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~ What Size Shoe? ~



    Did it ever enter the little mind of yours that the murder might not have happened in Stewart's apt?  Maybe that's why there was no blood found. Maybe it didn't happen in his vehicle. You have no and I mean no idea what a murder investigation involves.  Why don't you keep your uninformed opinions to yourself?

An email in yesterday.

    Now, you know I respect your opinion – sometimes - but you’re pushing this one.  The prosecution’s two “key witnesses” both testified Stewart told them it happened in the apartment. 

    As to the email I posted yesterday saying I didn’t have a “right” to question anything about this case (see below) - you’re wrong!  Surprise!  Apparently you’ve never read a (good) newspaper or magazine in your life.  As a taxpaying citizen, I have every right and as a journalist, it is my God given duty.

    I know this has nothing to do with the police union, but who is this Becky character at lipnews? And why does she hate DA Totaro and Det. Geesey so much?  Inquiring minds want to know. As far as I can tell, she's one of those recovered memory nuts. As someone wrote earlier, she has issues.

Posted on Talkback about me!

    I love the “I have issues” argument.  I suppose that might go away if I took down the incest story, thereby stopping the cheap shots.  But I’m not going to.

    As for “hating” Totaro and Geesey – I don’t.  I don’t respect them and I think they should both be in jail.  More will be coming at a later date.

    A, Becky is a wack job. Stay away from her.

Posted by the same Talkbacker about me!  

    Yikes!  To which the person addressed posted this:

    Thanks for the warning, groundpounder. The first part is a given, and I stay away from anyone encountered on the internet.

    Then why are you on an internet forum?  Believe me, if I knew who you were I’d stay away from you, too!

    I feel like I’m being attacked by a rabid Chihuahua or something.

Posted by a Talkbacker yesterday.

    For once, I am not the target of this post nor am I the “rabid Chihuahua!”  Thank goodness!  Is there anything better than a forum fight?  Well, yes. 

    The “LOL Boss” (yes, I still have a wicked crush on him for those desperate to know – and you know you are) had to step in with some common sense:

    “Anonymous people cannot be slandered by anonymous people.”

    Say what?  But, I want to sue!  I’ve been called a “wack job.”  Where’s my lawyer?  Say What?  He’s out holiday shopping?

    You mean it’s almost Christmas?  Oh, golly!  I have shopping and cleaning and cooking to do!  I have to buy the Boss a pair of shoes that fit!


Lighten up folks and please check back tomorrow!



“Anonymous people cannot be

slandered by anonymous people.”

SAY WHAT?  I want to sue!  Please check back later today…



                DOES IT GET ANY



     I AM a teacher and there isn't a DAMN thing you can do about it you nasty, foul mouthed, hate filled, bigoted, stalking, harassing, hatemongering, small minded, peabrained POS.

Posted on Talkback today  and quickly deleted by its  author.  Would you believe the target was a “Mennonite lady?”  I do.

    Aren’t forums wonderful?  Please check back later today…



    “Commissioner Henderson sends occasional e-mails, telling me that a friend has sent her my most recent critical comments. In other words, she doesn't read this column.

    I am crushed.”

Marvelous Marv, “Taxing times in eternity, too,” today’s Sunday News (click here).

    Aww.  Don’t be crushed, Marv.  Nobody reads your column except for those of us who want to make fun of it.  And that has just become too easy, Marv.  There is no challenge or fun to it anymore.  You just make it too embarrassingly easy. 

    You said happy birthday to Abby’s Aunt Peggy last year, too. (Honest!)  She may be a "gift" – you most certainly are not, Marv.

    And for seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game, TIME's Person of the Year for 2006 is you.”

Thank to the poster who pointed this out about Time’s Person of the Year under Marvelous Marv’s column (click here). 

     Here, here to the bloggers and the website owners and the internet and you!  I love it so much.


Have a pleasant Sunday and please check back tomorrow.


~ And Investigate Totaro ~


    "The commissioners’ citations were the only punitive actions recommended by a grand jury that spent the past year investigating both the sale of the county nursing home in 2005 and the hiring of Gary Heinke, the county’s former chief human services officer, according to District Attorney Donald Totaro.
    Both investigations are now concluded, Totaro said."

“Commissioners guilty of violating state law,” today’s Intell, click here. 

    Is this a joke?  A grand jury investigated for a year and this is it?  The grand jury was supposed to be investigating racketeering, drugs and unsolved murders.  That’s what Totaro put in his application for the empanelling of a grand jury.  How much has this cost the public? 

    Investigate Totaro now.  There will be much more on this at a later date.


Tomorrow – the witness who throws out three absurd red herrings in the Stewart trial, the convention center and “Lost Angels.”



