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    “This Board has no idea what’s going on in this prison.  You are listening to a man [Warden Vincent Guarini] who doesn’t know.”

    Ron Harper, Jr. addressing the Prison Board at their meeting this past Thursday morning.

    If the beating and maiming and disabling of an innocent man didn't get the community's dander up [Jon Eichelman] and if the slaughter of a family by an inmate who should have been incarcerated after attacking guards led to nothing [Jesse Wise], then no wonder Guarini and Martin et al are content in their obfuscations and know that nothing will come of it all.
    From my understanding, there are now cameras in all strategic places in the prison. This event and the events leading up to it (the disciplinary measures) should all have been caught on tape. It is up to the media using the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] to request copies of those tapes. It certainly would either condemn or quiet the questions.

    Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the December 17, 2008 New Era article, “Local prison suicide fueled by taunting.”

    “The source, who requested anonymity, said Wise was involved in an altercation at the county prison last spring that sent two correctional officers to the hospital.  ‘If charges had been filed (against Wise), he never would have been out of prison,’ the source said.”

“Killer of 6 hurt 2 guards,” Sunday News, April 16, 2006 (click here).

    From a LIP News archive (click here).   Please note the link to the Sunday News story no longer works as the story is in archives and the link has been disabled – but I will republish portions of the article later on this site.

Please check back later today.




   I am still in shock over Thursday morning’s Prison Board Meeting.  So, as I collect my thoughts and notes I thought I would publish Warden Vincent Guarini’s “Special Entry” in his “Warden’s Report” to the Board.

    The Warden opened the meeting by mumbling through this so that I could barely understand most of it.  He was reading off his written “Report” which was available to those attending the meeting - although he “did not make enough copies” for all those present and I asked another attendee to fax me their copy which they did.  The paragraph below is reprinted word for word from his written report.  This short paragraph read at the opening of the meeting, was the total extent of the Board's coverage of the suicide until the public comment portion of the meeting was opened.

    The Board’s reaction, Ron Harper, Jr’s presentation and my questions will come tomorrow.  Warden Vincent Guarini needs to be fired immediately:


WARDEN’S REPORT                18 December 2008

Special Entry:

    On November 19th, Luis Villafane committed suicide at 1:48 PM in C-2 housing area.  He had just been transferred to C-2 block on his request to be moved and housed alone, but otherwise was considered general population and not on active suicide status.   The autopsy results indicate the cause of death as passive hanging.  Family contact was complicated, as he listed no one on his emergency contacts, had received no visits while in LCP, and had informed several staff that he had no family and that his mother was deceased while he was in state prison.  The inmate was born in NY and we were looking there, when the mother was found locally at a new address.  She had not seen him in quite some time.  The Warden had a lengthy telephone conversation with her and verified the relationship.  An appointment for the Deputy Warden, Chaplain, Prime Care Psychologist and our bi-lingual Counselor to meet with her was made for the next morning to address any questions she might have and to deliver to her the property of the deceased.  Major Klinovski has reviewed all the reports on this matter as well as speaking to inmates housed in that cellblock.  It appears that the staff in performance of their duties was appropriate and the staff response was immediate.  It appears that the inmates in that housing area were harassing him about his charges.  We are discussing this aspect with city police.  On December 17th, a special committee of non-prison personnel was assembled to review the prison’s suicide policies.  Following that review there also was a review by the prison and prime care.


    Jack Brubaker’s two New Era articles today covering the board meeting are:

-  “Suicide in prison sparks exchange” – click here.

-  “Warden:  Prison stories slanted toward plaintiffs” – click here.


    “She was the only Villafane in the phone book.  I dialed the number – 10 seconds later – his mom answered.”

    Ron Harper, Jr. addressing the prison board yesterday regarding the suicide of Luis David Villafane in the prison on November 19th of this year.  On December 2, Warden Vincent Guarini told me he still was not releasing his name because they could not find any family members.

    Please check back later today for coverage of the Prison Board Meeting.




    Ron Harper, Jr. lashed into Prison Warden Vincent Guarini this morning at the prison board meeting and I had a run-in with the County Solicitor!  It was not the usual prison board meeting by any means!

    That will come tomorrow along with all the accompanying juicy gossip.  Thank you to Harper for chauffeuring me around.  Artie See, it was great to meet you!  Wow!  That convention center is ugly.  Mayor Gray will seek a second term (gasp!)  Who knew?  Everyone but political reporter Dave Pidgeon.  All that and much more will come tomorrow.




