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You sick, twisted man.

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~ And Investigate Totaro! ~



    The report is clear that this sale was a Shaub/Shellenberger production, with Henderson and the public consciously kept 'in the dark.' It is also clear that they might not have broken the law at all.
    The apparent cronyism in the hiring of Heinke (and Elliot) and the "secret meetings" involved Pete, Dick and Espenshade. To say Henderson is as remotely culpable as the others shows either LNP reporters haven't read the report, or they are engaged in a smear campaign. I rather think it is the latter.
    That Lancaster Newspapers would devote such saturation coverage to dubious "crimes" that total $500 in fines speaks to LNP's mania for its insane convention center project.
    The public is not so stupid not to be able to smell red herring, no matter how over-the-top LNP tries to cover up the stench.

Posted by a Talkbacker under the Intell article, “Grand jury blasts county commissioners,” 1-11-07 (click here)

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Both the Intell and the New Era owe an apology to Commissioner Molly Henderson.  The above article ran with a picture of all three Commissioners.  Even worse was the New Era’s huge front page headline the day before (I thought World War II had ended), “Grand jury:  Commissioners betrayed public’s trust,” (click here).   This article also ran with a picture of all three Commissioners.

    Both of these newspapers owe Henderson a public apology and maybe they should also make sure their reporters know how to read before assigning them a story.

    Not wanting to be outdone by WGAL, I see that LNP is taking it upon themselves to suggest that the Commissioners have committed the crime of the century by violating the Sunshine Act.
    Didn't they all admit to that weeks/months ago? Why couldn't Totaro use their own admission to collect his paltry fines rather than spend weeks/months and tens of thousands of dollars to get the same thing from his "investigative" grand jury? Why? If nothing else, they can now use this report to beat Dick and Molly over the head in hopes of getting another resignation and silence any reasonable questions about the CC and more importantly control over the next member of the LCCCA.

Posted under the Intell article cited above.

    Once again, I couldn’t have send it better myself.  Why aren’t the newspapers asking how much this year long “investigation” cost?  Why aren’t they asking why an investigative grand jury was used to investigate summary offenses?  Why aren’t they demanding an inquiry into the $6,000,000 the LCCCA has paid the law firm of Stevens and Lee?  Why aren’t they questioning District Attorney Donald Totaro’s refusal to investigate that?

    The decision to submit the Heinke matter to an Investigating Grand Jury was made after the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners and their designees initially failed to respond to a request for production of documents through traditional means.

District Attorney Donald Totaro’s Press Release (click here).

    You took a grand jury that you said would be used to investigateunsolved homicides, illicit drug enterprises and racketeering as defined in the Pennsylvania Corrupt Organizations Statute” (click here) and used it to investigate a man lying on his resume?  Is this a sick joke?  What have you done about those unsolved homicides, illicit drug enterprises and racketeering, Mr. Totaro?

    Instead of requesting the District Attorney to file any criminal charges against me or anyone else as a result of its lengthy, time consuming and costly investigation, the Grand Jury made a series of recommendations that have the common theme of making certain that particular governmental employees are knowledgeable in this area of law.  I agree with these recommendations, but am saddened by the mechanism that the District Attorney’s office chose to achieve this result.  From my understanding, the Grand Jury generally is utilized in an attempt to conduct investigations of serious crimes in which no other law enforcement methods would be productive.  It is an age old secretive proceeding that is designed to ferret out crime.  Given the result of this Grand Jury and its findings and recommendations, I question the motivation behind those persons who led this investigation in the first place.

Commissioner Dick Shellenberger’s response (click here and then click on the link to “Commissioner Responses”).

    That is correct.  Grand jurys are highly unusual but Totaro has convened two in four years.  There have only ever been three in the history of Lancaster County.  Investigate District Attorney Donald Totaro.

    For other reaction to the Grand Jury’s report click here for NewsLanc, here for Lanco Yokel, and here for Looking at Lancaster.


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    Have you read the grand jury report?  If not please click here and do so.

    The Lancaster Newspapers are lying.  It’s that simple.  They haven’t even provided a link to the grand jury’s report and they keep stating it “blasts the Commissioners.”

    No it doesn’t.  Commissioner Molly Henderson is totally vindicated and there’s no doubt why Pete Shaub resigned.  What a lying, conniving bastard. 

    On Page 34 of the report, the grand jury says this about the sale of Conestoga View (Ms. Judge is a lawyer at the Stevens and Lee law firm):

    “During the recess, Commissioner Shaub called Ms. Judge into his office and told her that he was going to vote against the sale but that she had better make sure that the other two voted for it.”

    Commissioner Shellenberger doesn’t come out of this smelling like a rose by any means, but it is the actions of  Shaub, Gary Heinke and the law firm of Stevens and Lee that stink to high heaven.

    The first seventeen pages of the report deal with the hiring of Heinke and it appears that he bluffed Shellenberger about his background.  Shaub is as guilty here as Shellenberger, and while this obviously is not the way the Commissioners should hire someone, it does not seem, rightly or wrongly, that far removed from the “norm.”

     The dealings of Stevens and Lee are another matter.  They received $288,000 for the sale of Conestoga View and worked without the public’s knowledge for well over a year.  Many of the “secret meetings” were held in their offices.  Of the term “walking the halls,” on page 32 of the report, the grand jury says this about Mr. Espenshade of Stevens and Lee:

     “Mr. Espenshade specifically okayed this procedure and indicated during his testimony that it is the preferred method of avoiding requirements of the Sunshine Act across the state of Pennsylvania.”

    I also wanted to point out footnote number 23 on page 21 of the report:

    Commissioner Shaub denied this accusation during his grand jury testimony and attempted to place the blame for keeping Commissioner Henderson in the dark on Mr. Espenshade.  The grand jury found his testimony to be incredible and not worthy of belief, in that the rest of the witnesses stated that it was Commissioner Shaub’s directive.”

