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    The excellent piece below was posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under yesterday’s New Era article, “”F&M withdraws trespass charges” (click here).  Regarding the poster’s three points about F&M’s letter, I have added my comments immediately below each one.



    Charges dropped. Why would you drop the charges if you had the goods?  Where is the video?  Where is the witness, the mystery yet-to-be-named female F&M employee? Who is back peddling now?  Is Fry hoping that by shoving his rail yard proposal down resident's throats that we will forget about his abusive personal militia?  Any chance these same "technical issues" will result in a "quiet" settlement to the lawsuits that are coming? Those darn technicalities!
    After reading the letter let me add:

1) I see that “Downtown Dulcey” has been removed from the case and Nancy Collins has taken over…maybe not a good idea to throw the fresh fish to the Ron Harper’s of the world?

[“Downtown Dulcey” (Dulcey Antonucci) has lost all credibility.  Remember she was quoted in the Intell saying, “Fry and his wife ‘were concerned for the safety of their three young children.’”  The oldest daughter is 17 and could be walking around F&M’s campus  as a college student.  The next daughter is 13.  That is not in anyone’s definition of “young child.”  Only their seven-year-old son qualifies for that definition.]

2) F&M is now willing to set the record straight? Why not give that same answer 3 weeks ago? It still did not come directly from Fry so why didn’t they humor Harper with that previously?

[I assume you are referring to this from her letter, “John Fry never contacted the district attorney to influence the prosecution of the Franklin & Marshall students, as you wrote.  This was a false accusation.”  That’s nice, Nancy.  Are you telling the truth?  Then why didn’t John Fry tell that to Ron Harper, Jr. when Harper contacted him?  And I’m sure John Fry was too busy working on moving the rail yard to contact the district attorney personally.  Maybe he had Keith Orris contact the district attorney or maybe the basketball coach or maybe…]

3) Do I understand that Ms. Collins, while still telling Harper he is not allowed to walk on this college campus, can contact her anytime for whatever information that he wants?


[Hilarious, sad, stupid, ironic and simply unbelievable.]




    Please check back tomorrow for more on this, F&M’s rail yard proposal and this post by a Talkbacker who apparently is hung up on this long ago “incident” and constantly repeats it (and, no, I don’t recall it):

    I hope another police officer from the city doesn't get hung out to dry when he tries to enforce the "no left turn" signs in front of Evergreen Estates. You all may recall when a black woman made an illegal turn down there and then accused the white officer of racism.  Smithgall went along with the woman's story and the officer was suspended.

    Oh, and Talkback moderators – if there are any – get Steve Markle, aka The_Crow and now “KungFuPanda” off your forum.  He is a serious and serial cyber harasser and stalker.  Just ask some of your forum members...


~ John A. Fry ~



     You forgot the apology, John A. Fry.  What about the false arrest?  What about your security forces body slamming Ron Harper, Jr. into the ground by his face?  What about his medical bills?  What about holding him for two hours in one of your “holding cells?”  What about stealing his newspaper box and holding it for four days?

    My guess is that your apology will come in the form of very hefty monetary payments to Ron Harper, Jr. and Chris Hart Nibbrig.  It’s a good thing F&M has $400 million in the bank, John.

    To read F&M’s very disturbing letter withdrawing their two citations against Ron Harper, Jr., click here.


    “For Pidgeon – uninteresting, smirking, rude, dim, weak and unprincipled – to draw a point-by-point attention to his obvious-to-the-rest of us shortcomings is truly journalism at the next level.”

From the “Puff Piece of the Week” in this week’s Lancaster Post about Intell columnist Dave Pidgeon.

    What a hoot and my, oh my, how true!  That was one of the most ridiculous columns – and that’s saying a lot – I have ever read by Pidgeon.

    I’m off to read what looks to be a very good new issue of the Lancaster Post.  If you care to join me, click here.

Please check back tomorrow…





    Franklin & Marshall College has withdrawn the citations issued to you on June 3, 2008.”

This is the opening sentence of a letter emailed from Nancy Collins of F&M to Ron Harper, Jr. today.  Please check back later today!

    Unless F&M can produce credible evidence of trespassing, the college should withdraw the charges, apologize and learn a valuable lesson:  You can win a battle and lose a war.

June 8, 2008 Sunday News editorial, “Taking the bait.”

Please check back later today…


~ Ron & Chris Can Go! ~



    “Under criminal trespass law, this is an event that is open to the public and I believe Chris Hart Nibbrig can attend the event.  It would be very difficult for F&M to establish a violation of the law under these circumstances,” Len Brown of the law firm of Clymer & Musser P.C. said by phone this afternoon.

    This of course is regarding the public meeting tonight at F&M about moving the Dillerville rail yard and F&M’s “banishment” of Chris Hart Nibbrig, co-publisher of the Lancaster Post, from their property.  Brown continued to say this would apply to any person, including obviously, Ron Harper, Jr.  He also said this would apply at all times to public areas owned by F&M, such as the Iron Hill Brewery and other properties, where the public is invited.


There will be much more on this tomorrow…   


~ Who Will Keep Us Posted? ~



Relocate the Dillerville rail yard or relocate F&M President John A. Fry?  Which would be better for Lancaster?


    Hopefully, that is a question that will be answered at tonight’s public meeting held by F&M from 6:30 to 9:30 at the College Alumni Sports & Fitness Center, 929 Harrisburg Ave in Lancaster. 

