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~ “Sitting in traffic lights” ~



    First, a brief apology - gasp!  Ron Harper, Jr. and I obviously don’t agree on all issues, but yesterday’s personal anger was based on an email that was mis-interpreted by both of us.  So, I apologize and will try to keep personal matters (well, some) off of this website.


    Congratulations to the Lancaster Police for arresting two men they allege are responsible for shooting Brianna Pratt on January 4, 2007.  Good work.  The way to stop crime is to arrest those responsible when it does happen.  Hopefully, they are still actively investigating the murder of Heather Marie Nunn, the mother of two young daughters, and will make an arrest in that case as well.


    Well, District Attorney Donald Totaro’s County Detectives might not have found anything illegal with a Columbia police computer with sensitive information and photos ending up in public hands, but the Columbia Boro Council sure did.  Wow!  They fired Sgt. William L. Meyers last night.  The public has a right to know that this type of information will, at all times, be kept strictly confidential according to required policy.  The Intell buried the story on Page B5.  I wonder why?


    Imagine our pleasant surprise, then, to find there are a few breaks in the open-government clouds as we embark on national Sunshine Week today.

    One ray of sunshine: State Sen. Gib E. Armstrong, R-13th District, is introducing legislation to increase the fine for violating the state open-meetings law from $100 to $1,000.

“Mad-dog” Marv Adams in his Sunday News column this week titled, “Ray of sun.”

    Marv, we are so glad you were pleasantly surprised.  That Gib Armstrong is quite a fellow, isn’t he?  Didn’t he meet behind closed doors with Mayor Gray for two weeks trying to “fill” a $20 million dollar “gap” in the publicly funded convention center?  Didn’t he pass specialized legislation to support the convention center?

    And Marv does what he loves to do for his employer - take yet another shot at the County Commissioners wih this:

    Commissioners Dick Shellenberger, Molly Henderson and Pete Shaub paid $100 fines, plus court costs, for each violation. The paltry fines, the maximum allowed by the Sunshine Act, allowed the commissioners to argue that they really just paid the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

    In reality, they pleaded guilty to violating the public trust, a far more serious offense than running a red light.

    It now appears that Armstrong (gasp!) has been “violating the public trust.”  I am going to quote directly from The York Dispatch article that was linked to and first written about on Lancaster Online by Artie See of Looking At Lancaster.  Let’s see if the Lancaster Newspapers do a story about this outrageous conduct and theft of taxpayer’s dollars..  This is beyond comprehension.  Throw this bum out!  If he can’t think he shouldn’t be a senator!


50 miles a troublesome number for senators under new per diem rules

By Carl Lindquist of The York Dispatch

    Sen. Gib Armstrong said he just didn't think about it.

    The powerful Republican senator was part of the leadership team that decided last year to end un-itemized meal and lodging reimbursements, called per diems, for senators who live within 50 miles of the Capitol.

    The reform went into effect in early January to stop senators who live close to the Capitol from claiming the blanket reimbursement.

    It didn't dawn on Armstrong until recently that the rule could apply to him.

    "I didn't even think about it," he said. "It didn't even matter to me."

    The per diem system has come under scrutiny for alleged abuse because senators, regardless of where they lived, could claim the per diems by staying overnight or eating any meals on legislative business.

    Last year, state records show Armstrong, who represents parts of Lancaster and York counties, was reimbursed $7,830 in per diems.

    No one, including Armstrong himself, is sure if he will be cut off from per diems by the 50-mile rule. His distance from the Capitol depends on the route he takes, he said, and the rule isn't clear on how it should be applied.

    Armstrong, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, acknowledges the shortest route from his Lancaster County home to the Capitol is less than 50 miles. The current maximum per diem is $129 per day when on legislative business.

Quickest or shortest?:

    But he argues the quickest route, which is currently cut off because of a closed bridge, is actually slightly longer than 50.

    "I don't want to be sitting in traffic lights," he said.

    The temporary route Armstrong now uses is a bit longer than 100 miles round-trip, he said. Traveling from his home to the Capitol is 49.7 miles using what he says is the second-fastest route.    It's a bit longer in the other direction, he said.


For the full article, with a great deal more information, click here.   How stupid does this man think the public is?  Throw the bum out – and “Mad-dog” Marv with him.



Please check back later today…


~ Harper:  “I’m the only

REAL reporter in the world” ~



    PS.  I am trying to do a good thing. I get kicked around for it. I stick my neck out to do what I think is right so a lot of people wanna take shots at me - so be it.  It doesn't mean that I have to be a punching bag!  As to my spelling?   Sorry, I am a product of city schools.

Posted by Ron Harper, Jr. of the yesterday on the Lancaster Online forum under the article, “Columbia police sergeant cleared in computer case.”

