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       Yesterday afternoon, a long-time, well liked and extremely civic-minded “Talkbacker” posted a link to my website and Ron Harper’s website and simply said, "another take” on the story.  The entire post was deleted in less than an hour with no explanation.

       Proudly, I believe it was the link to my site that caused this inexplicable and inexcusable censorship.  (Please see "A Dangerous Reporter" below on this site.)  Ron Harper’s website is linked to in at least three other posts that have not been deleted.

       One of them is under the article, “Journalism ethics profs question paper’s actions,” (click here).  The posters asks, “Got facts???” and then links to Harper’s site.

       The problem with Harper’s piece is that he doesn’t have any facts.  He does not attribute any of his statements to anyone.  It is obvious that the parts dealing with former Intell reporter Justin Quinn were provided by Quinn, although even that is not stated. 

       I spoke with Quinn yesterday by phone and he confirmed that Harper did interview him.
       Harper says this in his story:

      Quinn, an old-school reporter with a reputation for ethical journalism, had no idea Lovelace was using the story to leverage information from the coroner.

      I don’t know what “old-school” means and if you recall, Quinn was fired for anonymously posting very questionable items on the Talkback forum.

      Harper also say this:

    Quinn later admitted to the indiscretion, but pointed out that at no time had a policy been in effect at the newspaper that prohibited anonymous postings from reporters. Quinn believed he was simply exercising his first amendment rights and was careful to submit the posts on his own time.

     I do not believe that for a moment.  It is common knowledge and has been verified by at least one poster who was previously employed at the Lancaster Newspapers, that this is strictly, strictly forbidden by all of the staff of the papers under any circumstances.

      And Harper’s piece is littered with items such as this:

     Undaunted by her lack of success, Holzman decided she would write the story anyway. She’d put it right in the faces of those law enforcement officials who had slighted her. They could read in the paper how clever she was at running down the lead.

      This is pure conjecture on his part and this is reprehensible “reporting.”  He does this the whole way through his story.   He provides no basis for his “facts” other than what is publicly known from the grand jury report.

      I don’t believe any “old-school” or “new-school” journalists would take his piece seriously for one minute.

      All of this has taken me off the original subject of the despicable and unethical actions of five Intell reporters, News Editor Jon Ferguson and Editor Ray Shaw.  For today, I am simply going to post an excellent piece by a Talkbacker under the same article linked to above.  There will be more tomorrow on the coroner, Lovelace, the censorship of the Talkback forum and also please see below this for today’s other “UPDATES” item.



        This is it? A little headline saying the Intell's actions are "questioned."
       Gee, haven't we been told the New Era is totally independent of the Intell and the owners? Hasn't the New Era told us what crusaders they are?
       First it sounded like the Journalism prof was pretty clear that the Intell was not justified and was unethical.
       So how about a big headline, above the fold with pictures of the reporters and their editor saying:
       But even calling them unethical is a whitewash. The grand jury report, last page, clearly stated that the reporters committed two felonies, not misdemeanors, not summaries, but felonies.
       Compare this piddly story to the story on the Commissioners when the grand jury report alleged no crimes, much less any felonies, and they took non-criminal citations:
       Five giant headlines, each one above the fold, each one with photos:
       And all the while the newspapers knew their own reporters and Editors, unlike the Commissioners, had both taken the 5th and had been found by the State grand jury to have committed serious crimes. Here's a few suggestions:
       Well that won't happen. I guess opposing the newspapers 44% stake in the convention center is a really bad idea and working the newspapers is a good idea.


(Before today’s lead article I wanted to provide one update and one new item.  Please check back later today for even more censorship at LNP and Ron Harper’s latest.)


    I published previously that the “Streaker” lawsuit against the Millersville Police was scheduled to go to trial in the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia this Tuesday, February 6, 2007.

    That did not happen.  The case was continued as they are working on a settlement which will ultimately have to be approved by the Judge. 

    No one involved in the case is at liberty to speak currently – but I will review documents filed in the case and keep you up to date on the status and publish any public information that is available. 

    The full lawsuit is here.