    Ron Harper, Jr. - will you be covering this for the Lancaster Post?  Chris Hart Nibbrig – will you be covering this for the Lancaster Post?

Please check back later today…





    In another journal entry, Kreider chillingly writes, "Never once did I believe killing a man is wrong. No, no killing out of cold blood is wrong."

Today’s New Era story, “Portrait of a young killer,” (click here).

    This directly contradicts everything we’ve been told over the last two days about Alec Kreider and his horrendous crime.  He just wanted to kill.  He may have picked the Haines because he knew they didn’t lock their door.

    There was a motive.  There was a reason.  This was not random. 

This email in:


An 8" knife.
It was personal.
Wanted to shut-up Kevin and mom.
Focused on the face, neck area.  What did they know that Alec didn't want told?
He focused on Kevin.... 11 stabs, ripped out throat.
Messed up mother's face too.
Very personal when you focus on the face, neck.


There was a motive.  There was a reason.  This was not random.  These were calculated and very, very personal murders. 




    "The family and the community deserves an explanation."

 Lancaster County Court Judge David Ashworth addressing Alec Kreider yesterday during his  sentencing.

    Justin Quinn of the LNP was covering my brother's trial at the Lancaster County courthouse, and his article in the paper was so slanted and sensationlized, it did not resemble the truth. I sat near him and witnessed every bit of testimony he did, and was shocked at his spin on the story. I came on here to slam him, and I slammed him good. He created an anonymous account on TB, and defended the story vigorously. His rebuttal instantly revealed to me who he was, acting as an outside observer in this argument. I called him on it, outted him, and that week he was fired.
    Apparently, LNP has a stern rule against one of their reporters writing under a pseudonym, defending one's own work.
    That trial, and the one after it, plus LNP's blatantly false coverage of the pair from the likes of Justin Quinn and his buddy Brett Lovelace, forced me to join TB some time ago.

Micah Stewart’s half-brother posting on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum yesterday.

    I called Gil a jerk one day in a weaker moment and the post disappeared.

Posted yesterday on the Talkback forum about posts being deleted by Gil Smart under his blog.

    Me too - called him the 'king of cut-and-paste' back when he started his blog and got cut - I regret saying that, but have since learned it is standard protocol....

Another poster’s response about Smart and his blog.


Please check back later today…  


~ And Gil Smart! ~



    This email in last evening in response to yesterday’s column.  I don’t agree with the assessment of Rutter, but everything about Gil Smart’s “article” is dead on.  I can’t imagine his opening “sentences” making a front page story in any other Sunday newspaper in the country (and, no – I’m not overstating it).  Thank you for writing and click here for the link to Smart’s story.


Dear Becky:

     Jon Rutter is the best writer and reporter at the Sunday News now. Just because his play on words isn't the best to come down the pike, it doesn't warrant an attack. There are so many more serious problems with the newspaper that should be addressed, although I grant you there is probably no point to even waste key strokes on it. One point to consider is that Rutter wrote a news feature, and with a feature, there is more leeway.
    But a recent story by Gil Smart on the missing Lancaster Post newspaper box is one that I found disturbingly unedited and poorly reported.
    Start with the terrible lead.  Journalism 101 will explain why this is bad.
    "The missing box showed up Friday, delivered to the Clymer & Musser law offices downtown."
    Then look at the next line.  This is not his blog.  It is supposed to be a news story, not a news feature, even.
    "Franklin & Marshall College security forces, it seems, had the red newspaper box since Monday, but held onto it for four days."
    It seems? This is not an opinion piece. Just say that F&M reported that it had the box, which is what happened, and report how long the college said it kept the box.
     Next sentence:
     "Perhaps they weren't sure who owned it."
     Snide comments have no place in a news story. Trying to make F&M security look stupid is not news reporting.
     The next line is a sentence fragment that should be part of the sentence before it, not dangling there on its own.

     "Even though it had the Lancaster Post's newspaper logo on top."
     That isn't the only problem with it. That is the grammatical error.
    From all that has been reported, my understanding is that there is no marking on the red boxes to indicate they belong to the Lancaster Post.
    So even worse is the factual error.

    All of this is before the story is barely underway.
    Then Smart goes on to say that Harper said he was beaten up.
    Since I didn't hear Smart's phone interview with Harper, I can't say for sure that Harper didn't say he was beaten up by the security force, but in everything else I have read, it is reported that the officers threw him to the ground to arrest him.
    That is quite different than getting beaten up.
    If Harper did use the words beaten up, then the next sentence should have clarified what actually happened.

    I just don't like to see a good reporter like Jon Rutter getting nitpicked over a play on words, when so many serious reporting problems plague the newspaper.
    Thanks for reading, if you even got this far.

“KungFuPanda” Markle?

Yes, there are suckers – and crows - born every minute.

And click here for “F&M:  Stop Hiding From the Media!”  Way to go NewsLanc!

Please check back later today…


~ And Tea, Moleskins & Class Acts! ~



    Ron Harper, Jr. said by telephone today that Turkey Hill was being paid by the Lancaster Post to distribute the paper there (see “HANG IN THERE” below on this site).  So, while the paper is free, Turkey Hill was making money off their distribution of the paper.  And Harper said today he absolutely believes Turkey Hill was pressured.