    The Lancaster Newspaper reporters sit on their butts and make phone calls or emails and then whine about not getting a response. Sorry. REAL reporters go knock on doors!
    That's why so many in Lancaster whine about me- they compare me to these chair sitters and can't believe that someone would DARE to actually try and get a response from PUBLIC OFFICIALS/PUBLICLY PAID people when they don't respond.

Posted by Ron Harper, Jr. of the yesterday on the Lancaster Online forum under the article, “Serving 2 masters.”


    Yes, the brief warm up in relations between Harper and myself is over.  When he needs help, he’s attentive and concerned.  When that’s over, he returns to his arrogant, egotistical, ridiculous and abusive self.

    What is the first thing he did when the Columbia police computer story broke in the Intell?  He complained on Talkback that the article mentioned the Columbia Pa Online website before his own site was mentioned.  He posted that he was going to ask the paper for an “apology.”

    Can you imagine?  Jesse Sweigart, who started the site and works at The Computer Outlet, realized what he was looking at was improper and possibly illegal and called Harper.  But Harper thinks he should get all of the credit.   

    Anyone who challenges him on a forum is named a “troll,” a “hater” or a “coward.”   His constant need for attention is astonishing.  Yes, we all know he’s just trying to do a “good thing” and he doesn’t get paid for it but he gets “kicked around for it.”  We’ve heard it over and over and over again. 

    As I told him previously, build a monument to yourself as a “REAL reporter” and leave the rest of us alone.  And your spelling is no reason to insult every other graduate of McCaskey. 

    I haven’t even begun on his “DaddyJustice” movie (when will that be released?) and his connection to the men’s rights sickos.  Funny, he had that site up for a while and one day decided he should add “For the Love of A Child...” as a sub-header.  They almost forgot about the child.  I think it should read, “Using your Child to Get Revenge on a Woman.”

    Yes, some of this new animosity has to do with the “Crow,” Steve Markle, and I did contact the District Attorney’s office by phone at the end of last week and they are continuing to work on the case. 

    There will be more at a later date.


Click here for the Colunbia, PA website.  As I stated before, this is a wonderful and informative resource for the people of Columbia.


Coming later this week, “Arrogant Monsters,” a look at the Sunday News and New Era editor and champion of “civility,” Ernie Schreiber.


Please check back later today…




    Following are questions and comments I've gotten in letters, e-mails, postcards and phone calls. The questions and comments are in bold; my remarks are in light-faced type.
    Cross my heart: You can't make up stuff like this.


You’re going to be very happy when [county Commissioner] Molly Henderson is re-elected.

Yes, I am.  Marv is going to have to eat a lot of crow and someone should let him know he’s doesn’t have another four years.


Did you see the ad in one of the shoppers: "213 days until County appointees become majority on Convention Center Board?"

Yes, I did.  I think it’s wonderful that the truth is finally reaching the public.  Poor “Mad-dog” Marv isn’t used to that happening. 


Are you aware that you broke the law by printing that picture of a raving dog and saying it was “Mad-Dog” Marv?

Very funny, Marv.  Next time do a better job of disguising your voice.


Marv waffled in his recent column on the coroner-Intell grand jury findings.

Yes, he did.  It was illegal and unethical and he knows it.  But being a LNP employee, he can’t possibly admit it. 


What do you think of's [the anti-convention center Web site] suggestion of an ombudsman?

The hell with an ombudsman.  Just fire Marv.


Gil Smart is the only published voice of reason in the entire county and he tells it like it is.

Marv, I said you should do a better job of disguising your voice.  Have you been to see Dr. Fraud?  Don’t call me again!


Just a note to thank you for removing Ann Coulter's column from your paper. I only wish more newspapers had your courage.

You’re welcome.  We did it strictly for civility!  It did not – let me repeat – it did not touch too close to home for anyone employed at LNP -  including Ernie Schreiber.


I’ve heard that Marv is a lousy father and makes up all that stuff about his daughter.

That’s preposterous!  He only started making it up about a year ago.  We have heard from a “political insider” that Children & Youth Services recently paid a visit to his home.

    Mad-Dog” Marv 



~ Kelley For 28 Years! ~




    Interviewer Corey Clayton:  “Did you talk to members of the Amish community for the reconstruction of the story?  Were they forthcoming with any details that weren’t already covered?”


    Janet Kelley:  “Well they were.  They did not speak to me.  They spoke to my colleagues and that was incorporated in my story.”

Podcast”Interview with Janet Kelley” (click here).


   Nine-year-old Emma Fisher said she heard a female voice clearly tell her, “Now would be a good time to run,’’ and she did, a split-second decision that might have saved her life.