    It appears that WGAL is doing what the New Era and the other Lancaster Newspapers could not and have not done - provide an eloquent, dignified and poignant update on the Amish Shooting story (click here).   Hopefully the rest of the series will be as good.   


Please check back later today…


~ Brett Lovelace ~




    I didn’t know if I would see Brett on Monday.  I honestly wasn’t sure.  I thought this lie would be too big for him to get away with.

    It wasn’t.  He was at Micah Stewart’s trial on Monday morning, dapper and as always, dressed in a suit.   We talked in the hall during the morning break. 

    I said something to the effect of – “I’m sorry about my Saturday piece, but you can’t lie, Brett.  The investigators didn’t say that.”

     Brett was unfazed.  “I don’t think you see the larger picture here,” he said.  “The prosecution is alleging…”

    I cut him off.  I saw the larger picture.  It was a murder trial after all and a case I had been covering for almost two years.

    “I know what the prosecution is alleging,” I told him.  “But you can’t lie.”

     I haven’t told this story before because I liked Brett.  We sat together on hard benches for eight hours each day the week before and we chatted.  He was very nice and even seemed to enjoy having another reporter to talk to.

     But reporters can’t lie.  And he lied.  A big, ugly lie.  And I think Micah Stewart could request a new trial on this lie alone.  It is reportedly the screwdriver that convinced the jury to return with a verdict of first degree, instead of third degree, murder.

    Yes, the judge told the jury not to discuss the case or read the newspapers or watch TV.  But they weren’t sequestered and we saw how well the jury listened to the judge in Stewart’s previous mistrial in a different case.

    The article was the lead story in the Saturday, December 9 Intell and it was his lead sentence.  It would be hard to miss.

    I always walked into the courthouse with a newspaper in my hands and on one morning, a member of the jury got into the elevator with me and I hid the paper under my coat.  Another time, after I began wearing my “press pass,” I passed a juror and she was intently trying to read my pass to find out who I was.  After all, I was at the trial every day, in the front row and taking notes.  Brett and the New Era reporter (who left at 10:15 a.m. each day) were the only other members of the gallery taking notes.  Her curiosity was natural.

    The jurors also left the courthouse some days for lunch and there are newspaper boxes on every corner and of course people reading the papers in restaurants.

    I have since learned from a Stewart family member that they believe the screwdriver was in his car because he had just purchased the car and used it to put on his license plate.  It was found in the trunk of the car along with numerous other items, such as sneakers, baseball caps, towels and a bottle of vodka.

    There are a number of articles about Brett on this site and other lies he has told and I will come back to them tomorrow.  You read his lie below and see if Brett should have been in the courthouse as a reporter on that Monday morning. 


[The article is archived here along will all my coverage of the Stewart murder trial (over half-way down}.  Below this I have also posted my initial story about Brett when the story about the State Attorney General’s investigation into Coroner Kirchner first broke on  The story is permanently archived under a button to the left titled “LOVELACE.”]



~ Saturday ~



     Cortney Fry was punched in the face several times, strangled and then killed when a flathead screwdriver penetrated her skull, forensic investigators said Friday.

Brett Lovelace, “Expert describes vicious attack on Fry,” today’s Intell (click here).

    This opening sentence is a lie.  It is very simply a horrendous lie.  Neither expert ever said a flathead screwdriver was used.  Never.  They said the hole in her skull could not be a bullet wound.  They speculated on the type of object that might make such a hole.  But let me repeat this – neither expert ever, ever said it was a “flathead screwdriver.”

     Lovelace even says this further below in the article:

    “It’s a definite that an object was used to penetrate the skull,” Ross said. “I believe it was a long, fixed object with a long, fixed end.”

    “An object.”  How does Lovelace go from that to stating it was a flathead screwdriver?  This is disgraceful.  Do you have a screwdriver in your car?  Do you have any black trash bags in your car or trunk?

     I had both at one time and still have large plastic trash bags in my trunk.  I at one time had a screwdriver in my glove compartment and I can’t honestly remember why I put it there but it was there for several months.  Does this mean I killed someone?

    The Lancaster Newspaper’s coverage of this trial and their headlines are an outrage and do not reflect what is actually happening in the courtroom.



Who at the Intell was allegedly illegally accessing the county’s website? 