    The grand jury also says this on page 29 of their report:

    Moreover, many (if not most) of the witnesses who testified regarding the secret and non-public meetings were found by the grand jurors to be either less than forthcoming or actively deceitful.”

    This does not, as implied by the Lancaster Newspapers, necessarily refer to the Commissioners.  Heinke, Elliot, McCue, lawyers from Stevens and Lee and others were at those meetings.

    What a waste of time and money this report is but the payments to, and actions of the law firm of Stevens and Lee need to be investigated and there is no question why Pete Shaub “resigned.”


There will be much more tomorrow, including the major accusation against Commissioner Shellenberger on page 35.   Please, please read the report for yourselves. 

LNP:  BETRAYS PUBLIC’S TRUST            Please check back later today…




    The grand jury clearly documents a betrayal of public trust by those who were elected to represent the citizens of Lancaster County,’’ said District Attorney Donald Totaro, who coordinated the grand jury probe.

“Grand jury:  Commissioners betrayed public trust,” today’s New Era (click here).

   How dare you, Totaro?  So did you.  What else has your grand jury done?  Investigate Totaro for betrayal of the public trust, wasting tens of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars, failing to clean up the crime he promised to investigate and much more.  Please check back tomorrow.




~ And Judges ~

( And Ronniedog!)



    "I doubt very much this 7-year-old was involved in anything. It is pretty devastating," said Sgt. Bill Gleason.

WGAL-TV’s initial report on the shooting of Brianna Pratt (click here).

    Do you have children Sgt. Gleason?  If your seven year old daughter were shot in the back do you think someone would ask you if she “was involved in anything?”   Why is this man on the police force?

    Brianna was caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between rivals gangs Thursday as she walked with her mother in the 400 block of Beaver Street, Gatchell said.

“Gang battle led to girl’s shooting,” Intell, 1-9-07 (click here).

    That’s good information, Chief.  Now, why don’t you make some arrests?

    Mayor Rick Gray spoke at the beginning of the meeting. He feared surveillance cameras may only spur criminals to move to another area of the city.

The same Intell article as cited above.

    Tell it to Franklin and Marshall College, Mayor Gray.  Why do they have cameras?  Tell them to take theirs down, then.  What a despicable thing to say.

    Gatchell said neighbors have been reluctant to divulge information that may further the investigation.

The same Intell article cited above.

    Do you have any Spanish speaking officers investigating the shooting?  Do you have any Hispanic police officers investigating?

    Enough with the excuses.  Get Sgt. Gleason off the case and get some officers on it who can make an arrest.  Do it now, Mayor Gray and Chief Gatchell.  What an absolute disgrace.


    The law reads that if a judge fails to make a report public, an attorney for the state can appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court.

“Judge keeps seal on grand jury report,” today’s Intell, (click here).

    This judge needs to release the report and he needs to do it now before he gets cited by a judicial review committee.  The people of Lancaster County paid a huge amount of money for this report and they have every legal write to read it.  Who does this judge think he is?  I will be calling the Judge Farina later today for an update.


    “…The bottom line is, use your common sense.”

Judge David L. Ashworth to defendant Paul Daniel Neidermyer III, “Director of drama ministry sentenced,” Intell, 1-9-07 (click here).

    The point is, Judge Ashworth, pedophiles don’t have “common sense”  and you should know it.  His question to you proves it:

    My organization is nonprofit and dramatizes scriptures,” he told Ashworth. “We perform productions in Christian schools, churches and theaters. I have no way of knowing if audience   members are minors.”

    This fraud needs to find a new line of work.  What a joke.  And how dare this man only get five years probation and a $500 fine?    The “Christian schools, churches and theaters” need to stop letting this man anywhere near their property or their children.  If the judge won’t take action the public can.  What a miscarriage of justice.


    Lancaster County police have filed multiple false-reports charges against a Columbia woman who claimed her ex-husband threatened and assaulted her during the past 8 1/2 years.

Columbia woman faces false-report charges,” yesterday’s New Era (click here).

    Yes, this is the “ronniedog” case and he has been vindicated for the time being.  The “RONNIEDOG SAGA” is here.  Now I anxiously await his full report and book on this whole strange, sordid situation. 

     It is also reassuring to know that “ronniedog,” who once asked, “Who’s Becky?” now knows who I am and posted this yesterday:

    “One more thing...where's Becky with her words of wisdom?” 

    I’m here ronniedog!  And you read me!  You really, really read me!  Oh, happy day!  Can we hear the whole story now? 


    One final note – the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority meeting scheduled for tomorrow has been indefinitely postponed.






~ Anthropology ~

(And Legal Options!)



    “For instance, Plaintiff’s father, who is an anthropologist, was occasionally out of the country during her childhood.  It is important for him to know when the alleged events took place so that he can ascertain his own whereabouts at the time Plaintiff contends he was at home in Lancaster engaging in child abuse.”

(From the Brief of Appellees filed with the Superior Court on January 6, 2005.)


    My father wrote the letter below.  My brothers and sisters don’t know a diagnostic psychological assessment from a flu shot but they sure as hell could use one.  Notice he wants it done by a “doctoral level” psychologist.  Only the best for his daughter!  Of course, my father never got his own doctorate.  He never even got his undergraduate degree.

    “Impaired mental functioning.”  You’d think an anthropologist might have a few problems with what occurred in his family, don’t you?    That’s what anthropologists do.  Study cultures and families.

     My therapist handed me this straight out of the envelope.  It was almost as if she were so startled and sickened by it that she didn’t want to touch it.  I took the original letter and the emails where I “threaten” my brothers and sisters that if they go directly to my son one more time I would go directly to their children, and I put them in an envelope to my sister Anne and told her to “Put it up your ass.”

    How did my parents get four grown children, three past fifty, to make complete fools of themselves?  Doesn’t an “anthropologist” realize it’s not wise to have a pedophile write a doctoral level psychologist?