    This email in last evening (thank you very much):

    I know the Lancaster County Coroner is nice guy and it's not my intention to suggest that you break his balls, but the implication in your most recent posting, that Diamantoni was sitting back and waiting for the Warden to get off his fat ass and notify the family, indicates that the Coroner failed to perform one of his duties. This has to do with the family not being able to view the body due to decomposition
related to the "delay" in finding next of kin - "
Asked about reports that Villafane's mother was refused a request to view her son's body, Diamantoni said that bodily changes over the course of a week or more would preclude her from viewing the body", because "Prison Warden Vincent Guarini was not releasing his name claiming they could not find family members to notify."

Here is what the PA Coroner's law says:;%20INQUEST;%20RECORDS


(c) As part of this investigation, the coroner shall determine 
the identity of the deceased and notify the next of kin of the 
deceased. As amended 1990, Nov. 29, P.L. 602, No. 152, Sec. 3

Obviously Guarini can't be trusted. Diamantoni shouldn't allow his office to be duped again.


Please check back late tomorrow afternoon.




    I spoke with Lancaster County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni this past Friday evening by phone regarding the autopsy and report on the suicide of Luis D. Villafane in the County Prison on November 19.

    Diamantoni said he has not finalized his report as he is awaiting toxicology tests.  He did say it was a “self-inflicted” hanging and stated there are witnesses to his death. 

    Regarding any signs of a reported beating two weeks prior, Diamantoni said the physician documents all physical findings – markings, bruises, tattoos, etc.  He said while the nature of Villafane’s death is public information, the other details are not.  He said those details would only be released to law enforcement and the deceased’s next of kin.

    Asked if the prison board would have access to that information he said no, once again it can only be released to law enforcement and the next of kin.  That would obviously include the Lancaster City Police who are investigating the death and his mother who lives in Lancaster.

    Diamantoni confirmed that his Chief Deputy has met with Villafane’s mother.  He also said that as of Friday evening Villafane’s body was still in the morgue but would be released at any time to a funeral director chosen by the family.

    Asked about reports that Villafane’s mother was refused a request to view her son’s body, Diamantoni said that bodily changes over the course of a week or more would preclude her from viewing the body. 

    The delay, of course, could be that Mrs. Villafane was not aware of her son’s death because Prison Warden Vincent Guarini was not releasing his name claiming they could not find family members to notify.

    The Prison Board meets this coming Thursday at 9am in the Lancaster County Prison.  The meeting is open to the public.


    I spoke to Allan Sodomsky, Michael Roseboro’s defense attorney, this afternoon by phone and he confirmed the trial is slated to begin on July 6, 2009.  Sodomsky said he also understands that Lancaster County Judge James P. Cullen has been assigned to the case.

    Sodomsky said they are awaiting discovery and actively working on the defense.  Asked if they would be in court on July 6, Sodomsky said, “The date is set and we’ll be there.”

    Asked if he was aware the date was the wedding anniversary of Angela Funk, Roseboro’s mistress, and her husband Randy, Sodomsky declined to comment.  He also declined to comment on published reports that Funk is pregnant with Roseboro’s baby. 

    He repeatedly stated, as he has in the past, “We are not going to try this case in the media.”


    Two brief editor’s notes:  Once again my webhost had a software problem and I could not publish this morning.  Argh.  It does not happen often.  LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow morning and then possibly late Thursday afternoon.  Please be patient as good things are coming.





    A Lancaster County man accused of killing his wife now knows when he'll go to trial.

    Attorneys for Michael Roseboro tell CBS 21 News the trial is set for July 6th.

    That's nearly a year after his wife, Jan, was found dead in the family's Rinehold's pool.

    Prosecutors tell us the funeral director killed his wife, because he wanted to end his marriage so he could be with another woman. (click here).

    I have a call into Roseboro’s defense attorney, Allan Sodomsky, but CBS 21 is reporting the trial will begin on July 6, 2009.  Once again, July 6 is the wedding anniversary of Angela and Randall Funk.  Angela Funk is Roseboro’s mistress who had sex with him on the afternoon of the night Roseboro’s wife was brutally murdered and she is pregnant with Roseboro’s baby.  Unbelievable!

    Whose name will go on the birth certificate?  Whose last name will the baby carry?  Will the Roseboro family pay support?  It honestly doesn’t get any uglier than this.