My guess is reporter Brett Lovelace.

[Question - if a reporter at the Intell was illegally accessing all of this sensitive material on the county’s website, why didn’t they have better stories?]


     The State Attorney General’s investigation into Lancaster County Coroner G. Gary Kirchner is turning into a downright hoot.    This is every reporter’s dream!  A bunch of arrogant “public servants” making a mountain out of a molehill and wasting taxpayer’s time and money on a grand scale.  It rarely gets better than this.     

    And the really big question is why are they focusing on the coroner and not the Intell?  Lancaster District Attorney Donald Totaro is alleging that somehow an Intell reporter got the coroner’s password and then repeatedly went onto a restricted portion of the county website despite warnings on the site that read, “Unauthorized access or use of this computer system will subject violators to criminal, civil, and/or administrative action.”  So why haven’t the state agents seized the Intell computer?  Why isn’t the Intell the subject of investigation? 


    Whoever was allegedly accessing the website at the Intell certainly didn’t try very hard to hide it.  The opening sentence in yesterday’s New Era article, “Inside Pa. probe of coroner” (click here) is this, “It started with a short story in the morning paper last August concerning the death of a woman found by her landlord inside a city apartment.”  In the archives it is indeed a very, very short article published on August 22 and titled, “Woman found dead in city apartment.”  There is no reporter’s byline.  Twice in the article it states the information came from the Lancaster County Communications website (  What may have caught someone’s attention is the story says “the owner found the woman naked,” which may not have been “publicly” known.  The New Era article goes on to quote Totaro saying that someone went onto the restricted site “on numerous occasions” from a computer that was traced back to Lancaster Newspapers.  So why isn’t the Intell being investigated?


    Why do I think it was Brett Lovelace?  Because he covered the Cortney Fry murder case.  It has long been rumored that Totaro was very upset that information about the condition of her remains, such as her body having been burned, were made public. 

    I will have more on this aspect of the story soon and I will also look at a recent Lovelace article where he states Fry’s body was burned using gasoline.  Where did he get that information?


    In a related story, Ron Harper of has new information about the coroner on his website today.  I find two of the items to be frivolous.  The installation of a “cell phone tower” on his house may or may not be worthy of investigation.  It seems to me the producer of the Maury Povich show (see her letter on his site) is the one who is twisted and as to the gift shop, if the LA coroner can do it, why not Kirchner? 


    In another related and incredibly ironic story, please click here to go to the State Attorney General’s “media room” on his website.  It states, “This area is for Press and Media only,” and requires a user name and password!  What in the world could be on there?  Why can’t the general public view the page?  Yes, of course, I sent my request for “media access.”  I haven’t heard back yet and I will keep you informed!  Do you think if I give my user name and password to a friend that I could be investigated by a state investigating grand jury and be charged with a crime and be found guilty and be sent to jail?  What if I had it on a “post-it-note” stuck to my computer and my friend “stole” it without my knowledge?  What if I tell you what’s in the “media room?”   I think I’ll call the State Attorney General’s Office and ask.  Yikes!  Stay tuned...




“Pssst.  Scandal at the Intell!  Scandal at the Intell!

Brett, have you been a bad, bad boy?”


    Coming tomorrow – Brett Lovelace is a very dangerous reporter.  Who is watching him at the Intell?  Somebody better start!

From Bananas & Brett (click here).


Please check back later today…

~ Nothing But Lies! ~



     Who could believe that the editor of a newspaper would print a front page editorial that is nothing but lies?  Almost every sentence is a lie and every person who reads it knows it.  What an absolute disgrace to journalism, the first amendment and their readers.  From the editorial (click here):

    But, after a probe lasting more than 18 months and consisting of repeated subpoenas for computer hardware and software used by Intell staff members and repeated subpoenas to compel testimony by staff members of the Intell, no criminal charges were lodged against the newspaper or any of its staff.

    This can only be taken as a clear indication that no criminal activity was engaged in by the staff members. That's an important fact to keep in mind.

    They weren’t charged because they were given immunity.  Can you read?  And it needs to be investigated why five, yes, five reporters were all given immunity.  While this was being investigated your paper was covering citizens being arrested and charged with illegally accessing the website.  But Editor Jon Ferguson and the five reporters didn’t think they were doing anything wrong?    