    There will be much more coming.  Tomorrow – back to the news.



March 4, 2004


Dr. Andrew Vogelson

Evergreen Counseling Associates

7600 Stenton Avenue, Suite 1-F

Philadelphia, PA  19118




Dear Dr. Vogelson,


My siblings and I have been in touch with you several times in the last ten months about our sister, Rebecca Holzinger, who is a client at Evergreen.


 I am sending you a copy of the 8-page newspaper Becky published in December.  Please look at it and put it in Becky’s file.  As we told you in our September 29, 2003 letter, she threatened to publish this newspaper in a flyer she distributed in Lancaster in September.  We are well aware of the legal implications with the paper’s publication, but we are not persuing our legal options at this time.
Our purpose in writing you is not to deny any of the allegations in the newspaper, instead, we want to convey to you the depth of our shock and concern with what the paper’s publication indicates about Becky’s mental state.  The nature of the paper’s presentation depicts her extreme anger, poor judgment, and impaired mental functioning.
We siblings have received disturbing e-mails from Becky since she distributed the newspaper, and I am including copies of them with this letter.  You will see that some of them contain threats toward us as a group or as individuals.
We request you encourage Becky’s therapist to think about a diagnostic psychological assessment from a doctoral level psychologist.  Our concern for her mental health has only increased in the last few months.
Yours sincerely,
Anne Holzinger
also on behalf of
Tom Holzinger
Emily Holzinger Hausman
Steve Holzinger


    “For instance, Plaintiff’s father, who is an anthropologist, was occasionally out of the country during her childhood.  It is important for him to know when the alleged events took place so that he can ascertain his own whereabouts at the time Plaintiff contends he was at home in Lancaster engaging in child abuse.”

(From the Brief of Appellees filed with the Superior Court on January 6, 2005.)





    “I get along with people, I always have.  I always wanted them to like me…and the appalling fact about it now is people might not like me anymore.”

Edward Lester Gibbs to Dr. Baldwin L. Keyes, Lancaster County Prison, March 10, 1950.


    In 1951, the death penalty was carried out in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as punishment for a crime that had been committed in 1950.  It was the trial of the man who committed this crime that drew the crowd described above, and no other crime in Lancaster’s history had a more profound, deeper-reaching effect upon its citizens.  The principal figures in the case were virtual nonentities; they had no special position in the life of the community, nor were they exceptionally appealing or remarkable or scandalous in any way.  Yet it was as though everyone in this rural paradise felt himself personally involved in the case.  The crime raised certain fundamental questions in every mind capable of thought:  questions of human conduct, of justice, and of the very purpose and position of man upon the earth.  Society in Lancaster, represented by the prosecutor and defense attorney, the judge and the jury, resolved these questions, and in so doing raised more.  None of the questions has yet been answered or settled to the satisfaction of everyone:  possibly none ever will be.  Yet their existence tells us something about our state of mind, and perhaps furnishes us with some estimate of what eventually we must learn about ourselves.


    The story of this crime begins with a twenty-one-year-old girl named Marian Louise Baker, a sixteen-hundred-dollar-per-year employee in the Treasurer’s Office at Franklin and Marshall College.  Marian Baker was a tall girl, standing about five feet, nine and one-half inches, and she was well proportioned:  she weighed around one hundred and thirty pounds and had mature breasts, broad, rounded hips, and slender legs.  Her eyes were brown and her mouth was full.  Her complexion was fair; she smiled easily and brightly, and her teeth were in fair repair.  She had soft, wavy brown hair, cut short.  Except for two visits each year to beauty salons for permanent waves, she was her own hairdresser:  on Saturday afternoons, when she went downtown in  Lancaster to shop, she wore her hair in pin curlers and attempted to conceal them with a thin silk bandana tied under her incipient double chin.  Women in Lancaster often venture downtown with their hair in pin curlers.  They walk along the streets hurriedly, their knees knocking together and their eyes cast down, as though if they do not meet the eyes of others, their plastered, iron-studded heads will not be observed.  In this way they communicate modesty, propriety and vanity, three highly desirable traits.


- A Murder in Paradise by Richard Gehman, published by Rinehart & Company, Inc., New York, 1954.


“I get along with people, I always have.  I always wanted them to like me…and the appalling fact about it now is people might not like me anymore.”

Edward Lester Gibbs to Dr. Baldwin L. Keyes, Lancaster County Prison, March 10, 1950.



Go Eagles!  Please check back on Monday.   



     My thoughts are with the 7-year old girl who was shot in the back yesterday.  Words cannot express the horror and outrage. 

    "Gray also stressed the importance of 'getting Lancaster ready for the convention center.'"

“Gray discusses good, bad regarding city’s future,” Intell, January 4, 2006 (click here).

    How dare you, Mayor Gray?  You need to worry about crime and creating decent jobs.  You need to worry about one of the most segregated cities in the country and what you are going to do about it. 

    How dare you talk about a publicly funded $170 million white elephant?  How dare you?

    You need to worry about a little girl who was shot in the back.  You need to visit her and tell her life will get better in Lancaster and then you better work on making that come true.


~ And Estrogen! ~



    Today is Pete Shaub’s resignation party!  He also plans to announce his new job!  The suspense is too much for me!  Wow!  Feel sorry for the people who learn they will have to work with this crybaby.


    Cocaine Cowboy Harry Eng must be up to something.  Whenever I get people coming to this site looking for Harry, I know he’s up to something.  And now he must really be up to something big.  Check my website “search strings” below.  Since January 1, 2007, (the last three days) twelve people have come to this site looking for information on Harry.  If anyone knows who he’s trying to con now, please let me know.


    The grand jury, impaneled by Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro last year to investigate the sale of Conestoga View, the hiring of former county human services director Gary Heinke and other issues, delivered its final report to Farina on Dec. 14. It was the same day all three commissioners pleaded guilty to violating the Sunshine Act in selling Conestoga View to Complete HealthCare Resources in September 2005.