    On a lighter note, this is just charming and classic and it’s the first thing to put me in a holiday mood (click here).   Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the sender and to all!



     "He hesitated for about 30 seconds before saying, 'The (expletive) got what she deserved,' " she recalled.

“Stewart lawyer:  Proof is missing,” New Era, 12-12-06 (click here).

    Do you know that neither paper used the word “bitch” in their articles?  This is what ADA Hackman refers to as the “piece de resistance” in this case and neither paper prints the word bitch or even indicates the letter the word starts with - leaving some to assume it may have been a “worse” word.  

    Of course, Cindy Stauffer, wouldn’t know.  She wasn’t there.  She took this directly from the Intell coverage – quote and all.

    This is terrible reporting and journalism.  There is absolutely no excuse for this.


Please see the story immediately below regarding Renalda McClair who testified Micah Stewart said the above.


~ Tom Holzinger ~



     After the Stewart trial, I am going to concentrate on my brother, Tom.  One of his good friends from his Lancaster days told me “he was known for giving people VD and lice."  Yup.  That's right.  This wonderful Quaker couple who claim to be pacifists and believers in civil liberties, raised this charming son.  And somehow we all thought his sexual obsession was "okay."  It's not okay and children do not emerge from the womb as pedophiles! 

    You'd think an "anthropologist" would know that.  But, of course, as with everything else in this monster's life, the "wonderful" professor is a total fraud.  He is a total academic fraud.  Stay tuned.  The fun has just begun.  How much time do you give Franklin & Marshall’s "Charles H. Holzinger Anthropology Award?"  .

An email I sent to my parents and brothers and sisters today.

    Years ago, a friend who read my special paper edition of LIP – “INCEST – A Family Tragedy; The Holzinger Story” asked if I had heard from my brothers and sisters.  The answer to this day is - no.  I have been “shunned” – much like the Amish tradition.  This was done on the demand of my father – a man they are scared to death of to this day. 

    My sister would not let her own cousin, June, drive her up the lane to their house when she visited several years ago.  My parents didn’t like June and she wasn’t “good” enough for them.  (No one has ever been "good" enough for them.).  So Anne got out of her car at the end of the lane and walked up it so my parents wouldn’t know who dropped her off.  My cousin June committed suicide several weeks later.  My parents never “liked” June because my father physically threatened her husband years ago and June witnessed it.

The incest story will continue on this site.  VD and lice?  Yes.


~ NO! ~




    The sense among some local journalists, who participated in the seminar, was that the national media could have stayed away and relied on the local media to feed them the news.

Patricia Poist, “Covering life’s tragedies,” today’s Sunday News (click here).

    Does Patricia Poist have a brain?  Oh, you mean I’ve already asked that question and given my answer?  Why didn’t someone tell me?  No, she doesn’t and neither do the other “local journalists” she mentions.  These “journalists” should not be in the news business period.  It’s so absurd and disturbing it’s almost funny.  Almost.

    Editor Marv Adams is on vacation. His 10-year-old daughter Abigail is not. "Cute couple,'' she said recently, when she saw her parents hug.

Today’s Sunday News, Page P-3.

    I feel it’s in my best interest to make no comment about this as the FCC would come after me for obscenities.  

$1,500 BOND!

    Oh, this is rich.  “Ronniedog” is back!  And “BeingReal” is scouring the country to find women who have done horrible things to their children or their partner.  Yes, our happily married, mother of two (would you get the hell off the Talkback Board and take care of them) went to Alabama for this one:

    Morgan County deputies have charged a woman with domestic violence after they say she drove her car into her husband while he was on a motorcycle.
   According to a police report, Donna Cluxton and her husband got into an argument Monday morning at their Baileytown home. Later that afternoon, Andy Cluxton was struck by a Buick while riding his motorcycle on St. John
road. Cluxton told deputies that his own wife was behind the wheel. Mrs. Cluxton was arrested and is being held on $1,500 bond in the Morgan County jail. Mr. Cluxton was treated and released from a local hospital.  (Click here.) 

    In her latest email she sent me this response to today’s post (see below):

    I don’t.  We don’t live in a home of incest and sexuality, like the one you’re accustomed to.  And I don’t give a rat’s ass what Talkback thinks, since I don’t post on there, Daddy’s Girl.”

    You sure do keep a close eye on my site, though, don’t you? 

Does it get any better than this?  Please check back tomorrow…. 




    I am so shocked by this morning’s Intell headline, “'Queen of hate' makes case for new trial” (click here) that I am going to take the day off to ponder the District Attorney, Coroner Kirchner, Assistant District Attorney Craig Stedman who reportedly gave her that name and apparently plans to run for District Attorney, the Lancaster Newspapers and “doing what’s right”.  Please check back tomorrow.