    This is the final sentence of the Grand Jury report (click here):

    Kirchner and the reporters, working in concert, bypassed LCWC’s 9-1-1 website security and committed the offenses of Criminal Conspiracy to commit Unlawful Use of Computers, 18 Pa. C.S. & 903 and Unlawful Use of Computers, 18 PA. C.S. & 7811 (a)(1)(2).

    Also from the Grand Jury report:

    The Grand Jury heard evidence that the District Attorney of Lancaster County investigated and arrested two civilian individuals for improperly accessing the password protected 9-1-1 website during the course of the Grand Jury investigation.”

    Other direct quotes from the Grand Jury report:

    This included proof of the use by Lovelace of an alternative computer he denied using under oath.

    It should be available to the press anyway.  After all, it’s public dollars that built it and maintain it.  (Lovelace in an email to Kirchner.)

    Lovelace told Quinn that he had given the user name and password for the website to Holzman in early August 2005, and directed her not to attribute anything to it, not to use it in a story and not comment about it to anyone.

    Lovelace also admitted to Quinn that in March 2005 “warning pages” appeared on the website but he ignored them.”

    I don’t get why you won’t call Zimmerman and explain that your password and user name don’t work.  I thought after Justin (Quinn) made all those concessions on a lawsuit article that you would return the favor. (Lovelace in an email to Kirchner.)

    Quinn also related he had been working on an article about a “six figure” lawsuit in which Kirchner was the plaintiff and that, just prior to publishing it, Kirchner asked him to hold the story so it would not jeopardize the potential settlement which ultimately resulted from the lawsuit.  Quinn convinced his editors to withhold publication.

     You can not trust one word these papers write. From the Intell editorial:

    The Intell staff members believed Kirchner, as the elected coroner — a high-ranking county law enforcement official — had the authority to allow the newspaper to enter this Web site and, as such, reporters were authorized users.

    This is a disgraceful lie.  The reporter’s testimony clearly indicates they knew they were not “authorized users.”  Can your reporters read?  There are numerous warnings on the website and read Lovelace’s testimony above.

    The Intell used the Web site as a routine reportorial tool to obtain information Kirchner ordinarily provided, if he was available, in phone calls and other contacts.

    You have no idea what Kirchner would or would not have provided over the phone.  And you are admitting to repeatedly illegally accessing the website as if it were “okay.”  Why do you think those citizens were arrested?

    The Intell's use of the Web site did not impede or damage any criminal investigation or prosecution, nor did the attorney general present any evidence to even suggest this.

    You have no idea whether this statement is true or not or to whom the reporters might have told information. 


    I’m too upset to continue with their lies and their destruction of journalism and the first amendment.  I will come back to this tomorrow along with a huge lie by Lovelace (why wasn’t he fired?)  Lanco Yokel has “fun” with his excellent piece (click here).


“This can only be taken as a clear indication that no criminal activity was engaged in by the staff members.”

(Editorial on the front page of today’s Intell, click here).







    Prosecutors said five of the paper's reporters testified to the grand jury after being granted immunity from prosecution.

“County coroner charged with giving reporters 911 center password,” AP in today’s New Era (click here).

    Disgraceful.  These papers defile journalism every single day.  Please check back tomorrow…


~ And Sex On Their Desks? ~



     Attempting to compare this case to the Pentagon Papers case is a stretch.

Posted on the forum about Ron Harper’s story on (you must register in order to read the forum).

    Yes, a lawyer for the Columbia Boro sent Harper an email demanding three items (see his site).  I don’t know the legalities here.  Harper had every right to view the computer and verify the information on it.  It should have never gotten into public hands.  He has a right to follow-up on possible stories he saw while viewing the computer.  Does he have a right to retain the images?  I’m not at all sure about that one.  This should all prove to be most interesting.

    Actually, I’m more curious about this sentence he wrote in his January 1, 2007 “Year End Round-Up”:

    It’s a fact that Lancaster Newspapers can and does tolerate their employees having sex on their desks but they better not write a story that rocks the convention center boat!