Gil Smart, “Seeking an inside view,” Sunday News, click here.

    It is simply a disgrace that the newspapers keep reprinting this lie.  There is one grand jury in Lancaster County and one only. District Attorney Donald Totaro applied for it in February of 2005.  Totaro’s press release regarding the formation of the grand jury is here.

    The grand jury was not impaneled to investigate the sale of Conestoga View or the resume of Gary Heinke.  If you read Totaro’s release he says it was impaneled to investigate:

    …the convening of an Investigating Grand Jury is necessary because of the existence of criminal activity within Lancaster County that can best be fully investigated using the investigative resources of the Grand Jury.   Examples of criminal activity included, but were not limited to, unsolved homicides, illicit drug enterprises and racketeering as defined in the Pennsylvania Corrupt Organizations Statute.

    Totaro decided to use the grand jury in November of 2005 to investigate Heinke’s resume.  Apparently the grand jury spent over a year doing that and investigating the sale of Conestoga View.

    And what they came up with is a 37 page report and Sunshine Act violations against the three Commissioners.

    As you can see in Totaro’s press release, a grand jury is made up of 23 jurors and 10 alternates and is originally convened for 18 months although that can be extended for another six months and apparently it has been.

    Thirty-three jurors, countless hours spent by the District Attorney’s office and the time of well paid President Judge Louis Farina and county employees who testified.  Do you know how much this has cost taxpayers?  What happened to investigating serious crime?  What has the grand jury done about that? 

    The only thing remotely “new” in Smart’s long article is that Judge Farina legally has to release the report.  The public paid a huge cost for this 37 page report.  Release it, Judge Farina.

    There will be much more on the grand jury coming and a lie in Totaro’s press release that the Lancaster Newspapers have reprinted again and again and again.  On something this unusual (county grand juries are highly unusual), controversial, secretive and expensive, the papers have a duty to get their facts correct.  What in the world is wrong with those papers?  Are they protecting someone?


    Finally, there’s a new “TOP DAWG” on the paper’s Talkback forum.  I’m only mildly amused.  The board’s functions have been so limited to non-members that it has become a chat circle of about 40 people who post and read there.  Fun for them I guess.  Boring for the rest of us and it makes me wonder why they bother to sell all of the advertising for those “pages.”

     Maybe I’m just cranky.  This morning I saw a new bumper sticker, “I’m out of estrogen and I have a gun.”  Hmmm.   Duel at dawn, Harry?   

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~ “Repressed” ~
        “Repressed memories.”  If you asked me six years ago what I thought of the “concept,” I wouldn’t have had an answer.  I never thought about it much.  I still don’t – except I know my case and the answer is they can be absolutely legitimate.  I repressed my memories so I could survive.
        There are numerous women and men who have had this occur.  In fact, in Lancaster there is a well known woman who had memories of abuse by her father return years later.  She chooses not to tell her story and I understand and respect that.  It is the most painful and difficult thing I ever could have imagined.
        Someone molested my brother, Tom.  If we have learned anything from the Catholic Priest scandal, it is that pedophiles were themselves molested.  They become fixated on children the same age as they were when molested.  Tom says it never happened to him.  Yes, it did.
        People who meet him know right away there is something “different” about him.  There is a boyish quality and a constant and total preoccupation with sex, including sex with strangers and very young men, which he makes no effort to hide.  Rather, he prides himself on it. 
        I also want to discuss my therapy.  I sat in a room with a therapist who was licensed by the state and certified by my HMO for one hour each week.  We sat in chairs and talked for the hour.  I was never hypnotized and no other form of “recovered memory therapy” was ever used. 
        I was offered a prescription for anti-depressants after I was examined by their staff psychiatrist.  I never filled it.  Depression does not mean crazy.  It means exactly what it says.  People become depressed over the death of a loved one, the break-up of a marriage, being the victim of a crime and on and on and on.  And as my therapist told me – most people don’t seek therapy until the pain becomes unbearable and it affects every aspect of their life.  That was me.
     Basically, I took a list each week of things I thought about that happened in my childhood or about my parents and their relationship and we would discuss it.  After twenty years working for Philadelphia’s Children and Youth Services and her education, she knew and had seen first hand far more about abuse and dysfunctional families than I could ever imagine.  She was my sounding board for whether things were “normal” and to discuss items I could not discuss with anyone else.
       There are many, many things that occur in an incest family that you can’t discuss with friends or neighbors or co-workers.  My family is so dysfunctional, that as I have noted before, my brother, Tom. sent a CD of photos to every member of my family at Christmas time several years ago.  Included in the photos was one of him showing full frontal nudity that my son opened.  That’s correct.  It showed him in full frontal nudity.  I had to double check with my therapist that this was not “normal” family/brotherly activity.  And of course, many, many people do not want to go public with the fact that they are a victim of incest.  Believe me, I understand. 
      My father and mother would have you believe that this is not possible because they are “highly educated” and my father is a professor.  Right!  Have you checked the news lately?
      In my Special Edition of LIP, I state that on my first night with my therapist I was almost embarrassed to tell her my father was a professor.  “Becky, professors are known for this,” I quote her as saying.
     Yes, they are.  And I would learn the reason they are “known” for this is their choice of occupation.  Most of us work with peers, in other words, other adults.  We are “equals” with our co-workers.
      Teachers/professors do not.  They work everyday with young children and very young adults who are under their control and they wield a tremendous amount of “prestige” and power over them.  The teaching profession often attracts those who are too immature to work with fellow adults and those who want to molest the children/young adults they have the prestige and control over.
      I recently found Brown University‘s “The Recovered Memory Project” (click here).   I plan to contact them after they return from their Christmas break.  The important thing with this study is that the memories have to be “corroborated.”   That applies in my case.  In that respect, I am “lucky.”
       I would urge anyone else with “corroborated” memories to also contact them.  I don’t have time to research repressed memory.  I don’t have time to dwell on it.  I know what happened to me and I know what I discovered about my family.
       My focus is incest and the tragic repercussions of sexual abuse and how they negatively impact this society every single day.