    He is working on other distribution means and reports that everywhere he goes people are supportive of the paper.  He said that over 100,000 people to date have downloaded at least one issue of the paper from their website.  He said this past Sunday morning over 2,000 people downloaded the most recent edition.  Those are impressive numbers and indicative of how much the citizens of Lancaster County want an alternative news source.


    This is not to make a mountain out of a moleskin.

    I posted this sentence Sunday morning from a front page Sunday News story on bicyclists and asked, “Is there an editor in the house.”  A Talkbacker posted this is actually a play on words:

    Moleskin is the an adhesive thing that people put over vulnerable parts of their skin to prevent abrasions or blisters or stuff like that on their feet etc.

    I still ask: is there an editor in the house?  This is a far-fetched, oblique and stupid play on words.  It has no business being in a front page “news” article.  Oh, and ahem, moleskin has another definition according to Wikipedia – but blush! – I’ll let you read about it for yourselves (click here).


     Ice tea is derived by passing hot water through tea bags and then allowing it to chill and then serving over ice. Some add lemon, some do not. Some add sweetener, some do not. I don't know what they put in those bottles labeled ice tea at Turkey Hill but it is ANYTHING but...caveat emptor!
    Compared to a Turkey Hill store, a Sheetz looks like a Saks Fifth Avenue!

Posted on the Talkback forum under a thread about Turkey Hill dropping the Post.

    I won’t drink it, that’s for sure.  And an old rumor – is it just a rumor? – that Turkey Hill ice tea causes kidney stones was raised on the forum again.  I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet  - and I’m not touching this one!


    Some of you are wondering what I thought about the Sunday News article on the Talkback forum.  After all, I am the acknowledged expert and have been covering it for almost four years!  Oh, that is coming.

     Today, however, I wanted to publish two comments that were posted on the forum.  “Gentlemen,” I would duck for cover and go into hiding:

    Oh, and Becky, we won't be asking for donations so just keep sucking real hard on Ron's...... circumstances. Luv yuh.


    I hope this doesn't mean I'll have to deal with Harper and his daughters shoving Posts in my face at Market again. It's rather unappealing on a Saturday morning.

    Class acts!  I’m sharpening my pencil…




Please check back later today…


~ Ron & Chris! ~



    We don't know - they didn't/wouldn't tell us.
    When Peggy was on the front we were told, "We do business with them."

An email response I received this morning from Ron Harper, Jr., co-publisher of the Lancaster Post, in response to my question, “What happened with Turkey Hill?”

    I learned last evening that this is the last week the Lancaster Post would be available in Turkey Hill Minit Markets.  I am not surprised – but I am sorely disappointed and will try to get an official reason from their corporate office tomorrow.

    Why am I not surprised?  Because I know this - never underestimate the power of the Lancaster Newspapers.  Never. 

    When I was the editor of the paper version of the Lancaster Independent Press almost 30 years ago, we received a call from a Perdue chicken representative.  It was a relatively new brand and they wanted to come and give us a presentation - and free chicken!  I said, “Yes!”  He called the next day to cancel.  He had called the Lancaster Newspapers and they told him they would only meet with him/do a story if they had an “exclusive.”  By now the man had obviously compared the size of the Lancaster Newspapers with LIP and his choice was obvious.

    I wrote a front page story about it.  It was somewhat tongue in cheek because our calendar editor, M.R. Carey, was a strict vegetarian and we more than likely wouldn’t have done a story  – but we (some of us, anyway) wanted the free chicken! 

    We ran into things like this all the time.  We were told by some potential advertisers that if they advertised in LIP, the Lancaster Newspapers told them they would not accept their advertising.  Imagine having that kind of power and newspapers using it so corruptly. 

    And I don’t believe for a minute that things have changed in those 30 years.  Did the Lancaster Newspapers pressure Turkey Hill? 

    There will be more on this situation tomorrow.  In the meantime, please hang in there Ron Harper, Jr. and Chris Hart Nibbrig.  Lancaster needs you.  And to readers of the paper:  please mention how much you enjoy the Post to the Turkey Hill clerks and please support their advertisers.

Click here for the Lancaster Post website.





This is not to make a mountain out of a moleskin.

Jon Rutter in today’s front page Sunday News article, “Pedal-pushers push luck,” (click here).

    Is there an editor in the house?  Unbelievable!

    And Turkey Hill gives the Lancaster Post the boot.

Please check back later today…





    The letter below is from John O. Shirk of the law firm of Barley Snyder LLC to Leonard G. Brown, III of Clymer & Musser P.C. and is published in this week’s edition of the Lancaster Post (click here).  How much do you think F&M paid this idiot to write this letter?



June 5, 2008

Dear Mr. Brown:

    Maureen Kelly, Director of Public Safety at Franklin & Marshall, learned today that a College public safety officer recovered a red newspaper box in the early morning of June 2.  We surmise that this box is the Lancaster Post box placed on the south side of Marietta Avenue that your client has reported as being missing.

    The box was found at approximately 5 a.m. on June 2 lying face down in School Lane north of Marietta Avenue.  The officer took the box to the College Department of Public Safety office for safekeeping and placed it in a storage area.  The officer who recovered the box has no information on how it got to where he found it.  The recovery of the box for safety and safekeeping and the subsequent processing and identification of the box as your client’s property, was entirely in the normal course of public safety operations:  it would be highly inappropriate for anyone to speculate otherwise.

    Although there is apparently no identification of the owner on the box itself, the inside newspaper display contains a single copy (or front page) with a Lancaster Post masthead.  Accordingly, we conclude that it is your client’s property.  The box will be delivered by the College tomorrow.