    You don’t write a sentence like that without more details!  Prove it!  Who is having sex on their desks?  Out with it!  I could take a couple of guesses….


If the private sector promoters of the hotel/convention center proposal were willing to demonstrate their confidence in the proposal by shouldering a fair share of the risk with the County, I would be all for it. Under the present structure, I cannot support the County guaranty of the bonds.

Even more dangerous than the financial risk to the County and City taxpayers, is the damage a white elephant sitting on Penn Square will cause the City and County. It has all the appearance of Lancaster Square all over again.

Commissioner Molly Henderson on her website (click here).

    It’s official and Molly is running again.  Yahoo!  And her co-chair is Lois Herr.  Do you know that in Chester and Berks Counties, Herr out voted Joe (he’s the pits!) Pitts?  It was only in Lancaster County that he pulled more votes than Herr.  Does the water change when you cross the boundary or is it the Lancaster Newspapers that gave Herr almost no coverage but ran story after story about Pitts? 

    Herr has started a new website to keep an eye on Pitts and issues that affect the 16th Congressional District (click here).

    A big hand clap for both women!


    Q. You never give the people opposing the convention center any credit.
A. Maybe it's because some in that crowd remind me of the UFO "experts" on the History Channel. No conspiracy is too implausible for them.

Marv Adams in his column this week, “Coaxing a big smile,” (click here).

    I am officially changing his name from Marvelous Marv to Mad-dog Marv.  His stupidity and arrogance are not even remotely funny any more.  Artie See posted this under the article:

    Is this the kind of representation that Lancaster Newspapers deserves? This person has turned the Sunday News from a well-respected organization into a public laughingstock.

    The newspapers can’t hire editors from outside the LNP.  No one would be willing to compromise their journalistic credentials let alone their conscious, to do what these papers are doing.  But Marv is so vicious and juvenile and the rest of the writing and coverage in the Sunday News is so bad, I can’t imagine him lasting much longer.


    Fear isn't attractive on you.  Either is hatred.

An email I received from a “men’s rights” sicko regarding the “Despicable Lies” story below.

    They must hand out a cheat sheet to all fifteen of these sick people across the country.  Let’s see.  “Starling” repeatedly posted that most women are “lying whores and sluts,” but I’m the one filled with hatred?   There is nothing attractive about you, my dear.

There will be more later.


~ And Pot & Photos ~



    Today, I’m hung up on the letter “p” as in Punxsutawney Phil.  I don’t care whether the other groundhogs saw their shadows or not.  Phil is the only one that counts.  I know it hasn’t been much of a winter, but after next week’s anticipated weather, an early spring is called for.  Don’t pay any attention to the phony dogs – Phil has spoken.

    This morning on the radio I heard for the first time about “pot stickers.”  Yes, these are lollipops that taste like marijuana, according to KYW Radio.  They are flavored with hemp oil which is legal.  Can you imagine?  Parents are raising a huge fuss and I can’t blame them.

    Speaking of “pot,” there is this strange paragraph in Thursday’s Intell article, “Darcus gets nod to lead center board,” (click here).

    Field — publisher of the Web site — confirmed his participation with Common Sense for Drug Policy, which promotes, among other things, the legalization of “hard drugs” such as marijuana. “I’m very proud of it,” Field said.

    Is this a misprint or why the quotes and where’s an editor?  They can’t be serious.  If marijuana is a “hard drug,” what is heroin?

    This is also not new information.  I have printed this information on this website and it has been posted on the Talkback forum many times.  I agree that we need to look at our drug laws – but “pot stickers” for kids is pushing it.

    And did Ron turn over the CD he burned to the DA as well?

Posted on Talkback under yesterday’s Intell article, “Columbia shop ends up with police PC,” (click here).

    I think that’s a legitimate question.  I don’t believe at this point that Harper should have access to the photos and information on the PC.  They turned it in – his CD should be turned in as well.

    Finally, speaking of photos, someone owes me one and they know who they are.  It will not be shared nor published.  Don’t make me open up a can of whoop a$$ on your butt!  Let’s get it here pronto!


Enjoy the Super Bowl and please check back on Monday.   