    The picture of the girl on the front page of this morning’s Intell reminds me of myself.  I stood in many a vigil in Penn’s Square against the Vietnam War.  They were organized by my mother.  Yes, Millicent Holzinger, the great pacifist. 

    I am against the war as much as anyone.  But until the Quakers clean house and completely reorganize, you won’t find me anywhere near one.  They make me quake with disgust and fear for their children.

    I think it’s interesting that in the article in Saturday’s Intell, “Vigil will mark death toll of 3,000 in Iraq,” (click here),   the word Quaker is never used.  Instead the author talks about the American Friends Service Committee.  That, of course, is a major Quaker organization.  And the author repeatedly quotes a Bob Lowing, but never mentions that he is a member of the Lancaster Friends Meeting (Quakers).

    I mentioned Robert Lowing in a piece I did several months ago and I am reprinting it today.  As the Quakers like to say, “Peace begins at home.” 

~ Incest Cult ~



New Era editor, Ernie Schreiber, is a member of an incest cult.


      It sounds like something out of a supermarket tabloid, doesn’t it?  Only in this case it’s true.  Schreiber is a member of the Lancaster Friends Meeting (Quakers). 

    For over three years they have been aware of my family’s situation.  For over three years they have known that the boy my parents adopted as a baby from Vietnam was molested by his own brother at the age of thirteen.

    For over three years they have known that the teenage Vietnamese refugee my parents sponsored was also molested by the same brother.

    This is fact.  And the “peace loving” Quakers have not done one thing about it.  Not one. 

    They have not responded to a single one of my emails and they continue to allow these incest perpetrators and frauds to represent them. 


“We do not support the sexual abuse of children.”


    That is, honest to goodness, a word for word quote from the clerk of the Friends Meeting, Liz Gates, in a phone call over a year ago.  Who does support the sexual abuse of children?  What an astonishingly sick thing to say.

    I recently phoned Robert Lowing, a member of the Meeting, a retired Millersville professor and a man who writes letters to the editors of the papers and congressmen and states that Quakers have a “350 year commitment to peace.”  But this man does not want to hear that my brother is a pedophile.  He was exceptionally rude and short with me.

    I have stated before that not one of the children I grew up with in Quaker Meeting is currently involved with the Meeting.  Not one.

    I was speaking to a Quaker woman I grew up with over the phone many months back and I asked her about her children and the others I grew up with.  When she was done, I said, “Oh, my God.  This is a disaster.”  She said one of her own daughters returned home in her forties without a possession to her name.

    I can guess why - and that is only the tip of the iceberg of this tragedy.  The Lancaster Friends Meeting attracted, and probably still does, every anti-social weirdo and pervert in Lancaster County

    They were, and still are, nothing more than an incest cult.  And Ernie Schreiber, editor of the Lancaster New Era, is a member.

    There will be much more on all of this coming – along with what my parents have been doing for the five years since their family horrors were revealed. 

~ Pornography ~



     I was back at Dartmouth my junior year.  I was sitting with Paul and Charlie and Hawk where we always sat in the bar/pizza parlor in Hanover.  It was like old times.  We talked about everything and nothing was off limits (almost).

     I came back from the bathroom and Hawk said, “You look good!  You’ve put on weight.  Our freshman year you were just too skinny.

     “I told you,” Paul said.

     “And you’re wearing a bra!” Hawk said.

     “Paul told me if I dressed like I did at Hartwick I’d be attacked up here,” I said.  “Besides, I don’t want to be like African women.”

     They stared at me.  “My father said if I don’t wear a bra my breasts will sag.”

     The table went deadly silent.  I looked around.  “What?” I asked.  “He’s an anthropologist.  He shows movies that have naked African women in them and their breasts sag.”

     Not one of them would look at me, including Paul.  I looked at Hawk.  He gave the cough he always did when he was nervous and he looked away.  Paul had his head down and Charlie was staring at his beer.

     “What is it?” I asked one more time.  Again there was silence.

     Finally Charlie asked, “Paul, do you think Dartmouth is going to win tomorrow?”




~ And Daisy Rules! ~




    Abigail should write the editorial columns in the Sunday News. It would raise the degree of intelligence and maturity by a considerable amount.
    But wait: has she already been writing them?

Posted today on Talkback under Marv Adam’s column, “Daddy’s little tax deduction,” (click here).

    What an insightful poster – oh, it’s Artie, no wonder.  Yes, she has been writing them and in Marv’s honor, I thought I would repost the “SUNDAY NEWS SAGA,” written about this time last year - see below.  Oh, happy day!  Abigail is eleven!

    “It’s a nice way of giving back to the schools — independent of the administration — without the red tape,’’ Myers said.

“Boost learning power,” today’s Sunday News (click here).

    Congratulations to Talkbacker Daisy Lee Myers who not only promotes Adopt A Class room (click here) but also provides the T-Shirts for Tornado Alley.  You go, Daisy.  Happy New Year!

~ Heather Marie Nunn ~



    LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow and then will be on vacation until Tuesday, January 2, 2007! 

    Three years have passed since a newborn baby was dumped in a barrel used to burn trash in Strasburg Township.

“Many still seeking justice for ‘Allison,’” today’s Intell, (click here).

    The Sunday News recently ran a very similar article.  It’s nice that they follow-up – but where’s the follow-up on Heather Marie Nunn?  It’s been over two years since this mother of two was shot execution style.  None of my questions in the story below regarding this crime have been answered.

    "'We won't stop until this case is solved,' Gatchell (Detective Lt. Sam Gatchell) said. "There are a few people we are considering as suspects, and I'd like to hope that an arrest could be made within 24 hours.'"

See the Intell article below.

    Sam Gatchell is now the Chief of the Lancaster Police.  It’s been well over 24 hours, Chief Gatchell.  It’s been well over two years.  What is being done to solve this crime?