    I spoke to Lancaster County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni by phone on Friday evening regarding the autopsy on prisoner Luis D. Villafane who committed suicide in the prison on November 19, 2008.  The full details of our conversation will come tomorrow but Diamantoni did say there were witnesses to his suicide.

    This confirms numerous reports that have been published here.  Question:  How does a prisoner commit suicide with many men watching and shouting “Code Blue!” and trying to get the prison guards’ attention?  Could you answer that question, among many, Warden Vincent Guarini.  Could you answer why you lied and said you couldn’t find any family, Warden Guarini?  I have rarely been as shocked as when I made a phone call last week and found out that not only does his mother live in Lancaster but she had been to the coroner’s office.  Please explain that, Warden?  


    This is a very busy week and LIP News will publish somewhat sporadically.  I will publish tomorrow, briefly on Wednesday morning and hopefully back to normal for Friday.  Please be patient.  Thank you.




    Is Angela Funk, mistress of accused killer Michael Roseboro, “still” pregnant by Roseboro?  Ummm…yes!  Sources report she went to an adoption agency but changed her mind!

    A number of people have reported to me that Roseboro's trial date has been set for July 6, 2009.  I will try to verify this information today – but if true – it is the most amazing coincidence and unbelievably incredibly ironic – July 6 is Randy and Angela Funk’s wedding anniversary.  Really!  Can you even imagine?


    I spoke to Lancaster County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni on Friday evening regarding the suicide of prisoner Luis D. Villafane and that will come later today.  And don’t forget the Prison Board meets this Thursday at 9:00am at the Lancaster County Prison.  The meeting is open to the public.

    Both of the above stories involve huge cover-ups by the Lancaster Newspapers who refuse to report on either one.  That’s the way I knew there was a story “behind” the story in the first place!  I don’t think that’s the way a “news” operation is supposed to operate!


    Let us not forget that New Era reporter Ernie Schreiber is looking for “good-news” stories.  He printed this as part of his editorial in the Saturday Intell/New Era combined edition:

    “So we're asking you to help us. If you know a good-news story in your neighborhood, call New Era Editor Ernest Schreiber and let him know. Dial 291-8750 weekdays.”

    Please help Ernie out!  The man wouldn’t know a news story if Angela Funk showed up pregnant in his office.

Please check back later today…

    I am desperately thinking of happy stories to help out poor Ernest.  So I am slacking today and will cheer you up (and hopefully Ernest) with this video.

    A Talkbacker sent this to me several years ago and I posted a link to it on this site.  It’s brilliant.  It became a cult classic and then this version of this classic song went mainstream and you hear it on the radio all the time.  But it’s the graphics with the song that brings a smile of joy to everyone who watches it.   Yes, Christmas is in the title and I will have to pick Smart up off the floor tomorrow.

    Enjoy!  A very special “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” is here!


“So we're asking you to help us. If you know a good-news story in your neighborhood, call New Era Editor Ernest Schreiber and let him know. Dial 291-8750 weekdays.”

Today’s Intell/New Era editorial, “Give us good news and we’ll print it.”

Isn’t that special?  I’ll help, Ernest!  You know you can count on me!  Please check back later today…


~ And Terrible, Awful Headlines! ~



    This email in with regards to “I NEED TO KNOW” below on this site:

    This quote is total bullshit: "I have no information on that.  It is something I need to know.  If that occurred I would like to know," Lancaster City Detective Chris DePatto said by phone...."
There are numerous inmates with first hand knowledge of this incident, but honestly Becky, if you were an inmate in that hell hole, would you be willing to talk to a police investigator who you can assume would share your statement with prison officials?  I wouldn't talk until I was out because of the fear of being beaten by guards.
    Is Depatto really investigating this? Did he look at the medical records? Did he talk to medical personnel, or they afraid too?

    I understand your concerns.  They are absolutely legitimate.  This is the first time I spoke to DePatto and I will assume for the time being he was being honest with me.  I urge everyone who has told me about the beating or has any knowledge of it to call him at (717) 735-3364.  I will definitely keep the pressure on all of those involved in any way with this case and the prison.   This must stop and Warden Guarini needs to be fired.