    No one else said a word or heard the voice — the voice, many believe, of an angel.

From “Horror & Heroism” by Janet Kelley (the same link as above and click on the story from Day 2 of the series).


    In 1979, she [Kelley] came to the New Era.  For the past 28 years, she has covered crime and court news for the 41,365-circulation paper.

“New Era reporter wins top national writing award,” New Era, 3-5-07 (click here).


    New Era reporter Janet Kelley won the Pulliam Award for her story about the Amish Tragedy, “Horror & Heroism.”  Good for her.  Do I think it’s great?  No. 

    I think it would be nice to know the source of some of her quotes because apparently Kelley didn’t speak to a single Amish person involved.  Amazing.

    As the article states, Kelley has covered crime and court news for 28 years and that’s a problem.  I have never seen her question the police, the District Attorney or a judge’s decision.  When District Attorney Donald Totaro wants to announce a drug bust (usually after previous negative press such as the mistrial for Micah Stewart in an attempted homicide case), he makes sure to hold them early in the morning so Kelley can cover it and write a glowing report.

    I have been paying close attention to events and reporting in Lancaster for three years.  And as I have stated previously, I first signed up on the Talkback Board as “astonished” in August of 2005 because of a Kelley piece in which she said the Columbia Police were “baffled” by the disappearance of Cortney Fry.  I was astonished a reporter could write such nonsense and not ask any pertinent questions.

    And the below article involving the Millersville “Streaker” lawsuit has been on my site since March of 2006.  I consider this to be blatant lying and protection of the police by Kelley.

    As I noted not long ago, this was scheduled to go to trial in Federal Court in Philadelphia on February 6, 2007.  That did not happen because the Millersville Police are offering a settlement in the case.  When that is finalized, and if the details are public information, I will post it here.


    [Editor’s note -  the brief part of this story dealing with Nevin Cooley of the Penn Square Partners has been deleted.  The full article is available on the left under the button “Judgement Days.”  The New Era article linked to below is now in archives but there is a tremendous amount of "Talkback" under it if you page down.]


~ “Flap” This! ~



  “The Fourth Amendment provides:  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

(From the Federal lawsuit against the Millersville Police – click here.) 


     Janet Kelley’s February 23, 2006 article, “Women sue Millersville cops in ‘streaker’ flap,” (click here) never once mentions the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Her article never once mentions that the women allege not only illegal entry into their home for forty-five minutes, but also that the Millersville police officers illegally searched their house.  The lawsuit says Officer Peifer, “…opened the pantry door, went into the bathrooms and opened the closet at the top of the steps.”  He also “…searched Bimler’s bedroom, her closet and the closet underneath the steps.”

    Kelley, at the end of her article states, “Peifer, a 26-year veteran of the police department, was named Officer of the Year in 1995.”  She never mentions that the lawsuit says the following, “It is believed and therefore averred, that Defendant Rochat [the Millersville Police Chief] failed to properly train Defendants Peifer and Tartara and / or had knowledge of Defendant Peifer’s past misconduct…” 

    I do not know what Peifer’s alleged “past misconduct” was, but I doubt a lawyer would put that in a federal lawsuit unless he has valid proof of past misconduct.  Don’t you think Kelley would mention it and look into it?  

    Kelley also tells a huge lie that is based on the word “lie.”  Her article says Peifer told Skubon, “If you like, I will read you your Miranda rights.”

    No.  The complaint reads that he said, “If you lie I will read you your Miranda rights.”

    What’s the big deal?  It’s huge.  The lawsuit is alleging that he is threatening her that if she doesn’t tell him what he wants to hear, he will arrest her.  He was not being “nice” and “professional” and offering to read her her rights.

    Okay, so you’re saying it could be a typo.  After all, it’s only a matter of a “k.”   I have one or two typos in my copy of the complaint on this site.  Well, Janet Kelley has been a reporter for over 25 years and has numerous editors.  She is quoting a federal law suit and the “mistake” should have been caught.  The New Era should print an apology and a correction.

     The complaint is public information.  Anyone can go to the courthouse and get a copy.  No one’s “permission” is needed to print it.  How did Kelley get wind of the lawsuit filed in Philadelphia?  The plaintiffs didn’t tell her and neither did their attorney, J. Dwight Yoder. It is my speculation, and it is speculation only, that the Millersville Police tipped her off and wanted to try and reduce the impact of the suit when word did get out.  Why else would Kelley write that Peifer was named “Officer of the Year” but never once mention the lawsuit’s “past misconduct” allegation? 

    Who wrote the headline?  They are calling this a “flap.”  This isn’t a “flap.”    If even half of what the three plaintiffs allege in their suit is correct, this is a blatant and reprehensible violation of their constitutional rights and the two Millersville Police Officers should be fired. 