    This note to “BeingReal” who is sending me emails from this address - - I believe the “Talkbackers” would be shocked by your sexual crudity and vulgarity.  I hope you don’t use that kind of language around your two young children!



            *** BREAKING NEWS ***

Jury selection has been completed in the murder trial of Micah Stewart according to Judge Michael A. Georgelis’ office this morning.  The jury will be sworn in and the trial will begin this Monday at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom #12 at the Lancaster County Courthouse.




“The time is always right to do what is right.”

Please check back later today… (and “ronniedog” returns!)


~ And Terrible Reporting! ~



    The trial for a 49-year-old Caernarvon Township man accused of shooting his girlfriend to death in front of their daughter was delayed again Monday.
November, 27, 2006, Intell, “Murder trial again delayed.”

    A 29-year-old Lancaster city woman severely burned two weeks ago in a fire at her North Mulberry Street home died Monday in a Chester County burn ward.  Angela Readance, 29, of 35 N. Mulberry St., died at Crozer-Chester Medical Center from injuries sustained in the Nov. 17 blaze, investigators said.

    … Investigators allege John W. Graves Jr., 38, of Lancaster, deliberately set the fire about 6 p.m. while Readance was inside.

    Graves and Readance were acquaintances, investigators said, but they could not elaborate on the nature of their relationship.

November 28, 2006, Intell, “Woman hurt in suspected arson dies.”

    The young Lancaster County woman’s body was never found. But after two years of collecting evidence and talking to acquaintances, prosecutors were taking James Arthur Fannings Jr. to trial today on charges that he murdered Stacey Lynn Hazelton in Mississippi.

November 28, 2006, New Era, “Lancaster man on trial for murder.”

    In the course of two days, there were the above three stories about three women being murdered by men in their lives.


    Nehmen Sie keine hoelzernen Nickel an.” 

“BeingReal’s” signature line on the Talkback Board.

    This is German for “Don’t take any wooden nickels.”    She changed it to this month’s ago after I said she was about as “real” as a wooden nickel.  I also stated months ago that this was the “newer, softer” version of the “men’s rights” poster.

    This person has one agenda – and one agenda only.   And sure enough, our happily married, wonderful mother of two children who seems too good to be true posted “Why is the Washington Times Dragging its Feet on the Flawed Abuse Article” yesterday.

    This poster thinks that because one pathological liar in North Carolina (Terri Lynn Tersak – “Starling” previously on Talkback) thinks they should retract an article on abuse in India, that everyone should be outraged.

    What outrages me is you!  Why don’t you click here to read this story which is absolutely horrifying, “More Afghan women turning to suicide by fire – Desperate to flee hardship, scores of Afghan women self-immolate annually.”

    I will come back to this liar and outright fraud of a poster shortly.


    The second horrible story posted above about the women burned to death leads me to my other topic today.  The Lancaster Newspapers and their dreadful coverage of many, many stories.  Why don’t we know what her relationship to the arsonist was?  Why haven’t they interviewed her family?  Her neighbors?  Her friends?  If they had a competing paper we would know so much more about this horrific murder.

    The same applies to these four other stories all within the last week where “Talkbackers” are raising the questions the papers should be asking and investigating.  The stories are:

    “After prison death, questions,” Intell, November 28, 2006 (click here).  Gee, do you think there are questions?  Like why is Vincent Guarini still the warden?  District Attorney Donald Totaro is on the prison board.  Why haven’t they interviewed him?  Why and how was the prisoner released back into the general prison population?  How did he hang himself and with what?

    “Autopsy set in man’s death,”  Intell, November 28, 2006 (click here).  What a bizarre, disturbing and sad story.  Did the victim sign his license as an “organ donor” or not?  What a “mess-up” by Coroner G. Gary Kirchner.  The feud between the coroner and District Attorney Totaro comes back into the limelight.

    “County man gets probation for punching police officer,” Intell, November 28, 2006 (click here).  Excuse me?  There’s something very wrong with this whole story.  The only thing I’m sure of is this man is white.

   “Hunter misses deer, wounds Brickerville gas pump,” New Era, November 28, 2006 (click here).  On top of having the most preposterous and absurd headline (call a doctor!), this story is interesting because this morning’s Intell article about the incident says this, “The hunter has been identified, but police would not release his or her name Tuesday.” 

    Why not?  Isn’t that public information?  Who is this person?  The Talkbackers are having a field day with the article and it’s good reading.  It may not have been Pete Shaub but who the hell was it and why don’t we know?

    If these papers had any competition or competent reporters, we would know the answers to these questions and much more by now.