    This email in on another crime the Lancaster Newspapers refuse to cover:

 Hey Becky,

    I frequent denverpaonline and your site and know that you were following the case.  Was wondering if you have heard anything about the trial date?  I friend of mine said they heard that the trial date is July 6, 2009.  This person heard it on the X radio station. I was curious to know if this is correct, as I have not heard anything as of yet. Could you let me know if you find anything out?  I would appreciate it.

    I have not seen the trial date published.  I checked today and Roseboro did have a standard pre-trial conference scheduled for this coming Monday which his docket indicates was cancelled and it will be rescheduled.  As soon as I hear anything I will let everyone know.  Thank you for reading and writing.


    And yet another threatening email in on Cocaine Cowboy Harry Eng:

     Harry Eng's Atlantis NYC Group and associates are probably one of the most talented group of people in the US, concerning building and development.  Everyone makes mistakes including you for slandering him, which affects all the groups he represents and many people's lively hoods and jobs.  So what if he made a mistake when he was younger, which he paid dearly for, I might add.  I don't know if I could have survived the penal system for eight years, go out and become the success Harry has been. 

    Harry is a diamond mandate and if he ran across a con, with the bling that could have fooled anyone claiming deep pockets, so what? Believe me I was married to a sociopath and they are very charming and convincing people.

    Your city should have let Harry Eng in; now you are missing out on all the revenues that would have been generated.  Hey even Donald Trump filed bankruptcy twice and worked off of junk bonds. 

     If I were you, I would retract your statements and apologize before you are in a lawsuit, which you will lose because you defamed someone’s character and caused losses to a lot of innocent bystanders.

    Just for the record, I am a commercial loan officer - and just the mention of Harry Eng and the Atlantis Group opens the doors to millions of dollars worth of investors, standing in line to get on board with his projects.

    FYI.  Please apologize.

    Blah, blah blah.  How many times and how many ways can I say “NO!”  Give it a rest!  I have one word for you sweetie – onyx.  Oh, and if his company and he are so great with investors pouring in millions – why the hell are you messing with little ole me?  Go sue Mayor Gray  - he’s the one who, thank goodness for Lancaster, ran that lying, cocaine cowboy out of town!


    It’s Friday and I was going to have some fun with headlines – but I want to have fun too – so in this week of absolutely dreadful LNP headlines I will begin today and finish tomorrow and also deal with Smart’s mental meltdown (gasp!).

“Coyote wanders into Lititz”

(New Era, 12-8-09)

    Well, it may have wandered into Lititz but it sure didn’t wander out!  The poor coyote was hit and killed by a car – and the New Era ran a picture of the dead coyote with the story.  Charming!

Asian tiger mosquito shows up in county

 (Intell, 12-11)

    It’s winter, boys!  Have you heard?  What planet do you live on?

White Christmas?  Could be.

 (New Era, 12-11-08)

    Yes, and maybe hell will freeze over or maybe it will be 90 degrees and you’ll be bitten by an Asian tiger mosquito on Christmas!  Who knows?  Talk about stupid, pointless filler!

West Lampeter eyesore evicted

 (New Era, 12-11)

    Joe, Joe, Joe.  I hope you didn’t write this headline.  The article was written by Joe Hainthaler, a copy editor at the New Era and a right leaning blogger.  The “eyesore” was a house.  How can you evict a house?  The article says the owner cooperated and the house will be torn down.  Just for fun, Joe, why don’t you refer to the owner as a lying, cocaine cowboy and see if you get letters and emails threatening to sue you!

    The rest of the headlines and Smart’s mental meltdown will come tomorrow.  Have a great Friday.




“I do see wingers in my nightmares...”

Geez, Louise!  Could someone buy Gil Smart a can of hairspray?  Oh, and gray is not your color, Smart.  Yes, LIP News will do a fashion critique of the Smart one and have a news round-up later today - hint - can you say dreadful headlines?

Wow!  Does it get any better than this?


~ Luis D. Villafane ~



    I have no information on that.  It is something I need to know.  If that occurred I would like to know,” Lancaster City Detective Chris DePatto said by phone this afternoon in response to my question as to whether he has reports that Luis D. Villafane had been severely beaten by the guards at the Lancaster County Prison two weeks before his death.  DePatto said anyone having information regarding the incident should contact him directly at (717) 735-3364.

    DePatto is investigating the suicide of Villafane in the Lancaster County Prison on November 19, 2008.  “Unattended” deaths are routinely investigated by the police and the prison is within the Lancaster City Police jurisdiction.

    DePatto said he has not finalized his report.  He said he is waiting for the coroner’s report and the toxicology reports and other evidence.