    Sincerely yours,

    John O. Shirk


    Also imagine if John Fry had delivered his "ban" to Harper's office, in person -- Harper sees him coming and calls his private security guys who ROUGH UP JOHN FRY. It is the strong arm tactics, the over-reaction, the whiff of vendetta here that is so troubling.

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under a thread about the incident.


    About two weeks ago a worker at the Lancaster Convention Center fell while working late at night. The Fire Department had to Rescue the person. At the time no name of either the employee or the company was being released to the press. Any chance you could find out some info. There are some rumors floating around that not all the workers working on the Convention Center are US citizens???? 

    Keep up the great reporting.

    Thank You for any info you can find.

An email I received last week.

    If anyone knows anything about this situation, please contact me.

Please check back tomorrow…


~ Will DA File Charges Against F&M? ~




    Ron Harper, Jr. pled not guilty today to a charge of defiant trespass and one for disorderly conduct brought by Franklin & Marshall security at the office of District Justice Mary Sponaugle.

    Harper said in a telephone interview today that the next step is a hearing to determine if there is enough proof to bring the charges in a court of law.

    Sandy, the woman who answered the phone in Judge Sponaugle’s office, said the hearing would probably occur in about three to four weeks.  She said the schedules of the officers and any witnesses are taken into consideration when scheduling a hearing.

    Harper questioned today why Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman has not charged the F&M security officers with assault.  “I want to know if a journalist is assaulted in the streets of Lancaster if the DA is going to do anything about it.

    “Remove me from the equation,” Harper said.  “I was not breaking any laws.  I was doing what I’m allowed to do.  And I was beat up.  The DA has enough just from what has been printed in the papers to bring charges.”

Please check back tomorrow…


It’s Friday the 13th?  Yikes!

Please check back later today…




    “I’m almost positive that they have not.”  This was attorney Len Brown’s response today to my question as to whether Franklin & Marshall President John A. Fry has offered an apology to Ron Harper, Jr.  Asked if F&M has offered to pay Ron Harper’s medical bills, Brown, of the Clymer & Musser law firm, said, “Not that I know of.”

    It’s the story that won’t die.  And it shouldn’t.  It is so outrageous and over- the-top that it needs to be held in the public glare until Fry and F&M do the right thing – or are forced to do the right thing. 

    Brown said his main concern is the First Amendment: ”Reporters should not have to live in fear of being beaten up by the police for investigating a story,” he said.  He continued,  “Reporters, and public citizens as well, have the right to videotape anyone in public including the police.  I believe the most significant matter in this incident is freedom of the press and the Constitutional issues it raises.”  

ONCE IS ENOUGH! reports they had a retired police office critique F&M’s security in the situation and he found they committed 19 errors!  Only 19?  Actually, it’s a pretty good list – click here – and I enjoy the just plain common sense behind this one:

11. Ron Harper, Jr. should not have been patted down/searched 3 times. One touch of the genitals is enough. If there wasn't a weapon there the first time, it would not be there the second or third time.


The story that won’t die…

Please check back later today.




    “I want to begin by reminding you of special responsibilities you have assumed in accepting our invitation to join the Franklin & Marshall community.

     “First and foremost, you are expected to exhibit the highest level of integrity in all your personal and academic endeavors. You are not only students here, you are now also representatives of an institution with a 218-year tradition of high standards of thought and behavior.”

Franklin & Marshall College President John A. Fry in his Convocation speech of August 27, 2005

    This is from an archived page on this site, “YOU CAN’T HIDE, MR. FRY” (click here).  Due to storm damage last night (wow!), LIPNews will not publish this afternoon.  Please check back tomorrow.




    I am still so stunned over John A. Fry’s action these past two weeks that I need to collect my thoughts – and this heat is not helping.  LIPNews will not publish tomorrow but will be back with a bang on Wednesday. 

    Stay cool – and the latest issue of the post is up on their website (click here).   Body slamming Ron Harper into the ground on his face.  Banning Ron Harper and then arresting and holding he and Chris Hart Nibbrig for two hours – and then banning Hart Nibbrig for installing a newspaper box on public property because F&M stole the first one.  And John Fry watching the “arrest” and doing nothing.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg in this unbelievable saga!  No, John Fry, you're not a "big boy" - you're an arrogant, spoiled baby!

    Does John A. Fry hope to become president of an Ivy League school?  Yeah, that’s likely.  And also deeply connected to F&M, my mother writes another letter to the editor – about - guess what – peace!  Is she delusional or just a sick and twisted human being?

Please check back on Wednesday…

“I'm a big boy.”

F&M President John A. Fry quoted in the Sunday News article, “Trouble follows head of F&M home.”

Please check back later today…


~ Resign, Fry! ~



    Fry has three children, age 7, 13 and 17, and he said they're scared. Who is this guy that keeps coming around, even after being told to stay away?
    F&M College President, John A. Fry, quoted in today’s front page article by Gil Smart in the Sunday News titled, “Trouble follows head of F&M home,” (click here).

    This is pathetic. This is absurd, ridiculous and pathetic.

    The head of an institution of higher learning cannot explain to his 17, 13 and 7-year-old children that Ron Harper, Jr. is a reporter who knocked on their door twice because he wanted an interview with their father?  Is he raising idiots?  Does he expect anyone – anyone at all – to believe such outrageous lies?  What kind of man puts his own children up for such ridicule?