Please check back on Monday for "Arrogant Monsters - 9."


~ Hypocrite and Liar ~



    The full press release from Chief Lancaster Detective Michael Landis regarding the Columbia Police computer that got into public hands is posted on the Columbia PA forum (click here).

    This is the exact reason why Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro had the State Attorney General investigate Coroner G. Gary Kirchner for over a year.  Isn’t what was on the Columbia computer the exact same type of material that the Intell reporters were illegally accessing?

    From the press release Landis makes these statements:


     Mr. Meyers stated that it was always his intent to return the computer to the police station when he was finished with it.
    While there is no doubt that the Sergeant took the computer from the police station without asking permission, he holds supervisory rank essentially making him second in command and affording him a degree of discretion in that regard.

    This computer had little value. Investigators learned that Sergeant Meyers has donated personal equipment to the police department to use that had far greater value, in one case having a personal laptop computer refurbished and given to investigators to use to take statements. Sergeant Meyers owns a personal computer that is newer and superior in quality to the police department computer. Thus there was little motive for Sergeant Meyers to take the computer for his own personal benefit.”

    What does any of that have to do with the fact that very sensitive police information and photos were put into public hands?  A poster on the forum says it better than I could (I have changed the typing format to make it easier to read):



    “The good ole boy” network wins again!!!  It is hilarious that Myers took a PC tower home to transfer information – ever heard of a floppy or a disc to transfer info to another PC?  That excuse does not hold water.

    Advice to all criminals based on the above statement:

~ Thieves:  Tell the police immediately upon arrest “I was going

   to return it.”

~ Drug Dealers:  Always give heavy donations to your church and

   other civic organizations.  Then you can use the Myer-ism, “I

   gave a lot more to the community than I took from it!”

~ Rapists:  Always rape an uglier woman than you have at home. 

   That way you can say I did not need to do it.  I have a superior

   model at home.


   The information on this computer is exactly why District Attorney Totaro went after Coroner Kirchner for allegedly giving his password to one reporter in 2004.  This trial is going to be a blast.  Remember that the five reporters who received “immunity” will have to testify.  How much money will Totoro waste to prosecute Kirchner while the five co-conspirators get a free pass?

    Investigate District Attorney Donald Totaro and his County Detectives.


    Tomorrow – New Era editor Ernie Schreiber and reporter Janet Kelley. 

    One note to poster Alyssaraah1, who posted this on the Lancaster Online forum under the story, “New Era reporter wins top national writing award” about Kelley:

    I have personally witnessed the sensitivity she uses when dealing with and writing about crime and its victims. She deserves an award for that alone.

    Wow!  You are just so important and know so many influential people!  I’m impressed.  The funny part is - they don’t know you!  I’m still waiting for that other shoe to drop and when it does, trust me, I’ll be right there. 



Please check back later today…


~ Again! ~



    Why does District Attorney Donald Totaro have County Detectives?  What do these men (I’m assuming they are all men) do?  How much are they being paid?

    Lancaster County detectives spent five weeks looking into Sgt. William L. Meyers' taking of the computer, which contained autopsy photos and other sensitive materials, Chief County Detective Michael L. Landis said in a statement Wednesday.

“Columbia police sergeant cleared in computer case,” today’s Intell (click here).

    But once again, after “five weeks” of investigating, nobody did nothing wrong. 

    Wrong.  Then how did this computer get into the hands of a computer store employee with very sensitive material on it, and according to Ron Harper, Jr., some photos of naked women as well.

    A Talkbacker posted this under the story and I couldn’t agree more:

    The computer should have been destroyed as the proper means of disposal. Boro property converting to private ownership, without paperwork, looks like something else. This story reads like a white-wash.

     The Computer Outlet employee, Jesse Sweigart, turned the computer over to investigators after first alerting Harper.  I believe he did the right thing.  Otherwise, no one would have ever known about this serious breech of police information.  Are there any other computers out there will this type of information on them?

    I am the real owner of The Computer Outlet, Jesse DOES NOT OWN IT like the papers, and media suggest. That was made very clear to them prior to speaking with us. I have generations of family members that live in Columbia.

Posted by Silvia Fontanez on the Columbia PA forum (click here).

    So why don’t the Lancaster Newspapers and the reporters get this information correct?  How hard is it?  Sweigart is listed in this story as the owner once again.

    “The office of the district attorney considers this matter closed,” Landis said.

Detective Landis quoted in the same article


    Remember when you closed another case, Chief Landis?  Didn’t the paper quote you as saying there were no witnesses but the paper quoted witnesses?