    The story below comes from the “old” LIP News site, (click here).




    Lancaster Detective Nate Nickel hung up on me at 1:12 p.m. Monday afternoon.  I was questioning him about the murder investigation of Heather Marie Nunn who was killed on Sunday, October 24, 2004. 

    I asked him if a description of the gloves found at the scene had been released to the public.  He said, "No."  I asked him what kind of gloves they were.  I asked him why they didn't release a description or photograph to the news media as someone might be able to identify them.  He said, " was not pertinent to release that information."

    I asked him if a description of the gun used in the killing had been released to the public.  He said, "No."  I asked him why not.  He said I was "grilling" him.  He hung up on me.

    It's been over three months since someone shot Heather Marie Nunn three times in the chest in her home with her two daughters upstairs in the house.  Why haven't the police released a description or picture of the gloves the killer apparently used?  Couldn't someone recognize them?  Why haven't the police released a description of the type of gun?  Couldn't someone recognize it? 

    We pay the police to protect us.  There is a second killer on the loose.  If the Lancaster Detectives can not solve this crime, then outside help needs to be brought in now. 






As daughters bathe, man kills mother in city home

By Brett Lovelace, Intelligencer Journal, October 26, 2004                      

                       "Two young girls heard their 24-year-old mother being shot to death Sunday night inside their Pearl Street home, police said."

                       "A team of 25 investigators spent Sunday night and Monday trying to identify the man who shot Nunn at least two times in the chest before fleeing her home at 224 Pearl Street."

                        "The slaying suspect apparently dropped a pair of gloves and vomited in an alley near the Pearl Street home after the shooting, police said,"

                        "'We won't stop until this case is solved,' Gatchell (Detective Lt. Sam Gatchell) said. "There are a few people we are considering as suspects, and I'd like to hope that an arrest could be made within 24 hours.'"


Hunt still on for killer of woman in Pearl St. home

By Janet Kelly, Lancaster New Era, December 31, 2004 

           "'We're still actively investigating it,' city police Detective Nate Nickel said on Tuesday."

"While no arrests have been made, Nickel remained positive, saying police are 'still getting good information - we're not at a stalemate.  We're keeping everything open.'"

           "Nickel said that in the past two months detectives have delved into Nunn's life, talking to her friends, neighbors and everyone who knew her, hoping to learn what happened on the night of her death."

           "Because there were no signs of forced entry into the home, police believe Nunn was acquainted with her killer."


Shoring up the thin blue line

By Gil Smart, Sunday News, January 2, 2005 

                        "It's been two years since the Lancaster Bureau of Police got a makeover.   And Chief William Heim said the new approach to fighting crime is having an effect."

                        "And between 2001 and 2003, incidents of drugs, shots fired, domestic calls and disturbances fell, while proactive police activities such as special details, following up on general problems and stopping suspicious pedestrians were up."


There is not a mention in Gil Smart's piece about Heather Marie Nunn, Cortney Fry or 31 bank robberies.



~ March 3, 2004 ~



    Dan Logan doesn't just live his job. He eats and sleeps it, too.

And that's a good thing, because Logan, president and owner of Growth Business Development, Medford, N.J., makes a living as a consultant to the hospitality industry.

“Authority started marketing work on project in 2003 Questions raised on the $600,000 cost and the need for a consultant when project was stalled,” this week’s Sunday News by Judy Strausbaugh (not posted online).

    What total crap!  Prove he eats and sleeps it.  What does that even mean?    

    But Logan has made a very, very good living off the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority in the last three years.  And we should know what he has done to earn $700,000.

    A quick trip to New Jersey's web site and a small fee later, I learn that Logan formed his company, "Growth Business Development LLC" on March 3, 2004.

Posted by a Talkbacker under the article, “A wild wild-goose chase” (click here).

    I can not verify that this information is correct - but why didn’t Chris Hart-Nibbrig of look this up?  Why didn’t Ron Harper, Jr. look this up?

    The same poster goes on to say:

    Based on what little actual information the SN had in the two articles, it appears that Logan formed his "company" only after his official contract with LCCCA expired, and exactly when they agreed to open their checkbook for him with nothing in writing between the parties.....
...other than, I'm sure, a nod and a wink over lunch at the Hamilton Club.

    So, again, why do Harper and Hart-Nibbrig go for a joy ride without doing any research first?  Hart-Nibbrig is quite proud of his degree from the Columbia School of Journalism.  Is that where they taught him how to make a video of twirling a basketball on his finger?

    Give me a break.  Fine – drive down there to his office.  Absolutely.  If no one answers, leave and come back.  Better yet – make an appointment next time. 

    Fourthly, the guy was lying and was hiding inside. I never talked with or got within 40 feet of poor Mrs. Logan who had a polite conversation with Chris. She walked in the door without a key because he was inside. She parked in the driveway instead of going in the garage because he was inside.

Ron Harper, Jr. posting under the article.

    How did he know not to answer the door?  How did he know it was you and Hart-Nibbrig there and not a friend or neighbor?  Had you been calling him on the way?

    I see absolutely no proof that he was “hiding inside.”  So the TV was on and there was a beagle that wasn’t barking?  Wow!  Some people leave their TV’s on for their animals while there away and some people leave it on while they run a quick errand and some people never torn off their TV’s, Harper.

    The house was unlocked?  I often leave my house unlocked during the day when I run errands, Harper and I don’t live in an upscale neighborhood like theirs. 

    I’m not even going to get into the two car chases.  What a bunch of nonsense and I most certainly would not talk to you after they end at a police station and you stick a video camera in my face.  Are you nuts?   

    Someone needs to investigate the $700,000 paid by the LCCCA to Logan.  Somebody needs to investigate the $6,000,000 paid to the law firm of Stevens and Lee.  Somebody needs to investigate every penny (and that’s almost 18,000,000 of them) the LCCCA has spent on this white elephant.