    How do you think Ron Harper, Jr. explained that nasty bump on his head to his five children, Mr. Fry?  How do you think he explained spending two hours in your “holding cell?”  How do you think he explained to his children that Franklin & Marshall “security” stole his newspaper box?  Who the hell do you think you are, Mr. Fry?

    And where the hell is your apology?  Where is it?  Members of your “security force” body slammed Harper into the ground.  Where is your apology?  Where is your offer to pay his medical bills?  Where’s the college’s investigation into this shocking and illegal abuse of power by their own employees?  Where is it?

   Ron Harper, Jr. said this in his Wednesday press conference:

   "John Fry is the most unqualified academic president that Franklin & Marshall has ever had. He lacks the moral integrity to be at the helm of a police force which he chooses to use as a bunch of bullies and jack booted thugs. We must demand accountability when they have abused their power."

    Mr. Fry also lacks human decency and respect for the laws and constitution of this country.  Resign now, Mr. Fry.


[Editor’s note – yesterday, I incorrectly identified the author of a post on the Lancaster Talkback forum as Robert E. Field, the publisher of, (see “RESIGN, FRY” immediately below).  The poster signs his name as Richard Field.  I apologize for the error.]


Please check back later today…




    The below was posted by Robert Field, noted Lancaster businessman and publisher of, on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum.  Please click here to go to his site and read “F&M Security Had Missing Lancaster Post box.”  I think F&M will be hearing a lot more from the law firm of Clymer & Musser!    

    And there are two idiots (and that’s being extremely polite) defending Fry’s actions on the forum and attacking Ron Harper with things like this:

    If it was your family and you felt threatened and had a security force nearby what would you have done?

    And this:

    There were 3 small children in the home.

    I’ll take a look at those (since when are pre-teen and teenagers “small children”?) and much more tomorrow.  Resign, Fry!


    F&M president Fry had no more right to ban individual journalists from university grounds than the President of the United States has the right to ban U.S. citizens from Federal property. Both executive positions are a kind of trusteeship whose holders are expected to act in accordance with and respect for our nation's laws and the Bill of Rights.
    But even if F&M acted lawfully when forbidding certain reporters from "trespassing" on college grounds (a liberal arts college no less!), President Fry betrayed the public trust and may have broken the law when dispatching his rent-a-cop goons to physically assault members of the press exercising their first amendment rights on university property falling within the public right of way.
    But regardless of which side of Marietta Ave. the victims were on when assaulted, a private security force does not have the right to beat up and arrest members of the press (or anyone else for that matter!) exercising their constitutional rights of free speech and peaceful assembly.
    How long before F&M students and faculty are denied their right of free expression and peaceful assembly?
    By countenancing such reprehensible (and frankly un-American) behavior on the part of his employees--like some fascist dictator President Fry reportedly watched blithely on as his armed brownshirts beat two defenseless reporters who were not resisting arrest--F&M's President has forfeited his moral authority to head a liberal arts institution of higher learning, be it public or private.
    The only decent thing for President Fry to do is accept full responsibility for the actions of his employees and resign his position with immediate effect.




    This is the headline on this week’s front page of the Lancaster Post!  The story features one Edward J. Hines - newspaper thief!  Can you guess who his son is?  Wow!

    I was advised at 3:30 p.m. today that the Post is currently available at only three Turkey Hills in the county:  Mountville, Willow Street and Manor Township.  By tomorrow afternoon, all Turkey Hills in the county will be stocked.

    The delay is caused by the shocking and illegal actions of F&M Security and College President John A. Fry earlier this week.

Please check back tomorrow…

~ P.J. Reilly & The Intell! ~



    Fry and his wife "were concerned for the safety of their three young children," Antonucci said.

F&M College spokeswoman Dulcey Antonucci quoted in yesterday’s Intell article by P.J. Reilly titled,  F&M cops say man trespassed at home of President Fry ,” (click here).

What a disgraceful lie.  What a disgraceful lie.  And what a ridiculous and slanted headline.  The “man” was Ron Harper, Jr., co-publisher of the weekly newspaper, the Lancaster Post.

    Harper admitted he had made several attempts to contact Fry for an article about F&M, but he insisted his attempts were peaceful.

The sentence immediately following the quote above from the same article.

    Admitted?”  What kind of slanted journalism is that, P.J. Reilly?  Harper is a well known reporter.  He has every right to knock on John Fry’s door twice.  Every right in this world. 

    You, however, did not have a right to illegally access the county’s website, P.J. Reilly.  That’s why the State Attorney General gave you and four other Intell reporters “immunity” from felony prosecutions for your testimony about former coroner, G. Gary Kirchner.  You and the Intell are a disgrace, Mr. Reilly.

Please check back later today…




    If John Fry would have ignored Ron Harper and the article in the Lancaster Post, more than likely the whole thing would have faded into the past with no major blip on the radar of people’s minds. However with all this brouhaha, first by the alleged nutty newspaper grabber, than the actions of the rent-a-cops, John Fry and F&M will be an indelible memory on the minds of many in Lancaster County. If John Fry is behind all this, no matter how highly educated he is, it sure doesn’t appear he is to smart.
    I, for one will be watching this all transpire. Now will someone please pass the popcorn?

Posted on the Lancaster Online forum two days ago under one of the F&M threads.

    I was going to run this yesterday and say it is an excellent post – and it is – except that since it was posted, Fry’s behavior has gone off the deep-end and beyond any semblance of decency, morality or common sense.

