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    Maybe LNP thought banning those two would shut Becky up. She ranted and raved about them all the time.
    They did not bother me in the least. If I did not like their posts I just ignored them.

Posted on the Talkback forum on a thread about the Klan being banned.

    I think you give me too much credit.  And if their posts didn’t bother you in the least, you should never again run for a city council seat or any public office.  Quite seriously – never! 

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    The Klan has been banned!  After over two years of costant hatred, the moderators of the Lancaster Newspaper’s online forum finally banned “Whirlwind” and “retepb!”  Happy Friday!  Let’s have a cheer!

    Seriously, I want to remind everyone that children of Klan members in Lititz threw trash and food at fellow Warwick students because of the color of their skin.  Can you even imagine?

    But let’s keep this happy!  Someone graciously emailed me the lip logo that is immediately below this box.  Hmmm…  My first thought is - horrors!  I am a serious journalist!  My second thought is - horrors!  Is this a female stereotype?   The emailer said I shouldn’t take myself too seriously and it would be a great marketing tool.  Hmmm…

    As I like to do on Fridays, I’m off to read the new issue of the Lancaster Post (click here).   What’s this about Gib and death?  Wow! 

    Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.


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How about them Phillies?  Yeehaw!

Please check back later today for “Good Cop, Bad Cop.”

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    Can't speak for anyone else, but I really want to know an accurate history of humanity on Earth. So jump and twitch all you want about anti-semitism, curiousity drives me. Not hating Jews. The crooked Jewish history is merely in my way. And I'd like to push it out of the way of anyone else who comes this way. History public service. Don't waste any time trying to navigate that black sea of compilations. The bulk can safely be discarded, as it exists elsewhere.

Posted on the Lancaster Newspaper’s Talkback forum by “Whirlwnd.”.

    Me too!  I want to know an accurate history of humanity on Earth!  Wow!  Is this guy a great scholar and intellectual or what?  He’s an expert on Biblical History, European History, U.S. History and an expert Economist to boot!  Who is this man who’s reportedly living in Lancaster County?  Is he an author, a great scholar, a professor, a Pulitzer Prize contender?

    No!  He’s a card carrying Ku Klux Klan member!  He gets all his information from Klan sites and then repeats it on the Lancaster Online forum.

    This particular poster tries to stay composed and intellectual and likes to talk about how we need a serious discussion about race.  It is, of course, the white race that has advanced far beyond any other and is responsible for all the major advancements in science and technology and civilization.  What our Klanner really wants to discuss is how to get rid of everyone but Christian whites.

    And he very often loses his composed, intellectual, hate filled shell with nasty posts like this:

    Oh baby, Khazaria is real. It's the Jew version of history that's corrupt. Apparently corrupting as well. That's how rot works, whatever it touches.

    That is how rot works.  The Klan has been allowed to post their hate for almost three years on the Lancaster Newspaper’s forum and more and more are coming. 

    This email in yesterday:

    Becky, I am against these guys as much as the next, maybe more.  But I have thought hard about it, and aren't they within their rights to post their drivel anyway?  We really can't pick and choose what is acceptable for the masses, or that leads to, you know.... 

    Ignoring it, or talking over it as the TBers are doing is the best way.  Plus, people who read WWs and Retep's stuff can read it and compare it, and dispute it with facts if they wish.

     Just a thought - keep up the great work Becky!!!

    Yes, they have the constitutional right to walk down the street in their robes and hoods and have a rally.  They obviously have a legal right to have newspapers and flyers and websites.

    But they do not have a legal right to threaten violence against an individual or race or religion.

    And this is a newspaper forum.  In the year 2008, you do not allow the Klan or anyone else to post hate messages based solely on race or religion.  Period.  You do not allow it.  The post I quoted this morning should have been deleted and the poster banned.  He should have been banned years ago.  End of story.

    This email in this morning from someone who also emailed me yesterday about what was going on:

    It is really disheartening.
    There are more and more KKK threads -- a really long financial one today.
    LNP is becoming an arm of the KKK by allowing that to occur -- it reflects their tacit approval.
    Yesterday's victory is followed by an ONSLAUGHT of hate-speech today, and still LNP moderators are silent.
    You are the ONLY ONE speaking the truth ...

    The recipe writers turned that around again today (yeah!) but you are correct - this is tacit approval by the Lancaster Newspapers and it is unbelievable and directly reflective of the institutionalized racism at those papers. 