~ By Terri Lynn Tersak (Starling) ~



    His wife, Terri Lynn Tersak, has this website, True Equality Network (TEN) (click here) and currently on her front page says this: 

    Within hours of the release of his article, the general contact email address and offices of True Equality Network (TEN) were inundated with unsolicited contacts from the victims of the complaints listed above and other egregious abuses. As of the date of this letter, TEN has received over five thousand contacts.”

    And I’m the Queen of England.  As of 10:00 a.m. this morning, a total of 538 people had viewed her profile.  What is the first thing you do when you go onto a blog, especially if you are going to “contact” the person or “organization” behind it?  You view the author’s profile.  She’s probably had a total of 500 people visit her blog, if that many (six of those “views” are mine, by the way), since October of 2005 when it was created.

    It’s all lies. 

I published this, “Picture the Truth” in July of 2006 when I said “Starling” of Talkback was actually Terri Lynn Tersak (click here).   The profile page was taken down within several hours of my publishing the above.

    Becky I am a member of RADAR -  I have no current plans to do a court study.

I received this email from Dr. Donald Dutton of the University of British Columbia (his email address is listed on their website) on October 12, 2006 after I advised him he was being quoted on a “men’s rights” website.  I then sent him this email:

    Thank you for replying.  Have you verified their "research technique" indicated below?   Have you seen one shred of paperwork that would indicate they have interviewed 15,000 plaintiffs?

    His response, again on October 12, 2006, was this:

     Thanks for the alert - I have only seen a synopsis of this study and I found it curious. I didn't really take it seriously, maybe I should have. All my exchanges with RADAR apart from this have impressed me- they seem really to want to get the best research out about DV.   I’ll see what I can find out.

    This series of exchanges was about this piece on Tersak’s site:

    The women of True Equality Network, most of who are themselves victims of severe domestic violence, have spent almost five years in the courthouses interviewing over 15,000 plaintiffs in domestic violence cases just before they entered the courtroom. The overwhelming number of those interviewed did not attempt to mask the real reasons they filed a domestic violence claim: control, money, and revenge -- for everything you could possibly imagine -- everything except acts of domestic violence.

    …Renowned professors and scientists who have reviewed this study series have said that the study was conducted using proper scientific methods and has produced “…significant findings that need to be widely published and cited.” Among those supporting this study is Dr. Don Dutton of the University of British Columbia, who is planning to duplicate this study in the Canadian court system.

      This is nothing but lies and as indicated by Dr. Dutton, no “renowned professors and scientists” have reviewed this study.  Tersak also says this study was conducted in seventeen states.  This is total hogwash.  This means “they” had to walk up to over 10 women a day in a courthouse getting reading for a Protection From Abuse hearing for five years in seventeen states and have a total stranger ask them, “What did he do to you?”

     No only that, Tersak has been even busier because this article is posted on her website:

    In recent months, True Equality Network has been conducting an investigation of abuse shelters in 21 states.

    …Our investigation has uncovered a broad range of illegal operations, including shelters involved in drug dealing and call-girl services. In one state, our investigator made an anonymous tip to the local law enforcement agency, resulting in the arrest of two Sheriff Deputies working as "pimps" for a prostitution service.

    Hasn’t her organization of three been busy?  What a horrible lie to tell.  These women are afraid for their lives and their children’s lives and they leave their homes and friends and everything they know to live in an abuse shelter and this sick person posts lies like this.

    Of course, she doesn’t say what state or city the abuse shelter was in that was dealing drugs and running a call-girl service, nor does she link to a newspaper article covering this big arrest.

    This is all just outrageous, despicable lies.  Dr. Don Dutton has since formed his own research group.  I do not know if he is still a member of R.A.D.A.R where Tersak is listed as their “media spokesperson.”  If this ever was a “legitimate organization,” it is now nothing more than another woman-hating “men’s rights” website (click here).


There will be more later.  Tomorrow – back to the news.



    When I started this website, I never could have imagined spending so much time on “men’s rights” groups.  I’d never heard of them. 

    One of my first introductions was on a Lancaster Online thread about abortion, and “Starling” and “Sally” were saying it was a crime under any circumstance and basically saying any woman who had one should be jailed.  Literally in the next sentence, they said the father, however, should not have to pay child support because he probably didn’t want the child in the first place, it might hurt him economically and men have a higher suicide rate than women.