    This is far more than a public relations blunder.  John A. Fry needs to get his butt booted from F&M.  His behavior is unacceptable, immoral and unbelievable.  He is an embarrassment to the college.  I am so outraged I need to collect my thoughts and cool down - there will be much more on this tomorrow. 

    A new issue of the Post will be out tomorrow, possibly somewhat delayed because of the actions of Fry and his rent-a-cops, and we will learn who the tall, lanky, nutty newspaper grabber is!  I think we’ll learn a lot more about this incident as well.  I can’t wait!


    And yes, folks, I know - for once in my life I was wrong !  Obama is the presidential candidate.  That’s fine with me – I just wonder how long it will be until we elect a woman president…


~ & Decency ~



    Harper said he had a message for F & M’s president: "John Fry. We will not accept your Philadelphia bully tactics here in Lancaster County"
    He added "John Fry is the most unqualified academic president that Franklin & Marshall has ever had. He lacks the moral integrity to be at the helm of a police force which he chooses to use as a bunch of bullies and jack booted thugs. We must demand accountability when they have abused their power."

Ron Harper quoted at his press conference yesterday by (click here).


    DISCLAIMER: I don't like it when Ron Harper provokes people. And he knows it.
    After we watched WGAL's 6:00 PM news this evening, my wife commented that John Fry must have called campus security because he knew the local police would not have arrested Harper. My question is this: what authority does F&M Security have to arrest someone who is not physically on their property? What authority does F&M Security have to physically detain anyone who was not physically on their property? What authority does F&M Security have to physically remove someone from a public place, and lock them up for hours in an F&M holding cell? What authority does F&M Security have to file charges against anyone, especially anyone who is obviously nowhere near their campus?
    And F&M security does have a LOT to be concerned about right now: not only must they answer the above questions, both to the courts and to the people of Lancaster, but the entire incident was recorded. If charges were indeed filed against Harper, not only will they be thrown out by the first judge or magistrate who views the tape, but Harper will be justified to sue for damages.
    I was amazed when I saw John Fry's face on WGAL this evening. I've seen John Fry in person enough times when he was on the LCCCA board; on WGAL, his eyeballs were bugging out, and he had (for him) an extremely angry and agitated look on his face. My wife commented - and I agree - that it is obvious John Fry hates Harper so much that he overreacted. Now that John Fry has instructed F&M Security to cross the line, its methods are now out in the open for all of Lancaster to see. I believe that ultimately, F&M Security will never be the same again.
    Until then, it is obvious the residents of Lancaster have a lot to fear from F&M Security.

 Artie See of, a columnist for the Lancaster Post and a friend of Ron Harper’s, posting on the Lancaster Talkback forum yesterday.


    Self-described community watchdog Ron Harper Jr. was cited by Franklin & Marshall College security with trespassing Tuesday at the home of college president John Fry after being barred from college property.

The opening sentence in this morning’s Intell article by P.J. Reilly titled, “F&M cops say man trespassed at home of President Fry,” (click here).

    This is an absolutely disgraceful article full of lies and missing information.  See if you can find a reference to the Lancaster Post, a newspaper box or even a newspaper in this “article.”  What about the FBI and civil rights and freedom of the press?   This is just unbelievable even by Intell standards.  And they ran the article on page B-7.   Of course, the author, P.J. Reilly, is one of the “Intell Five.”   And exactly how old are Mr. Fry’s children?

Please check back later today…





    Right click to download the 26.7 meg file showing the F&M police reckless actions before ripping the camera from Lancaster Post, co-pubilisher's hand and throwing him on the ground.

    Click here and then follow the above directions on the Lancaster Post page to see the video!



    I spoke with Chris Hart Nibbrig today at 3:10 p.m.  He said the press conference went well.  He said all the Lancaster Newspapers were there including Gil Smart and Ernie Schreiber, Channels 11 and 27 and other members of the press.  Nibbrig said Harper was interviewed by WGAL-TV yesterday while he still had gravel imbedded in his bloodied forehead.   A segment is supposed to air this evening.

    Nibbrig said they will file a complaint with the FBI tomorrow stating F&M violated their civil rights.

The press release he issued this morning reads as follows:

Post Publisher Pummeled by Franklin & Marshall Cops

Press conference calling for Federal action

Time:  2:00 pm

Place:19 N. Mulberry St., Lancaster

Date: June 04, 2008


    Lancaster Post co-Publisher, Ron Harper, Jr., was brutally assaulted by a half dozen Franklin & Marshall police yesterday.  Mr. Harper sustained injuries to head, back, and arms that required medical attention. 

    The incident was captured on videotape until the camera was ripped from Harper's hands. It took place on a public road in Lancaster Township nearly 3/4 of a mile from the campus at approximately 2:00 p.m. June 3, 2008.  Mr. Harper and co-Publisher, Chris Hart Nibbrig, met on Marietta and School Lane in order to place one of their newspaper boxes on a public right of way.  A box had been stolen over the previous weekend. 

    After the box was legally installed, a phalanx of Franklin & Marshall security vehicles descended on the journalists.  Approximately six officers surrounded Harper and took his video camera, which he was using up to this point.  Mr. Hart Nibbrig was taking pictures of the encounter.  His camera was also confiscated and when the camera was returned pictures of the assault were deleted.