    I asked him if he was aware that other prisoners were calling “Code Blue!” and trying to get the guards to come to prevent the suicide.  He said he could not comment on that.

    Again, anyone having information regarding the assault on Villafane by the prison guards, please contact Detective DePatto at the above number (please see “PRISONER WAS SAVAGELY BEATEN” below on this site).

Please check back tomorrow.


Please check back later today…


 His Mother Met with the Chief Deputy




    Speaking of autopsies, has the newspaper printed the results of the autopsy done on the man who allegedly committed suicide during the series of investigative reports that the LNP was running?
    I'd think that the author of those articles would want to follow up on that. Anyone?  From what I understand, they now have video surveillance in the prison and what happened would have been caught on tape. That should aid the coroner and the newspaper could request a copy of the tape through the Freedom of Information Act.  I would think that the author would want to do that for a follow up since during his series a guy there commits suicide!

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under today’s Intell article, “Man found dead after fire was shot.”

    No, the newspapers have not printed the results of the autopsy on the prisoner and it is unknown whether the coroner has filed his report on the death of Luis David Villafane.  I once again have a call in to Coroner Stephen Diamantoni.

    I called the corner’s office this afternoon.  Sue, the woman who answers the phone, said she would give him the message.  She said she did not know whether the report has been filed or not. 

    I asked if Villafane’s mother has been to the coroner’s office. She said, “She has been with the chief deputy.”  She said the chief deputy is Eric Beaver.  I asked her where Villifane’s body is.  She said I would have to discuss those issues with the coroner.

    Yes, the beating by the guards and the suicide should definitely be on tape.  I will ask the coroner, the police, the commissioners, Judge Madenspacher and District Attorney Craig Stedman if they have reviewed the tapes.  I will also follow up with the Lancaster Police tomorrow to find out the status of their investigation into Villafane’s suicide.

    Yes, you would think any newspaper in this country that was running a series on prison abuse and the resulting lawsuits would follow up on a suicide in the prison while the series is running in the paper - especially with multiple high level sources reporting that the guards had savagely beaten the prisoner two weeks before his death – and the flat-out lies Warden Vincent Guarini told the press after the prisoner’s suicide. 

    This time Guarini got caught.  His cover-up attempt did not work.  His days are numbered.  He should have been fired years ago.

Please check back tomorrow.

Mission Statement

To provide for the humane, secure, care, custody and control of those individuals who are charged with criminal offenses. While also providing for the protection and safety of the community through the detention of such individuals.

 Vincent A. Guarini


Lancaster County Prison website (click here).   Please check back later today...

~ Who Will Hold The Warden Accountable? ~




    Who is on the Board of the Lancaster County Prison?  That would be:  Commissioners Scott Martin, Dennis Stuckey and Craig Lehman, Lancaster County Judge Joseph Madenspacher, Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman, Acting Controller Walt Rogers and Sheriff Terry Bergman. 

    Are these fine, elected public servants going to allow Warden Vincent Guarini to overlook brutal beatings of the prisoners by prison guards?  Are these hardworking, publicly paid enforcers of justice and the law going to allow Guarini to continue to lie to the press and the public?  Will they do something about a vicious prison beating and then a suicide that could have been prevented?  Will they move to stop these horrendous acts and the resulting multiple lawsuits against the prison that result in skyrocketing insurance costs which we, the public, also pay?  Will these men we elected show any decency and humanity and compliance with the law of the land?

    We’ll find out next Thursday, December 18, when these public servants have a 9:00am Board Meeting that is open to the public at the Lancaster County Prison.

    Multiple sources have now confirmed that prison inmate Luis Villafane was brutally beaten by guards a little over two weeks before his suicide.  Multiple sources have said the suicide could and should have been prevented.

    Jack Brubaker of the New Era was doing a four day series on abuse at the prison when this suicide occurred.  The New Era ignored it and did a very brief rewrite of the morning’s Intell article on November 20 and buried it on page B-9. 

    How is that possible?  Any other paper in the country would have jumped on the story.

    And then there is the Intell story, “Prison inmate’s death investigated,” (click here).   Warden Guarini is quoted as follows:

    Guarini also would not release the man's name Wednesday afternoon because no next-of-kin had been notified. It will be tricky to notify someone, he said, because the inmate had no family listed, was from out-of-state and no one has visited him since he arrived at the prison.