    With numerous people in the vicinity, several moments later, Respondent [Maynard Hamilton, Jr., Magisterial District Judge] walked toward Sergeant Buser, who extended his hand in greeting.  Without any provocation, Respondent stated, “I have had enough of your shit.  I’m not going to take anymore.”

     Respondent then said, “Let’s go downstairs and take care of this man-to-man.  I’m going to kick your ass.”

    …Respondent then punched Sergeant Buser again on the left temple, knocking him down onto the concrete floor, and walked away.

    …Respondent then went upstairs and told Sergeant Buser’s wife that she could “Go pick up your piece of shit husband off the floor.”

Formal Charge against District Judge Maynard Hamilton, Jr. brought by the PA Judicial Conduct Board, (click here).

    One of the attorneys involved in the case stated yesterday in a  phone interview that the Public Hearing for Hamilton will tentatively be held in early May.  Hamilton is still performing the duties of a District Judge.

    So why didn’t District Attorney Donald Totaro file any charges against Hamilton?  The formal charge states that Buser, for personal reasons, did not want to pursue a criminal investigation and that the Cross Gates Golf Club where the incident occurred, “did not wish to see charges filed on behalf of the club for any disruption caused.”

    Ah, yes -  the privileges of the wealthy and connected.  This is “conservative” Lancaster County where a District Judge can allegedly punch a Police Sergeant twice, brag about it, and nothing happens until someone reports the incident to the Judicial Conduct Board.  Kudos to that unknown person.  Investigate District Attorney Donald Totaro.


Other promised stories will follow in the next few days.



Please check back later today… Who Knew?


~ A Dangerous Newspaper ~



    “The former girlfriend of a Lancaster city police officer charged with indecent assault on a female has accused him of repeatedly abusing her during their two-year relationship, according to court documents.

    Kenneth W. Eckert, 25, a three-year veteran of the police force, has been suspended from duty after being charged March 30 with indecent assault.

    He is now accused of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend while on duty, according to a protection from abuse request filed Tuesday in Lancaster County Court. 

    …The woman also describes how an intoxicated Eckert allegedly came to her house in the middle of the night in February.  He allegedly lifted the woman out of bed and said, ‘I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago,’ before throwing her down.

    The woman also accuses Eckert of forcing her to have sex with him in November while she was recovering from abdominal surgery.”

Brett Lovelace, “Ex-girlfriend accuses officer of abusing her,” Intell, April 7, 2006.


    This is from an article Intell reporter Brett Lovelace wrote on April 7, 2006.  He wrote the first story regarding the indecent assault one week before.  In the initial article he quoted Mayor Gray and the Lancaster Police Chief and the story elicited a tremendous reader response on the Talkback forum. 

    Less than three months later, Lovelace apparently completely “forgets” the second article he wrote about this officer and wrote this story:


    “A Lancaster city police officer suspended in March after being charged with groping a woman helped end a cross-county chase last week for a man in a stolen Mercedes-Benz. 

    Kenneth W. Eckert, 25, a three-year police veteran who is awaiting trial for indecent assault, was jogging June 14 near his Millersville home when he spotted Ryan Wayne Klein, 22, running down the street.

    Eckert chased Klein several blocks before alerting Manor Township police Cpl. Kim Geyer, who arrested Klein.

    ‘I would love to be a police officer again,’ Eckert said Tuesday.”

Brett Lovelace, “Suspended cop assisted in chase,” Intell, June 21, 2006.


    This is under an archived page on this site, “Who’s watching Brett?” (click here), with other questionable stories and seeming memory losses by this reporter.

    Yes, Eckert’s father is a District Justice in Millersville.  Is that why the Intell ran this story with his quote, “I would love to be a police officer again” highlighted in large type on the front page?

    Why didn’t Lovelace mention the second very serious accusation against Eckert?  Did he forget about it or did it conveniently slip his and his editor’s mind.

    There is simply no excuse for this.  None.  And the only way this reporter and editor can get away with what amounts to blatant lying is because LNP is the only news source for the county. 

   And that’s very bad news for the people of Lancaster County.

   How does this reporter keep his job, especially after the State Attorney General’s Grand Jury report?


There will be more tomorrow.



Please check back later today…





    The Lancaster New Era has halted publication of Ann Coulter's syndicated column, following her crude characterization of presidential candidate John Edwards as a homosexual, at a public appearance on Friday.

    Coulter's use of name-calling, sarcasm and overstatement in her columns too often detracts from the arguments she seeks to make.

“New Era halts syndicated column by Ann Coulter,” New Era, 3-5-07 (click here).