    Mr. Harper, who is recovering from a vehicle accident, was then body slammed to the ground by four of the officers, although he could be heard saying, "I am not resisting."

    Both Harper and Hart Nibbrig were handcuffed separately and taken to Franklin & Marshall College for "processing."  Mr. Harper was detained for more than two hours and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.  Mr. Hart Nibbrig was given a "Defiant Trespass Warning," which prevents him from entering any Franklin & Marshall-owned property.

    The journalists are calling for a Federal investigation of the violation of their Constitutional rights.  A press conference has been scheduled.

Christiaan A. Hart Nibbrig
Lancaster Post

Ron Harper and Chris Hart Nibbrig will hold a press conference at 2:00 p.m. today.


~ Harper Assaulted ~



    I was told to put my hands on the hood of the car. Mr. Harper was directly in front of me to the right when I saw several of the uniformed men grab Mr. Harper forcefully. I heard Mr. Harper say, "I am not resisting you." I saw that Mr. Harper was not resisting the men.  Then the uniformed men, four of them, brutally slammed Mr. Harper face first onto the public street. The violence of the body slam was shocking to witness.

Part of Chris Hart Nibbrig’s account of he and Ron Harper being assaulted by F&M security yesterday afternoon,(click here).

    Franklin & Marshall President John A. Fry has gone way too far.  Way too far.  This is shocking.  Truly shocking.

    I will try to find out if Ron is okay.  I was trying to call him yesterday as this incident was occurring.  Franklin & Marshall College needs to be investigated now. 



    "A tall lanky man got out of the minivan he was driving, sauntered across the parking lot, walked into the store, spent a few minutes and came out with my entire stack of newspapers," said publisher Ron Harper Jr.

    Harper estimates as many as 6,000 of their papers have been taken by one person. He believes it's in response to a controversial story the Post did about two Franklin & Marshall College students.

Ron Harper, Jr. being quoted by ABC-27 about the Lancaster Post (click here and watch the video).

    Does Ron know who this person is?  This is his bread and butter!  Ron’s been doing this for years.  You better believe he knows. Is it one of the student’s fathers?  Is it someone from F&M?   Is it someone from LNP?  Come on, Ron, tell us who he is!  Who done it, Ron?  I can’t wait…


“Publishers of Free Newspaper Say They're Being Ripped Off”

ABC-27 - Click Here.





    Lanco Yokel goes after Gil Smart and Dave Pidgeon in a most enjoyable piece, “Context,” (click here).  And he mentions “convention center” in context with Gil Smart’s incredibly boring and inane front page article in this week’s Sunday News, something Smart very carefully avoided:

    Prediction: after a year or two of dismal center results, the "no commercial service at the airport" excuse will be trotted out as a reason as if it were a recent development.

    And Pidgeon?  Why would anyone read his crap? Seriously, he’s a joke.  Yokel takes on his “Pidgeon Poop”:

    Poopster, dude. We don't have to imagine it, we've seen it. Right here in Lancaster County.

    And Joe Hainthaler of the New Era, who blogs under “Always Right,” says this (click here):

    I hate to seem so cynical but Obama’s decision to quit his church does raise the ugly specter that he considers his religion important only when it’s winning him votes.

    Oh, Joe, I didn’t think I’d have to tell you this - but that is true of so many people in this country, be it for votes or prestige or self-satisfaction or convenience.  Check with Helen Colwell Adams on that one, Joe.

Please check back later today for more on the Lancaster Post situation and much more…




Click Here For The Lancaster Post

    What legitimate reporters do you know of that chase people down on their private property and leave business cards on their car? Anyone who defends Harper and his tactics obviously are not bright enough to know what true reporting is and what sensational tabloid journalism is. This guy is an embarrassssssssment to Lancaster Co.

Posted on the Lancaster Talkback forum under a thread on the Lancaster Post.

    Um, if you consider Philadelphia Inquirer reporters to be “true reporters,” they’re all parked on Larry Mendte’s lawn not far from here as I type!  (See Alycia Lane below on this site!)

    Do you remember Alan Iverson, the former 76’er, and that little incident several years ago when his wife went missing and Alan reportedly showed up with a gun at a relative’s house? The media, hundreds of them, camped out at his house for days!  And if you know any reporters who won’t leave their business card on the car of someone they would like to speak with, you should report them to their employer and they should be fired immediately.

    And ‘sensational tabloid journalism?’  Think former Coroner Kirchner and his guinea pigs top-of-the-fold, front page on the New Era.

    Here is the most sensible and extremely excellent post regarding the Lancaster Post’s F&M article:

    >Big Deal?...Maybe not but I believe that the lack of coverage was based on the fact this was F&M, and not MU, LBC or HACC, and the actions of it's very controversial, outspoken, and connected president. That is the story. For a change, the process and actions following the theft makes this more of a story beyond a couple of college kids walking into an unlocked bar to steal. That is where LNP, in my opinion, gets themselves in trouble for not having mentioned it and being either ignorant about it or complicit in a cover-up that F&M clearly wanted.
    >College in the Liquor Business?...This dovetails into the realities of the college being the landlord/promoter of a brew-pub…a restaurant outlet based on the foundation of producing its own alcoholic beverages. In addition to protecting it's "fine community of young students", it needs to protect its image. This attempt to cover-up is also a factor of F&M not wanting any bad press about its liquor peddling tenant. That could also explain why it has yet to be revealed where an employee of the same establishment, who killed 3 people on her way home, got drunk just before the tragedy. Had the three students stole soda from a foodservice storeroom, maybe F&M would have been more willing to publicize?
    >Ron's Banishment? F&M is private property and they can certainly dictate who is allowed to set foot on that property. Furthermore, the full details to Ron's visit to Nevonia, I am now thinking about naming my own home, remain unclear. All of that said, F&M is an institution of higher learning. An institution founded on the free exchange of ideas, regardless of the popularity or basis of those ideas. An institution that would seemingly stand up for the rights of a free press above and beyond the majority of others. Does banishing Ron Harper, regardless of one's personal views on his politics, tactics, or publication, fit this mission?
    >Lesson? Come clean and be up front and you take the wind out of the sails of a Ron Harper rather than stoke the fire in his belly.