Nehmen Sie keine hoelzernen Nickel an

Bring it on, fraud and liar.  You’d think you’d have learned.  But nothing stops a troll, does it?

Please check back later today…


Note to New Era copy editor – you cannot “wound” a gas pump, for God’s sake!  Argh….


~ And Love! ~


    I don’t do a lot of navel-gazing in this space because I figure most people aren’t interested. Nevertheless, I did want to pause and note that according to Lancaster County Magazine, this space has again been voted favorite local newspaper column. Fifth year in a row, actually.

Gil Smart, “Standing up; saying thanks,” (click here).

    Who was your competition, Gil?  Marvelous Marv? 

    Commissioner Shellenberger’s letter reminds me of Commissioner Henderson’s e-mails to supporters. Like his colleague, Commissioner Shellenberger says the newspapers have not “objectively’’ explained his questioning of “the taxpayer’s liability’’ in the convention center-hotel project, because Lancaster Newspapers is involved.

Marv Adams, “Pay them to go away,” (click here).

    Can we pay you to go away, Marv?  Oh, and Marv, the Lancaster Newspapers have a 44% stake in the $160, or $170 or $200 million dollar white elephant.  When you were at your newspaper conference several weeks ago did you proudly tell everyone that your own newspapers tried to legally gag the commissioners, Marv?   Are you proud of that?

    Abigail has to be eleven soon, Marv.  You started about Halloween this time last year and she was ten then.  Don’t make me look it up, Marv.  Ten may sound cute but she can’t be ten forever.  Of course, her daddy writes likes he’s ten so maybe she can.

    Artie See says, “Sunday News Editor Loses His Mind,” (click here and it’s below the 13 lawsuits article – good question, Artie.)

    Who else could your competition have been, Gil?  Hawkeye Hawkes – the man who never has an opinion.  I can’t honestly figure out why anyone reads his mush.  I don’t anymore.

    Larry Alexander, the man desperately in need of a makeover?  Can someone find a comb?  One in ten of his columns is mildly amusing. 

    That leaves Erik Stark, who for some reason was allowed to rant about Christmas music on the front page of this week’s Sunday News with one of the most boring columns I have ever read.  Maybe you should go back to radio, Stark.

     That’s some mighty stiff competition you had there, Smart.  I wonder how many people voted in this poll? 

    Yes, you guessed it.  I’m extremely cranky.  And while I’m at it, what the hell was the pink picture of an Amish man on the front page of the Intell on Thanksgiving?  (Click here and click on the photo to enlarge.)  Is it a real person?  Whose idea was that?  Why is his little bowl empty?

    Tomorrow I’ll look at some of the amazing stories or non-stories, according to the Lancaster Newspaper’s coverage, that have been published for the last week.  Can you imagine if these papers had competition?

    No, the only thing bringing me any joy lately is the “LOL Boss.”  Of course, I have a crush on him.  Who else would call themselves the “LOL Meanie Poopie Pants?”   Yes, I know he’s married (what was he thinking?)  And I’m sure she’s charming (Yeah, right!  Think bride of Dracula!).  I would make sure his shoes fit.  (She doesn’t care.)  I’ll just wait and hope he comes to his senses…

There will be updates on the jury selection in Micah Stewart's trial for the murder of Cortney Fry.



“I don’t do a lot of navel-gazing”

Please check back later today…



     I spoke to Roger Renteria, Micah Stewart’s defense attorney, today by phone at 1:00 p.m.  He said the process of jury selection has begun in the murder trial of Cortney Fry.  He said there were no LNP reporters present.  Can you image? 

    I will not be there for jury selection this week, but will cover the trial in person when it begins next week.




~ And Cortney Fry ~




    "His neighborhood, as with much of the West End, has seen an increase in crime, and the constant presence of a large group of teenage kids, many of them African-American, congregating in the alley behind his house might make some people nervous."
    How did this sentence make it to print? Because the Lancaster Sunday News does not have one single minority on their staff.  The city of Lancaster, PA is 30% Hispanic and 15% African American. This is an outrage. This sentence was written by Gil Smart, who is the subject of a different thread on this board. He should be fired.

Posted by me on ReporterTalk on July 23, 2006 (click here).

    Boycott the Lancaster Newspapers and the Steinmans.  Don’t buy their papers.  Buy the York or the Philadelphia or the Harrisburg papers.  Don’t shop at their advertisers.        

    Make them apologize for the tasteless, insensitive and unprofessional reporting of the Henderson assault that appears on this page.  The article below is the initial story in the May 1, 1981 issue of the New Era.  It is a disgrace.  The two-inch story next to it was printed in the New Era on May 8, 1981.  These articles are their complete coverage of the murder attempt.