     I said, “Hold on a minute.”  I learned fast.  In the next few minutes I was called a “liar,” a “man-hater,” a “lesbian” and a sick person who didn’t know the facts.

    And so it would go for almost a year.  “They” stated that 95% of domestic violence claims are false and most women are “lying whores.”  And on and on and on it went.

     And what struck me besides the viciousness and absurdity of “their” posts, was the incredible lies they told.  “Starling” for some unknown reason, maybe her “advocacy” work, had been in all three emergency rooms in York and Lancaster hospitals and said 50% of those being treated for domestic violence injuries were men.  She had taken a phone survey years ago for Virginia Slims in which the men told her women were more likely to lie.  “Sally” posted that she was “lucky enough” to be working on computer systems in companies and found that 80% of those filing sexual harassment suits had been watching pornography on their computers at work!

    That, mind you, is only the tip of the iceberg.  “Starling” made up everything about her life down to living in East Petersburg and attending Franklin & Marshall College.

    And when I began to post that they were, in fact, the same person, “they” turned really ugly.  Sally posted that someone had been calling “men’s rights” groups in East Petersburg trying to track Starling down and also said I had been driving around East Petersburg with her photo trying to find out if anyone knew her.  Yes, these tough women who do nothing but rail about Protection from Abuse Orders, declared it was time to get a “restraining order.”

    I haven’t called East Petersburg in 30 years and I haven’t driven there in at least 25 years.  And, of course, the absolute absurdity of the whole situation is that “Starling” lives in North Carolina.

    When I exposed Starling as Terri Lynn Tersak, TerryP, another of  “their” personalities, posted that I was an “imbecile.”  Then some other posters said, yes, they looked exactly the same.  Then TerryP said but if you look at the eyes and the nose they’re a little different.  When that didn’t work, she said they were “sisters!”  Yes, sisters!

    And then “BeingReal” posted, “I've known for a while that Terri and Starling were sisters, but I respected their privacy.”

    What does that mean?  Nobody even knew Tersak.  But whenever they are challenged they immediately talk about protecting their privacy because someone might stalk them.  They have to because everything about their lives is made up. 

    And then, when Starling told her outrageous and horrible lie about Sally’s husband being killed in Iraq, they blamed the lie on me.  Yes, you see, Sally, claimed that some of her relatives still live in Pennsylvania and I might track them down and apparently do them harm.

    And “BeingReal” carried on and posted that if you read my blog you could feel my “hatred” for them and if the circumstances were different, “they” wouldn’t have lied and on and on and on.

    Amazing.  Simply amazing.


Tomorrow – Terri Lynn Tersak and why this is all so important.



    Graven images aside .... this is a very touchy-feely production that reinforces how seriously reporters take themselves and how egotistical and self-centered they actually have become.
    Instead of focusing on themselves at the expense of Amish grief, how about a little aggressive reporting and insights on some of the possible reasons for this particular carnage, and suggestions (or warning signs) for preventing suicidal and homicidal individuals from occurring in the future. Here's a few examples of storylines;
    Mental illness/lack of conscience
    Childhood abuse and/or bullying
    Missed or ignored violent tendencies or abusive behavior by teachers, family and co-workers
    Living and coping with a society that glorifies violence and gunplay
    Effects of viewing graphic violence in the media and in video games for children
    Review of police response and procedures/comparison with other police agencies
    Maybe some of the above have been covered, and maybe not. But these are the types of subjects that I believe should be reported on in context of this local tragedy. There is much scientific and technical data available on the above topics which certainly could be drawn upon for local reporting for those readers not inclined to do their own research ... rather than a self-centered piece on themselves.

Posted on Talkback under the “Nickel Mines Tragedy (Video),” (click here and page down for the comments).

    It’s so far unanimous that this video, much like the Lancaster Newspaper’s “Lost Angels” website and pamphlet, are exploitative, redundant and offer no insight or anything new to the tragedy at all.  What is the point other than blatant advertising for their own papers?  Disgraceful.