    Harper and Hart-Nibbrig didn’t even scratch the surface.  They turned the whole thing into a total farce and a waste of time.  







     Shaub, a Republican, is inviting supporters to attend his resignation announcement Jan. 4 at Lancaster County Courthouse. He also plans to disclose his new job at that time and reflect on his seven years as county commissioner.

“Shaub to resign,” today’s Intell, (click here).

    Can I come?  What a hoot!  I predict two people will show up.  Bye and good riddance, Pete.

    In the aftermath, the county district attorney asked Farina to impanel a grand jury to investigate the Conestoga View sale and the hiring of the former county chief human services officer. The commissioners and other county employees were subpoenaed to testify.

The same Intell article as above.

    Could someone at that paper please get their facts correct?  They continually repeat this lie.  The grand jury was impaneled in February of 2005 and it was supposed to look into serious crime in Lancaster, not Dr. Heinke’s resume (click here).  What is wrong with these papers and where is the grand jury report, Judge Farina?

    One thing's for sure, nobody on either side of this is getting a Pulitzer for it.

Posted today on Talkback under “A wild wild-goose chase,” (click here).

    That is for sure.  It’s been the hottest topic and story on Talkback over the holiday.  What a stupid story and stupid video.  I will come back to that tomorrow.  (Hint to Harper - if you want the newspaper to run a picture of you wearing a suit and tie then wear a suit and tie!)

    Speaking of Talkback, the “LOL Boss” is leaving.  Yikes!  And I just bought him a pair of shoes that fit!  What kind of thanks it that?

    Anyway, I never really had a crush on Palmer – it was all to make Karl jealous.  I’ve secretly pined for Karl for years and even asked if he could moonlight as my police-beat reporter (that mean Boss said no).  Karl is the obvious successor to the Boss or should be – level-headed with a sense of humor and an understanding of the forum’s potential.

    Best of luck to Palmer Brown in his new endeavor – and Karl, what size shoe do you wear?

    Speaking of making people jealous, it is the holidays, so I’m going to lighten up with a new chapter of “Charlie’s Promise.” 







                                                                                               (Click here).

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!


LIP News will resume daily publishing on December 27th .


~ Open! ~



    LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow and then will be on holiday until Wednesday, December 27th.  There is so much going on – but to wrap up and open a few topics:


    The trial in the “Streaker” lawsuit against the Millersville Police has been rescheduled for February 6 in the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia.  According to J. Dwight Yoder, attorney for the plaintiffs, there have been a number of filings with the court in Philladelphia related to the matter in anticipation of the trial. 

    My anticipation is on high - I can’t wait.


    Police allege Mancuso bit off two-thirds of ex-boyfriend Matthew Pierce’s right ear. She also allegedly bit Pierce’s right bicep. 

“Trial slated in case of bitten-off ear,” today’s Intell, click here.

    Two-thirds of his ear?  Yuck!  What a very strange and disturbing case and if it goes to trial you can believe I will be there for every minute of it.


    Recommended for endorsement are constitutional lawyer Leonard Brown III; Christopher A. Hackman, an assistant district attorney; defense attorney Howard Knisely; David P. Miller, magisterial judge in Manheim Township; Margaret Concannon Miller, Jeffrey Mills, Jeffrey J. Reich and John P. Stengel, all of whom are attorneys in private practices; District Attorney Donald R. Totaro; and Jeffrey D. Wright, a civil law attorney.

“GOP panel backs 10 judicial hopefuls,” today’s Intell, click here.

    Assistant District Attorney Christopher A. Hackman?  No way.  District Attorney Donald R. Totaro?  Absolutely no way.


    In his order this morning, Farina said the report is critical of “certain individuals for acts for which the individual was ‘not indicted... for a criminal offense.’’’
Judge seals grand jury report - Findings in investigation of Conestoga View sale ordered to remain secret for 20 days, so those criticized in report have chance to respond,” New Era, 21-19-06, click here. 

    Absolutely ridiculous.  Who does the Judge think he is?  I enjoyed this Talkback exchange below the article:

    So release the report already. The public deserves to know the whole truth.

    Maybe Farina's got a prime time reserved on the Hamilton Club's squash court and he doesn't want to lose it...

    Actually, with the current weather, Farina is probably still playing golf.

    …Release the grand jury report already.

    Really.  Release the report already.  It took over a year and who knows how much of the public’s money.  Release the report, Judge.


    This report apparently has quite a bit about payments to the Stevens and Lee law firm.  The same firm paid that has been paid over $6,000,000 by the LCCCA with no detailed invoices.  And District Attorney Donald Totaro refused to investigate those payments and lied and said the Harrisburg office of the FBI did so.  That was directly contradicted to me by someone in that FBI office over the phone.  As I stated before I will compose letters to that FBI Office and the Office of the State Attorney General requesting an investigation into DA Donald Totaro.  I will publish those letters here.

    I have not had much time lately to talk about the convention center.  Please click here  to read their “Proposed Business Plan.”  Please also check for new posts at; and  


    Thanks for the warning, groundpounder. The first part is a given, and I stay away from anyone encountered on the internet.

Posted by “Starling” on Talkback (see story immediately below).

    What a hoot!  The world’s biggest fraud and liar warning others about the internet!  Yes, remember, anyone can pretend to be anyone on an anonymous forum – and they do it all the time – don’t they “BeingReal” and “Alyssarah1?”


~ She’s Back! ~





    At this time, I see no reason to doubt that the boy was the victim in this situation. Study after study has shown that women are batterers in equal numbers. So where is the battered men's shelter?

Posted under “StudentAffairs” by a new “Talkbacker” who signed up 12-15-06.

    Starling, how the hell are you? 

    Study after study have not shown that “women are batterers in equal numbers!”  Unless, they’re your own made up studies – which you’re very good at – you just get a little carried away with your numbers.  So far Terri Lynn Tersak (“Starling”) has had over 5,000 men abused by the system contact her, done a study of 15,000 women who say they were abused in 21 states and done a study of abuse shelters in 21 states.  This is a busy woman – or a pathological liar!