    What got into Ernie Schreiber?  Editor of one of the country’s most conservative newspapers?  Where’s our “Angel of Death” editor?  Where’s our “we support Joe (he’s the pits) Pitts” editor?  Hmmm.  The “f” word got Ernie all shook up!  What a hoot!  Touch a bone, Ernie?

     A former local basketball star was sentenced Friday to 3 to 6 years in state prison for taking his ex-girlfriend to a Maryland hotel against her will and slashing her throat.

    The crimes occurred over a four-week period in January 2006.

“Former hoops star gets 3-6 years in prison,” Intell, 3-3-07  (click here).

     Well, that will teach him!  Can you imagine?  Three to six years for attempted murder?   The concerned Judge said this:

    "This incident was horrendous, especially the second incident, which occurred at time when a (protection-from-abuse order) was issued. It's completely unforgivable," Allison said.

    Then why did you only sentence him to 3-6 years?  The aggravated assault charge results in that sentence alone.  What a disgrace.


    A 22-year-old U. S. Army Reservist claims she was raped by "one or more" soldiers this past weekend at a men's barracks at Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation in Lebanon County.
”Rape reported at Indiantown Gap,” by John Hoober III, New Era, 3-5-07 (click here).

     This opening sentence disgusts me.  Who is Hoober quoting when he puts “one or more” in quotes?  Is he quoting the victim or the police?  Is he quoting from a document?  This reads like rape reporting twenty years ago.  Geez, she doesn’t even know if it was “one or more?”    

    Disgraceful!  How did this make it past an editor and Hoober has been a police reporter for years.  A very bad one.  Name the source of your quote, Hoober.


    He pointed to 2006 when a $20 million construction funding gap developed, and Penn Square Partners declared it "too great to fill," suggesting the project was dead.

    Two weeks later, it was Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray, not Penn Square Partners, who led efforts to fill the gap, prompting the private partnership to recommit to the project.

    Morales said Penn Square Partners should have done more to "ante up" at that time instead of burdening public officials with saving the project.

“’Grave concerns’ voiced,” Intell, 2-22-07.

    This is from an older article published the day after the last LCCCA Board Meeting.  They are quoting Joe Morales, a board member and candidate for city council.  Some Talkbackers have suggested his candidacy has suddenly made him more critical and vocal.

    Whether true or not, what he states here is true and very important.  Why didn’t the newspapers question Mayor Gray meeting for two weeks behind closed doors with a private partnership to raise $20 million?  Hmmm.  I wonder if Ernie Schreiber has any thoughts on that?  Oops!  He still hung up on that whole Coulter thing.


    "The time is now..." said Molly.  "People will say to me, 'I agree with you, but is it really worth it to take on the power brokers, the monopoly newspaper and self appointed Lancaster elite?'  I say 'Yes'. The time is now.

From Commissioner Molly Henderson’s website (click here).

    You go, Molly.  You’ve got the Lancaster non-elite pulling for you as hard as we can!   You go!


    Finally, I have a call in to the Lancaster District Attorney’s office regarding the status into their investigation of Steve Markle, aka “The Crow.”  I will keep you updated.


Tomorrow – what’s up with the “Intell Five?”


Check back later today…  WHO?



Please check back on Monday.



~ Marv, Take Notes! ~



    In their letters, the students make their point, but don't do it in childish ways that I too often see.  Adults take note.

“Mad-dog” Marv Adams in his column this week, “Eight-graders shall lead ‘em.”

    “Mad-dog” you disappoint me.  What a ridiculous column and how many lies can you tell?  Your name calling (think “naysayers” among many), sarcasm and eighth-grade writing level are notorious.  Marv, take note of the below - should I print that three times to make my point?


    The Sunday News should take “News” out of their title.  This week we have Helen Adams with another frontpage article on Jonathan Luna.  Is there anything new in this story at all?  She wrote an almost identical piece several months ago.  Luna’s picture and horrible, unsolved death obviously sells newspapers - but to run this kind of rehash is reprehensible and inexcusable.


    Then we have Gil Smart with an article with a stupid pun for the title, “’The Crossings’ is a High target.”  A Talkbacker posted:

    “Gil: This article should have "paid advertisement" disclaimer at the top.”

     Yes, it should.  Could that by any chance be the “High” that is your partner in your convention center?

    Occasionally I'm asked why I keep referring to that guy in the White House as "Our Leader."

Gil Smart’s opening sentence in his column this week, “Our Leader and his followers.”

    Occasionally I’m asked why Smart is a columnist, let alone a reporter, and I don’t have an answer.  How does he put out this unreadable drivel every week?


    Harrison, 47, is a city committee woman. The Lancaster New Era has published her letters to the editor, one of which called for convention center-hotel developers to delay partial demolition of Watt & Shand and other historic buildings at the Penn Square site last summer.
Judy Strausbaugh regarding Kathleen Harrison, a Republican running for City Council, in her article this week, “Big turnout is reason to party.”