    Does it surprise you that the police never solved this crime?  Does it surprise you three men were never put in jail?  Does it surprise you that no one ever questioned the police as to why they didn’t solve this murder attempt?  Does it surprise you that they never asked the police why they didn’t put out a description of the men or van?

    Make them apologize for running the announcement of a Klan meeting (see right) on page 2 of the New Era, boxed as it appears here, four days after the Henderson lynching try.

    I believe this special edition of LIP is an indictment of the Lancaster Newspapers.  This could only have happened in a town with one news source.  A news outlet that has never questioned a thing the police have ever done or said.

Special Edition of LIP –LANCASTER LYNCHING – Twenty Years Later, September 2001.

    I personally handed Gil Smart a copy of that paper at a Klan rally that September in downtown Lancaster.  He looked like a deer caught in the headlights to hear that there might be another news source in Lancaster.. 

    There will be much more on racism, the Lancaster Newspapers and District Attorney Donald Totaro coming later this week.  Today, as jury selection begins in the trial of Micah Stewart for the murder of Cortney Fry, I am reposting “Justice Must Be Found” which is also under the button “Justice” on the left.


     I am going to print the testimony of Angelica Rivera in Micah Stewart’s preliminary hearing tomorrow.  But first, I would like to say a few things about the hearing.  The Fry family deserved better than this.  They deserved far better.

    This was one of the most unprofessional and poorly orchestrated hearings by a prosecution that I have ever seen or can possibly imagine.  This case has been a disgrace since Cortney Fry “disappeared” on July 20, 2004, and it just keeps getting worse.

    The lead detective was missing from the hearing.  His replacement, the “case manager,” Lancaster County Detective Michael Landis, did not know if the state police had analyzed any of the evidence that was seized from Stewart’s apartment and car over a year earlier.

    Assistant District Attorney Christopher Hackman “led” witness Angelica Rivera to such a point that he might as well have been testifying.  And at one point when Stewart’s attorney, Roger Renteria, objected to his leading several times, Hackman said, “I don’t think it’s important enough for you to challenge it.”  Excuse me?  This is a preliminary hearing in a murder case.  A man’s life is at stake.  This is the prosecution’s primary witness and the only real evidence the prosecution has to back up a murder charge, and Hackman doesn’t think it’s important enough? 

    Yes, you can argue that it was a preliminary hearing and really more of a show than anything else.  The result was pretty much guaranteed.  But there honestly was a point during Rivera’s testimony when I wondered whether Judge Herman would rule that there was not enough evidence to put Stewart on trial for murder.  That’s how bad it was.

    Kudos to the Fry family who filled up almost two benches and were quiet and attentive during the entire hearing.  A young girl, I believe it was Cortney’s sister, silently cried after the testimony of her father.  Her intense pain was evident.  And someone, justifiably, said after Landis’s testimony, “They are a little unprepared, aren’t they?”  The Fry family deserved better than this.

    So did the Stewart family who waited outside the courtroom during the two hours of the hearing after they were sequestered.  The incredibly sloppy handling of this case has not been fair for them either.  They had to live with the suspicion for a year and  began to have false hopes that someone other than their son and brother would be arrested for Cortney’s murder. 

    The District Attorney’s office has a lot of questions to answer on this case.     I predict a great many personnel changes in the DA’s office when all of this is over.

    But for now, a 19-year-old mother of a two-week-old baby was killed over a year ago.  Justice has to be found for both families. 


    "The comments on last Sunday’s Coral Street story show racism is alive and sick here."

Marv Adams, the editor of the Sunday News, in his column this week.

    How dare you?  Are you forgetting I called you several months ago and you said you did not have a single minority on your editorial staff?  Remember, Marv?  How dare you?   Your papers are the ones causing this.  And you’re letting the Klan stay on your forum?  How dare you?  Why don't you have any minority reporters, Marv?  Racism is alive and rampant and sick at the Lancaster Newspapers.  That's where it starts.



I posted the below many days ago.  Get the Klan off your board, Lancaster Newspapers.  Get this sicko off your board!  He has broken the new rules that were established.  This is a disgrace…




    To the LOL Boss and Lancaster Newspapers - get the Klan off your Talkback forum.  There’s debate and then there’s hate and you have allowed racists to post their deadly hate for far too long.

    Lancaster City is 30% Latino and 14% African American.  The Lancaster Newspapers may not be fully aware of that because it’s not reflected in their hiring or their reporting – but it’s true.  I rarely single out one person – but ban “AmericanGaucho” now - or your forum, which has been going downhill rapidly lately, will have no one left but racists posting their hate for Jews and minorities on it.


A serial killer is murdering prostitutes in Atlantic City.  Click here. 