    Here we go again – and it’s just too easy to spot these nutjobs.

    As someone who has spent my entire adult life making corporate moves, I can attest to the fact that people are much the same wherever one goes.  … I now consider this "home" and even though I still hear the phrase "You aren't from here, are you?"

    Ah, yes.  Recently moved here and high in the corporate world.  Do you see a pattern?  But for being new to the area, she sure knows a lot about my site:

    I know this has nothing to do with the police union, but who is this Becky character at lipnews? And why does she hate DA Totaro and Det. Geesey so much? Inquiring minds want to know. As far as I can tell, she's one of those recovered memory nuts. As someone wrote earlier, she has issues.

    But our new to the area Talkbacker posts this:

    Thanks Kate. I guess I'll just have to go on wondering. I've had a lot of interaction with one of these two gentlemen and think very highly of him. Her kind of animosity has to be personal.

    And this:

    Over the years, I've heard nothing but good thing about Stedman and can understand why the police would back a man who puts the bad guys away.

    It would seem our poster has been here for quite some time after all and has had a lot of interaction with either DA Totaro or Detective Geesey.  Who can this “important” person be?

    Starling, how the hell are you?


"Police allege Mancuso bit off two-thirds of ex-boyfriend Matthew Pierce's right ear."

Please check back later today…





Please also see the box below.




The following letter was faxed to the Judge's office at 11:46 this morning.  I have "erased" the last digit of the fax number.


(Reprinted from – click here).  ________________________________________________________________


LIP News

Becky Holzinger, Editor

209 E. Duval Street

Phila., PA  19144

LIP News



Via Fax#:  (717) 735-219X

# of Pages:  2


March 30, 2005


President Judge Louis J. Farina

Court of Common Pleas

Lancaster County

50 N. Duke Street

Lancaster, PA  17602


Re:  Investigative Grand Jury


Dear Judge Farina:


In an article in the March 15, 2005 Lancaster New Era the following was stated:  "District Attorney Donald Totaro said today he received President Judge Louis J. Farina's permission to convene an investigating grand jury in February."  The article also states, "For the third time in local history, an investigating grand jury has been convened in Lancaster County."


In an editorial in the August 15, 2001 issue of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal regarding the empanelling of a grand jury by District Attorney Donald Totaro in August of 2001, it states:  "This is a powerful tool to be used only as a last resort by prosecutors faced with difficult unsolved crimes." "...the criminal justice system here works in full view of the public.  It's a lot safer that way for both the innocent and the guilty."


I believe the citizens of Lancaster have a right to the answers to the following questions regarding the grand jury:


~ What reasons did you have to give the District Attorney permission to empanel a grand jury? 

~ Aren't two grand juries within four years highly unusual?


Page - 2 -

President Judge Louis J. Farina

March 30, 2005


~ Does this mean there is a serious crime problem the citizens are currently unaware of? Should the citizens of Lancaster County be worried?

~ How much will this cost the taxpayers of Lancaster County?

~ How long and how often do you anticipate the grand jury meeting?

~ Does this involve any recent murders?  If so, shouldn't outside help be called in to solve those murders before a grand jury is empanelled? 

~ Isn't this an expensive and lengthy process to try and solve very recent murders with two killers on the loose in the community? 

~ Shouldn't the state Attorney General's Office be brought in first to offer assistance?

~ When and how will the taxpayers know the results of this grand jury?


I appreciate your time and consideration on this very serious matter.  I will contact you tomorrow by phone for your response to these questions. 




Becky Holzinger

Editor, LIP News





~ Get Lost! ~


    In response to my post below, I received this email on September 5, 2006 from a


    A story was printed harassing myself and Ron Harper.  The story about me was sent to me by a friend of yours… under an alias.  I was told to “Be Proud” of it.

    The person who sent this has been harassing our family nonstop for more than a month.  The police and his parole officer have been advised.

    This is harassment.  Against the law.  Already copied and sent to the police.

    Please remove it and do not continue this attack on me.

    Thank you.

    Kimberly Dunn


~ Common Sense ~



    You have two pre-school children, a part-time, very professional job you can do from home because you’re so good, a wonderful husband and a garden and a new home somewhere in Lancaster County.  And because you care so much about children, you are totally concerned about women committing violence against men and these poor men who have to pay child support.

    You have a story for everything.  You have multiple, multiple friends who have experienced this and that and the other.  Your sister owned a feral cat that had to be put down. 

    Your resident advisor in college thought you looked exactly like another person and even shared the same last name!  Which college was that?  Was it your first or second?  Remember the tragic story she told of being sexually attacked in college?  She had to switch colleges afterwards. 

    And yet, when a woman filed a complaint against a Millersville policeman she asked but what if the woman had teased him and come on to him and worn skimpy outfits around him as so many women do.

    She moved to Lancaster in November but knew that Sally had suffered the loss of a loved one in Iraq in February.  She knew Starling and Terri Lynn Tersak were “sisters.”

    Is she a product of divorced parents or not?  She seems to forget from time to time. 

    And she posts an average of 14 messages a day on the Lancaster Online forum.  She apparently thinks it college.  She studies things and allocates time to review items and posts articles from numerous other sources.  She calls people “buddy” and has apparently made it the hub of her life and social life.

    How does she do it all?  She doesn’t folks.  She doesn’t.  Common sense should prevail. 

    And if she is so close to other posters and has become such good friends, then you meet them in person and have a “real” relationship.  You don’t make excuse after excuse after excuse about how busy you are and all of your other obligations when you sit and post on a newspaper forum all day long.  And if the poster won’t meet you, there’s a reason.  Everything they have posted is a lie (gasp!).  That’s right – a lie.     

    Who is watching her children?


Stay tuned.  Please check back on Monday