    Well, what do you know?  Strausbaugh actually did some homework and went into the newspaper archives!  Could it be because the candidate opposes the financing of the $170 million dollar publicly funded white elephant that Judy’s employer has a 44% interest in?  It’s a disgrace the demolition wasn’t halted.  More city candidates are questioning the convention center and that’s a very good thing.  Get used to it, Judy and go, Harrison!


  Speaking of historical buildings being demolished, check out the video at Columbia Online (click here).   You should also check out their forum (“Community Room”) because it shows how informative and useful these forums can be.  What a great addition for the Columbia community.

    A brief note, I mentioned last week that Brett Lovelace’s wife may have posted on that forum to defend him.  The owner of the site received an email from Kristy Lovelace that he posted and it was not her.  I apologize. 

    It was the work of the “Crow,” and I hope to have an update this week on the status of the legal investigation into this computer criminal who is currently on probation.  (Let’s go law enforcement!)


    Speaking of forums, the Lancaster Online "Terms of Service" were explicitly changed to eliminate links to Ron Harper, Jr.’s site.  This was added:

   A fundamental purpose of these areas is to encourage freedom of speech and frank dialogue on all issues.  However, misstatements, distorted facts and outright lies have no place in a constructive discussion either on Talk Back or within web sites linked to Talk Back.  A local website recently posted an article regarding the Statewide Grand Jury's investigation into allegations of unlawful computer use.  The article contains gross inadequacies and blatant untruths.  Accordingly, we will not be publishing any links to this article in our TalkBack forum.

    What a hoot!   There will be more on this tomorrow.


    There will also be another segment of “Arrogant Monsters.”  This is not, as Mad-dog Marv would say, “inflammatory name-calling.”  My parents would rather have me dead than have their “pillars of the community” reputation ruined.  It’s true.  Incest is a horrendous crime committed by horrendous people.   



Mad-dog Marv


      But what stands out in her letter, and the letters from her eighth-grade classmates, is (adults take note) the lack of inflammatory name-calling and sarcasm.

“Mad-dog” Marv Adams, formerly known as "Marvelous" Marv, in his column this week.

     Hey, I don’t call people inflammatory names!  Say what?  Me?  Please check back tomorrow for “Mad-dog” Marv and more of “Arrogant Monsters.”


NOTE:  There is unbelievable breaking news in the incest story.  Please check back tomorrow.  Unbelievable.


~ And DA Totaro ~



     The illegal actions by reporters and editors at the Intelligencer Journal as alleged by State Attorney General Tom Corbett provides a window into the journalistic decline of the monopoly Lancaster Newspapers – a decline which began with its 44 percent sponsorship of the hotel/convention center project.

The beginning of a radio ad run by  Click here and on the left you can listen to all of their radio ads.

    Robert Field, the owner of NewsLanc, says these messages are reaching 60,000 people a week.  But I disagree with this ad.  The “journalistic decline” of the monopoly Lancaster Newspapers has been going on for years and years and years. 

    It’s why the Lancaster Independent Press was founded over 30 years ago.  For me, the absolute definitive proof of this is the Lancaster Lynching story.   There is more on that below.

    And the Intell has not done one thing about their five reporter’s and news editor’s alleged illegal and absolutely unethical actions.  Not one thing - except lie. 

    "There was a lot of rosy projections during that hotel debate about how if you build it they will come," said Baltimore City Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., a mayoral candidate. "And you know, I always said it was a risky venture for the city to be getting involved in the hotel business."
    "I've always been worried about it," he added. "The convention business is a tough business, especially for mid-tier cities like Baltimore sandwiched in between Boston, D.C. and Philadelphia."

From the Baltimore Sun article, “Convention bookings decline, (click here).

    Does this sound familiar?  Notice the Lancaster Newspapers haven’t done a story on this.  Nor have they done a story on what Artie See says may be irreparable damage to the facade of the Watt & Shand building (click here).

    The Finance Committee of the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority will meet tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the South Market Center for the purpose of reviewing a proposed operating budget for the fiscal year 2007-2008.

    The LCCCA will hold their “regular monthly meeting” tomorrow night, Feb. 22, also at 7:00 p.m. in the Southern Market Center.

    Investigate the LCCCA and put a stop to this money train now!