    More and more Klan members are joining the forum and having a field day with their hate.  Several days ago I published a Klan member's post under the Intell article, “1 wounded in city shooting,” (click here). .

    This occurred in the 500 block of Juniata Street, so the forum racists assumed all involved are black or Hispanic.  And this very short story ends with this sentence:

    "Right now we're trying to canvass for witnesses, but we're getting little cooperation," Berkihiser said.

    This is described in the first sentence as “a late Friday evening shooting...”  So how long had the police been “canvassing for witnesses” when this officer is quoted by the Intell reporter?  They go to press  by midnight.  It certainly could not have been long.

    The Lancaster Police are famous for saying this.  Maybe they should change their approach or the officers involved in these incidents.  Did any of the officers speak Spanish?  Maybe the people were scared and needed assurances they would be safe.  Maybe they were reeling from the crime and had not gotten their thoughts together.  Maybe the police lied.

    But what I do know is you do not allow this post on the Talkback forum to stand:

    Let's face the fact that these people do not wish to help our community in tracking down the shooter.  They don't even wish to be part of civilized society. The fact is clear that they have their own set of rules and that law enforcement (as we know it) has no place there.
    As a mid-east friend of mine says ..... "They act as if they are beasts. So why not treat them as they'er action warrant!! Put a fence around them and let them all kill each other!! Then we'll be rid of them!!"
    Sounds right to me!!!

    Tell it to the Lancaster Police Chief and Barack Obama, mister Klansman. 

    You do not allow a poster who assumes the people involved are black or Hispanic because of an address to refer to them as “beasts” and talk about “getting rid of them.”

    You do not allow this violent hatred on a newspaper forum.  You do not allow it!  You delete it and ban the poster.

    This is disgusting and unconscionable behavior by the Lancaster Newspapers.




1. CRIMINAL MINDS AMONGST US. Normal, everyday Americans will never figure out what is happening unless they realize that we have a criminal, diabolical mentality amongst us, and that mentality is in the minds of certain faction of a certain people.
    And that certain faction is what I am calling the Neo-Con Jewish Crime Syndicate.

The beginning of a very long post by “Whirlwind” on the Lancaster Newspaper's Online Forum under a thread he started, “Think You Understand The Banking Crisis?”

    This is lifted entirely, word for word, from the Vanguard News Network forum – the home of the Ku Klux Klan.

Please check back later today…


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Now, if you want a really quick autumn desert, Here's an easy apple cobbler recipe:

 ~  8 large apples, peeled and sliced thinly

 ~  2 cups rolled oats (oatmeal)

 ~  1 stick of butter (melted)

 ~  3/4 cup brown sugar

Mix oats and brown sugar in a medium sized mixing bowl. Lay apples in 9x9 inch baking pan. Cover with oat and sugar mixture. Drizzle melted butter over oats and bake in oven for about 1/2 hour at 350 degrees, or until apples soften.
Serve hot with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream. Heck with that, two scoops is better!

Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum today under the thread, “Idea Of A Jewish People Invented, says Historian.”

    A beautiful thing happened today.  The Talkbackers turned two Jewish hate threads started by the Klan into recipe and travel threads.  It is a joyous thing to witness and read.

    And the recipes all sound great!

    For almost three years now the Lancaster Online moderators have allowed two verified Klan members to post hate threads about Jews, Black and Hispanics.  I have been telling them for years to get the Klan off their forum.  It is unconscionable and unbelievable.

    And today the Talkbackers gave back with recipes and travel guides completely ignoring the Klan who began to whine and cry.  A Talkbacker posted this:

    WAAAAH!  Mommy, they’re being nice in my hate thread!

    What a hoot!  And so true.

    A Klan member started a new thread this afternoon, “Israel & Palestine,” and that quickly turned into a recipe exchange as well, delighting many.  One Talkbacker said:

    Oooh cool! A new recipe site. Thanks guys!!

    Well, I am off to collect recipes.  Oh, that one for Pot Roast looks wonderful! 

    Tomorrow a serious look at the Klan and the forum and Manor Township Police Chief Todd Graeff is going to meet with his officers to “explain” his PA Ethics Commission violation and more will be coming.

    Thank you to the Talkbackers for giving me a great day and some great recipes!