~ And the “N” Word ~



      Jim Davis and I were known for our “arguments” every single night.  In the beginning, they were “real.”  On my third night at the Philadelphia Tribune, he tried to get me to use the “n” word.

      He threatened to throw me out a window.  He called me a “stupid white girl.”  He broke pencils and carried on and yelled and got in my face and waited for the word to come out. 

    “Go, ahead,” he said.  “Call me the ‘n’ word.”

    “What word is that,” I asked?

    “Nigger,” he said.  “Go ahead.  Call me a ‘nigger.’”

    “I have never said that word in my life,” I said.

    “I’ve never met a white person who hasn’t said that word,” he said.

    “Well, tonight, you met one,” I said.  “I have never said that word in my life and I never will.”

    And so would slowly begin a relationship of learning, trust and mutual respect that went on every single night I worked at the Tribune. 

    He continued to call me the “stupid white girl” until one amazing night when he dropped the “stupid” and afterwards  referred to me simply as the “white girl.”  And I referred to him as the “black male.”

      That was 25 years ago.  "Tribune Days" will continue…   




LIP News will resume daily publishing on Monday, Nov. 27th.



    Anyway my hubby says he can set something out. There may be a small fee to join but at least we will be free to express our opinions whenever and for how ever long we want. It sounds like LOL got overwhelmed and did not have the knowledge on how to handle all the posts since they can't even change their time clock for posts back an hour.

Posted on Talkback today.

    I know I said I wasn’t going to publish again – but this spurred me on.  Do you know how hard it is to start a forum?  Do you have any idea how hard it is to moderate? 

    I post several places on the web – one of them ReporterTalk – my quiet place that I consider to be a wonderful site.  But the owner has had to deal with the “Crow” repeatedly as has Lancaster Online.  I emailed the very nice owner today with a caution of who the “Crow” was in his latest incarnation and he sent me this:

    Forums in general are a nightmare to manage. What can you do? Lots of wackos on the net....

    There certainly are.  And I am pondering whether forums, where people post anonymously and many are outright frauds and wackos, are worth it.

    I rarely support the Lancaster Newspapers, but their online staff is attentive and conscientious and they have a very difficult job.  Why don’t you try that forum for a small fee and see how it goes?  I predict absolutely no where.


“He said he didn’t mean it.  It was an accident.”

(Angelica Rivera, quoting Micah Stewart, yesterday testifying at his preliminary hearing for the murder of Cortney Fry.)

    An unprepared prosecution.  A missing lead detective.  No forensic evidence.  A case based solely on the testimony of two highly questionable “relatives.”  An unrecognizable defendant.  A budding defense attorney.  Micah Stewart will go to trial.

   I wrote that the morning after Micah Stewart’s preliminary hearing for the murder of Cortney Fry (an over view of the testimony is here).  

    Jury selection for the trial will begin this coming Monday with voir dire - a preliminary examination to determine the competency of a witness or juror.  The trial is scheduled to begin the following Monday in Judge Michael A. Georgelis' courtroom.          

    Stewart’s defense attorney is Roger Renteria of Renteria & Whittington and prosecuting will be Assistant District Attorney Christopher Hackman.   

    As life would have it, this is the same week the “Streaker” lawsuit against the Millersville Police is scheduled to go to trial in the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia. (click here to read the full lawsuit.)    There will be coverage of both trials on this site.

    “A year of our time and a lot of taxpayer dollars were used to find nothing,” said union president Pat Heilman.

Today’s Intell, “Academic-freedom panel adopts recommendations,” (click here).

    Goodbye, Young Gib (also known as “Giblet")!  What a farce!  Whatever happened to the investigation into Giblet for using his office for campaigning?  I will call the State Ethics Committee next week to find out where it stands.  Maybe Young Gib will go on trial?

    If Gov. Ed Rendell signs the bill, victims of child sex crimes will have until their 50th birthday -- 20 years longer than current law allows -- to file criminal complaints.

Pa. Senate toughens child sex-abuse law,” by the AP in this morning’s Intell (not posted online).

    I am interested in whether this will affect civil lawsuits as well.  I will, obviously, look into it and have more on this later.  After I distributed the special edition of LIP – INCEST; A Family Tragedy, I received a letter from a 90 year-old Mountville woman who said she didn’t care how old my father was – he should be in jail.  Yes, he should.  Maybe my father will go on trial?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  (Even the “LOL Boss” seems happy.  What’s up with that?)    LIP News will not publish again until Monday, November 27th. 

~ For Ruth Cooper and More ~



    I sit here weeping and bawling, a year and some too late, because I just found your website and the news that Ruth died a year or so ago.