    About a week ago, Ron Harper Jr. started a thread on the Talkback forum asking people to write a true disclaimer for the Lancaster Newspapers about the convention center and this was offered:

    Lancaster Newspapers (LNP) is a de facto partner involved in the Lancaster County Convention Center. LNP will print only information that is deemed "need to know" by Penn Square Partners, and will not publish any information that may be construed as a conflict of interest regarding this project. This includes any potentially damaging financial information or information that may impede the progress of this ongoing project. To wit; LNP is not a watchdog for taxpayer monies and has no interests other than those to protect its unflinching involvement in this project.
    I think LNP should use it – it’s brutally honest.  No, they are not a watchdog for taxpayer monies.  Otherwise they would be screaming about District Attorney Donald Totaro’s two grand juries in less than four years and demanding answers as to what they accomplished.

    "It's an honor to receive the endorsement of the Republican Committee," Totaro said. "Now, we'll take our message to the voters of Lancaster County."

Totaro, a candidate for Judge, quoted in this morning’s Intell article, “Totaro is top vote-getter for judge,” (click here).

    They never tell us what his “message” is.  How to keep things hushed up?  How  not to solve crimes?  How to waste taxpayer’s money?  How he refused to investigate the $6,000,000 paid by the LCCCA to the law firm of Stevens & Lee without detailed invoices and yet had a grand jury investigate a man’s resume for a year?  Is that his message?

    I lost all respect for Totaro five years ago.  In an article previously published on this site I reprinted a letter I sent to him:

    In September of 2001, I spent a week putting out the special edition of the Lancaster Independent Press, titled, “LANCASTER LYCHING – TWENTY YEARS LATER.”  I sent a copy to Lancaster District Attorney Donald Totaro and met with him for an hour several weeks later.  This is the letter I sent him following our meeting:



October 11, 2001


Mr. Donald Totaro

Lancaster County District Attorney

50 N. Duke Street

Lancaster, PA  17602


Dear Mr. Totaro:


Thank you very much for our meeting Friday, October 5.  I would like to review the police files on the Henderson assault you had in your office that day.  I will be back in touch with more specifics.


Regarding the statute of limitations for both the Henderson and Rhoads assaults, I have been advised that if deception, fraud or a cover-up existed, there are exceptions.  Every wrong should have a right.


I will pursue this further and, again, be back in touch.  I will be interested in following the Richard Martinez case.


Thank you again for meeting with me.


Best regards,

Becky Holzinger


    Donald Totaro employs a Lancaster County Detective who should be in jail for attempted murder.  He knows it and the Lancaster Newspapers know it.  And they don’t do one thing about it.  Can you even imagine?


There will be more tomorrow.  As you can see(!), I’m having problems with my links or I would link to the above.  Please be patient as I tear my hair out!  Thank you.


“Web forums replacing coffee shops for farmers,” CNN, click here.

Is face-to-face interaction dead forever?

Please check back later today…


~ Investigate the DA! ~




    On the floor near Springer's legs, they said, was a nine-millimeter handgun. The gun was loaded and the safety was off, according to police.
    Officer Andrew C. Garman charged Springer with simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and two firearms violations.

 This is from a “developing story” for today’s New Era titled, “City man arrested on assault, weapons charges,” (click here).

    Please notice the charges filed above.  This is one of the 15 reasons District Attorney Donald Totaro should be investigated and why Brett Lovelace and the Lancaster Newspapers are a disgrace.  The piece below is from a story I wrote titled “WHO’S WATCHING BRETT?”:



    “Three other domestic-related killings also contained grisly details.

    …In a separate case, a 39-year-old Lancaster city man shot his girlfriend inside a van. 

    Todd A. Smith shot Renee J. Binkley, 40, on Sept. 4.

    Smith was handling a .12-guage shotgun as Binkley drove their 1989 Ford van toward Conestoga and South Queen streets.  Binkley, the mother of two, was shot once in the back.

    Smith, who dated Binkley for about two years, has said he didn’t know the shotgun was loaded.

    The case has been under investigation for four months to determine whether Smith shot Binkley by accident.  The district attorney is expected to make a ruling on the case after a ballistic analysis on the shotgun is completed.”

Brett Lovelace, “Nine homicides committed in county in ’05,” Intell, January 3, 2006.



    Do you know that we have never heard what happened in this case?  Smith, to my knowledge was never charged with anything.  The District Attorney has never issued a formal press release on this case and the papers have never printed a final resolution. 

    Are they going to let a man get away with murdering his girlfriend and the mother of two children?  The picture they published in the newspapers showed Binkley with a black eye.  A poster on Talkback, whose identity I cannot verify, stated they were her relative and she was a victim of domestic violence.  Even if it was an “accident,” where are the charges for having a loaded shotgun in the van  with the safety obviously off?

    Are they going to let this man get away with murder?

    There will be more tomorrow.  (I am having trouble with links on my site and hopefully can link directly to my article tomorrow.}