    Remember Alycia Lane?   The CBS-3 anchor who punched a New York Policewoman.  The scandal goes on and her co-anchor takes a fall.  What is going on?

  And please note, DA Stedman, that “federal law  generally prohibits accessing and reading someone’s private e-mail without their permission.”  Click here.


~ Nutcases & 15 Minutes of Fame ~



    City wrote an opinion piece. It is his opinion. The fact is editors do not generally edit opinion pieces for content unless there is a liability issue which I didn't see here. The other issue is they have completely changed City's opinion which is now no longer a representation of what he feels. I went through this with an editor once and ended up getting a death threat. If they didn't like something about it protocol is to go back to the writer first.

This was posted by “Solancoforever” under the Lancaster Online Talkback thread, “I Am No Longer Associated with the Lancaster Post.”

    Who do/did you write for?  The Solanco News?  Everything in this statement is just plain wrong.  Opinion pieces are edited.  They did not change City’s opinion and it is not protocol to go back to the writer first.  And you got a death threat?  What kind of nutcase are you?

    This same poster said the following under a new thread about the Lancaster Post::

    I know of other places where it was left and the copies were all picked up and thrown away. It may be overzealous people thinking they're helping Post employees by leaving the papers but I can tell you, many stores and businesses are furious.

    Boy, this lady knows everything!  Another Talkbacker called her on the carpet with this post from today (excellent job!):

    Really - many stores and businesses are furious? Are you taking a survey? How do you know that? Can you back that up?
    Why would they get bunched panties over a free paper, that nobody is forced to read? The only reason I could think of is that The Post is not asking permission to lay them down.

   She’s a jealous nutcase.  And, city, your 15 minutes of fame are now up.  First you wanted people to donate to your damn cat’s vet bill and now you want them to donate for your honeymoon?  How about telling them to donate the money to a food bank instead, city?  Boy, can you tell this guy is a friend of Gil Smart’s or what?

    I had to get this opinion piece off my chest!  A death threat!  Furious!  What a green-eyed nutcase!

    There will be more later today on F&M and their current President, Crybaby Fry, and former President, Keith Spalding, who died on Wednesday.  I know that name, oh, so well – I grew up hearing it - and I spoke with him several years ago... 




Nevonia?  Prexy?  Whose 15 minutes of fame is up and who is the idiot?  Who is the biggest liar on the Talkback forum?  LIPNews knows!  (How does she do it?)  Please check back later today…


~ By F&M! ~




Police: College Employee Assaults Teen


    LANCASTER, PA – A Lancaster County man is charged with indecent assault for an alleged incident involving a 17-year-old girl.

    Police said John Martini of Columbia assaulted the girl Monday at an office in the Rochelle Performing Arts Center at Franklin and Marshall College.

    Martini is an employee at the college.

    The girl was taking part in a theatre program.

WGAL-TV, July 20, 2006 (click here).

    This was never reported in the Lancaster Newspapers.  Never.  Why?  What happened to Martini?  He was listed on the Franklin & Marshall website as an employee the day this appeared on WGAL.  He is no longer listed.  How did F&M cover this up?

Please check back later today...


~ Say Howdy! ~



    Have you met F&M President John A. Fry?  Why not wish him a happy welcome to Lancaster?  I know he’s been here several years but I’m sure he’d like to meet you and might appreciate a cake or cookies or a casserole.  You can visit with John at 508 North School Lane!  Make sure you tell him Becky says “Hi!”

    Ron Harper, Jr., a well known local reporter, was trying to get some answers from Mr. Fry for his front page Lancaster Post story (click here) and had the audacity to knock on Mr. Fry’s door on two occasions and leave a business card on the President’s car!  Outrageous!  Throw him in jail!

    Geez, if you’re a reporter in Philadelphia and you haven’t parked yourself on some well known person’s lawn for days, you’re going to be toast in no time.

    But not in Lancaster and not with the great Mr. Fry!  No, sir!  Harper has been “banned” from all F&M property!  Yes, folks.  He can’t go to any of their restaurants or bars or book store or any theater presentations or lectures that are open to the public.  Poor Ron!

    I’m laughing so hard I can barely type this.  Who the hell does John Fry and Franklin & Marshall College think they are?  This is the most absurd, ludicrous, high-handed nonsense I have ever heard.

    Do you want the honor of being “banned” by F&M?  Do you want to show your solidarity with Harper?  Do you want to meet Mr. Fry?  Be neighborly folks!  Knock on the door of 508 North School Lane and say a loud “Howdy!”

    This is simply, simply unbelievable.  There will be more tomorrow. 


F&M President John A. Fry


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Tomorrow’s Lancaster Post.  Click here.  I can’t wait!