     Ruth was my best friend for a time, only losing that title when I had to move away / run away from Lancaster without keeping in touch with anyone at all due to domestic violence that threatened my life. I feared if I told her that harm would come to her...

    but all these years I often think of her, often speak of my friend Ruth... a remarkable woman who helped shape me, educate me and love me. Oh how I thought that at some time in the future I might be brave enough to make contact with her again... now too too late.

     I occasionally looked in the white pages online and felt comforted seeing her name at that 74 Howard Ave. address still there. ... oh my.

    I loved her too, and miss her so much. 

An email to me yesterday (I will be back in touch – thank you for writing).

    Your email has me crying.  I loved her too and I miss her.  I don’t know if you’ve seen this article I wrote 25 years ago that features her (click here).

    There is a story behind this story that will be told in the “Tribune Days” series.  Jim Davis found out after the story was published that Ruth and I were best friends.  He got very concerned and called her to verify some of the points in my story.

    I remember his first question to her was, “Is your son in the military?”

    I heard Ruth’s voice come back over the phone, “Both my sons are in the military.  Neither one could get a job in Lancaster.”

    At the end of the call, I remember Ruth asked Davis if the Tribune distribution could reach Lancaster.  He told her that was not likely at the time. 

    “We need it,” she said.  Her voice level went up, “They’re killing Black people up here!”

    Yes, they were.  I love you and miss you, Ruth.


    The 300 block of Coral Street is a neighborhood like many in Lancaster, and in cities like it around the country.

    At one time mostly white and working class, it’s now considerably more diverse. Which is a nice way of saying that there can be friction, some of it with racial overtones.

Gil Smart, Sunday News, “Not so neighborly,” (click here).

    This is the Lancaster Newspaper’s great liberal columnist and the best he can do is this simplistic, 20 year behind-the-times lead in to a story? 

    He has a full week to work on an in-depth story, and they publish this shameful, simplistic race-baiting article to sell papers?   Shameful.


    At first I thought this article was talking about the Watt & Shand building.
    The once magnificent Watt & Shand building meant a lot more to a lot more people than the once magnificent tree in the cemetery did.

Artie See posting under the New Era article, “Saying goodbye to a venerable old friend on the hill,” (click here).

    The Talkback Board is back up and running!  It has a simpler format and has a more local focus – all of which makes sense.  This forum can be extremely informative and fun and it’s wonderful that the Lancaster Newspapers brought it back.

    Forums can also get out of hand quickly and attract trouble- making “weirdos.”  It comes with the territory and requires careful moderating.  But it is a wonderful resource and worth the time (and advertising revenue)!

    Speaking of Artie, he is redesigning his site, but please click here to read his very important, “An Extremely Significant Non-Event.”

    Another Talkbacker has started a blog.  Click here for cyberscribbler’s site.

    LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow and then not publish again until the Monday following Thanksgiving.  Reminder – defrost the bird now!  


You haven’t begun to thaw your bird?

Please check back later today…



Talkback will be back. (Click on "Talkback" on LancasterOnline.  I tried to link to it, but those clever fellows have it come right back here.  Has anyone seen Palmer?  I need to have a talk with him...)


~ And Incest ~



    Why did the Lancaster Newspapers take down their “Talkback Board” – a forum where people could post opinions on articles and other topics?  First and foremost, I think, is racism. 

    The Klan came onto that board almost a year ago.  Nothing was done about it for far too long and when action finally was taken, it was too little and too late.

    When I was a child, my parents subscribed to the New Era.  I vividly remember that anytime a Black man’s picture was on the front page it was because he had committed a crime.  It was the only time you ever saw a picture of a Black man in the paper.  In forty years, that has barely changed.  I will come back to racism in Lancaster and the Lancaster Newspapers tomorrow.

    Were there other factors?  I’m sure there were.  The convention center, Jack Brubaker’s reporting on the Conestoga View sale and some comments about the level and quality of reporting by these papers are only a few of the reasons that come to mind.

    Which means that the websites and blogs in Lancaster that oppose the convention center need to work together and work harder to get the information and truth to the public.  I will try to do my part and I will return to the convention center story later this week.

    But I am going to have one more say about the Ron Harper, Jr. situation and then, if he is agreeable, I will put it to rest.   The “Limp News” site that is referenced below appears to have been taken down. 

    But on the Talkback Board this weekend he started a thread about me and said this:

     "And I don't post on my website about her - NEVER."

    No, he didn’t post on his site about me – he repeatedly posted on a newspaper forum that gets hundreds of readers, knowing that I could not reply.  Among the many, many things he has posted for months was this in May:

     “Imagine, her poor mother on mother's day and all Becky can think of is herself - she refused to call her mom!”

