referenced above.

    That’s an excellent question.  In response to this absurd situation, the Intell not only has this article on their front page but also, “Teens:  Watch what you post.”  The opening sentence in that story is: 

    “Committing a felony is easier than most teens – and their parents – might realize.”

    This reporter should know.  Five of her colleagues were named by the State Attorney General as co-conspirators in two felonies that involved the internet and the Lancaster County website.  And they aren't teenagers!

    This is a pathetic and absurd response by the papers who have not even posted a link to the actual lawsuit.  It is here.  

    Millersville is going to pay dearly for this nonsense and they are the laughing stock of the nation.  And, as one Talkbacker likes to post, the Millersville nickname itself is in extremely bad taste and lacks professionalism:

    Marauders are defined as purely evil people who rape, ravage, pillage, and plunder.

    What a hoot!  Millersville better change their moniker!

    And Franklin & Marshall College needs to withdraw an award named after a rapist.



~ Talk About It ~




“Hear us fathers, brothers, cousins, and yes, even grandfathers and mothers – the long term effects of sexual violations on girls and boys are incomprehensible.”

Marilyn Van Derbur


    “As for his brain surgery, do you realize that he went through a whole string of doctors in Montreal who refused to cut into him, stating that he needed psychiatry not surgery?  He finally found one guy willing to do it, but the whole episode remains cloaked in weirdness.  His former GP refuses to see him for anything since then.  In my view, it is part of his placing responsibility for all behavior on physical problems; the ‘there is a pill for everything’ approach, which side-steps facing up to things.”

My former sister-in-law, an RN, on my brother Tom’s “elective” brain surgery.

    OASIS will begin to help the community address the issue of child abuse. "We need to start talking about it," Yoder said, "to begin the healing process and prevent more cases."

Alice Yoder, director of community health at Lancaster General, quoted in the Sunday News article, “Helping children to talk about the unspeakable,” (click here).

    - The 10-year-old girl sat alone in the interview room.
    As she colored a picture, she prayed out loud.
    "Dear Jesus," she began, "Why did this have to happen to me? Why did he do this to me?"

    Then she asked that her grandfather not get into too much trouble, because she is the one who told their "secret."
From the same Sunday News article as above.


~  The single most important factor in a person's recovery from rape is whether or not she/he is believed.  And she/he should be. Very few rapes are false reports.  In fact, according to the FBI, there is a 92 percent chance the person is telling the truth.

“How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor,” Franklin & Marshall’s website regarding their “Sexual Abuse Response Line,” (click here).

    Franklin & Marshall College annually bestows an award on a student named after an incest perpetrator – my father.  It is incomprehensible.  I called President Fry’s office this morning and was told he has “back to back” meetings all day today, but he would be given my message.

     I will have more on this and more on my brother’s “elective” brain surgery mentioned above.  This is an absolute crime and tragedy.