    And speaking of disgraceful, the LCCCA meets tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the Southern Market Center.  When is the spending by this board going to be investigated?



    What’s often left out of the fatherhood discussion is that men who truly care for and about their children usually express their commitment by maintaining a supportive, if not deeply caring, relationship with their children’s mother.   In an October 2001 commentary for Women's eNews, Robert Okun, a specialist in men's issues and domestic violence, pointed out that many of today’s dads, whether married, never-married or divorced, are doing their best to stay actively involved in their children’s lives.

     But of men in the organized father’s rights movement, who typically represent themselves as the innocent victims of gender discrimination and manipulative ex-wives, Okun writes: "Some may very well be getting a raw deal. If so, it is essential that divorce lawyers, psychotherapists, family service court officers, mediators, guardian’s ad litem and judges educate themselves about those circumstances and take steps to intervene when a man has been erroneously targeted as part of a strategy in a contentious custody complaint. However, in a dangerously high number of cases, many of these fathers have a documented history of abuse."

    Most family law and domestic violence experts have reached the same conclusion, as have concerned citizens who've taken the time to investigate the activities of father's rights groups in greater depth -- notably Trish Wilson, a freelance writer who considers exposing the shady underside of the father's custody movement her part-time job. Ms. Wilson first became curious about the movement when she stumbled into a father's rights message board on AOL ten years ago. When she questioned the accuracy of child support statistics posted on the board, Ms. Wilson reports she was "attacked by the regulars there. The woman who had posted the original out-of-context quotes told me that I believed all women should have custody of their children because they had uteruses, which is nonsense. There were similar, ugly flames thrown at me by others. I was taken aback at how nasty they were."

    Since then, Ms. Wilson has conducted extensive research reviews and produced a series of articles disputing the studies and data father's rights advocates use to justify their intention to overhaul child custody and support laws.

Click here for the full article and here for Trish Wilson’s website.

    Forums, such as the Lancaster Newspaper forum, are a major “media outlet” for these “men’s rights” and “father’s rights” groups as evidenced by the whole Starling/Terri Lynn Tersak fiasco and now “BeingReal.”  These groups have been flying under the standard media’s radar – but that is about to change as they are being exposed for the extremist, fact-less and dangerous organizations that they really are.


There will be more tomorrow.


Starling                       Terri Lynn Tersak


“I've known for a while that Terri and Starling were sisters, but I respected their privacy.”

Posted on Talkback today by “BeingReal”

Please check back later today!


~ And Prove It! ~



    One officer admitted during the hearing, however, that he had failed to read Wise his rights shortly after he was taken into custody.

    …Crouse [East Lampeter Township police Officer Kenneth Crouse] said he forgot to read Wise his Miranda warnings when they first arrived at the police station.

    "I got caught up in patting him down and searching him, and I did not give him his rights," Crouse said.

    When Edgell and Sauers first started interviewing Wise, they thought Crouse had read him his Miranda warnings, according to testimony.

“Confession challenged,” today’s Intell, (click here).

    You have to read him his Miranda Rights or the confession can’t be used in court.  Period.


    If you’re “real” prove it.  It’s that simple.  I could care less about your posting all day and night on an internet forum.  If that makes you feel important and fills your day, great.  But every time you post a “men’s rights” article, I will be right there.

     How quickly people forget and how easily they are fooled.  (Please see “Radical Feminism” below.) I have been stating this poster is a fraud for over a year now.  And what absolutely proves it is that she doesn’t “fight” back.  All she has to do is meet someone from that forum in a public place and say, “See, I am real.  I live in Lancaster County with my two wonderful children and husband and I am that truly deep, caring person I post as.”

    That’s all she has to do.  So why hasn’t she done it?  Calling Ron Harper, Jr. just doesn’t qualify.  Meeting him for coffee does.  Haven’t we been through this before?  Click here for “Harper Is Sandwiched!” and here for “Fear Factor.”


There will be more tomorrow.


“Leola massacre recalled: 6 bodies in bloody basement”

Today’s New Era (click here).

    Please read this article and then click here  for my archive page, (which is also posted immediately below) - “WHEN WILL I GET A LAWYER?”  Why is Janet Kelley still employed by the Lancaster New Era?