    This is why I tell the incest story and I will continue to do so.  This shows such an incredible lack of understanding.  Why doesn’t he tell rape victims to call their rapists on Father’s Day and wish them a joyful day?

    This Thanksgiving it will be six years.  Six years that I can not begin to describe.  So I will reprint my response to his statement along with, “A Lock On The Door.”


     “Imagine, her poor mother on mother's day and all Becky can think of is herself - she refused to call her mom!”

Ron Harper of posting on Talkback yesterday about me.

      How dare you? Really, how dare you?  I have been in terrible pain for five years.  Terrible pain every single day.  I lost a brother.  I discovered a family tragedy of huge proportion.  I lost the love of my life.  Incest has impacted everyday of my life since it began.

    What have my parents done?  Send me vicious letters, have my brothers and sisters send my therapist vicious letters, and mail me a package of six GPC cigarettes I might have left at their house over six years ago.  Yes, it was their way of letting me know they would rather have me dead than have their reputations ruined.  That is the truth.

     My mother never did one thing for her children.  She let her husband molest her children.  She could care less about her children.  How dare you?

    All I can think of is myself?  How dare you?  My cousin June committed suicide because of the sick Holzinger family.  How dare you?

    There will be more on my parents and their letters coming to this site.

    How dare you?

      (Thank you to the posters who understood and I am sorry for your pain.)

                          A LOCK ON THE DOOR


    It swirls around in my head to this day.  It’s always been there, somewhere in the back of my mind.  For years I tried to chase it from my memory and never chose to look at it. 

    It is a night shrouded in darkness and terror.

    I moved into Holly House in high school.  A tiny, former two-seater outhouse to the one room schoolhouse, it barely fit a bed.

    Holly House had a lock on the door.  I remember hearing someone approaching.  I remember seeing that knob turn.  I remember my father saying, “Beck, it’s your dad, let me in.”  I did not let him in.

    I didn’t comb my hair for three days after that.  A friend finally said, “For God’s sake what’s wrong with you?  Comb your hair.”  On the third day while at school I noticed I still had my pajamas on under my clothes. 

    I remember seeing my mother the morning after.  I told her I had been scared the night before.  I told her I thought someone was out there.  I told her I kept the Holly House door locked. 

    “How silly,” she said.  “There’s nobody around here.  We don’t keep the house locked.”     

    She knew.  She was mad that I hadn’t let him in.


~ One Sick Pig - Harper! ~


     This is one of the sickest things I have ever read.  I don’t remember a bathing suit or “flowing hair” but apparently Harper does and he has major, major problems.  Because he got sucked in by this nutjob who said he was her “hero” and thought there really was a big “organization” and he thought he was really important.  Obviously, he was sexually attracted to her as well.

    Sadly, it turned out to be an organization of one.  I am so sick of this devout, Christian sicko.  Repeat after me:  John Barley, Ric Curry, Dick Musser.  It doesn’t matter if it was five years ago.  Repeat it again!  John Barley, Ric Curry, Dick Musser.   

Please check back tomorrow.

Dear Starthing,

    It's time to clear the air. You may be surprised to know that my psychotic rants against you were motivated by the knowledge that you could never be mine.

    Well, I guess this proves you always hurt the ones you love (ask my parents about that).

    Ever since I saw the photos of your flowing hair and tight body you posted on Yakback, you have been the subject of my affections. Do you remember the bathing suit photo you posted? Well my love, I had it blown up to life size and epoxied it to the ceiling above my bed.

     You'll never know how many nights that has been the inspiration for my personal encounters with myself. Only you could inspire a girl to work it until the Energizer Bunny dropped dead!

    Deep inside I know that, we, were meant to be together.

    Let's try to start over, together, with each other.

    Yours forever and ever,
Philly B


    TalkBack has been taken down. It will be re-introduced with a revised format.
LOL Boss
(Posted today about 11:30 a.m.)

    A lot of people relied on the forum to stay in contact with one another.  There is  If anyone knows of any other forums let me know and I will post them.  If anyone has anything extremely important, please email me,, and I will post it here.  Thank you.

                                   ~ Ronnie's Been A Busy Baby! ~



Ron Harper, Jr.


    I didn't start the fire Artie. And I don't post on my website about her - NEVER. She on the other hand has made a point to post private emails, lies and distortions about me. She on the other hand has threatened by saying, "... someone takes a close look at your family." She on the other hand has written about my wife, my children (using their pet names!) and has threaten to do things to write things to destroy my marriage. She has written about my homelife, etc without anything other than her vindictive mind to guide her.  I am not a punching bag and won't become one. Neither will I let me family become one.

Posted by Ron Harper, Jr. on Talkback today.