    Luis Villafane lived in Lancaster for at least the last ten years of his life.  His mother lives in Lancaster and she is not hard to find.  She legally adopted Villafane when he was five years old.  She adopted a number of “special needs” children.  He has a living brother and reportedly a living half-sister.  A very close friend of Villafane’s who lives in Lancaster told me he was always listed by Villafane on his visitor’s list.  All the warden had to do was place one phone call.

    But the warden knew all that.  Villafane had been in and out of the Lancaster County Prison, mostly on minor charges, since 1998. 

    Guarini would repeat all of his lies to me in a phone conversation on the afternoon of December 2 of this year.  He refused to name Villafane and carried on and on about how hard they were trying to find his family.  He told me he would hate to have them read about it in the newspapers.

    Actually, that’s how many of his friends did find out – when I printed his name and nickname, Elmo, on this site the next day.

    The warden also told me the latest and very serious charges against Villafane were a “high profile case” and I would probably recognize his name and the case when his identity was revealed.  This is another huge lie.  There was not a word in the Lancaster Newspapers when he was charged this summer with three felony counts and multiple others for an alleged sexual assault on a minor under 13-years-of-age that allegedly happened seven years ago.  There was not a word printed in the Lancaster Newspapers.

    But in jail, that made him the lowest of the low - a “baby raper” - and he received brutal treatment at the hands of the guards and ended up taking his own life in a horrific manner that could have been avoided and stopped.

    And Guarini is quoted in the article saying this:

    He had recently moved into a general population cell block, partially because of his own request, and he was not on any special state of alert, he said.

    No, the day of his death he was moved into the “hole.”  Within ten minutes he was dead while other prisoners shouted “Code Blue!” and tried to get the guards to come.  The guards did nothing.

    What will the judge, the district attorney, the sheriff, the three county commissioners and the controller do about criminal activity by the warden and his staff that cost a man his life?

    Please check back tomorrow for more and a look at Villafane’s record and who brought the sexual abuse/rape charges seven years later.


~ LNP! ~



    (Editor's note: The New Era is withholding the name of the fuel-oil dealer.)

Editor’s note under a Letter to the Editor on December 4 titled “Narrow-minded oil dealer” (click here).

     Yes, the “Christian” fuel-oil dealer who would not service a beer distributor continues to dominate the Talkback forum.  Gil Smart, the associate editor of the Sunday News, did a video and his column on this topic but never names the dealer.  The New Era withheld his name.  Why?

    Finally, a poster hits the nail on the head:

    Just maybe, he advertises through the papers.  A good reason for them to withhold the name.

    Bingo!  You win the LIP News genius of the day award! 

    Is this a legitimate reason for all of the papers to withhold the fuel-oil dealer’s name?  Absolutely not!  It is disgraceful and unethical. 

    I’m not going to get into the raging debate on this subject but I will state again the fuel-oil dealer in question is Penn Fuel Oil Company in Lititz – (717) 626-9797.  You decide if you want to do business with them.


    Why haven’t the Lancaster Newspapers printed the name of the prisoner who committed suicide in the Lancaster County Prison?  Why haven’t they reported on the prison and the Lancaster Police investigation into the death?  Why haven’t they reported on the coroner’s report of his death?


    Please check back later today.  Two quick editor’s notes:  I apologize for not publishing Sunday afternoon.  My webhost had a software problem and I could not access my site to publish.  Secondly, I am out of cell phone minutes!  Gasp!  Sob!  So for the next several days my calls will be coming from my landline.  Our wonderful officials being paid with public dollars to serve the public please take note.  Thank you.




    Lancaster County Prison Warden Vincent Guarini is a liar.  He allows his guards to brutalize prisoners.  He is costing the county millions of dollars.  Warden Guarini must be fired immediately.  He needs to be criminally charged.

    Please read this article once again, “Prison inmate’s death investigated,” (click here).  This is nothing but lies by Guarini.  And the Lancaster Newspapers have not done one follow-up story.  Not one.  They have never published the prisoner’s name, age, race or why he was in jail.  Who called them off this story and why?

    Please check back tomorrow.


LIP News will publish late this afternoon.


On Tuesday afternoon, December 2, 2008, Lancaster County Prison Warden Vincent Guarini lied for over 15 minutes in a phone interview with this reporter.  He repeatedly told lie after lie after lie (see “RAPE OF A MINOR” below on this site).

Please check back later today…



December 5, 2008; 9:00pm


    LIP News has learned that the mother of Luis David Villafane, the man who allegedly committed suicide in the Lancaster County Prison, lives in Lancaster.  She has been to the morgue at least twice in the last week.  They have refused to let her see her son’s body and will not release his body to her. 

Please check back tomorrow…

I’m taking this afternoon off to do some research.  Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.




    Obama's first order of business should be to issue a directive that outlaws the use of torture of any kind. It's a simple statement, but one that will have long-lasting ramifications.

From today’s Intell editorial, “Outlaw torture.”

    When I saw the headline I thought it would be about torture in the Lancaster County Prison.  Surprise – it wasn’t!  The Intell is worried about global torture – not torture less than a mile from their offices!

    More is being learned about “Elmo,” the nickname for Luis David Villafante, the prisoner who allegedly committed suicide in the Lancaster County Prison on November 19 of this year (see “PRISONER WAS SAVAGELY BEATEN” immediately below on this site).


    Gil Smart, the associate editor of the Sunday News, does a two-and-one-half minute video on a fuel oil dealer who “discriminates” (click here),  but never names the company.  What a joke.  The company is Penn Fuel Oil Company in Lititz – (717) 626-9797.  Their answering machine ends with “God bless your day.”

    Thank you so much!  I’ll get my fuel oil elsewhere – actually I probably don’t have a choice – I’ve been known to drink a beer from time to time.  Gasp!

Please check back later today…



~ By Guards ~




    LIP News has learned that Luis David Villafane, the prisoner who allegedly committed suicide in the Lancaster County Prison on November 19th of this year, was savagely beaten by prison guards two-and-one-half weeks before his death.

    The five foot, three inches, stocky twenty-eight year old was nicknamed Elmo and was described as being a friendly and vibrant young man.

    He was in line to go to church on Saturday night when he became upset and stepped out of the line.  Several guards jumped him and threw him to the ground.  He was repeatedly tasered and viciously beaten while on the ground.  His face required 30 stitches.

    On the Wednesday of his death, he was moved from cell block C-2 to the “hole.”  Within ten minutes of his being locked into the tiny cell, he was dead.  Other prisoners were shouting “Code Blue!” but no guards responded.  They finally did five or ten minutes later and his body was laid out on the cell floor for four hours before a coroner arrived in the cell.  It is reported the cell was scrubbed clean before the coroner arrived.

    It is also known that there is a video camera in the cell and his death should be on tape.

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Well, that “long criminal record” is pretty interesting.  A “high profile case,” Warden Guarini?  I don’t think so.  What the hell is going on?  Where’s the New Era’s Jack Brubaker on this alleged prison suicide?

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Vincent Guarini, Warden of the Lancaster County Prison

    Well, I guess the warden isn’t eating prison food!  Please check back tomorrow as I am taking today to research the very long criminal record of Luis D. Villafane who allegedly committed suicide in the Lancaster County Prison on November 19 of this year.




    LIP News has learned the prisoner who allegedly committed suicide in the Lancaster County Prison on November 19 of this year was Luis D. Villafane.  He was charged this summer with several felony counts – rape of a person less than 13 years old and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 13 years old and also aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault.  The charges stem from an offense date of December 1, 2001.  The year 2001 is correct.

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    I spoke to Lancaster County Prison Warden Vincent Guarini by phone this afternoon.  The man who allegedly committed suicide in the prison on November 19 of this year was a 28-year-old male.  Guarini said they have not located any next of kin and will not release his name as they are still attempting to locate family.

    Guarini said the man was in prison charged with rape involving a minor in Lancaster County and his bail was set at $750,000.  Guarini said it is a high profile case and said more than likely his name would be recognized when it is released.

    He said he believes the man was Hispanic although he said he would have to check his records to confirm that.  He said the man has a highly “unusual” last name.

    The warden stated the male had been incarcerated in Lancaster County Prison previously and also has been incarcerated in other prisons.  He said he did not know the charges in the other incarcerations.  Guarini said they are checking those prisons’ visitation records and using other means to continue to try and locate family.  He said if no family is found within 30 days of his death, his name will be released at that time.

     I also spoke to Lancaster Police Spokesman Sgt. Todd Umstead by phone today.  He said the City Detective investigating the death is Chris Depatto and said he believes Depatto is awaiting the finalized coroner’s report on the death to complete his investigation. 

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